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veeanyone know where i can sell a mac mobo? aside from ebay ?13:00
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rmullRomster: Nice gitstats16:26
rmullLooks like you're pretty much running the show16:26
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Romsterfrinnst, lol...18:02
Romsterrmull, yeah loost that way for contrib and ju_e followd by tilma_n second in opt, i did't worry about core,xorg,xfce we all know whos running those.18:03
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Phr33d0mhi guys, I'm keep getting this kernel panic at booting the installed system...23:09
Phr33d0mI've made the file system's modules built in but it still shows me this not syncing: vfs: unable to mount root fs23:09
horrorStruckmake sure you have sata/ide/scsi/whatever built-in as well23:12
horrorStruckcan you paste lspci -n somehwere and your .config too?23:13
Phr33d0mjust a sec23:17
horrorStrucktake your time, marlboro break23:18
Phr33d0muhh, I can't even bring up eth0, impossible to pass the files to my system and upload them23:20
horrorStruckby hand :P23:23
Phr33d0mI'll try to recompile the kernel putting whatever I see related - built-in :P23:23
Phr33d0mgive me 2min23:23
horrorStruckjust built-in whatever your controller needs23:24
Phr33d0mI'm doing it on a VM23:24
horrorStruckbbl shower23:25
Phr33d0mwhoah it booted23:26
Phr33d0mI'm awesome.23:26
Phr33d0mhmm there should be some way for parallel compiling...23:30
horrorStruckhey *I* am awesome :P23:33
Phr33d0mas I said, *I* am awesome hi-hi-hi23:33
horrorStruckmake -jX23:33
Phr33d0mI'm saying about prt-get sysup23:33
Phr33d0mlike --jobs=X23:33
horrorStruckmakeflags in pkgmk.conf23:34
horrorStruckset them up23:34
Phr33d0mnot that23:37
Phr33d0mI'm saying like prt-get to install various packages at the same time23:37
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Phr33d0mnot one after one23:37
horrorStruckah ok23:38
horrorStruckno idea23:38
Phr33d0mI mean, to compile them at the same time, not install them though23:38
Phr33d0mthanks anyways : )23:38
Phr33d0mlxde has died I see23:48

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