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veehi guys00:48
veewoops, sorry, wasn't suppose to post that here O.O00:48
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pitillogood morning01:28
pitilloRomster: ?01:28
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horrorStruck:D should we call australian police ?01:39
horrorStruckah. my bad, it's not because he didn't reply back as usual.01:41
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Romstermorning pitillo02:01
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pitilloyo Romster, I think you are confused about that domain and me02:09
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frinnstautocomplete failure?02:28
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Romsterwho owns ?02:54
Romsterans since your close friends with sepen pitillo i let you know it's down.02:55
Romsteroh it's probably rotwang's host...02:56
Romsteror was it's still dead02:56
frinnstfucking cronjob03:05
frinnstfirefox ........ error: Operation not permitted - send(2)03:05
frinnston ALL entries03:05
frinnstbut works if i just run ck4up03:05
pitilloRomster: .pl seems a polanski domain. We (sepen and me) are spaniards... our domains are dyndns based (mikeux and lokalix) and crux-arm.nu03:13
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Romsterfrinnst, heh should be using my not perfect yet but i'll get there.04:19
Romsterpitillo, so your nu not pl?04:19
pitillono Romster, we are from Spain nor Poland04:21
Romsterah ok... to many countries all shoved in one tiny area up there.04:22
mike_kI would like to see country flags in XChat (04:27
Romsteroh hey that's not a bad idea but then there is cloaked masks too04:34
frinnstRomster: nice04:44
frinnsti knew you worked on something but hadnt had a look04:44
frinnsti have firefox 8.0.1 queued for a push.. no announcement yet04:44
frinnstdunno what the fuck they changed04:45
frinnstquery bugzilla perhaps..04:45
Romsteryou haven't even looked at the files in that folder :D04:52
frinnstheh, no04:53
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Romsterwindows is already advertising 8.0 but 8.0.1 they have a 9 beta already there version numbers are officially stupid.06:28
Romsterthey have to be higher than IE's version :P06:28
horrorStrucki think we can skip this version
horrorStruckRestore plugin caching to work around bad crash bug in latest Apple Java updates06:36
horrorStruckoh i missed one sorry06:36
Romsterthe sooner webkit is stable i'm dropping firefox.07:03
frinnsti bought a firefox tshirt when 1.0 shipped07:05
frinnstwont buy another07:05
Romsteri was gonna use this instead of the default image for firefox
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jaegerfirefurry :P08:29
frinnstcool stuff08:32
thrice`I wonder if I get my education refunded, if it's true :-)08:33
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niklaswejaeger: I have a question.. I tyring to get my crux system boot up with raid1 + lvm on (/). I have complie lvm device-mapper,raid1 in the kernel. and have boot=/dev/md0 raid-extra-boot="mbr-only" root=/dev/vg0/root but it cant find my root09:31
jaegerI have no practical experience with LVM but I would guess that in order to do raid1 *and* LVM root you'll need an initrd/initramfs09:36
jaegerthe kernel mdadm automount stuff is great for mdadm raid1 only but doesn't know LVM as far as I'm aware09:37
niklaswejaeger: I wondering if i will skip raid1 :P09:49
niklasweand lvm on /09:50
niklasweand just install it normal.. and make lvm on the rest of the disk.09:51
jaegerThat would certainly be simpler, though I would suggest not bothering with LVM at all unless you need it09:54
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rauzhi guys11:02
frinnstfredrik@nibbler:~$ uname -r11:03
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jue.oO Lennart find another place to make simple things complicated ->
jseLart & co strike yet again.12:52
Rotwangis anyone aware of some free windows clustering solution12:52
jaegernot I12:53
rauzsry me neither12:54
