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pitillogood morning01:08
frinnstas i said yesterday...01:31
Romstercrshd, in the meantime you got a workaround, i could perfix the single and then get who ever maintains the vlc to use that prefix.01:31
Romstermorning pitillo frinnst01:31
Romsternotice how i say morning and not good morning :D01:32
Romstereven though it's afternoon here.01:32
pitillono way to convince you frinnst...01:33
Romsterhot chick in bed would be a good morning!01:36
niklasweRomster tjats true :)01:40
tilmancrshd: everytime you send an email with an empty subject, god kills a kitten01:44
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frinnstanyone have experience getting bios-raid to be detected properly in linux?03:56
frinnstseems modern kernels probe the sata-ports directly, bypassing the bios03:56
Romsteri thought it was ponies?04:07
prologicfrinnst, shouldn't it come up as an md device?04:16
prologicassuming the kernel supports the onboard raid controller04:16
frinnstwell, its not a "real" raid controller04:43
frinnstjust onboard firmware crap04:43
frinnstit gets represented in windows as a regular blockdevice04:43
frinnstbut linux is too clever :)04:43
aoni used to have that issue04:52
aonjust disabled the bios raid and did software raid in linux04:52
Romstersoftraid doesn't dmraid handle that?04:54
Romsterwell actually i should say fakeraid..04:54
Romstermdraid can do some forms of fakeraid05:03
Romsterbut i haven't tired it i went straight to mdadm.05:03
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cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: nvidia:updated to 290.1007:52
crshdtilman: did I? Shit... my browser crashed while I was writing it the first time, so I guess I forgot to fill that field again, sorry about that. i hate when people send emails without subjects, too.07:54
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jaegerfrinnst: usually dmraid is what you need for that, not mdadm08:12
jaegerfor those fakeraid setups08:12
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* niklaswe is tired...08:53
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ritchyhi everybody. I'm trying to extract grub from the install cd to my new hd install10:54
ritchybut how I can extract an xz?10:54
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ritchytar xJ is not available (cause there is no xz) ;)10:55
profilritchy: can't you just do `tar xvf your_grub_file.xz`10:58
jaegerritchy: pkgadd xz from the CD10:59
ritchyjaeger, could not open /var/lib/pkg (and db); I created the dirs manually but now pkgadd freezed11:04
ritchyI'm trying to use grub instead of lilo (cause lilo always want to boot from (8,5) instead of /dev/sda511:04
ritchy(Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(8,5))11:06
jaegerso you're not using setup to install, I take it11:06
ritchyhow setup handles xz?11:06
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frinnstritchy: "touch /var/lib/pkg/db"11:12
frinnstthough i dont understand how that file could be missing if youre running crux11:12
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ritchyfrinnst, its on the install cd11:13
ritchy(fresh boot)11:13
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frinnstso, you have crux installed and booting from the cd?11:13
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frinnstso, mount your filesystem, copy grub#whatever.tar.xz, xz#whatever.tar.xz, libarchive#whatever.tar.xz to your filesystem, chroot <your mounted filesystem>, pkgadd <copied packages>11:15
ritchyfrinnst, did it via setup again; sorry - crux is horrible fast ;)11:16
frinnstwait, what iso are you booting from without a pkgadd that supports xz ?11:16
ritchylatest (2.7)11:16
frinnstsorry, i dont think i understand what youre trying to do11:18
ritchyfrinnst, np, xz is solved. The primary problem was lilo the wrong root partition11:19
ritchy(lilo *and* the wrong)11:19
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veemornin fellas14:00
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ritchycan I set makeopts in pkgmk.conf?15:22
ritchyor is there another place for that?15:22
Rotwangritchy: what is makeopts?15:23
ritchymax current jobs (make)15:24
ritchyit's great for multi-core processors15:25
ritchy(for example: make -j4)15:25
Rotwangritchy: there is no such thing15:25
RotwangI assume you read that from gentoo docs15:25
treachit can be done, but it's probably not a good idea, since it might break some ports.15:26
Rotwangritchy: you might do that in pkgmk.conf15:26
Rotwangthe variable is called MAKEFLAGS15:26
Rotwangand mostly it is safe15:26
treach"mostly harmless"15:26
ritchy;) all right15:27
RotwangI use -j2 and didn't have any problems with that for a long time15:27
treachas long as you know _why_ things break, if things go off the rail15:28
Rotwangtreach: it is much better to use -jX15:29
jaegerFortunately it's rare that -jX breaks things15:30
Rotwangtreach: your argument is similar to that one: it is dangerous to go by car so I always walk15:30
