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Phr33d0mhmm it says gcc cannot create executables...00:00
Phr33d0ms/gcc/c compiler/00:01
Phr33d0muuh fixed00:31
Phr33d0mprt-get sysup doesn't even have 80% of the pacakges... everything 404 :S00:39
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horrorStruckmost likely because of being still half broken01:54
horrorStruckuse this PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS=01:54
horrorStruckin pkgmk.conf01:54
horrorStruckand make it point to some gentoo source mirror01:55
horrorStruckmorngin too :P02:05
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rauz_sunday way to early to be awake02:08
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] firefox: updated to 8.0. See
Phr33d0mhorrorStruck okay I've did it and works for now, but I guess there cuild be version mismatch with some packages?08:26
frinnsthave fun compiling everyone!08:26
Phr33d0mfrinnst compiling what? :P08:26
frinnstthe new firefox package08:27
Phr33d0m7 min compiling ff here, no big deal08:27
frinnstyeah, but a lot longer for most ppl08:27
frinnstand i always get a lot of hate for it :p08:27
Phr33d0mbut isn't the 8 still beta?08:27
frinnstits not yet announced, but the build is final08:28
Phr33d0mI'm still having this "c compiler cannot create executables" :(08:29
Phr33d0many ideas?08:30
frinnstfresh install?08:31
teK_have u tried compiling something manually?08:32
Phr33d0msomething screwed after an incomplete `prt-get sysup`08:32
teK_i'd go by strace -ff -o log gcc sample.c08:32
frinnstdid you notice what package failed?08:33
frinnstid suggest reinstalling the toolchain from the CD08:33
Phr33d0mno... after my first try to sysup, a lot of packages failed to download08:33
Phr33d0mteK_ I have no `strace` though08:33
Phr33d0mbut the error is the following: /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/4.5.1/cc1: error while loading shared libraries: /usr/lib/ invalid ELF header08:34
frinnstso, mpc is screwed up i guess08:35
frinnstreinstall the package from the cd and try again08:35
Phr33d0mhow could I do that?08:36
frinnstmount /dev/cd /mnt/whatever; pkgadd -u /mnt/whatever/path/to/libmpc#whatever.tar.gz08:36
frinnstor, i guess its tar.xz on the cd08:36
Phr33d0mI have no /dev/cd* though08:37
frinnst/dev/sr0 ?08:37
Phr33d0mneither, but there's "sg0" huh08:37
Phr33d0mbut sg0 is not the cd...08:38
frinnstmodprobe cdrom ?08:40
frinnsthave to go but good luck :)08:40
Phr33d0muh, I think installing the 64bit crux wasn't very good idea ;p08:43
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jseThe 64-bit version is not officially supported although no one I recall has complained about it not working before.08:48
Phr33d0mI guess you were lacking of enough testers08:49
Phr33d0mwell nvm, I'll get the 32bit and rock-n-roll it08:49
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Phr33d0mjse also, the kernel of the 64bit version doesn't support ext4 as mkfs.ext4 said something about "WHAT IS THIS I DONT EVEN..."08:59
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teK_convert it to ext4 later09:01
teK_tune2fs -O extents,uninit_bg,dir_index /dev/sdc109:01
teK_then fsck (ext4) && mount09:01
teK_and don't forget to tune your /etc/fstab09:01
Phr33d0mdon't worry, I'm on the 32bit now, and here works without problems09:10
Phr33d0mI was just saying it wasn't working on the 64bit version09:10
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Phr33d0mguys I'm having a problem downloading/updating (because 404) the following packages: mdadm,iproute2,usbutils,nfs-utils,mesa3d,gtk,firefox12:58
thrice`change mirrors?13:02
frinnstthe 2.7 x86_64 iso supports ext413:16
frinnstif you failed to include it when you built your kernel its your own fault :)13:16
frinnsthaha, now with subs!13:25
Phr33d0mfrinnst the problem was that I wasn't even able to create the primary partition as ext4...13:31
Phr33d0mmkfs.ext4 failed13:31
Phr33d0mwell nvm, my problem now is that... how can I change mirrors? I set up a gentoo mirror but there are packages not available in the gentoo mirrors either13:31
Phr33d0mlike mdadm 3.2.213:32
frinnstdo you remember the error-msg?13:33
frinnstwell, you can always download the sources yourself and place them in /usr/ports/<collection>/<port>13:34
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Phr33d0mfrinnst the error msgs for all the packages were 404 not found : )14:52
Phr33d0mand yeah, it's what I'm trying to do, download them manually14:52
Romsternot fast but i have pretty much everything i'd suggest to use the gentoo mirror first then mine.15:31
Phr33d0mwell thanks : )15:52
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Phr33d0mwell, now I can't update nfs-utils something about "ERROR: Footprint mismatch found"16:34
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