IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2011-11-25

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pitillogood morning01:11
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niklasweGood morning =) finally friday ^^01:49
niklaswehas someone trying ?01:53
pitillonot here... only nagios + cacti (and monit. I tried others like zenoss and zabix but never deployed them)01:55
niklasweokey.. It looks very nice :)01:56
pitillovery similar to nagios01:58
niklaswepitillo: yeah it´s a "fork" of nagios01:58
niklaswebut the have recreate the gui i think..01:58
pitilloa cleanest gui (which can be done in nagios chagint the theme). It's compatible with all nagios core/plugins, then it seems to be a fork/development from perl to python02:02
niklaswehmm would be nice if I could start my ws from lan...02:15
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niklasweto access hp array controller thougth ilo3.. is it esc+8 ?06:19
* Romster shrugs06:30
niklaswe:P If i rember right it should be that.. but I cant get access to it.. from ilo..06:35
Romsterlilo you say? tab key.06:45
niklasweRomster: nop ilo06:45
Romstersorry no idea then06:45
Romsterand i'm tried and it's near midnight and i had to drive like 80 killometers right after work too. so i'm royally tired now.06:46
niklasweRomster: go to bed then :)06:46
Romsteri will soon after this coffee06:48
niklaswehehe okey =)06:55
niklaswehere is the clock 14:00 pm06:55
Romsteror you still on Thursday?06:58
Romster2 minutes to saturday midnight :D06:58
niklasweRomster: Friday06:59
Romsterso you finish work soon07:00
Romster10 hours behind me07:01
Romsteryou must be on +1 GMT since there is DST here unless you hvve DST too then it'll be 0 GMT07:02
teK_we are, Romster.07:02
Romstermust be up in uk or somewhere to be in that time zone.07:04
Romsterthough Amsterdam is 2pm currently07:04
Romsterright Germany.07:04
niklasweRomster: yeah soon.. 3 hours left.07:06
Romstersucks to be still at work when i'm relaxing here :P07:07
Romsterthough same amount of time is spent at work07:08
niklasweRomster: hehe it´s okey.. will be beer time soon so07:08
frinnstwhite weekend here07:11
Romsteri take that as being snow07:14
frinnstfuck no!07:20
frinnstjust no alcohol :)07:20
frinnst <- see how sunny and joyful the weather in southern sweden is today07:25
lowefrinnst: It's not that joyful outside. Pretty much no sun at all.07:28
frinnsthave you been outside today?! :D07:32
* frinnst smells coffeeeee07:32
niklaswefrinnst: please give me :)07:33
frinnstyum.. fresh pot07:35
teK_pot as in public offtopic (forum)? :>07:35
niklasweI really hate ilo and orca right now...07:37
niklasweI push esc+8 when it initziling the array.. But I didnt jumped in to the configuration utility..07:38
niklasweeverything else working..07:39
Romsteri didn't know a white weekend meant no alcohol that's what i call a dry weekend.07:39
jaegerniklaswe: I both love and hate the Sun ILOMs we have at work08:09
jaegerthey're awesome sometimes and drive me insane others08:09
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frinnstRomster: yeah.. maybe a translation issue on my part :)08:39
lowefrinnst: oh.. coffee. i can haz need.08:39
treachfrinnst: apparently the expression exist, but mainly carrys annother connotation08:40
lowe ? ;D08:41
treachfrinnst: like the swedish guy who went to denmark, asked the cab driver to take him to a "rolig" place and to his big surprise found himselv in the cementary. :>08:42
loweHeh, "pula" in norwegian carries a quite different meaning than in swedish too..08:43
niklaswejaeger: exactly... right now it drive me to insane..08:43
niklaswejaeger: I will  configure my hp array... via ilo then i should press esc+8 but nothing happens when i do that08:44
jaegerDoes it have alternative keypresses? Ours can use, for example, F8 or Ctrl+P for the boot popup, that sort of thing08:45
niklaswejaeger: when im  physical in the serverhall then i should press F8, via ilo esc+808:49
jaegerThat's how ours are supposed to be as well but I found both keys work via ILO08:49
jaegerMaybe only on the sun stuff but worth a try08:50
niklasweyou mean i should give it a try and use F8 instead of esc+8 ?08:50
jaegeryeah, what could it hurt?08:52
niklaswenope :P08:52
niklasweI will give it a try08:52
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frinnstniklaswe: where do you work?09:05
frinnstoh, nevermind.. a /whois gave me an answer i think :)09:05
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niklasweI will give up now.. and make some other stuff.. try shinken :)09:15
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: bash: update to 4.2.2010:21
