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neocrusthi all! How I can use Gnome 2.32 or 2.30 on CRUX?00:11
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veeso, how is everyone today?00:57
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niklasweGood morning02:27
niklaswehow should i do if I will run gnome3 in crux?02:31
mike_k_niklaswe: I guess it is not even in any of the "official" repos. someone might have a few basic ports or you could do it yourself (requires a lot of work).02:40
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mike_kif you're about the login manager, try slim from opt02:41
niklaswemike_k: hmm okey ty02:43
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niklaswe =)03:23
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frinnstwhy would anybody *want* to run gnome3? :)07:33
niklaswefrinnst: will try it :)07:34
niklaswefrinnst: btw you must fix the source on firefox...07:34
niklaswethe link doesnt work..07:34
frinnstcute, they removed the source..07:35
frinnst8.0.1 only contains fixes for win32 and osx.. i thought i'd might skip the release07:36
frinnstbut guess not07:36
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: firefox: updated to 8.0.107:59
frinnsteveryone enjoy the pointless rebuild08:02
teK_using chromium08:03
frinnstso, rebuilds every other day instead? :D08:03
teK_last build: 13.11.201108:04
teK_that's almost two weeeeeks08:04
teK_and what else did I get my i7 for? :>08:04
teK_but the K-Series, I need to save power08:04
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conbothey guys08:29
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conbotanyone here?08:31
frinnstdepends on what you want08:36
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conbotfrinnst: socialize08:47
frinnstok, in that case: no08:48
horrorStruckwelcome to #crux :D08:51
conbotI have been here several times08:51
conbotbenn coming and going for months08:51
conbotthis is the first IRC channel I have ever been to :008:51
horrorStrucksorry eating honey on bread is not very compatible with keyboard08:53
conbothorrorStruck: suppppp08:57
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horrorStruckconbot|restartin: marlboro break for now. you need this after nutritious honey09:06
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ertsanyone here use crux as default operating system?11:11
ertsdefault, main...11:11
tilmanmaybe one or two11:11
ertstilman: do you?11:12
horrorStruckerts: you do realize you're on #crux right now?11:13
tilmanjust ask your question11:13
ertsyes, but you can be here and don't use it11:13
ertsor you can like it but don't use it very much...11:14
ertsactually i wanted to ask11:15
ertsis it worth it?11:16
ertsi can't find any opinion about it....11:17
ertsbut ok, i'll stay with the doubt11:18
ertsnice community ;)11:18
horrorStrucktry it, best way to see if it's for you or not. what are you using atm?11:19
ertsi know, but i'm a bit tired of testing linux distributions that are not worth it11:21
horrorStruckwhat are you looking for?11:22
jaegerWell, the only person who can decide if it's worth it is you11:22
tilmanwhat are you using atm?11:22
jaegerThat's entirely subjective11:22
ertsi'm linux user since 2003, but nowadays i don't like the way in that GNU/Linux is going...11:22
ertstilman: right now i'm using windows 7 because this is a brand new laptop....and i can't find a operating system suitable for it11:23
tilmanthat answer doesn't help us at all11:23
tilmanobviously we want to know aht linux distro you're using11:23
ertstilman: i used to be debian and archlinux user11:23
tilmanwhy didn't you like arch?11:24
ertstilman: i like it11:25
ertsbut i haven't got very good results with this laptop11:25
ertsand i didn't have enough money to afford a full linux compatible machine....11:25
tilmancrux isn't any more 'hardware compatible' than arch is11:26
ertsfor example the battery.......doesn't last like it should11:26
ertsand the lastest versions of xorg don't support my laptop's ati video card11:28
ertsbut the older ones do11:28
ertsactually i'm looking for versatility11:28
ertsand freedom to install any version of anything..11:29
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ertsanyway...nevermind, i'll resign to use windows if i want my laptop working well....11:32
horrorStruckcrux port system is very straightforward so that may help with the "mixing versions of anything" part, being source based as well11:34
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joe9erts, yes, i do use crux as my only os14:04
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wart___hmm.  ok, so what are people doing to get fetchmail to work with gmail?  this is ca-certificates related.  here's my Pkgfile for ca-certificate14:45
xuserkernel compilation during installation is obligatory right?14:50
wart___hmm.  so if i want to a certain file (in this case osd_cat) on my system, but i forget which package my provide that, what is the right way of figuring this out?  in gentoo there's e-file for this sort of thing15:04
Rotwangprt-get fsearch15:08
Rotwangwill search through your port tree15:08
Rotwangand look into .footprint files15:08
Rotwangxuser: pretty much yes15:08
Rotwangxuser: but of course you may not install linux if you do not want to [:15:09
