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juegood morning01:34
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niklaswehow are you jue ?01:45
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RomsterRotwang, error (111) Connection refused02:51
Romsterlast few days as far as i've noticed.02:51
RotwangRomster: I know :C02:58
niklasweI really like crux and the ports :)02:58
RotwangI've got a little hosting issue ;f02:58
horrorStrucknew toy for the crux arm team:
Romsterlittle -_-03:26
RomsterRotwang, if you need to move to another provider i can hook you up with the hosting i'm using.03:27
RotwangRomster: what do you use, and how much it?03:31
Romsteri can't remember the name currently i'll ask him to talk to you. i got space donated to me for free. since i've been helping him.03:33
niklaswehow does you ppl upgrade crux.. are u using a loop to build the port packages and after that install that packages?03:34
Rotwangniklaswe: use prt-get03:34
RotwangRomster: that would be great03:34
niklasweRotwang: ah :)03:34
Romsterprt-get sysup03:35
RomsterRomster, i left him a message to contact you.03:35
Romsteroh your email wont currently work you have another?03:37
RotwangRomster: it works03:37
Rotwanggoogle apps ftw [;03:37
Romstereven if the site is erroring.03:37
Romsterrotwang at crux dot org dot pl03:37
Rotwangyes, the mail dns records are pointing to google servers03:38
Romsterah just the host is down.03:38
Romsterhmmm i should do that too.03:38
Romstereasy to setup?03:38
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RotwangRomster: yes, very easy03:39
Rotwangalthough I've done it more than a year ago (maybe two)03:40
RotwangNo one denies that Richard Stallman is a very smart guy.  He’s also an asshole. -- Peter Seebach03:55
Romsteri don't there is any one smart guy that isn't an arsehole04:13
niklaswetime to take a shower and go down to city04:25
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MonoSkyWhen I'm installing Crux2.7, the installation hangs on Loading Modules.... ATA06:35
MonoSkyIs someone there that can help me?06:38
frinnstsounds like a bad media06:59
niklasweello guys07:14
MonoSkybad media?07:28
MonoSkyas in the CD?07:28
MonoSkyfrinnst: ?07:29
MonoSkyniklaswe: I have a problem When I'm insatlling Crux2.7 the Installation hangs on Loading Modules .... ATA07:29
niklasweMonoSky: when you booting the cd do you just "push" enter or.. have you look on the other options.. to put argument to the kernel?07:31
MonoSkyOkay first I tried just pushing enter to the Crux LiveCD07:31
MonoSkyThat's didn'tw ork07:31
MonoSkyHowever I tried fb102407:31
MonoSkyThat didn't work either07:32
MonoSkySo then I tired fb80007:32
MonoSkyDidn't work07:32
niklaswehmm wait must boot up en virtual machine and see the option :P07:32
MonoSkyWell okay it worked once07:34
MonoSkyWhen I unplugged my webcam07:34
MonoSkyHowever I realized that I messed up the Bootloader07:34
MonoSkySo I tried to reinstalled it again07:34
MonoSkyand when I booted up i Did fb1024 without the webcam plugged in and it was hanging on ATA again07:35
niklaswehmm it looks like it having problem to load you SATA/ATA controller..07:36
MonoSkyMY harddrive?07:36
niklasweI guess it that problem..07:36
MonoSkyOh hmmm...07:37
MonoSkySo anyway that I Can fix it?07:37
niklaswehmm I dont sure rigth now.. let me google a bit and see if i can find something.07:38
niklaswebut what have you mess up with your bootloader?07:39
MonoSkyWell Okay I had Arch on First07:39
MonoSkyHowever I never removed the Bootloader for Arch07:39
MonoSkyand When I installed Crux it would go to grub07:39
MonoSkyAnyway to fix that?07:40
niklaswehave you try to boot with crux 2.6?07:42
niklasweI should try to add parameter for  when you boot your cd.. (about ATA /SATA)07:44
niklaswelooks like folks has problem to boot with 2.707:45
MonoSkyHow do I exactly do that adding parameter07:45
niklaswewhen you boot you can read about it.07:46
MonoSkyTell you the truth I'm not exactly using just Crux07:46
MonoSkyI'm using MineCrux07:46
MonoSkyIt seems like one crux07:47
horrorStruckMonoSky: try nosmp07:47
MonoSkyUmmmm on the boot?07:47
MonoSkySo like fb1024 nosmp?07:47
MonoSkyAHHHH =DDDD <3 HorrorStruck07:49
MonoSkyCan you explain to what exactly is nosmp?07:49
horrorStruckit disables smp :P07:50