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*** tilman changes topic to "CRUX 2.7.1 | Homepage | Ports | Paste | xorg mouse/keyboard problems?"11:52
Rotwangtilman: why 2.7.1?11:54
Rotwangok, I just opened mail11:55
jaegerhrmm, perhaps I should have used the word 'release' a bit less11:57
jaegeroh well, it does the job11:57
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augustaoi'm having trouble remembering if xorg needs hal and dbus to work12:04
augustaodoes it?12:04
augustaowhen i start X, my mouse and keyboard don't work12:05
augustaoi remember fixing this at some point by starting hal12:05
augustaobut i forget now if that was all i did12:05
augustaodo you know what it could be12:05
RotwangI had similar problem recently, don't remember what the fix was12:08
tilmanaugustao: try removing your xorg.conf12:09
tilmanand letting x figure out all of it itself12:09
RotwangI remember12:09
augustaofound it @ logs12:09
RotwangEVDEVsomething kernel option12:10
augustaohotpluggin is on, disabling all devices using kdb, mouse or vmmouse12:10
Rotwangzgrep EVDEV /proc/config.gz12:10
jaegeryou can also put 'Option "AllowEmptyInput" "false"' in the ServerFlags section of xorg.conf12:10
augustaois that an X thing or a kernel thing?12:10
Rotwangaugustao: ^12:10
augustaojaeger: what does that do?12:11
augustaoRotwang: will try it12:11
jaegerI don't actually know what it does, in terms of xorg low level, but it works in some cases12:11
augustaocompiling new colonel12:12
augustaoalso, it's been a few years since i've used crux, so this might be a silly question: how does it handle upgrades?12:13
augustaoi see 2.7.1 has been released12:13
augustaoi have 2.712:13
jaegerWe don't do rolling release style upgrades like some other distros do, just periodically release new versions12:14
augustaoi'll admit to not having read the handbook extensively12:14
jaeger2.7.1 is an exception to the norm, you don't need it if your 2.7 install is already updated12:14
augustaokeyboard worked12:15
augustaowith the EVDEV thing @ colonel12:16
augustaolet's see what's making the mouse not work12:16
Rotwangis it plugged in?12:16
augustaomaybe it needs a reboot12:17
augustaoi just loaded the module12:17
augustaoi think i forgot something @ kernel config12:27
augustaoi tried cat'ing everything @ /dev/input and moving my mouse12:27
augustaonow the touchpad works12:31
augustaobut the usb mouse doesn't12:31
pitillohave you tried unplugin and plugin it again augustao?12:32
Rotwangwhat is in the logs?12:32
augustaopitillo: yeah12:33
augustaoRotwang: nothing, really12:33
augustaobut the problem is not X anymore12:33
augustaothe usb mouse doesn't exist in /dev/input12:34
augustaoi had forgotten to enable support for HID12:46
augustaothanks bros12:46
augustaoi shall enjoy CRUX now12:46
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amarcis there something like use flags for crux ?13:09
amarcuse flags as in gentoo..13:09
amarcie. I want to build php with CGI , apache with mpm-worker etc..13:09
amarcso how do you do such things on crux ? editing pkgfile ?13:11
jaegernope, though you are free to make your own ports dir, copy the ports you want to edit into them, and use them over the default ones13:11
jaegerthat was worded badly but the idea is you create your own ports "overlay" of sorts13:11
amarcwell it's not about choice then.. : )13:13
jseSure it is.13:14
jseCrux simply does not hold the user's hand.13:14
teK_that would not be holding the user's hand imho but adding more complexity13:17
augustaoanyone using kernel >= 3?13:22
jaegerI've not messed with it yet13:23
augustaoLinux torus #11 SMP Fri Nov 25 16:46:25 UTC 2011 i686 AMD Athlon(tm) Neo X2 Dual Core Processor L325 AuthenticAMD GNU/Linux13:24
teK_Linux basra 3.1.0 #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Oct 24 17:44:30 CEST 2011 x86_64 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux13:24
teK_ever since 3.0 got stable13:24
augustaoany noticeable improvements?13:24
teK_nvidia stopped working because they probed for 2.6 :P13:25
teK_until jue patched that13:25
teK_well.. no. But Linus said it's not that big deal at all13:25
augustaoi see my wireless driver is still in staging13:33
augustaoi had forgotten how simple crux is13:34
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niklaswegood evening15:27
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niklaswehow are you teK_ ?15:30
teK_could be worse. and how are you? ;)15:31
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niklasweI saw the good news on the mailinglist :)15:31
niklasweteK_: same =)15:31
niklasweI just relaxing and taking a beer and listen too..