rmullSounds like a pretty annoying assignment12:55
rmullI assume this is for your work?12:58
Rotwangwe vere able to gather some ordinary pc's, and I'm wondering what useful we might do with it12:59
Rotwangthe problem is that we must speed up visual studio builds13:00
rauzis there not a distcc plugin vor visual stuio13:01
Rotwanghmm, I'll look into that13:08
rauzi think i watch a movie suggestion's13:32
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Rotwangniklaswe: hi14:46
niklaswehow are you Rotwang14:46
Rotwangso so14:47
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niklaswehmm damit.. I must patch heimdal.. so my packages works correctly :P15:30
niklaswejaeger: I think i found the problem i had.. i forgot some drivers for my sata in the kernel..15:38
jaegerThat could definitely cause a problem15:41
niklaswejaeger: hehe yupp :)15:42
niklaswejaeger: because i got the same pblem first when i installing "normal" and then I check again..  and then I see that i missed it..15:44
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jaegermakes sense15:44
niklasweso i think it would work for the first time if i didn't forgot that part :P15:45
niklaswejaeger: so what are you doing this friday then?15:46
jaegerI'm at work15:47
niklasweoh, where do you live?... let mig guess united states? or canada?15:48
jaegermidwest US15:48
niklasweoh :) pretty close ^^ *cough*15:50
niklaswe<--- from sweden15:52
jaegerNot far at all! heh15:52
jaegerI've been to sweden, if that helps15:52
niklasweoh what did you do here :p15:52
jaegercruxcon 2004 :)15:52
niklasweah :) it was a few years ago :)15:53
niklaswedid you like sthlm or..15:53
jaegerindeed, it was nice15:54
* linXea is from Uppsala Sweden :)15:54
niklaswejaeger: good ^^ me and linXea  are from Uppsala Sweden.15:54
jaegerI have not been there. :) ~70km north of Stockholm if I remember right?15:55
niklaswejaeger: yeah thats correct =)15:55
niklasweits really sucks to have laundry tomorrow morning :(15:56
jaegerWhy's that?15:57
niklasweI have it 07.00 AM15:57
niklasweit´s too early15:57
niklasweand that was the only spot left. :P15:58
niklasweso what are you working with jaeger ?15:58
jaegerAt the moment a FreeBSD ZFS test box15:59
niklasweoh :) I have only read about ZFS it´s look nice..16:00
linXeausing slices is nice16:00
linXeaI had a hard time with the naming of devices on freeBSD in the beginning though.16:01
niklaswethe best choose i made this year was throw out debian. because it doing everything for you..16:01
jaegerour main network storage is a sun storage 7400 series using opensolaris and zfs... it's a huge pain in the ass so I'm playing with FreeBSD as a test until we can replace it16:01
jaegerusing it as an NFS server for vmware vsphere 4/516:01
linXeafreeBSD is badass :)16:02
niklaswejaeger: how does it work.. I trying to convince my team to use nfs as central storage for /home.. but they are scared for nfs.. and says nfs is the devil self..16:04
jaegerIt failed miserably yesterday with some heavy VM traffic16:05
jaegerI was running 8.2-RELEASE with ZFS v15, now running 8.2-STABLE and ZFS v2816:06
jaegerwill take a while to do more tests16:06
jaeger <-- this is from before I rebuilt it but you get the idea16:07
rauzwe use at work solaris 10 +  windows domain joined for netdrives works realy nice16:09
niklaswei will check16:11
niklasweon my work we are using centos.. i dont like it at all16:11
jaegerMost of my stuff is linux, this FreeBSD test is just a test due to the storage being such a problem16:12
jaegerwell, lots of linux on vmware :)16:12
rauzESXi server ?16:12
niklaswejaeger: okey.. but i dont rpm if I say so.. and the centos community is grumpy :P16:13
jaegerrauz: vsphere 4 and 5, ESXi16:14
jaegerniklaswe: I've no experience with the centos community16:14
jaegerwhich is fine :)16:14
niklaswejaeger: =)16:15
rauztime for bed gn816:24
jaegertake care16:24
niklaswehave you hands over the cover ^^16:25
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niklaswehmmhmm time to sleep17:30
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