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veeare lenovo crappy laptops?00:36
veeeveryone has been asking me to stay away from them00:36
horrorStruckvee: i own a x201i and i love with with passion.00:43
horrorStrucknot sure about non-thinkpads00:44
jaegerI'm planning to buy an x220 soon00:49
veewell, i found one on sale00:58
Romsterman i forget most of the makefile syntax been so damn long since i've hacked at one.00:58
veefor like00:58
vee420 ish00:58
Romsterifeq ($(findstring $(shell which python), ))01:01
Romsterwhat's wrong with that for a Makefile?01:01
horrorStruckvee: try to get one with an intel wireless chipset, the lenovo/realtek ones suck really bad (well, their driver do). luckily, thinkpad design is so great you can change the chipset very very very easily.01:04
horrorStruckjaeger: x220 seems to be a very nice machine. just too sad they changed the 12.1 to 12.5" (in an aesthetic pov)01:06
jaegerI like 12.5", not too big and not too small (netbook)01:06
horrorStruckmy x201 is a 12.1", i think a great size range for a laptop. 12.5" is almost the same, the proportion (x/y ratio) just feels less in harmony with sky, trees and ponies IMO.01:09
jaegerI doubt it'll bother me01:10
horrorStrucki knew you were insensitive :(01:11
Romsterok i was missing a coma...01:15
Romsterifeq (,$(findstring $(shell which python), ))01:16
horrorStruckvee: if you're in the US -->
horrorStruckgood deals01:20
horrorStruckwhen the site is up at least :P01:21
veei found a netbook01:22
veei think it was 12 ' as well01:22
veefor 420 ish01:22
horrorStruckwhich one?01:22
veefor 4 gigs of ram, 500gb hard drive01:22
veethe s205?01:22
horrorStrucknot a tp :(01:23
horrorStruckgo ssd if you can. just timed my boot process earlier today. below 5 sec from syslinux to login prompt. not something crucial (hehe) but still nice on a laptop.01:26
Romsterplus SSD's are more rugged to being knocked around.01:41
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veedont they die out faster?03:04
linXeaSSD is not more durable. They may be able to withstand more physical abuse but they are just as likely to crash as any regular mechanical moving drive03:08
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: maradns: update to 1.4.0703:36
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mod_svn: update to 1.7.103:36
juegood morning03:40
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Romsteri meant as far as g-force goes from being dropped.04:20
Romsterno heads to crash into the platter04:20
Romstershake the thing and it wont have a head crash, hence no heads no moving parts.04:20
Romsterdo i have to explain everything to the exact detail.04:21
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lennartone week late, but here's a link to the blocker bug for thunderbird+xulrunner:
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Romsterbeen wondering why thunderbird hasn't been bumped forages.06:44
Romstertalking about thunderbird version 3? when it should be at 8 already :D06:51
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frinnstcheers lennart07:34
thrice`2006 :p07:36
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veesorry i signed off without a word linXea, but, I read that the read/write of an ssd gets pretty crappy after a while, and, over time, it gets pretty slow13:12
veethe Kingston SSDNow V100 128GB is having some kinda sale13:16
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jaegervee: That is true if you have an SSD that doesn't support TRIM or you don't use TRIM14:37
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veejaeger: isn't that why people put in a secondary drive to save all the .tmp files/cookies and all that garbage to the other drive?14:38
jaegerwithout getting too detailed if TRIM is working you won't run into that for quite a long time if ever, and if you can't enable TRIM you can still do a secure erase (after backing up your data) to solve it14:38
jaegersome do, yes, some do for large storage14:38
jaegerI have my OS on SSD and all my other crap like huge games on a platter drive14:38
veebut that'd be a bit hard to do on a netbook lol14:39
jaegeralso, with those things said, you're far more likely to upgrade your SSD before it actually dies, unless it's defective or you're writing absolutely INSANE amounts of data to it daily14:39
veethough i would love to see how my netbook would boot up crux with an ssd14:39
veehm. well, ill be looking into an ssd drive. which file format is best for it? ext4, or that new one, bt something something lol14:40
jaegerthere are a lot of SSD info articles on anandtech, some of them are performance and longevity ones14:40
jaegerext4 is your only choice for stable14:40
jaegerif you want to test nilfs you can but I hear it's not production-ready14:40
jaegerI have not tried it myself14:40
jaegerif you don't care about TRIM (you should) you can use any FS14:41
jaegerThere's also a lot of difference between brands when it comes to garbage collection aggression as well as write amplification14:52
jaegerif you want to do all the research, go ahead... if you want a quick anecdotal recommendation, I'd say don't buy OCZ. Buy Intel, Corsair, or Kingston if you can get the V100+ instead of the V10014:53
jaegerI have a 120GB Intel, a 120GB OCZ, and a 60GB OCZ... the OCZ drives have worked fine so far but one of them was a replacement... the RMA process for the first one made me hate OCZ's support15:04
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rmullHi #crux17:12
rmulljaeger: Looks like your ISO is about to become important17:31
jaegerindeed. which is fine with me17:35
jaegerIt's probably something we should have done long ago17:35
jaegerI need to make a patch to the git tree for my recent changes17:36
Romsterhmm that would be great to commit back changes to the iso.git tree17:43
jaegerI have in the past, in an updated branch17:43
jaegergotta love git17:43
Romsteri so do i don't use anything else now.17:44
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frinnstwhy the fuck isnt my spare drive added to my raid5 array when i reboot?!18:10
frinnstsure, its on another controller.. but i even added a sleep 5 before mdadm --assemble --scan18:11
frinnstA SparesMissing event had been detected on md device /dev/md0.18:12
Romsteryou probably need a w4d or sleep between the controller detection and mdadm assemble command18:14
Romsterjust --re-add it.18:14
Romsterif you got a write intent bitmap it'll be fast to resync.18:14
Romsterif not bad luck.18:14
Romsterunless there is another way to do it in a udev rule after all disks become available.18:16
frinnstid think 5 secs would be enough18:19
Romsteryour only guessing w4d is a far better option.18:20
frinnstyeah, ill give it a go18:20
Romsteri could move that to contrib if it's any use to you.18:20
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veesup everyone21:03
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veewhy is that?21:20
RomsterGTK+ 2.24.8 why is gtk not even at 2.24.6 even it's at .3 still tilman :) also ccache needsa bump too.21:22
Romstervee, just am.21:22
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veei have a sweet 16 type of thing21:33
veein a few minutes21:33
veeim off guys, be back hopefully later21:33
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