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pitillogood morning01:11
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niklaswemorning :)02:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: enchant: 1.4.2 -> 1.6.002:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: ffmpeg: 0.7.7 -> 0.7.802:30
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frinnstpitillo: dont say it! :)03:35
pitillofrinnst: I need to convince you, one morning more, it's enought to be good :D03:38
frinnstfuck mornings! evenings rule!03:40
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Romsteri woke up to a yapping puppy that wasn't a good morning :D05:20
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: adobereader: updated to 9.4.6 and fixed dirname issue06:53
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: chromium: updated to 17.0.952.006:53
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libidn: updated to 1.2306:53
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entea dope reader06:56
Romsterpdf is a great idea except many still send word documents and i'm like hell why can't they turn it into a pdf first.07:01
niklaswehello guys.. what happening in here?07:02
wart___ugh, chromium just updated and i spent all of yesterday updating to the slightly older version :-)07:03
wart___i created a chromium-bin script, but it turns out the binary chromium has a lot of dependencies (gconf, for instance) that I don't want.07:03
wart___out of curiousity, does anyone run a lenovo x60t?  i'm looking to tweak the powermanagement stuff.07:04
wart___i have 16.4W usage and 577.6 wakeups per minute according to powertop.07:04
wart___does that seem abnormally hi?07:05
wart___ok, outside of X i have 16W and 139 wakeupsfromidle per second.07:06
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Romsterwart___, i can upload a binary soon07:09
wart___Romster: i.e. the binary you compiled from the source or the binary they provide?  the binary they provide has a lot of dependencies that I don't want.07:10
Romsterbinary from a chroot prt-get depinst chromium07:10
wart___but if I could "steal" binaries from other users that would be nice.  (webkit-gtk is another case where I'd like to steal rather than compile local)07:11
Romsterwebkit isn't so bad as chromium07:11
entebinary repo is down, sorry :P07:11
Romsterunless you got a older computer then it's a pain07:11
enteI don't have the time07:12
wart___Romster: on gentoo, i had a master gentoo server and all my netbooks would "steal" binaries from it.  i think i could given enough tinkering have my crux box also steal binaries from my gentoo binhost07:12
entethere's something called pkg-get for that07:12
Romsterthere is a pkg-get too if i remember correctly.07:14
entesip wrote it07:15
Romsteronce you build on one host.07:15
enteI wasn't happy with it for some reason07:15
enteprobably because I wanted to use both ports and packgages, the way I do on FreeBSD07:15
Romsteri've never used it but i remember it.07:15
entepkg-get doesn't do that very well, iirc07:15
Romsterrsync and pkgadd -u them that's all you really need todo... i don't see a need for specal tools.07:16
Romsterthough i've not done it that way much at all so i could be missing the bigger picture.07:17
Romsterdo what everyone else does script your own tool?07:17
enteor NFS-mount /var/pkg or wherever you put your packages07:17
wart___i found the NFS-mount method unreliable.07:18
wart___from what i know of crux, the rsync + pkgadd -u method seems like the winner07:19
niklaswejaeger: are you there?07:19
Romsteri spend more time downloading than compiling.07:19
Romsterbut if i get faster than i am now i lose my unlimited quota.07:20
RomsterhorrorStruck, i've noticed now that the bmon bandwidth graph recovers far quicker than it used too.07:22
Romsterie i don't see so much of the slow start on tcp now.07:24
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pitilloente: where is the problem using pkg-get and ports? I can't understand the problem07:52
enteI can't remember07:52
entethere was something immensely broken about pkg-get, but I don't remember what07:53
pitillohere I'm using nfs to share sources and packages between some same machines. In others I can use pkg-get and ports for native builds without problems or mixes07:53
enteI don't have a crux machine anymore anyway07:53
pitillosomething related to dependencies? Here we are using it with some arm devices and it's working right (The only thing you should do is rebuild the repository)07:53
enteI don't remember at all07:53
enteyou can ask me what you want, I have no clue07:54
pitilloah ok, it's a good options to avoid native builds in little devices and to share packages in a farm07:54
enteyeah, as the maintainer of the arm port, you must know :P07:54
