IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2011-11-10

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pitillogood morning01:26
Romsterdifferent day same thing.01:27
Romstersame person too hehe.01:27
Romsterso is there anything speca for day 11 month 11 year 11 and hour minute 11:11 respectively?01:28
Romsterother than all 1's01:28
pitillohere a lotery special day for tomorrow01:29
Romstermakes sense so everyone be betting on 11 :P01:29
pitilloone of the most searched numbers combinations for tomorrow and christmas lotery too01:32
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pitilloummm how many time does your CRUX machines spend booting? (if someone uses slim or other login manager could be great to know too)01:42
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Romsterabout 20 seconds from power button to pekwm that's including the slow BIOS time.01:52
Romstermorning sepen01:52
Romsterbut as you may be aware that's with runit and a bunch of services it would be far shorter if i didn't have about 10 services to load.01:52
pitillogreat Romster, thank you (no login manager? it boots directly into pekwm?)01:52
Romsternope i just startx01:53
pitilloahhhh ok ok, I just want to take a fast comparision about booting time vs arm toy01:53
Romsteri login manually run startx01:53
sepenI used to use startxfce4 :D01:53
pitillook, quite fast01:53
Romsterthat's when a surprise fsck doens't hit me -_-01:54
sepenwill be fastest with services=(crond net sshd alsa)01:54
Romsterls /etc/sv/ |xargs01:54
Romsteracpid clamd crond cups dbus distccd exim freshclam hal mdadm ntpd preload rsync smartd socklog-klog socklog-unix sshd tty1 tty2 tty3 tty4 tty5 tty6 uptimed wicd01:54
pitillohere it's around 1 min from push button to slim, which isn't so bad neither01:54
Romsteri probably should nuke dbus and hal.01:55
pitilloso a lot of services and quite fast really01:55
Romsteroff my system01:55
Romsteryeah pretty heavy on services.01:55
sepenI prefer to load sshd as a first ones01:55
pitilloat least hal, dbus is used (pekwm uses it if I'm not in wrong)01:56
Romsterthis does it in parallel there is no order. i do hear lots of head thrashing on bootup a SSD would probably shorten the time drastically.01:56
Romsterhal-info hasn't been touched since 2009 i get a feeling hal is gonna die out of distros soon if it hasn't already01:57
Romsterchromium thunderbird libnotify hal indirectly though dbus-glib and xchat directly to dbus01:58
Romstervery few things seem to use dbus.01:58
Romsterdbus is a great idea but i think it's implemented the wrong way.01:59
pitillowm often uses it too (at least pekwm is using it if I'm right)01:59
Romsternope at least finddeps pekwm says it's not used.01:59
Romsterunless it does not link to it directly.01:59
pitillohave you tried to stop it and startx?02:01
Romsternope not yet02:01
Romsterit's in my .xinit file02:01
Romsterdbus-launch --auto-syntax --exit-with-session pekwm02:02
Romsterso i'd have to comment that bit out and try it.02:02
Romsteri got far too much stuff open to try it now.02:02
pitilloif you exec pekwm directly without dbus-launch it starts the dbus session too (if I'm right)02:04
Romsteranyone know who Moritz Wilhelmy, moritz plus crux at is?02:04
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Romsterno idea though i got the service running already.02:04
Romsterin sv02:05
Romsteri'd have to remove it and i bet it would break xchat without a recompile at least.02:05
pitilloyou launch it in your rc.conf, don't you?02:05
Romster/etc/sv symlinked to /var/service but it has the same end result.02:05
sepenrc.local would be enough to do that02:06
pitillosorry I'm lost, I'm not following you02:06
sepento don't break KISS principle02:07
horrorStrucki love boot time pr0n :) my laptop must be booting in about 5 seconds I guess from syslinux to prompt (crucial m4)02:08
Romsterfrankly it's fast enough booting as it is now.02:09
sepenRomster: that could be added to rc.local02:09
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Romsterbut i got lots of crud on this pc since 2005 to need to clean it up one day.02:10
Romsterwhy do that sepen ?02:10
Romsterthen i can't parallel start daemons (at least dbus then)02:10
Romsterremember i've riped out sysvinit off my system.02:11
Romsteri need to test the later runit version mine is lagging behind.02:11
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Romstermw hmm i can't remember seeing him around here.02:14
Romster!seen mw02:14
Romster@seen mw02:14
clbRomster: I have not seen mw.02:14
Romsterguess it'll be a bug report then.02:14
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sepenI was updating chromium to 17.0.933.1 when ...