MonoSkysymmetric multiprocessing?07:50
horrorStrucknosmp[SMP] Tells an SMP kernel to act as a UP kernel,07:51
horrorStruck1792and disable the IO APIC.  legacy for "maxcpus=0".07:51
horrorStruckbetter like this ^07:51
MonoSkyso it was my CPU07:51
MonoSkynot my graphics card okay07:52
horrorStruckbut htat bug is strange anyway07:52
MonoSkycould it be because of my motherboard?07:52
horrorStruckhonestly i dont know07:53
horrorStruckonce you get crux installed, it's very likely that you wont need that07:53
horrorStruckmaybe bios related07:54
MonoSkyProbably would me07:55
MonoSkyI personally think it's my motherboard07:55
MonoSkyCause It's one of the like ones made for a prebuild computer07:55
MonoSkyniklaswe: By the way Thank you very much for helping me too =D07:57
niklaswenp :P07:58
niklaswehmm now will it be intressting to se if my patched heimdal-packages will work ^^07:59
MonoSkyI have no clue what that is i'm a newbie XD07:59
niklasweMonoSky: heimdal (kerberos) have their own su,telnet and rsh binary.. and if i build the packages normal.. it will conflict with shadow binarys..08:01
MonoSkyOh I see08:01
niklasweso will patch it so heimdal´s (su command) have a new named instead08:02
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niklaswehorrorStruck: there?09:39
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: xfsprogs: update to 3.1.710:48
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: libcap: new temporary source URL10:48
cruxbot[core-x86_64.git/2.7]: util-linux-ng: updated to 2.20.110:49
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libaio: new temporary source URL11:22
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niklaswesomeone here to speak with?12:48
Rotwangniklaswe: sup?12:51
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profilIs there support for ext4 in the installation?12:55
profilI cant seem to mount an partition with ext4..12:55
niklasweprofil: yeah12:57
profilniklaswe: I get "mount: mounting ... failed: invalid argument" when running mount -t ext4 /dev/sda2 /mnt/12:59
profils/invalid argument/No such device/13:00
niklasweprofil: have you create ext4 filesystem on sda2?13:01
niklaswe(stupid question) I know..13:01
niklaswemkfs.ext4 /dev/sda2 && mount /dev/sda2 /mnt13:02
niklaswe also check if ext4 are loaded..13:03
profilniklaswe: I cant find ext4 in /proc/filesystems and dmesg tells me "couln't mount because of unsupported optional features"13:04
niklasweprofil: and can you modprobe ext4 ?13:06
profilniklaswe: module 'ext4' not found13:06
niklaswebrb 3 sec13:08
profilbut I am in a shell spawned during boot, because the CRUX media couldn't be found13:09
niklasweyeah you have boot up the install cd.. then you will setup your disks with fdisk/cfdisk and mount your partition..13:13
niklasweand then run setup13:13
niklasweI will boot up crux installation in virtualox13:14
profilyeah, that's what I'm trying, but the media is not in /dev/sr0..13:14
profilit's on my ext4 disk..13:14
niklasweit´s working for me.. when i booting up I loading ext4 and the creating fs on the partition and mount it.13:18
profilyeah but that's not in the rescue shell? you load all the CRUX media?13:19
niklasweI boot up with the crux 2.7 installation cd13:20
profilI need to mount my disk to be able to get to that data..13:20
profilso I guess I have to put my media on a ext3 instead..13:20
jaegerprofil: that "unsupported optional features" thing happens when you create the ext4 fs somewhere else like ubuntu13:20
jaegerwhere they have patched their e2fsprogs to do other things we have not13:20
profiljaeger: oh, I used an liveCD for that.. I think it was archlinux liveCD..13:21
jaegerThen I would guess their e2fsprogs is not stock13:21
thrice`     looks pretty stock, actually13:23
jaegerhrmm... any nonstandard options to mkfs.ext4?13:24
niklasweprofil: are you booting up normal crux installation as normal? if then it should work13:25
niklaswejaeger: do you know which package i can find sigc++-2.0 ?13:26
niklasweI need it to build rtorrent13:26
niklasweoh i found it ^^13:27
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profiljaeger: no flag but the -L13:29
profilniklaswe: no I am not actually..13:29
niklaswewhich cd are you using then?13:30