* ente is always tempted to write arm pit07:55
wart___i'm just nosing around /etc/rc -- is there something that makes CRUX by default squelch verbose output during the boot process?  I actually really like it since i don't reboot enough and i find it useful for debugging (which is when i usually reboot)07:55
pitillowart___: which kind of verbosity do you mean? rc script or kernel debug?07:56
enteiirc the "silent" kernel parameter07:56
entethat's what made the boot of my crux machine silent back in the day07:57
wart___a little bit of both, yeah.  i assume there's simply no rc script verbosity at all.07:57
wart___ah append="quiet" in lilo.conf07:57
wart___right i forgot about that07:57
wart___what about verbosity to rc scripts?07:57
frinnstthere isnt much being executed in the rc scripts :)07:58
pitilloI think that should be done by hand rewriting it and adding whatever you want. Not sure what do you want to get from the rc script really07:58
wart___fair enough.07:58
wart___gonna reboot07:59
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horrorStruckRomster: talking about the prr patch?08:19
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horrorStrucki know fonts rendering preferences are highly subjective but i f'ing love the latest infinality freetype patchset, it's there this is how it looks on my crux laptop to give you an idea:
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frinnstgot a port ready with the patches?08:55
frinnstlooks nice08:55
horrorStrucklet me tar and upload it08:56
jaegerhrmm... I mostly like it but the irregularities between letter thicknesses might be annoying after a long time viewing08:58
jaegerThe non-bold looks great08:59
frinnsti find that most "wow, that looks great" fonts/font-settings drives me crazy after a few hours09:00
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frinnstbut testing is always fun :>09:01
jaegerwith my previous comments said, it still looks better than my ubuntu machine09:01
horrorStrucke3cabd15ab40c424f691dd468d3f2502  freetype.tar.bz209:02
horrorStruckthey're a lot of settings within /etc/profile.d/infinality-settings.sh09:02
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horrorStrucki'm pretty sure you guys figured it out but you need to logout/login or source /etc/profile.d/infinality-settings.sh09:16
frinnsti'll give it a shot when i get home09:16
jaegerhrmm... why are 3.1 kernels in the v3.0 dir on :P09:22
jaegercrazy kernel devs09:22
frinnsti guess they also use v3.0 as they did with v2.609:24
frinnstbut yeah, crazy devs09:24
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jaegerAnyone using virtualbox guest additions with a 3.0 or 3.1 kernel in a CRUX guest VM?09:40
jaegerI know I'm behind but I'm finally trying a 3.x kernel :P09:49
horrorStruckhmmm? Linux blackout 3.2.0-rc3+ :P09:54
jaegerhmmm what? I didn't say YOU were behind :)10:00
horrorStruckyou're upgrading from which version?10:04
jaegerThis was a fresh install but most places I'm using 2.6.39.x10:06
jaegerNot much change, it appears10:06
horrorStruckyep, that shouldn't be day and night10:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: bridge-utils: 1.4 -> 1.510:10
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: clamav: 0.97 -> 0.97.311:06
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frinnsti hate fonts11:52
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veeblahr. missed out on a deal. a 32gb flash drive was on sale for 20 bucks :/12:49
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niklasweteK_: are you there?14:47
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teK_i am15:04
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* niklaswe is tired15:13
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* Romster is tired and woke up not long ago15:31
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* niklaswe telling Romster go to bed!15:46
Romsteri can't i got work now.15:49
niklasweoh I see15:49
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jaeger# time dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/tmpfile bs=1M count=1016:34
jaegerwait for it....16:34
jaegerwait for it.....16:34
jaegerstay on target...16:34
jaeger10485760 bytes (10 MB) copied, 526.77 seconds, 19.9 kB/s16:35
jaeger(10GBe NFS problems)16:36
jaegerwell, not specific to NFS, but that's what I tested in this case16:37
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Rotwangwhy if I put in 4 gigs of ram my bios sees only 3.3?16:38
jaegershared video RAM or AGP aperture, perhaps?16:42
jaegeror memory remap feature in the BIOS16:43
Rotwangjaeger: I had 1 GB of ram16:44
Rotwangnow I inserted 4GB and bios doesn't show proper ammount16:44
Rotwangwhen it was 1GB it was ok16:44
Rotwangthis is quite common on some motherboards, tho16:45
