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Romstergood evening00:55
horrorStruckgood afternoon Romster00:55
Romsterhi horrorStruck00:55
Romsterbought macdonalds for the firast time in like a year and there buggers are still crap.00:58
Romsterthink i'll stick with the fish and chip shop/restranunt they make far better burgers.00:58
Romstermorning pitillo00:59
horrorStruckmc donalds is really awful. i know, i go there every week :P01:01
Romsteryikes i havne't done that in a while do nt put a second dvd in the drive without first checking there is one in there already it really does not like it...01:01
Romsterlucky i didn't scratch it despite the awful noise i just heard.01:01
Romsteri'm kile oh shit nooooo eject eject eject01:02
Romsterdon't think i'd go that often to that place.01:02
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* crshd really wants some bacon now04:53
* aon doesn't04:53
aonjust ate a burger04:53
crshdthat would be an acceptable substitute04:58
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rmullHi jue10:07
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: scite: update to 3.0.110:22
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gnuplot: update to 4.4.410:22
thrice`hi jue10:27
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veesup guys10:42
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crshdwith webkit-based browsers, i get 100% cpu load on some sites (e.g. github), to a point where the entire system becomes more or less unresponsive. anybody else have that problem or am i alone with that?11:10
crshdjust noticed that recently, after returning from roaming MS-land for a while. and it's not just crux, got the same thing on other distros, too. really a shame.11:11
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rmullcrshd: I get crashes in some flash sites, youtube for example11:25
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crshdyoutube is one of the sites causing trouble, too. but it doesn't have to do with flash. that was my first guess, but the problem is still there after removing the flash plugin.11:30
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: git: updated to
tilmanpedja: finally applied your patch \o/ ty11:52
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rmullRotwang: The libreoffice port in contrib-x86_64 is out of date and 404ing - any chance we can see some update here? :)13:41
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Rotwangrmull: yep15:17
rmullRotwang: Great! Thanks15:29
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Romstercruxbot, look up the gtk webkit site bug tracker, if those sites been reported ad breaking webkit.19:32
Romsteri don't have time to do it now.19:32
thrice`are you losing it, speaking to the bot? :-)20:57
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crshdhaha, tab-completion fail :D21:01
crshdRomster: i've been googling, reading mailing lists, bug trackers and whatnot. seems i'm not the only one with that problem, but nobody has actually come up with a solution so far...21:06
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crshdno wonder webkit's taking 100% cpu... my C2D is only running on one core :o no idea how that happened, but it's explaining the ridiculous long compile times...22:05
jaegerforget SMP support in the kernel?22:20
crshdnope, SMP is enabled...22:26

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