xuserRotwang: ;-)15:09
xuserRotwang: why are some drivers removed from the source?15:11
Rotwangxuser: crux ships vanilla kernel15:11
Rotwangthere is nothing removed15:11
xuserRotwang: ok, I'm probably looking in the wrong place15:12
xuserRotwang: and vanilla kernel .config too?15:12
Rotwangwhich means - no config ;f15:12
Rotwangxuser: If you want latest kernel you can after installation of packages connect to the internets and download one15:13
xuserRotwang: well my NIC was not detected15:15
Rotwangxuser: which one is it?15:15
xuserRotwang: pcnet15:18
RotwangI assume you did try modprobeing it?15:21
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xuserRotwang: look like I had to modprobe before chroot?15:23
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xuserRotwang: does the installer has the tools to create a encrypted root partition?15:23
Rotwangso module should be on the iso15:25
Rotwangxuser: no ide15:25
xuserRotwang: ok15:26
xuserthe installation doc doesn't mention to create a initrd, is not need in this case?15:28
Rotwangwhich case?15:28
xuserduring normal install15:28
RotwangIf you build your own kernel it isn't15:29
RotwangIf you wan't to have encrypted root I guess it is ;f15:29
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augustaohas anyone tried to compile this17:40
augustaothere's a file (src/hash/md5.c) that seems to include <bsd/md5.h>17:41
augustaowhich is weird since that's why i want libbsd in the first place17:41
tilmandoes it ship with that md5.h?17:41
augustaoi edited it17:41
augustaoand it compiled fine17:41
tilmanmaybe you need to adjust its CPPFLAGS17:41
augustaobut i'm not sure if it's a bug17:41
tilman-I magic17:41
tilmanso that bsd/ is in its include path17:41
augustaoi just edited that line in the file17:42
augustaoi'm just wondering if it's just my system that doesn't have that header file17:42
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frinnstit should fail on all non-bsd systems17:55
frinnstoh, nevermind17:58
augustaoyeah, it should18:02
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conbotanyone here18:35
conbotyou use crux?18:39
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conbotIt is difficult to install, but not as difficult as installing gentoo.18:39
augustaoseems straightforward to me18:40
conbotIt has failed me every single time with crux18:40
augustaodo you need help?18:40
conbotnever got to install it18:40
conbotno, im good\18:40
conbotbeen coming here forever now18:40
conbotIt just seems that it won't install, and I'll stick to that possibility18:41
augustaoi'm sure you must be doing something wrong18:41
frinnstyou can pretty much fit the entire install-procedure on a single like command18:42
conbotfrinnst: true18:42
conbotaugustao: tried everything. configured fstab etc18:43
conbotstiff got a VFS unable to mount root fs error18:43
augustaodid you compile your hard disk controller as a module18:43
augustaoif you don't have an initrd then there's no way it can load the module18:44
frinnstmkfs.ext4 /dev/whatever && mkswap /dev/whatever2 && swapon /dev/whatever2 && mount /dev/whatever /mnt && setup && vim /mnt/etc/fstab && vim /mnt/etc/lilo.conf && mount --bind /proc /mnt/proc && mount --bind /dev /mnt/dev && chroot /mnt && cd /usr/src/linux-* && make menuconfig && make && make modules_install && make install && reboot18:44
frinnstwell, long line18:44
conbotaugustao: the kernel compiled successfully on gentoo18:44
augustaoi got that error too18:44
conbotyes, i configured the kernel to support SATA disks when i used sata on vbox18:44
conbottried ide, used ide drivers, got the same error.18:45
augustaoand i fixed it by compiling the hard disk controller in the kernel18:45
augustaonot as a module18:45
conbotwell, it muct just be the kernel then.18:45
frinnstcommon errors are: controller, scsi-disk and filesystem as modules18:45
conbotperhaps wgetting a 3.0 kernel will fix the kernel18:45
augustaoprobably not18:46
augustaoi'm sure it's the config18:46
frinnstconbot: nah, you're missing something18:46
augustaoare you sure it's the same in gentoo?18:46
frinnstpost it to a pastebin18:46
conbotno exactly.18:46
augustaothere you go18:46
conboti compiled the 3.0 kernel with gentoo18:46
augustaodid you use genkernel or something like that with gentoo18:46
conbotfirst successful kernel I compiled.18:46
conbotanywho, when can jaeger include the 3.0 kernel?18:47
augustaoyou can get it yourself18:47
conbotaugustao: no genkernel, i configured by hand.18:47
augustaoand use it when installing18:47
augustaoput it in a usb stick or soemthing18:47
augustaoand untar it to /usr/src18:47
frinnstconbot: post your kernel .config-file18:47
conbotwhen the live cd boots up, does it use dhcp for automatic connectivity?18:48
frinnstnetwork isnt started by default18:48
conbotfrinnst: that install is history18:48
conboti have deleted the crux vm18:48
frinnstwell, next time then18:48
conboti just come here for the knowledge18:49
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augustaoi missed why firefox changed they versioning thing18:50
augustaowhat happened?18:50
conbotit is stupid that they change an entire decimal # for minor releases.18:51
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