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Romstercruxbot, cool01:06
Romstercruxbot, thought you could do that with a .htaccess file01:07
Romsteroh ffs01:09
Romstertab fail again... i meant crshd01:09
pitillomorning, to dont hurt anyone xD01:10
Romsterpuppie chewed one of my lan cables -_-01:13
crshdRomster: nah, it's running on lighttpd. if it was apache, i could have done it with an .htaccess01:46
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RomsterMosu just announced version 5.1.0 of mkvtoolnix on Freecode.08:11
RomsterThe release notes for this version are as follows:08:11
RomsterMany bugs were fixed and great improvements were made to the MPEG transport08:11
Romsterstream handling. Building now requires GCC 4.6.0 or newer08:11
Romsterjsut my luck.08:11
Romsteri have that cc on my system but crux hasn't yet so i can't bump it.08:12
frinnstwow, thats pretty bleeding edge of them08:14
frinnsti wonder what they rely on that requires 4.608:15
Romsteras many features from the C++11 standard are used actively.08:16
Romsterwas thinking i could add a gcc6 port but no boost needs to be recompiled agenst that then everything that depends on boost will need to be recompiled too. i'll have to post bone that for crux 2.808:21
frinnst4.6 will probably ship with 2.808:22
frinnstunless they manage to get another release in08:23
Romstermore than likely.08:24
Romstersome time away though due to glibc issues08:25
Romsterwhich is why we got a 2.7.1 release08:25
thrice`which glibc issues?08:25
Romsterones jue mentioned ages ago.08:25
thrice`yeah, but fedora / gentoo solved those by just re-exporting the headers, no?08:26
Romsteri haven't looked and perhaps.08:26
Romsterthough that's not the crux way to patch it like that?08:26
thrice`since fedora is basically upstream glibc, sounds reasonable :p08:27
Romsterthan to wait for other projects to use the new lib?08:27
thrice`i think that was the intention, yeah08:27
Romsterlet them iron the bugs out for us, less effort.08:29
thrice`sure, but it's a solution that is mostly the same as today, and solves the issues wrt upgrading to 2.14.  seems harmless08:29
Romsterput it to the devs, i'm not a dev here :)08:30
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Romster1:30am and massive thunderstorm is over, did a few bug reports now i'm off to bed g'night.08:31
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Mikey^I have just installed Crux 2.7.1, and have a question regaring Xorg08:33
Mikey^I have checked my logs and seems both intel and video driver is loaded08:33
Mikey^I want to load only intel and because of this I am not getting the proper resolution08:34
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horrorStruckboth intel and video driver is loaded <--- what?08:37
thrice`hm, can you pastebin the xorg log?  it will only be using intel08:37
Mikey^one sec08:38
Mikey^how do I copy from xterm to firefox?08:38
thrice`hm, hilight and middle click?08:39
Mikey^tried that, doesnt work08:39
thrice`maybe just upload the file to a server, or omploader or so?08:39
thrice`yeah, it's only loading vesa08:51
Mikey^what about Line 9808:52
Mikey^Its loading intel08:53
thrice`maybe missing kernel support?08:53
Mikey^How do I check that?08:54
Mikey^I remember choosing it when I compiled the kernel08:54
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thrice`hm, that line is for the kernel side, I think.  it doesn't even seem to be trying to load the intel driver08:55
Mikey^Ok, how do I get it to load the intel driver08:56
thrice`sorry, I'm not sure on this one :(08:56
jaegerare you using an xorg.conf or no?08:56
Mikey^I am not using xorg.conf08:57
jaegertry creating one and make sure it only loads the intel driver08:57
Mikey^I tried that08:57
Mikey^I ran Xorg -configure and copied that xorg.conf to /etc/X11/08:57
thrice`the intel driver is definitely installed?08:57
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Mikey^I have updated it as well08:58
jaegeryeah, the xorg log specifically loaded it08:58
jaegerso what happened when you used the xorg.conf?08:58
Mikey^Shall I remove the vesa driver?08:58
Mikey^No change08:58
Mikey^sometimes X failed to load08:58
jaegerdid you verify that vesa wasn't listed in the xorg.conf?08:58
Mikey^it mentioned the driver as intel08:59
pitilloMikey^: can you verify that you have the right kernel module loaded?08:59
horrorSt1uckthis is autoconfig magic crap, remove vesa08:59
Mikey^ok, Let me try after removing the vesa driver08:59
Mikey^what is
Mikey^Shall I remove the chips driver as well?08:59
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jaegerprobably not necessary, though you can if you like09:00
pitillonot sure about but if it relays in vesa, I think is because it can't find the right support for your device (btw, not much knowledge about X here)09:00