niklaswe(if you have spotify)15:32
teK_I don't. I only heard ofit15:32
niklaswewhere do you live.. if I should send you an invite..15:33
niklasweif you want it15:33
teK_Sign up to be first in line when Spotify launches in Germany!15:33
teK_Spotify is currently not available in Germany.15:33
niklaswedamit :P15:34
niklaswetell me when you can use it i will send you an invite.. I have 8..15:34
teK_thanks ;)15:34
augustaois there a way to list the installed packages and sort it by date15:35
teK_how does it (financially) work?15:35
niklasweteK_: you mean with spotify15:36
teK_augustao: not really.. kinda: prt-get can create logs (which can e sorted by e.g. ls -ltr)15:36
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niklasweteK_: before (1 years ago) it was free, and they get pay from commercial.15:37
niklaswenow have they done so the "free"  is like you have a limit on songs.. you can listen on it X times..15:38
jseIt's still free. The catch is that you're limited to a certain number of hours a month.15:38
jseAfter six months they put more limits on free accounts.15:38
teK_oh ok15:39
niklasweor you can pay and got unlimited..  99 sek  about 10 euro.. /months15:39
teK_I'm not the social media guy at all15:39
niklasweand then you   also can have offline playlist on the phone15:39
teK_Phone? I own a Siemens ME45 (look that up :P)15:39
teK_no. I own two ME45 (in case the first one breaks)15:40
niklasweteK_: if you have iphone or  an phone with android you can download the "app"15:40
niklasweand access your music from there..15:40
jseteK_: yeah, that's a phone.15:40
teK_mine is about 11 years old :>15:41
teK_still works almost like a charm15:41
niklasweteK_: then buy a new one =)15:41
teK_no, I will use the second after the first is gone forever15:42
* niklaswe listen on johnny cash - hurt15:42
niklasweteK_: where in germany do you live?15:47
teK_Passau, to be precise15:47
thrice`nice, i've been there twice :>15:47
teK_to Passau? Why?15:48
teK_or Bavaria? :P15:48
niklasweteK_: hmm let me check it on google maps :P15:48
thrice`bavaria, sorry15:48
teK_I watched Inglourious Basterds the other day15:49
teK_I sniggled hard about Pitt's "decide if you ever want to eat sauerkrautsandwhich again"15:49
niklaswe like this15:50
teK_yeah I like that song15:52
teK_currently I'm more like
niklaswewait I sec will listen on in it after this cash song :P15:54
teK_it's 180 degrees different15:55
niklaswelol :p15:55
niklasweyeah I hear that ^^15:55
niklasweI really like cash.. when Im a bit drunk..  :P15:57
niklasweand "going" deep into myself :P lol... if you know what I mean..15:57
niklaswegaah I dont really like heimdal right now..15:58
niklasweIf I will fix  "ports" package then i must make a patch.. so heimdail "su,telnet,rsh" change name to something else then "su" :P so it not conflict with shadows su binary16:00
* niklaswe poke on teK_ 16:04
niklasweare you still awake16:05
teK_I am16:05
teK_what about krb5 (from mit)?16:06
teK_does it ship su etc.? don't remember.16:06
niklasweteK_: hmm I nope they dont ship it..16:06
niklaswehave you hear about heimdal?16:08
teK_I used it (or krb5, don't remember either) for my samba + windows integration experiments16:09
teK_I never got around to a) finish them and b) document it for others16:09
niklasweteK_: okey :)16:09
niklasweI / we the company I worked on before.. usd heimdal kerberos16:10
niklasweone of the core dev has worked on the company.. :P16:10
teK_sounds legit16:10
teK_we covered kerberos in a security lecture a year ago16:14
niklaswekerberos heimdal or kerberos mit.16:15
niklasweI dont care who  so... it´s not my bussneis.. jsut interesting16:15
teK_the kerberos protocol16:15
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niklasweoh cool :)16:16
teK_we had to correct some stuff in the exam.. funny16:16
teK_like the client received the shared secred of the TG Server and Server16:16
teK_I don't quite remember..16:17