Romsterah freaking thing i made it in crux there is no way to move it to crux-contrib is there02:17
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RomsterV8 O_O02:18
sepennah I'll try 17.0.934.002:18
Romsterwhat the.02:18
sepenI found some bugs closed for this release02:19
Romsterprepare for a long ass compile.02:19
sepenthe one affected by CUPS flags, etc.02:19
sepenRomster: nah, some hours02:19
Romsterthat thing even includes webkit can't it use the system webkit?02:20
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sepenRomster: big build, first I used to change version, later I could try to finetune deps02:21
Romsteryeah k02:22
Romsterit seems to be a common thing with browsers to include everything do they actually patch every lib on the system then decide to bundle every lib with the browser?02:23
sepenRomster: yesterday I was trying to update it, but see and
sepennow I'll try 17.0.934.0 which seems that have this patch applied02:24
sepennote that I was trying to build chromium without cups as dep02:24
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Romsterah another javascript engine.02:28
Romsterso many javascript engines which will be the best... then what do we do with this anoying activex that IE uses that wont work in any other browser at all, wonder if anyone is making a open source activex implementation too.02:38
sepennah, I prefer html502:39
Romstertell that to these damn camera manufactures that make activex camera controls for navigating there cameras that means it only works in IE.02:39
Romsterwhich means stupid windows unless you use it in a VM on a mac or linux system.02:40
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Romsterdrives me nuts i looked for a non activex use camera but no luck02:43
Romsterhmm it appears activex is open source
sepensorry, breakfast time here, bbl02:45
Romsterdon't mind me i'm just rambling on like i usually do.02:46
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Romsterjust had a quick crack at chromium with the new version prt-get depinst and i got this sepen Exception: Call to 'python --inputs --platform=x86-32' returned exit status 2. while loading dependencies of chrome/browser/sync/tools/sync_tools.gyp while loading dependencies of build/all.gyp while trying to load build/all.gyp03:21
Romsternot sure what dependency is missing.03:22
frinnstx86-32 ?03:40
Romsterno idea i just tried to compile it in a chroot on a 32bit crux.03:43
frinnstoh how i hate selinux03:43
frinnstforgot that i run it at work :D03:43
frinnst"why the fuck doesnt it work?"03:44
Romsterguess i'll try building it on my system then list the dependencies it's looking for.03:46
frinnstbtw Romster, how easy/hard is it to shrink a lvm + ext4 partition?03:47
frinnstnever tried it03:47
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Romsterhavne't tried ext4 but i imagine it's the same umount it lvresize -r -L -10G vg/lv would shrink the FS then the LV by 10GB03:48
Romsternot required to state /dev/vg/lv /dev/ bit is redundant in this command.03:49
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce-utils: added missing dep04:07
Romster3 hours to binary day :D for australia at least you will get it later on.04:07
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frinnstbinary day?05:01
sepenRomster: please, wait for next chromium update05:01
sepenbut if you need the package let me know05:01
frinnstanyone else doing "no shave november" btw?05:02
frinnsti look homeless atm. :(05:02
Romstersepen, thought i'd try to compile it05:06
Romstersame deal on my system so good luck compiling that.05:06
sepenhehe in this case, maybe you'd like to help me with new build
sepenthis problem happened to me yesterday too with 933.105:07
Romstermovember nah not shaving my mostarch off.05:08
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Romstersepen, i don't get that far to check for that how are you getting past that error i posted above?05:09
Romstertried with -j1 ?05:10
Romsterincase it's some race.05:10
Romsterhmm perhaps if i installs cons that'll work.05:15
Romsterno dice.05:17
