IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2011-11-21

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pitillogood morning01:20
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pitillosorry :)01:55
niklasweGod morning!02:08
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niklaswehorrorStruck: it´s morning here =)02:34
niklasweso what happening folks!02:36
horrorStruckbored in office02:38
horrorStruckRomster: vga failed too :( ?02:39
RomsterhorrorStruck, nah i see the screen but still stuck on that same line.02:39
niklaswehorrorStruck: hehe :)02:40
niklaswehave someone setup poptop (pptpd) with client certificates?02:42
horrorStrucknot me at least02:44
niklaswedamit :)  must check if it works :P02:45
horrorStruckRomster: looks like you're good for a git bisect session02:47
niklasweI only find about MS pptp.. =(02:59
niklaswewhen i searching on google about pptpd + user certificate...02:59
RomsterhorrorStruck, i think i'll make defconfig or what ever that is to see if it's some stupid config setting i have.03:06
horrorStruck+linux ?03:07
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RomsterMSL WINNING NOTIFICATION 2011 from Microsoft Goalie95 at aol dot com03:24
RomsterYou have to urgently contact your claims agent to redeem your winning prize.03:24
RomsterMicrosoft Lottery03:24
RomsterManagment Board03:24
Romsterweird spam email i did not know M$ had a lottery :P03:24
Romsterhi teK_03:24
horrorStruckOMG HOW MUCH YOU WON????03:24
Romsterdoes say has a nice msl microsoft 2011.doc file attached :D not touching that.03:25
Romsterdoes not say*03:25
Romsterwent onto the util-linux-ng ML.03:26
Romsterepic failure there too.03:26
Romsteri block spam why can't the darn ML too.03:26
horrorStrucklkml is terrible too03:27
horrorStruckbest ml spammer is that guy from singapore or something, the guy posting all his dox, saying he's under government watch and all his neighbours are spying on him. the best/sadest part is that he's most likely a real guy.03:30
Romsterwith too much time on his hands.03:31
RomsterteK_, i think i found the filesystme i've been after and it's closer than i was expecting
horrorStruckthis guy is seriouslt fcked up
Romsteras is the typing :D03:35
teK_yeah I know hadoop but didn't think of it :)03:36
Romsterhmm that's really wacky horrorStruck03:37
Romsteroh i so remember winding up tape with the biro03:40
teK_me, too03:40
Romsterthat's going down the nostalgic path03:41
horrorStruckloved it so much
horrorStruckmiss you bro04:03
teK_hehe :)04:04
Romsteri have a sexy tascam tape player here. or was it technics now i forget... still sexy.04:05
horrorStrucki have a dual tape yamaha player, still works perfectly 15-20 years later04:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: feh: 2.0 -> 2.104:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: freeciv: 2.3.0 -> 2.3.104:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: getmail: 4.22.1 -> 4.23.004:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: p5-netaddr-ip: 4.048 -> 4.05804:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: scribus: 1.4.0-rc5 -> 1.4.0-rc604:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: qemu-kvm: 0.15.0 -> 1.0-rc204:14
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: babl: 0.1.4 -> 0.1.604:14
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gelg: 0.1.6 -> 0.1.804:14
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: unrar: 4.1.2 -> 4.1.304:14
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: htop: 0.9 -> 1.004:14
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: postfix: 2.5.15 -> 2.5.1604:14
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niklaswewho should I tell that the link in tftp-hpa are broken ?08:38
niklaswesource=($name-$version.tar.bz2) but should be source=($name-$version.tar.bz2)08:38
pitilloniklaswe: the port maintainer08:39
niklasweokey :) will email him then08:40
pitilloniklaswe: email, irc or flyspray. Some ways to notice the maintainer :)08:41
niklaswepitillo: =) shouldn't i email the packager ?08:41
pitilloniklaswe: the packager was the one who started a port. Maintainer is who maintains it. Then if you "should" emails someone, is the maintainer. But there are other ways like I told :)08:42
jseThe packager is the person who first created the port.08:42
niklaswejse: oh ty =)08:43
jsenp. :)08:43
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jseNever understood why the packager has to be mentioned.08:45
jseSeems to create more confusion than necessary.08:45
jaegerIn the past, some packagers were mad if they didn't get credit08:46
jseSounds just a tad petty but fair enough. :p08:47
pitilloI don't see the problem. May be a bigger explanation in the handbook can help (and in this way, credits will be there)08:47
teK_we could start a vote among all active Maintainers and all Packagers09:11
teK_niklaswe: it's broken because I *thought* it would be back up soon09:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: tftp: new source URL thanks, niklaswe09:19
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gtk: remove cups stuff, delete old patch10:21
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niklasweteK_: ty for the update :)11:15
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libevent: update to 2.0.1611:34
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: stunnel: update to 4.4711:34
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: tgif: fixed typo11:34
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niklaswehave someone installa crux from pxeboot?13:10
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jaegerI've booted an NFS install via PXE but it's been a long time13:17
