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RomsterWasp if i see news is old or even the release tarball is old i head over to the CMS and take a look there for activity.00:46
frinnstRomster: not yet01:05
Romsterand if oyur wondering that i know Wasp is not here but there is clb logging the channel.01:07
Romsteri need more disks but the stupid prices currently.01:08
Romstergot about 12 disks so far and i need more.01:08
Romsterthough most are sub 1TB capacity.01:09
Romster200GB 640GB01:09
pitillogood morning01:09
Romstermorning pitillo01:10
Romstercomputers though i think i need a break and get outside tomorrow.01:10
Romsterbefore i start bugging everyone here from being far to active.01:11
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horrorStruckhi #crux01:28
pitillohey horrorStruck01:29
horrorStruckhola pitillo01:29
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cheei like the look of this15:26
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teK_of what15:27
jaegercrux, I'd guess15:27
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studogAnyone around that could help with some net-snmp setup questions on Crux?15:41
jaegerNot all that familiar with it, myself, sorry15:42
studogits all good :)15:42
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horrorStruckmorning #crux19:28
horrorStrucksup Romster, pizza time in AUS?19:57
Romsternah but i am going down the street for a late lunch and coffee20:05
Romster1pm now20:05
horrorStruckho. vodka yesterday :P ?20:06
Romsterhaven't done any ports stuff this weekend yet, nah scotch last night :D20:06
horrorStrucki started to clean build my ports... 3 out of 40+... lazy cruxer is lazy. finally got graphite working in gcc at least :) scotch is always a good choice20:10
Romsterusing a chroot to do it in?20:11
Romstergood only way to do it, i must clean up safe-build when i'm in the mood too.20:13
Romsterit works but the setting up part is a bit rough20:13
horrorStrucki'm using rsync at the moment, quick and dirty20:13
horrorStrucksyncing dirty with clean20:14
Romsterwell that's another way of doing it hmm20:15
Romsteris it fast to clean doing that?20:15
horrorStruckexcluding dist and packages dir20:15
horrorStrucksuper fast yeah20:16
Romsteri bind mount my distfiles and ccache20:16
horrorStrucknot using ccache but i'm doing the same for distfiles20:16
Romsterwen you do as many ports as me you can't live without ccache.20:17
horrorStrucki can believe you :)20:17
Romsterccache data -wi-ao  20.00g20:18
horrorStruckOH SHI-20:18
Romstereven have a dedicated striped LV for ccache.20:18
horrorStrucki'll look at ccache, i never used it in fact20:19
Romsterit's a litle slower for first time compile but if you recompile lots it'll be far faster.20:19
Romsterlike if a compile dies due to missing dep ccache will speed up to that point on second run.20:20
Romsterand version bumps use nearly the same code again only a few change.20:21
horrorStrucki did 5/6 builds of gcc yesterday, that -j1 requirement makes it a real pita to compile20:22
Romsteryou need -j1 ?20:22
horrorStrucki guess it wold have been way better with ccache20:22
Romstertake a look at my gcj port in contrib and gcc34 those have ccache bit s in them to speed those up.20:22
horrorStruckfor gcc, -j1 is how it's built on many distros at least.20:23
Romsteronly the install part needs -j120:23
Romsteri haven't hit any issues with multiple build jobs.20:23
Romsterthe install is quick anyways20:24
Romsterjust you need extra work to use ccache on gcc20:24
horrorStruckwhat do you mean by extra work?20:24
horrorStruckto set it up?20:25
Romsterthe rest will work with a shado directoy of files stuck in the PATH20:25
Romsterjsut look at gcj and gcc34 for the extra varable for the bootstrap stage of gcc20:25
horrorStruckok got it20:26
Romsteri'm out to lunch bbl20:26
horrorStruckenjoy your lunch20:26
horrorStruckRomster: in your gcj port, couldn't you use something like if [ -x /usr/bin/ccache ] instead of calling pkginfo?20:36
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RomsterhorrorStruck, i could have.22:40
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