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RomsterNaCl doesn't work (bug #389379 by Tatsh)05:21
Romsterfrom gentoo.05:21
Romsterfrinnst, 11-11-11 is a binary day05:25
Romstersepen, adding -Ddisable_nacl=1 to build/gyp_chromium got me past the first error.05:29
sepensorry, boss was around me05:30
Romsteryou do all your crux stuff at work <<05:31
sepenRomster: no05:31
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Romsteri was doing some excel stuff for a darts scoresheet boss saw he didn't mind since i was in the middle of updates and other copies and scans on other computers and it was rather quiet until later.05:32
sepenRomster: but I'm working on R&D so I have some freedom to do things, just I need to finish the project and dates05:32
Romsterthis compile should be maxing my 4 cores but it's not.05:33
Romsteri've done those adds so far too and compiling.05:34
Romsterah now it uses all my cores.05:34
Romsterwhy does it have -march=pentium4 in the flags...05:35
Romsterthough CFLAGS overrides that so not so bad.05:35
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Romsterok now i got to that gssapi.h missing05:48
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Romstersepen, i think oyu need krb505:58
Romstertesting shortly.06:01
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sepenRomster: I know but only alan has a port06:03
sepenand I'd try to avid them too06:03
Romsteri grabed that modifyed it to version 1.9.2 and depinst-ing now.06:03
Romsterand cyrus-sasl fails to compile..06:04
Romsterconfigure: WARNING: Disabling GSSAPI - no include files found there we go.06:05
Romsterbut that's not why it wont compile.06:05
RomsterteK_, cyrus-sasl needs make -j1 to compile reliable06:09
Romsterinstalled version 1.9.2 of krb5 recompiled cyrus-sasl now trying chromium again.06:15
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sepenRomster: thanks I'm still at office, so I can't do all I want to do06:32
Romsteryou'll eed to get tek to add krb5 to cyrus-sasl then add cyrus-sasl to chromium06:34
Romsterand of course pick up krb5 in opt/ if alan isn't in opt. to add it himself.06:34
sepenbut I'd prefer to use a ifdef patch if possible06:38
Romsterwell now you know how to do it that way if you fail that.06:38
sepenyeah, thousand of thanks06:39
Romsteri'd think it's more than just 1 header include to disable that.06:39
sepenbut not sure about results06:41
Romsterthat seems like it though that says noting of a configure option if missing don't add support for it. but if the response is changed then perhaps it can be a soft dependency instead of a hard one.06:41
sepenyep it seems so06:41
sepenRomster: every time I updated chromium I found a new problem :D06:42
Romsteri'll leave it to you to sort out. at least i helped a little.06:42
Romsteryeah it's a monster.06:42
sepenchromium builds are  non tested releases06:42
Romsteryou'd think the make test framework would do so much unit testing.06:43
Romsterthough they probably don't test for dependencies like we do in chroots.06:43
sepenyep that is06:44
sepenthey have buildbot to automate build but don't take care about deps as you said06:44
sepenso seems that for now you option (krb5) is the best way to go06:45
sepenI saw the krb5 thing yesterday, but I was really tired after some chromium builds, reading bugs, etc. you know06:45
Romsteryeah and updated krb5 to 1.9.2 the rest of the deps are in opt already.06:46
sepenthanks for the work, I'll pick up krb5 as you said06:46
Romsterdoesn't look too ugly if you clean that up.06:47
sepenchromium deps are growing more and more, and that sucks06:47
Romsteri'm surprised it's not included in the tarball *hides*06:47
sepenI was happy after removed cups dependency but now ...06:47
Romsterthey might even fix that so it's a soft dependency yet...06:48
Romsteryeah cups should be a soft dependency not everyone wants a printer.06:48
Romstergstremer xine-ui webkit ffmpeg and other such ports have a monstrous deptree i know about headaches with dependencies.06:51
Romsterthough most are optional06:51