niklaswedoesn't matter :) I dont really understand why heimdal will ship their own su,rsh,telnet..16:18
teK_who else should ship the kerberified binaries/16:19
niklaswekerberos mit :) lol :P16:19
teK_hm ;)16:19
niklasweI would be easier for me. then i  can skip this patch :P16:19
teK_please avoid using kinit from a Java JRE, these often have problems such as echoing the password16:23
niklaswewhy should I use java.. :P16:26
niklasweteK_: so what happening tonight then?16:31
teK_homeoffice is happening16:33
teK_pays the bills16:34
niklasweoh I see :)16:34
niklasweI will pay my bills tomorrow :) or on monday...16:35
veeanyone get anything interesting for black friday?16:35
niklasweblack friday?16:37
niklaswewhat have i miss now..16:38
teK_even I know black friday16:40
teK_it's when americans will faciliate 'competitive shopping' to fight over discounts16:41
treach....and then follows "black monday", when everyone looks at their bank accounts.16:43
niklasweoh. I have never heard about "black friday"16:43
teK_faciliate is no real word *ahem*16:43
niklaswetreach: hahaha lol16:43
teK_hehe ;)16:43
tilmanis it related to the holiday?16:44
tilmanie does black friday refer to a day following a holiday?16:44
tilmani _could_ google it ;)16:44
teK_Black Friday ist in den USA der Freitag nach Thanksgiving, der läutet die Weihnachtssaison ein16:44
teK_according to ;D16:44
niklaswehmm isn't  thanksgiving this weekend?16:44
niklasweif I rember right?16:45
tilmanniklaswe: thursday was thanksgiving (US)16:45
niklaswe<--- epic fail on me again :P16:45
tilmanapparently canadians are having thanksgiving a couple of weeks ahead (or later)16:45
niklaswei dont know when canadians have :P..16:45
niklaswetilman: are you from canda or ?16:46
treachyeah, that's why teK_ spoke german with him.16:46
teK_not everybody can recognize this fine language at a glance *g*16:47
niklasweteK_: you must mean swedish :)16:48
treachteK_: someone speaking swedish should pretty much know it instantly, even if he can't understand it16:48
teK_dunno :)16:50
niklasweoh first advent :P16:51
niklasweor is Im on thin ice now....16:51
treachon a friday? >_<16:51
* treach hopes he's missing something16:51
teK_this sunday :)16:52
niklasweIn sweden  first advent is on sunday..16:52
treachI'm sorry, got it worng. I'm way too tired.16:53
niklaswenow I know what "black friday"  mean.16:55
niklaswetreach: are you also from germany?16:57
treachNo, I'm just pretending. :>16:57
treach"Ihre Pappiere bitte!" <-(:|16:58
niklasweje moeder:)16:59
Romsteraugustao, make sure your kernel has evdev support and you rcompile the xorg-xf86-input-evdev17:19
tilmanniklaswe: kommer du fran sverige?17:22
Romsteri was wondering about that thanksgiving it's it a bit early?17:24
augustaoRomster: what?17:31
augustaois this regarding my issue earlier today?17:31
Romsteraugustao, yeah i just read the backlog17:33
Romsterwas asleep before.17:33
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veedear god, a 700mhz laptop17:50
veethese are still around O.O17:50
Romsteromg what...17:52
Romsterthe pentium duo 1.8Ghz laptops are bad enough.17:53
teK_< i686 Genuine Intel(R) CPU T2300 @ 1.66GHz GenuineIntel17:55
Romsteryeah that be slow...17:56
teK_it's ok17:56
teK_had a P III Mobile 1,2GHz before17:56
teK_and I got it for free17:56
augustaoRomster: i fixed it by adding support for evdev and HID @ kernel17:56
teK_so no probleme there17:56
Romsteraugustao, remember if you ever update xorg-server or any other major parts in future always recompile input and video xorg ports after.17:57
augustaoty for the tip17:58
Romsteryou could probably remove mouse and keyboard ports off your system too i have since i use evdev exclusively.17:59
RomsterhorrorStruck, ok i got kernel 3.1.2 with that proportional-rate-reduction-for-tcp.patch and IMQ patch with your framebuffer setting as per 3.1.1 had, hope this boots...18:00
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Romsterbah same bullshit, hangs at the same exact place still... why...18:05
