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Romsteri just found tilma_n's pony
Romsterwhat a weekend i'm tired.05:19
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tilmanRomster: huehuehuehue05:55
tilmanRomster: nice try05:55
Romsterfunniest thing i've found so far :)05:57
tilmannot sure why you think its related to me05:57
Romsteryour love for ponies *shrugs* you say ponies alot.05:59
Romsterrunning gag/joke06:00
Romsterunless my memory is failing me and i'm mistaking someone else being the one to mention ponies.06:00
Romstercould be possible since my memory is crap.06:00
Romster awesome complaint button i need one of these for work :D06:08
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jseComplaints department: OUCH. Problem?08:12
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wart___i take it that openntp requires a user ntp to exist?  Is that right?  i can't tell by looking at the Pkgfile or the ntpd script.11:04
wart___so i need to install google voice plugin; a couple of options for doing this; what would people prefer?11:08
jaegerwart___: if it does, there's probably a pre-install or post-install script included11:29
wart___here's what i went with:
wart___still stumped on openntp11:31
wart___do you guys just not bother with ntpd?11:31
wart___hmm that google-talkplugin Pkgfile i made breaks chromium; gonna have to do more work :p11:33
wart___peterjh@trilx60 google-talkplugin $ chromium11:35
wart___Inconsistency detected by dl-open.c: 583: _dl_open: Assertion `_dl_debug_initialize (0, args.nsid)->r_state == RT_CONSISTENT' failed!11:35
jaegerNo idea what you mean with respect to openntpd, I use it on nearly all my machines11:38
wart___jaeger: and you have a ntp user?11:39
wart___jaeger: which openntp Pkgfile do you use?11:39
jaegeryes, as well as an ntp grou11:39
wart___ah, well prt-get depinst openntp doesn't mention that i should do this11:40
wart___add a user/group11:40
jaegerLook at the post-install script11:40
jaegerin the port dir11:40
jaegerpre- and post-install scripts are not executed by default but you can change that in prt-get.conf if you like11:41
wart___oh ok11:41
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wart___a better google-talkplugin12:39
wart___it still breaks chromium on boot12:39
wart___but i think that has to do with the versions of the library or something12:40
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veemorning everyone :)13:39
amarcis crux package manager (which ever you use.. ) dependency aware ?13:51
jsePkgutils itself does not handle dependencies; prt-get on the other hand has some capabilities.13:53
amarcseems like handbook recommends pkgutils.. Question is how can one know on what, for ex. Xfce, depends..13:56
Rotwangamarc: life without prt-get would be much harder13:57
Rotwangbut if you want to make your life harder then thats your choice [;13:57
Rotwangamarc: prt-get is a frontend to pkgutils really13:57
treachamarc: the handbook was originally written by per lidén, who created crux. prt-get was created mainly by johannes winkelmann, and is thus originally a third-party add-on.13:58
amarcRotwang> well I am just trying to switch : ).. but on other hand dont want to end up with broken X Y Z in midle of install..13:59
amarcso you guys use prt-get too.. ?13:59
Rotwangamarc: as I said, prt-get is a frontend to pkgutils13:59
Rotwangwell tested one, and it comes in core repository14:00
amarcthat's good to know..14:00
treachamarc: it's been the interface I'd guess most users use for years.14:03
treachofc things could still go wrong, but I'd rate the possibilty of prt-get being "very low".14:03
treachbroken links, stealth-updated sourcepackages etc are far, far more likely.14:04
amarctreach> thanks for infos14:05
amarcand how often is package X updated to repo servers? Is it something like: whenever mozilla goes out with firefox it's instant in Crux repo or do developers/maintaners do testings/patching prior releasing it to mirrors ?14:07
Rotwangkeyword: patching14:07
Rotwangamarc: why on earth someone would patch freshly released software [;14:08
Rotwangamarc: anyway, the port itself is usually tested a bit (to see if it works at all) and the released14:09
amarcRotwang> don't know, ask other distros developers : )14:10
amarcRotwang> so I am not looking to get into broken stuff every now and then.. ?14:11
amarcI am using debian atm so.. : )14:11
wart___amarc: but to answer your question, you find out "the hard way" by configure failing :-)14:11
Rotwangamarc: apart from debian, you have at least one more point of failure hare14:13
Rotwangbuilding packages that is14:13
Rotwangand downloading sources14:13
wart___hmm ntpd still isn't working; i now ran the post-install script which added ntp users and so ntpd is running14:14
amarcI was long time gentoo user once.. when I was young : )14:14
wart___but the time here is 3:14 and it says 8:1414:14
wart___ls -la /etc/localtime has the right symlink14:14
wart___is there anywhere else that time gets established in crux?14:15
RotwangI usually set up time with rdate or ntpdate (depends on what is available)14:16
wart___Rotwang: well i set it with date14:18
wart___but i want ntpd to be running :-)14:18
wart___what package provides ntpdate, btw?14:18
wart___cuz openntpd doesn't14:18
wart___yeah, ntpd (provided in ntp) thinks that my time *should* be 5 hours in the future.14:21
wart___so there must be something other than /etc/localtime it checks14:22
treachdid you set your timezone properly?14:22
wart___treach: well i made a symlink from /usr/share/zoneinfo/EST to /etc/localtime14:22
wart___is there more i need to do ?14:23
wart___ah rc.conf TIMEZONE14:23
treachyeah. helps with people who wants various kinds of services running too. ;)14:24
wart___there we go14:25
wart___and it looks like rc actually makes that symlink for me so just changing TIMEZONE in rc.conf does the trick14:25
wart___now back to fussing with my silly google-talkplugin problems :p14:26
treachyou got your openntpd running? ;)14:26
wart___treach: well i switched to contrib/ntp and fixed the TIMEZONE14:27
wart___that probably would've fixed openntpd :-)14:27
treachok, it's very simple otherwise. Look in /etc/rc.d. Whatever you find there related to openntpd, you stick in your "services" array.14:27
treachvoilá, as the french say. (I think)14:28
wart___well you can't have both openntp and ntp installed14:29
wart___and i don't want openntp after all14:30
treachof course not14:30
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Romsterwart___, did you even start the service?15:10
Romsteropenntpd is been working for years for me, only breakage i get is if the day light savngs doens't get carried over correctly then i have to bumpthe time closer to the right time then openntpd fixed it from there.15:12
wart___Romster: the problem was I didn't have TIMEZONE set properly in /etc/rc.conf15:28
wart___Now it works fine.15:28
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Romsterwhich means you never read the handbook and configure the mentioned configuration files correctly.15:41
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wart___Romster: yep.15:44
veehey romster, how are ya?15:55
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: Pkgfile17:53
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libreoffice: 3.4.3 -> 3.4.4 (Pkgfile commited)17:55
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enteteK_: that came unexpected18:27
teK_bitch :>18:28
enteI'd expect both to steal :P18:28
teK_btw: has anyone installed w7 on a "preformatted" GPT  disk?18:28
teK_i have 100GB from the start of the disk but w7 won't install to it because it does not conform the GPT style18:29
teK_I tried creating the System and MSR Partitions manually without success18:29
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Romsterwomen can't trust them. Karma will catch up to her one day.19:35
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