Romsterbut then some are dragged in by something else.06:52
sepenbut always I tried to adjust them to minimal buildeps + runtimedeps06:52
Romsterbeen there hey great program start to package it 10 dependencies packaged later...06:52
Romstersometimes you want a few optional for common stuff like libpng etc. but the mroe exotic rarely sued should be left to the end user to install to link to those. that's how i think.06:53
Romsteranyways R & D is more important at work sepen :)06:57
sepensorry, eat-time here07:00
Romsterdinner/lunch/tea time :)07:00
Romstersounds better than eat time, but that is descriptive as well.07:00
Romstermidnight it's binary day 11-11-1107:01
Romsteri'm off to bed soon anyways.07:01
enteit's 10-11-1107:01
entewhich is also binary07:01
Romsterfew more hours for you and dang...07:01
Romstergod damn it :P07:01
Romsterwell this one is special all ones07:02
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pitillohas someone a firefox 8 build log near?08:48
jaegernot I08:49
pitillothank you anyways jaeger08:51
jaegerI can build it somewhere if that would help08:53
sepenI like how this guy starts to cycle
pitillodon't worry jaeger, I could do it too, I just want to check some configure options and how much time (aprox) is ahead until finish08:56
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pitilloborn to ride, amazing sepen09:04
rmullpitillo: I built ff809:05
rmullDoes prt-get log builds be default?09:06
pitillormull: do you have the log somewhere to take a look?09:06
pitillormull: no it doesn't. You need to set it up to do it (check its config file)09:06
rmullAh, then no09:06
pitillooh ok :)09:07
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rmullI have a pretty slow CPU, may have taken about an hour?09:07
rmullThat order of magnitude, at least09:08
pitillormull: I think some hours in a slow cpu09:09
rmullYeah, could have been two09:14
rmullI have a 1.6GHz Via Nano09:14
pitillormull: it should depend in how/where you build ports too (using memory will save some time)09:16
jaegerthat 64-bit if that matters09:16
pitillogreat jaeger, thank you very much, doesn't matter the arch :)09:18
jaegernp :)09:22
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cyrus-sasl: add -j1 to fix occasional build problems10:50
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: krb5: initial import11:26
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: chromium: updated to 17.0.934.0 (fixed deps and source url)11:26
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: subversion: updated to 1.7.111:26
teK_is this heimdal or mit krb?11:27
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: krb5: removed garbage files11:28
Waspoh curx isnt dead?12:21
Wasplast news on the homepage is from  Oct. 201012:22
pitilloWasp: and what about development section? :)12:23
rmullWasp: nope, plenty of action in IRC at least.12:45
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teK_judge by
teK_comits >> News12:46
Waspjust did a quick look12:46
Waspbut tried to join local irc channels also12:46
Waspthey are dead too :)12:46
teK_crux is the distro that defaults to --disable-nls ;>12:47
Waspi think that would not please my mom ;)12:48
teK_we never claimed to be your mom's distro12:50
Waspi know, but *I* have to maintain it ;)12:51
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Waspi am quite sure there is no "my moms" distro at all ;)12:53
teK_I heard Ubuntu does stuff like that12:53
Waspi do not like ubuntu12:54
teK_In the past few weeks I've been preparing the Debian packages of FileTea12:54
teK_is why I like being a CRUX maintainer12:54
Waspbecause i do not like mamangment software at all but if it fails also ...12:55
Waspcurrently i have opensuse installed for easyness but the (old) machine cannot handle it12:55
teK_why? gnome/kde?12:56
Waspthx for the talk, nice to know that someone is alive12:56
Waspbut have to go .. sports :)12:57
Waspwhy what?12:57
Waspopensuse or ubuntu?12:57
Wasphate ubuntu for .. ubuntu12:58
Waspand installed opensuse for easyness (with XFCE)12:58
teK_why is opensuse so slow12:58