jaegerI think it might have been nipuL's document originally, I just saved it from disappearing13:17
niklaswejaeger: okey, right now I have debian and other distro for pxe... would be nice to have crux there too13:23
niklaswethanks for the link13:24
jaegernp, hope it helps13:24
niklasweyeah :)  I needed the append="nfs..."13:25
veeNEW       -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/share/icewm/themes/Infadel2/fonts.dir14:04
vee=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/romster/icewm/icewm#1.3.7-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.14:04
veeprt-get: error while install14:04
vee-- Packages where install failed14:04
* teK_ recommends PKGMK_IGNORE_FOOTPRINT="YES" in /etc/pkgmk.conf14:07
veethanks a lot teK_14:08
veei've decided once this semester is over, i will be putting time in the man pages14:09
veei feel so....not smart xD14:09
veei changed the settings in pkgmk.conf14:13
veebut i'm still getting the footprint mismatch14:13
teK_but no _error_14:14
thrice`what that option does, is still warn if the footprint differs, but if it is because of *new* files (which can be harmless, depending on the situation), it'll install anyway14:14
teK_they appear because of non-required, optional dependencies14:16
veewell, while building icewm, it says error: footprint mismatch found, and stops the build14:20
jaegerthe package IS built at that point, though14:22
jaegeryou can add it with pkgadd if you want14:22
veeoh i see14:22
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veesweet. it worked! thanks!14:25
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frinnstfor those of you who played resident evil 4:
jaegerWHAT'RE YA BOYIN14:46
niklaswejaeger: =) I have a question :)14:48
niklaswejaeger: about
jaegerask away but no guarantee I can answer14:48
niklaswethe part of cd /cdrom;...14:48
niklasweshould i copy all content from the crux.iso to my exported install-directory ?14:49
jaegeryes, that's exactly what that line is doing14:49
jaegerjust using tar and pipe to do it14:49
niklaswethen it´s easier to  cp -r /mnt/loop/*  /path/to/installer/directory/..14:51
jaegertar is better at preserving permissions14:54
RotwangI need some example database which is going to be good for learning14:57
niklaswejaeger: but i dont have any .tar.gz under /cdrom/14:57
niklaswethey are under /cdrom/crux/{core,opt,xorg}14:58
jaegertar isn't limited to .tar.gz files14:59
niklaswejaeger: i know,but  I cant run that command because i got thiss "error" messages..15:06
jaegeron the left side of the pipe, change "tar cf -" to "tar cf - ."15:07
jaegersee if that helps15:07
Rotwangjaeger: what does it do?15:08
Rotwangtars files from stdin and current dir?15:08
jaegerthe first from stdin, the second from current dir15:08
jaeger(remember, I didn't write the doc, I take no responsibility for errors :))15:09
niklaswelol :)15:09
niklaswejaeger: yeah thats works better :)15:10
Rotwangnever seen this trick, must remember it [;15:11
jaegerI've used it to backup via SSH15:12
jaeger(cd /path/to/whatever; tar cf - . | ssh whoever@wherever "cat > wtf.tar") etc.15:12
teK_I did recovery/backup to LTO tapes quite often via SSH <315:13
teK_ssh+tar to be precise15:13
niklaswejaeger: an stupid question again :) what should be in "diskless" execpt vmlinuz :)15:13
Rotwangany good graphical browser for mysql?15:15
niklasweRotwang: phpmysql15:16
niklasweit´s working :p but not good :P15:16
jaegerniklaswe: I haven't used that method in a long time, don't remember it all that well, sorry15:20
niklaswejaeger: hehe okey :P15:21
niklaswenp mate15:21
* niklaswe tired15:39
niklaswehehe :P have you take the photo frinnst ?15:51
Rotwangfrinnst: haha15:57
niklaswehmm. I try this.. I copy the "whole" cd to my tftpd/crux directory and added in default kernel /path/to/vmlinuz initrd initramfs... and try to boot/install and it worked.. =)16:02
frinnsti just post random crap16:02
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veesup gaise17:49
veehas anyone used idesk?18:12
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ThePubvee: can't really say I have used idesk.  years ago I used something similiar to that, before things like gnome/kde/xfce even existed.18:49
veeThePub: ahh booger. i'm playing with icewm and was wanting to throw some desktop icons on here18:50
ThePubThunar is great for that imo.18:50
ThePubplus you get a graphical file manager18:50
ThePubor alternatively using roxfm18:51
ThePubrox-filer, rather18:51
veei have rox, but to be honest, i have no clue how one would throw icons on the desktop18:51
ThePubyou have to start rox-filer with an option to turn on the desktop18:52
veehm. will google that :)18:53
ThePubjust fun "rox -h"18:53
veerox --pinboard Default18:56
veegets some icons on the desktop18:56
ThePubthere you go :)18:56
veeexcept it looks like its only the icons of the programs running. lol18:56
ThePubmaybe check the preferences ;)18:56
veemeh. my google'ing skills will pull through xD18:58
ThePubjust use the program, don't google about using it.18:58
veei dont know how, thats the problem lol18:59
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veeThePub: got the icons setup and everything. much simpler than i thought it would be. O.O thanks for your help :D19:38
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Romsterhmm i haven't used tar cf - .  though i have done cpio20:16
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joe9to the maintainer of the vim package, can you please add "--enable-rubyinterp" to the ./configure?21:10
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