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pitillogood morning01:06
horrorStruckmorning everyone01:13
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pitilloprologic: do you have a mythtv log somewhere?03:14
prologichmm huh?03:16
prologicsorry dude - context03:16
prologicai hardly ever pay attention to busy channels03:16
prologicbut I feel a part of the crux community :)03:17
pitillojust only a mythtv.log to take a look how did you build it03:17
prologicI'm still not following03:17
pitillohere I got an error with mythrender_opengl.cpp where seems to be a lack of include glu.h03:18
prologicwhat's this mythtv.log?03:18
pitilloa build log for that port03:18
prologicyou building from my ports?03:18
pitilloyes I am prologic03:18
prologicthrow me the build log03:18
prologicI'll take a look03:18
prologicnow I'm wiht you :)03:18
pitilloI need to deep a bit more to see where I need to put CFLAGS to get optimizations (and problably add neon support to it too)03:18
pitilloit's building atm and I think it will take some more minutes (at least I passed out the problem with glu.h include)03:19
prologicmy backend/frontend works fine without any fine-tuning, etc03:19
prologicahh k03:19
prologicwhat dep did I miss in the Depends on?03:19
pitillothat sounds great. Here I want to make some test under arm and see how is its performance03:19
prologicafaik the build works for me03:19
prologicahh you're doing this under an ARM chip?03:20
prologicnice :)03:20
prologicwhat GPU ?03:20
pitilloI don't think it's a dependencie problem (that's why I want to take a look to your build, to see which includes were used to compile mythrender_opengl.cpp03:20
prologicahh k03:20
prologiclemme know how I can help when your build finishes then03:21
pitilloit's a imx51 soc03:21
prologicand I'm very interested in what you're doing with an ARM frontend?03:21
prologicare you intending this as a frontend?03:21
pitillofront and backend running in the same machine03:21
prologicoh wow03:21
prologicok very interested :)03:21
prologicif it works at all - well03:22
prologicthen it'll work great as a frontend :)03:22
prologicbasically I wanna build a smaller frntend unit separate from my backend03:22
prologicand put the backend in a rack cabinet at some point03:22
prologicright now it's all-in-one, a desktop-style case with an Intel Core i3 with INtel chipset03:22
pitilloummm it could be better to run only the frontend on these machines, but let's see if I can get a tv usb card from a friend and start making some tests (if it's supported under linux)03:23
pitillowith that machine it should run fine (back+frontend) here we are talking about a cortex a8 and limited GL support03:23
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: libmpfr: update to 3.1.0-p303:50
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: lame: update to 3.99.103:52
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: ruby-doc: update to 1.9.3-p003:52
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: yapo: fix for namespace collision03:52
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: ruby: update to 1.9.3-p003:52
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: stunnel: update to 4.4603:52
frinnstjue: the verison bump broke $name-$version.patch.g04:14
frinnstoh, and im talking about libgmp btw :)04:14
frinnstand ruby-install.patch is still listed in the Pkgfile04:15
frinnsteh, not libgmp.. libmpfr04:16
frinnstfucking mondays04:16
horrorStruckthis ^04:23
juefrinnst: oops, will fix, thanks for the info04:39
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: libmpfr: add missing patch04:42
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: ruby: removed old patch05:00
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rmullDoes anybody here have experience with socket/epoll/sendfile programming here?08:47
rmullin C08:47
rmulland Linux08:47
teK_I did some little testing for a friend08:47
teK_nothing too special ;)08:47
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rmullteK_: If I send a file with sendfile(), I want to keep the socket open and send newly written data to the still-connected client08:58
rmullSo updates to the sendfile()d file get sent to the client08:58
rmullHow would you do that?08:58
rmullI can think of ways to do it but they're kinda stupid08:58
rmullI'm using epoll to handle incoming connections08:58
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teK_my focus was on epoll usage, not on data transfers, so I used recvfrom and sendto only10:19
teK_the goal was to listen on a huge number of ports (typically 300) and receive input from connecting clients with latency as low as possible10:21
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rmullteK_: Okay, thanks11:30
rmullI'll keep thinking :)11:30
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veesup guys. anyone use bleachbit? if not, what do you use to clean out junk files and what not?13:53
rmulljunk files?13:57
rmullwhat makes a file junk?13:57
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veelately crux has been really laggy14:03
veei haven't really installed anything on it14:03
veeso im assuming theres a bunch of useless files14:03
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rmullI would say that's probably not the root of it, and this program looks like a silly workaround for misconfigured software...14:06
veei mostly use it for temp cleaning and stuff14:11
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joe9rmull, can you please help me with this? I am trying to install geda pcb, but, it is complaining about the gtkglext installation.15:02
joe9When I try to install the gtkglext, it does not have autogen.sh15:02
joe9i know you have a gtkglext package alongwith romster.15:03
joe9but, that version 1.2.0 is not cutting it, it appears.15:03
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joe9this is the error when I install pcb: with make15:06
joe9these are the files in the gtkglext folder:
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rmulljoe9: Are you using my pcb port?16:20
joe9rmull, do you have a pcb port?16:21
rmullYes, but it has gl acceleration disabled because my packaged gtkglext is too old16:21
joe9i cannot get gtkglext to compile16:21
rmullI would have to make a "live" port that pulls from git if we want the adequate gtkglext16:21
rmullI think16:21
joe9i tried to install pcb from git.16:21
joe9but, the gtkglext does not have a in the git repo.16:22
joe9found your pcb port. will try that.16:22
joe9instead of trying to install from git/source.16:22
rmullOkay, but it will have gl-accel disabled16:22
rmulljust as long as you're aware.16:22
joe9btw, do you have any thoughts on how to install gtkglext from git/source?16:24
rmullI have not yet tried16:24
rmullI can though16:24
rmullone sec16:24
joe9ok, thanks.16:24
joe9the README talks about autogen.sh16:24
rmullwhat's the git repo?16:25
joe9but, there is no in that folder16:25
joe9 git clone git://
rmulljoe9: Did you try the 'bootstrap' script?16:26
rmullIt generates a configure script16:26
joe9i think I tried it, but it failed with errors.16:27
joe9let me try that again.16:27
rmullwhich errors?16:27
joe9it seems to be better this time: let me see where it gets me this time:
joe9rmull, btw, there is an error in the pcb install:
joe9error while building gtkglext from source using bootstrap:
rmullI suppose I'll have to fix the pcb port16:33
joe9 bootstrap log16:33
joe9rmull, let me know when you want me to test it.16:33
rmullI get the same gtkglext from source issue16:39
rmullI do not have time to take a closer look ATM16:39
rmullI will try to figure this stuff out16:40
rmullYou can choose to ignore that footprint mismatch in pkgmk.conf temporarily if you want16:41
rmullotherwise, just hold on16:41
rmullCatch you later16:41
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joe9rmull, will wait. nothing important.17:44
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rmulljoe9: I think I fixed the pcb footprint if you want to ports -u and try again18:31
joe9rmull, will do. thanks.18:49
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