Waspi dont know12:58
teK_it shouldn't :)12:58
Waspi think there is to much stuff running in the background12:58
teK_i only have had experience with SLES 10 on a xeon box ;)12:58
teK_suse linux enterprise server12:59
Waspah :)12:59
Waspwas choosin between crux and arch, i think i will try arch next13:00
Waspsounds a little bit more easy to install but mostly slim13:00
teK_I don't know their installation procedure13:00
Waspokay sy, have to leave for real13:01
Waspcan join back later13:01
Waspin 2-3 hours13:01
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vee_anyone here tried chrome os(googles OS)? i was thinking about putting it in my netbook, but, i know the whole fiasco with google and their privacy issues. would jolios be a better alternative? what do you guys use?17:16
jaegerNot I17:18
vee_blahr. i dont wanna run shitty windows on my netbook :/17:24
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RomsterWasp, why would crux be dead when there is tons of commits...19:30
WaspRomster: i didnt made it a fact, i got the impression19:34
Waspand the impression is made up by the newest "news" from last year :)19:34
Romsterlost of projects look stalled/dead too but if you look in there revision system that says otherwise.19:35
Romsteryeah the news being so old is deceiving.19:35
Romsterfrinnst, did you get your LVM FS shrink done?19:36
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WaspRomster: but you get the impression, it is dead, or at least badly maintained20:13
Waspif you got something know you should post it .. no reason to do a poast every to hours about nothing, but one a month about the current status would do a lot20:14
thrice`what's wrong with the status page?20:14
Waspthrice`: News20:14
Waspgot it? :)20:14
thrice`news reports releases and such, there hasn't been a release since 2.720:15
rmullI think the joke is that there is a news release annually20:15
Waspokay i can copy your link, but i do not find it on the page20:15
thrice`on top, 'development'20:15
thrice`and 'timeline'20:15
Waspam i blined? plz enlight me:20:16
WaspHome :: Documentation :: Download :: Development :: Community :: Wiki :: Ports :: Bugs :: Links :: About20:17
Waspah okay inside of development20:17
thrice`21:15    thrice`| on top, 'development'20:17
Waspah okay, mistaken it20:18
Waspokay, so far i would not filter the news posts by date but by count20:20
Waspanyway, just sugestions, because i stumpled the (very nice looking) page and my first impression was: "2010 .. hm okay, seems dead, lets try to find some irc channel" .. first (local try) also dead20:22
thrice`ah, sure :>20:22
Wasplet me be your pr-manager for a second20:22
thrice`i agree that the news is a little lacking, but not sure what else should go there.  'crux is alive' posts seem worthless :p20:23
Waspi (would) suggestion you, by a low but importend news pull out -- and of cause i like that philosophy -- filter the news by count20:23
Wasp.. so peapole can see the announcement rate and dont worry about "news" from about a year :)20:25
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Waspthrice`: as i said, i realy like the simple but nice look of the page20:25
thrice`it's just a wiki, yeah :)20:26
Waspand also the philosophy to post every single shi$*"&20:26
Waspbut, to pretend impressions i did, you should see that posts come out just by 2 or 3 a year20:27
Waspif you know that, i think everything is more then quite well :)20:27
Wasplet me unterline it just again: if i would see the last 5 news posts -- and 5 would enough indeed -- "you" would rest assured20:32
Waspyou would see post of: two of 2010, one of 2009 and two of 200820:33
Waspso you know there is not big problem of no announcement of 201120:33
* Wasp sets PR-Manager off20:34
thrice`i guess it has been awhile since release20:34
Wasps/is not/is no/20:35
Waspokay it is realy late on my timezone..20:36
Waspneed some sleep20:36
Waspg.n8 :)20:36
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Pengwincan any one tell me keysum for Alt(Right)+423:06
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