jaegerthat's not uncommon, yes16:45
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jaegerThe BIOS may be overwriting part of it with PCI config space16:46
jaegerWhat chipset do you have?16:46
frinnstjaeger: wow, sad :)16:47
jaegerfrinnst: yeah, it's been a frustration for months, the vendor hasn't figured it out either16:47
xuserin crux, does the core remains with the same packages version between releases or do packages in the core get upgrade between releases?16:47
jaegersome core packages are updated independently of releases but toolchain packages usually get updated with a new release16:48
RotwangI wonder if there is anything I could do with it16:49
RotwangI should probably flash bios :C16:49
xuserjaeger: ok, I guess since the kernel isn't package everyone uses their own version16:50
xuserso was there a special reason to choose 2.39.4 for crux 2.7.1?16:51
frinnstno, jaeger was just too lazy to sed the kernel version line16:52
jaegerRotwang: I'm not sure the 945 supports more than 32bit address mapping16:53
xuserdoes kernel 3.0 break any crux scripts? because of the numbering16:53
frinnstxuser: no, some dumb packages may break though16:54
jaegerxuser: yes to the "uses their own version" comment16:54
Rotwangjaeger: :C16:54
frinnstvalgrind comes to mind.. but that might be fixed already16:54
Rotwangthats what I get for laziness and not choosing mb myself16:54
jaegerthe 945 chipset is fairly old in terms of computer hardware at this point =/16:54
jaegeras for 2.7.1 using, I had not even tested a 3.x kernel before today16:55
jaegerso that's why16:55
frinnstRotwang: if you come to sweden you can have my old asus p5b motherboard :)16:56
jaegerRotwang: how much memory is on your video card?16:56
Rotwangjaeger: I think 512 MB on PCI Express connected radeon16:57
Rotwangand no idea how much on integrated one16:57
jaegerAh, it has both?16:58
jaegerso those two numbers plus whatever else it needs for PCI config space are being subtracted from your total16:58
jaegereasy way to test if that's the case: remove your PCIE card and test with just the onboard one16:58
Rotwangjaeger: so why didn't it hapen when I had only 1GB of RAM?17:00
jaegerbecause 1GB+512MB+whatever else fits easily into the 4GB map space17:00
jaeger4GB+512MB+whatever else doesn't17:00
jaegerif you're booted into linux /proc/iomem might tell you something useful17:01
jaegerin hex, though17:01
Rotwangso if I removed video card I would have more ram?17:02
Rotwangcrap :C17:02
jaeger <-- here's a sorta decent explanation17:02
jaegerbetter than I could explain it17:02
jaegerRotwang: yeah, most likely17:03
Rotwangthis is bad17:03
jaegerIt's not a terrible thing, really... RAM is cheap17:03
jaegeryou have 3x what you had before17:04
jaegerIf you upgrade your MB later you might be able to reuse the RAM, too17:04
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jaegerdepending on how far you upgrade17:04
jaegerI blame jdolan17:04
frinnstme too17:05
frinnstbtw, you can now get 32gig ram for the same price i paid for 16 a few months back17:05
xuseris there a history of packages updates somewhere?17:05
frinnstplease, some one.. talk me out of it!17:05
frinnstxuser: git log.. there's also gitweb17:05
Rotwangjaeger: it is ddr2, they are quite expensive compared to ddr317:06
xuserfrinnst: ok cool17:06
Rotwangoh well, I'll have to live with it17:06
jaegerRotwang: well, if the cost is too high you could consider returning it and using 2GB instead17:06
jaegerThere's nothing you can do about it, though17:07
jaegerwith that hardware17:07
jaegerleaving work, I'll be back later17:09
frinnstRotwang: *bed*17:09
Rotwangjaeger: no I'll keep them17:12
Rotwangjaeger: thanks for help and for the link17:12
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wart___hmm, is this also a case of me not reading the manual right, but I can't help but notice that crux doesn't set the LANG variable.19:22
wart___Is there a reason?  I can set it myself of course, but this seems like an important variable.19:22
Romsterdidn't finish it last night got to late went to bed.19:36
Romstersome motherboards only cope with 3gbof ram.19:37
Romsterand some only accept 2.19:37
Romsterusually if you use a video card when the mobo has onboard video, that ram is still used for the video ram for the add on video card, unless you can disable video ram sharing in the bios19:39
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wart___Romster: thanks20:49
crshdRomster: server admin finally got around to changing the mime-types on my ports collection :D20:52
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veeanyone ever use one of these:
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jdolanit was probably my fault.21:54
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