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horrorStruckRomster: testing your new thoughts-to-text input device ? :P00:20
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pitillogood morning01:16
veeis there any way of getting xvideo adapters into vlc?01:31
Romsterthe only thing i'd be getting into vlc is a sledge hammer.01:43
veeso aggressive01:43
Romsterunless that pile of messy code has finally been cleaned up?01:43
Romsteri tried to use vlc years ago epic failure01:43
veesometimes, when i try to watch a video, all i get is static noise. im sure its probably because soemthign is missing, but still.01:46
Romstericewm#1.3.7-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded i don't have that mismatch with icewm in a chroot with only those depends on deps installed.01:48
Romsteri'd suggest to edit prt-get.conf01:48
Romstermakecommand pkgmk -in01:49
Romsterin my case i use makecommand      sudo -H -u pkgmk nice -n10 fakeroot pkgmk -in01:49
Romsteras the pkgmk user with fakeroot so i don't dirty my system incase i have a rouge Pkgfile that installs stuff outside of $PKG01:50
Romsterignore new footprint files01:50
Romsterman pkgmk01:50
teK_i did that, of course. Seems my local pkgmk is too old ;)01:50
Romsterupdate pkgutils ?01:51
teK_crux 2.5 on that bo01:51
Romsterlol no wonder..01:51
teK_sometimes I wish we had a no-downtime upgrade-route01:51
Romsterand that chat was for vee i seem to have jumped channels :D01:51
teK_because it's a server (ssh/httpd/kernel are up to date!)01:51
Romsterlvm make another root lv install to that swap over to other lv on reboot. i have thought about that.01:52
teK_my idea was to have some crux-update -from 2.5 -to 2.6 or something01:53
teK_but I know you're the lvm lover/expert :p01:53
Romsterwith servers you setup mor than one to load balance with the common data shared off some iscsi or something... then you can pull out one server off the load balancing firewall update it test it to see that it's all ok then swap over to that while you update the other server then add it back into the load balance.01:54
Romsteryou could do the same with multiple hard disks too.01:54
Romsteri've found there is no 10% foolproof way to sysup and not break something...01:55
teK_yeah but you have (for core) a known system state if the machine is uptodate for example on the 2.5 branch01:55
Romsterthe longer you don't update the more hurt it is when you do.01:55
teK_there are always some hickups lurking but its better than nothing and you could still reinstall/upgrade from the 2.6 ISO if something went wrong01:55
Romsteri find it easier to use the iso pkgadd all the iso core ports change the ports to use the later 2.7 ones... update sysup.01:56
Romsteri always expect something to break when i update.01:57
Romsteri'm off to table tennis to beat some ass laters.01:59
Romsternote i got a shelf of table tennis trophies :D01:59
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niklaswegood morning02:09
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teK_Romster: the probablity for errors if you update from a quite stable and known state should be minimal but reality may prove me wrong :>02:43
niklaswehow are you folks?02:47
teK_quite well. And you?02:47
niklasweit´s okey... taking a coffee and reading some mail :P02:48
teK_no haste this early in the morning :>02:49
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Romsterdrinking coffee and reading irc then what ever i fancy to work on.05:31
Romsterprojects wise05:31
teK_free man! go, get him!05:31
frinnstfire up the torches!05:32
teK_and contracts of employment!05:33
Romsteri would attack the router again but not wanting to keep going over the other side of the house to it.05:35
teK_poor guy :P05:36
Romsterbaffled by the fact it sits on some frambuffer line in the kernel and does nothing more.05:38
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niklaswedoes someone know a tools to see if  "strange things." in the network?08:27
niklasweif you know what i mean :p08:27
teK_tstat (from mininet from
horrorStrucknetstat, ss, nmap08:32
horrorStruckettercap is fun too08:34
niklaswehorrorStruck: ss?08:34
teK_lsof -i, netstat -tulpen08:35
horrorStruckniklaswe: ss from iproute2 port08:36
horrorStruckalready on your machine (most likely)08:36
teK_dsniff is fun, too :>08:36
teK_but more the act as analyze type of tool :>08:36
horrorStrucklove dsniff, dns spoofing rox08:37
niklaswehorrorStruck: :)08:37
teK_took me quite some time to get it work ;)08:37
horrorStrucki trolled an co-worker very hard with this08:37
teK_work as in working port08:37
teK_the other thing would be to install a host/network-based IDS if you want to put trust into this08:42
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: nvidia: update to 290.1010:50
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treachlol, ; the difference between Internet Advertising, and having a poster outside your shop. :>11:39
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crshdwhy is she accusing groupon, tho? it's her own damn fault.11:48
jseShe did not understand what she signed up for... so it has to be someone else's fault.11:48
crshdooh - like it's mcdonald's fault that people get fat?11:49
crshdi see...11:49
jseOf course!11:49
jseEveryone knows McD's has gunmen force you in and then feed you till you puke.11:49
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joacimall this time i thought it was eating too much and sitting around too much that made you fat13:03
teK_I always ghad the impression that fast food increased my weight more than normal food; maybe it's because more of this styrofoam fits into one's stomache :>13:05
treachteK_: I think you need to see a psychiatrist or maybe a dietist. :p13:06
teK_o really?13:08
teK_I do not eat fast food that often13:08
teK_psychiatrist: private issue, if at all. ;)13:09
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treachI meant it could be an idea if you were consuming styrofoam, unless you happen to have a goat somewhere in your genealogical table. :P13:11
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treachcoward. running away from my reply, eh? ;p13:12
teK_zsh: alarm irssi13:13
teK_second time this week13:13
thrice`never heard of that13:13
teK_oh well, I wrote a signal handler, once or twice13:17
teK_we even had to implement green threads via signal handlers13:18
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libgcrypt: trigger (static) rebuild for cryptsetup16:36
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veesup gaise18:12
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horrorStrucksup vee ? for your problem with vlc, rebuild liba52 without --enable-double, that should fix it18:44
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veehorrorStruck: thanks, once my system update finishes, ill get on that xD18:44
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veesorry horrorStruck, but how does one rebuild without the --enable-double?19:06
veeby rebuild, i assume you mean an update...19:07
Romsteredit the Pkgfile remove that option to configure19:30
Romsteri can't find a sane solution to enable double and keep the single around for just vlc.19:31
Romstervlc should fix there code.19:31
Romstereverything else works with liba52 jsut fine.19:31
veeyea i figured lol19:34
veeanyone here interested in sumeria?19:34
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veei miss desktop icons22:02
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