treachhey, I'm not saying it's "dangerous", or "don't do that", just that it's not 100% safe. If you know what you're doing, go ahead.15:31
Rotwangjaeger: so I've heard pizza is now a vegetable15:32
Rotwangnice try america [:15:33
jaegerNews to me15:33
jaegerSome pizza HAS vegetables ON it but as a whole? whatever15:33
jaegerDoesn't make any sense15:33
treachIt was Pizza sauce.15:33
treachcourtesy of your processed food lobbyists.15:33
jaegerHrmm, that doesn't make sense either... people are stupid, though15:33
Romsterthe dough is not a vegetable so a pizza as a hole is not a vegetable, neglecting the meat they put on it and the cheese.15:34
jaegerAnything that has multiple ingredients is, by definition, not a vegetable15:35
jaegerThis includes most sauces, I'd say15:35
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jaegerThat's even more ironic considering tomato isn't technically a vegetable15:36
treachcongress critters @ work15:36
jaegercongress does some mind-bogglingly stupid shit15:37
jaegerglad my tax money is going into declaring pizza a vegetable15:37
jaegerwhat the fuck15:37
treacheigth tablespoons of said products equates a serving of vegetables. oh dear.15:37
RomsterKnowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not using it in a fruit salad.15:38
jaegerI think I've indentified the vegetables in this story... they're not in the food15:39
jaegerbotanically a fruit, culinarily a vegetable15:39
treachI guess the next thing would be to classify budwiser as "bread".15:41
treachAt least once they manage to get it classified as "beer", that is.15:41
Romsterthe term "vegetable" has no botanical meaning and is purely a culinary term.15:44
jseTime to eat mo' pizza. The gubmint says it's healthy now!15:45
Romsteranyways i bet the americans don't want to restrict pizza and chips from schools, just like when i was watching jamie oliver try to change the school menu to more healthier foods15:46
jsePolitics: why are you so crazy heh.15:47
jaegerIt's always about the money15:47
treachand stupid people who can't think for themselves to save their lives. :/15:47
Romsterand convenience they don't know how to make healthy food15:49
Romsteroff to work later.15:50
jaegerThey probably know how, it isn't cost-effective15:50
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veelol healthy food in america is a joke. its cheaper to buy a burger here than to actually cook your own food16:01
Rotwangwhat a wonderful country16:02
RotwangI'd eat burgers everyday16:02
veeyou can get a 99c cheese burger but it'd cost you to some 30 ish to cook your own16:03
veedollars that is16:03
veeits ridiculous. the food industry managed to find its way into our political system, and fuck everything up16:03
veethats why the FDA no longer does as many searches as it once use to...16:03
veeits also very interesting how roughly 80% of our meet industry here is owned by 3-5 companies16:04
treachthe impression from the outside would be s/food//16:04
treachremove the word food, and the sentence makes more sense.16:05
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Rotwangs/// ?16:05
* Rotwang is going to sleep, bye16:06
veethe crap they put in our food is ridiculous. i have one friend who eats like a cow16:06
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veewent to italy, ate 3x as much, lost 10 pounds and came back16:06
jaegercooking for yourself can be more expensive but most people who do that are more concerned with eating healthier than saving a few cents16:06
treachyou've got a friend who eats like a cow? You're from Iowa? :>16:07
jaegerthe 99 cents vs 30 dollars comparison is blown completely out of proportion, though16:07
veecalifornia. xD16:08
veeif you want a healthy, fullfilling meal, i have yet to go shopping and get anything less than 30 dollars16:09
veefor those requirements16:09
jaegerI can buy an entire week's worth of stuff for about $3016:09
jaegerI realize costs of living are way cheaper here in the midwest but still16:09
veewell today16:10
veei went, bought a carton of milk, some cereal, bread, some mandrine, chips, and some herbs16:10
veecost me 54 bucks16:10
veethats just a minor shipping trip16:11
jaegerI could spend $54 on that if I shopped at hte whole foods here, maybe16:11
jaegernot at the regular supermarket, though16:11
veethats the thing, thats a regular mom and pops store here16:11
veewhole foods is just ridiculous here16:11
veeif i had bought what i did at whole foods, it would have been well over a 10016:12
veelife in california has become very expensive16:12
veeespecially near LA16:12
veewere i sadly reside16:12
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teK_vee: italian food is great. To be honset: all non-american-culuturally-rooted-food is great -_-17:03
teK_america seems to be just too young to have a _real_ food/.../whatever culture ;>17:04
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veeinteresting watch17:17
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