frinnstbisect it?18:06
Romsteri'd have to oh wait it has git installed.18:07
Romsternot looking forwared to doing that i was expecting it to just work.18:07
Romsterit could be my config too....18:09
Romsterconsole: switching to colour frame buffer device 80x3018:11
Romsterso perhaps i got a missing option.18:11
Romsterguess i'll try vg=ask18:14
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Romsterno modes work i'm starting to suspect i got the wrong driver for that video card.18:23
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augustaoif i ^C during a prt-get install (it's compiling) and then try to install the same port again, will it delete the work dir and start from scratch18:42
augustaoor will it continue compiling from where it stopped?18:42
Romsterit'll remove and start from scratch.18:45
Romsterphew fixed it...18:48
RomsterhorrorStruck, i didn't have EDID enabled so i enabled that but i think the major issue was i had CONFIG_FB_VIA enabled with the vesafbfb18:50
Romsterconflicts fro the win.18:50
Romster that page helped.18:51
RomsterhorrorStruck, solved ^18:52
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horrorStruckRomster: \o/20:13
horrorStruckstrange that you didnt have the issue with former kernels20:14
horrorStruckanyone with killer iptables rules to share?20:32
Romsteryeah no idea why with the same settings.20:49
horrorStruckoh btw, i tried your westwood+, i use it on the rt-n16 and my crux machines, looks good so far.20:53
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horrorStruckdid you try debloat-testing? it should be perfect for your router20:58
Romsterno what is that?21:11
Romstertarget in the kernel? or some debian thing :D21:11
Romster reading21:13
horrorStruckmy last week links to you were ignored :O two of my ponies just died21:16
Romsteri already lowered my tx queue to 10 and i have tc running at 70% or so of my line capacity to avoid buffering21:17
Romsteri must of missed those sorry21:18
horrorStruckthat won't bring them back :(21:18
Romsterno but clb can :D21:18
horrorStruckneed2google clb21:19
RomsterYour search - site: horror - did not match any documents.21:21
Romster<horrorStruck> Romster: testing your new thoughts-to-text input device ? :P  <- if that were to happen i think the universe would implode.21:22
Romsteri could show you my iptables/tc rules but it's a big mess.21:24
* horrorStruck is waiting for the link to say thanks :P21:30
Romsteri noticed it to you...21:31
horrorStruckoooooooops sorry21:32
horrorStruckand thanks21:32
Romsterthere in queary.21:32
Romsterworks jsut the thing has been hacked on a number of times.21:33
Romster somewhat not correct after figuring it out but good explanation and links too. HFSC takes some mastering.21:33
horrorStrucki've got a blank page21:34
Romsteron which link?21:35
Romsterthe firewall one just reload it..21:35
Romsteri'm not maxing out my bandwidth currently.21:36
horrorStruckHTTP request sent, awaiting response... No data received.21:36
Romsteroh what the hell i fix one thing and another messed up...21:37
horrorStruckhey this is linux21:38
Romsterthere should be working now.21:38
Romsteri still got a issue with IMQ *grumbles*21:39
horrorStruckyep, tyvm21:39
horrorStruck:O pretty massive21:39
Romsteryeah i know.21:40
Romsterneed to do more work on that.21:40
Romsteri'm not getting any errors has to be a rule.21:40
Romsteri'm still figuring out a self adjusting latency monitor that can handle all them oddball dropouts21:43
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horrorStrucklet me master man iptables for 1 or 2 years and i'll read your rules again21:45
*** Dudde has joined #crux21:45
Romsterby then i should have it cleaned up.21:46
Romsteriptables isn't hard it's tc that is.21:46
RomsterHTB can do a fine job of bandwidth but HFSC also controls latency and adds about 100x more confusion to set it up.21:47
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