profilniklaswe: I didn't have a CD to burn the image to, the computer cant boot off usb sticks. So I've put the cd on a disk and then using a liveCD with GRUB to boot into CRUX's vmlinuz13:30
niklasweoh then i see..13:31
profilI think I've solved it now, I used a USB stick with an ext2..13:32
frinnstfuck jimmy wales13:49
frinnstfucking bigass wikipedia banner..13:49
jaegerprofil: not sure what to tell you, just a guess based on seeing that before when I used ubuntu or something else to make the FS, then tried to mount it in crux13:50
jaegerglad you solved it, though13:51
thrice`frinnst, :O13:51
profiljaeger: yeah, I have no problem mounting the partitions inside of the installation, it was probably a limit in the rescue shell :)13:53
jaegermaybe so13:54
profiljaeger: I think that my way of installing crux should be in the handbook also.13:54
jaegeryeah, it probably should. that method just wasn't available in CRUX originally, I rewrote the installation CD environment to get that and some other stuff13:55
profilah okay :)13:56
niklaswebrb beer time  =)14:02
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rauzah beer time, good idea14:10
niklaswerauz: yeah :)14:20
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niklaswerauz: did you find any beer :)14:23
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rauzand you ?14:23
niklasweyay :) ofc ^^^14:23
niklasweMariestad (Swedish beer)14:23
rauzi have never had a swedish beer14:24
rauzi found hofstaetter breu --> austrian beer14:24
jaegerI've had Mariestad, good stuff14:24
niklaswerauz:  if you coming to sweden i will serve you one :P14:25
rauzso than it's beer time in here14:25
niklaswejaeger: yeah  I really like it.. and  I also like U.S Samuel Adams boston ale14:26
jaegeryeah, that's a decent one14:27
rauzlast time i was in the USA i was to young to drink14:27
niklaswejaeger: how much is the clock in us now?  4 PM ?14:30
jaeger2:30 in CST14:30
niklasweokey :)14:30
niklaswea stupid question.. why haven't crux any openafs packages? :P14:31
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jaegerAt a guess, nobody has made them yet14:36
jaegeror published them14:36
niklaswemaybe i will make openafs tomorrow then.14:38
niklasweso what will you do this evening jaeger ?14:47
jaegerHaven't made plans yet14:47
niklaswehehe okey :)14:47
* niklaswe building openafs (pkgfile)14:48
rauzsome beer and dubstep :D14:48
niklasweor just take some beer  and skip dubstep ^^14:48
rauzsry no option14:49
niklaswerauz: will listen on it :)14:54
niklaswecan my friends call me so we can go out and take a beer soon lazy bastard :P14:55
niklaswerauz: the link was okey  =)14:55
rauzyou dont like dubstep14:56
niklasweI listen on almost everything :)14:57
niklaswesoon we have an openafs-packages :)14:57
niklaswe I like this.. (it´s not dubstep...)14:59
profildamn it's slow to compile a kernel with a CPU @ 600 MHz..15:07
rauzniklaswe: damm germany Unfortunately, this video is not available in Germany because it may contain music for which GEMA has not granted the respective music rights.15:11
niklaswerauz: =(15:12
niklaswedont you have any ssh-tunnel you can go through ? :P15:12
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rauzyes but i'm too lazy right now15:15
niklaswehmm mayb15:20
niklaswehmm maybe i should play some bf315:20
rauztime to go to bed gn815:29
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RomsterMonoSky look for a bios upgrade there might be a newer version19:48
Romsterniklaswe, isn't there a --program-suffix= command?19:49
Romsterin configure.19:49
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horrorStruckRomster: looks interesting, thanks. the patch applies cleanly on 3.1.1 (few offsets). trying this NOW.22:23
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horrorStruckbuilds and boots22:32
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RomsterhorrorStruck, noticeable improvement?23:09
Romstermight be hard to test thouugh unless you get lots of network congestion.23:10
Romsterpacked up the dj rig now i can relax.23:10
horrorStruckRomster: yes, hard to tell so far... i'll when mixing torrents23:46
horrorStruckand kids watching youtube videos23:47
horrorStruckand wifee watching whatever videos on all machines23:47

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