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jaegeryour xorg log shows that it loaded intel, fbdev, and vesa (or tried)09:00
Mikey^so whats your take jaeger?09:04
jaegereither remove the vesa and fbdev drivers and try again, or create an xorg.conf and tailor it. I would choose the latter, personally09:04
jaegerI do not have any intel video hardware, though, so can't give experience specific to it09:05
Mikey^will brb09:05
thrice`removing vesa and re-checking the log might give you a better error message, too09:05
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Mikey^ok, I have removed fbdev and vesa09:13
Mikey^Now, X does not load stating, it cannot load both fbdev and vesa09:13
Mikey^I also did Xorg -configure and now also X does not load with the xorg.conf09:14
Mikey^I will pastebin in a second09:14
jaegerpastebin the log again?09:14
Mikey^Hmm, wgetpaste seems not to work09:17
horrorStruckdid you start X with only xorg-xf8-video-intel installed and without xorg.cong? that should work09:18
Mikey^I am on the commandline now09:18
Mikey^horrorStruck: Yes, did both09:18
Mikey^without Xorg.conf, it had 2 errors09:18
Mikey^could not load fbdev and could not load vesa09:18
thrice`the fbdev is harmless09:18
horrorStruckvesa too09:19
Mikey^With Xorg, I get an error saying incorrect number of screens09:19
thrice`kill your xorg.conf when trying to startx ?09:19
horrorStruckyou do have xorg-xinit and some .xinitrc ?09:20
jaegerMikey^: pastebin the xorg.conf that gives incorrect number of screens?09:20
Mikey^jaeger: in a second09:20
Mikey^cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | wgetpaste ?09:21
Mikey^doesnt work09:21
horrorStruckno need for pipe09:21
Mikey^It worked before09:21
horrorStruckwgetpaste /var/log/blah09:21
Mikey^nothing seems to happen..09:22
Mikey^will brb09:24
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Mikey^wgetpaste seems to be taking time09:27
Mikey^will paste once I have the link09:27
Mikey^ok, xorg.conf ->
Mikey^Xorg.0.log ->
Mikey^some problem with I guess09:30
jaegerok, so the driver is not detecting your intel video card09:32
jaeger[  9952.627] (EE) No devices detected. <-- this line, when using only the specified intel driver09:32
jaegerso something else is wrong09:32
jaegereither the proper kernel support is missing or the intel driver isn't proper for that card, something like that09:32
jaegerthe former seems more likely than the latter09:32
jaegerWhat's the corresponding VGA line from lspci?09:33
Mikey^00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)09:34
jaegerok, the 945 should definitely be controlled by that driver09:34
Mikey^Any missing deps?09:34
jaegerperhaps drm support in the kernel?09:35
Mikey^Hmm, could be09:35
Mikey^How do I check that?09:35
Mikey^is there a way09:36
Mikey^Can I disable drm in the xorg.conf ?09:36
jaegerzgrep DRM /proc/config.gz if you enabled the config.gz option09:36
jaegerif not, check the config you used to build your kernel for CONFIG_DRM09:36
jaegerhere's another question - does the version of the intel driver you're using require KMS?09:38
jaegera quick search online suggests that 2.10 and up require KMS09:38
Mikey^Could be, I recall seeing something like this before09:39
jaegerI have no experience with it, myself, all my stuff is nvidia09:39
jaeger <--- might be of some use09:41
jaegerit talks about the kernel options09:41
thrice`kms is required for awhile now, yeah.  impossible to run the intel driver without it, but typically it spits back an error in the log, I thought09:42
jaegerI would expect an error, yeah, but I don't have any intel hardware myself, so it's a guess09:43
horrorStruckMikey^: FWIW, I'm using intel driver too, the relevant part of my .config:
Mikey^horrorStruck: which file do i check mine?09:44
jaegerI see CONFIG_DRM_I915 and CONFIG_DRM_I915_KMS enabled, which were mentioned in that debian article09:44
jaegerwow, the x220 I was thinking about buying is on sale, nice09:45
jaegerI wonder how well the HD 3000 graphics are supported09:47
Mikey^which file do I check the config?09:47
horrorStruckMikey^: forget this file. oh shit09:48
horrorStrucki fucked up09:48
horrorStruckone sec09:49
Mikey^ I have DRM_I915=y but DRM_I915_KMS is not set09:50
thrice`yes, you'll need that for sure09:51
Mikey^I need to recompile now ?09:51
Mikey^CONFIG_DRM and CONFIG_DRM_KMS_HELPER is also set09:52
jaegerit seems like that's needed, yes09:53
jaeger_KMS I mean09:53
Mikey^jaeger: so, I can just set that and recompile ?09:54
Mikey^ok thanks09:56
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jaegereveryday I'm buildin' firefox10:08
horrorStruckfrom hg?10:09
jaegernah, just seems like there are often firefox port updates10:10
jaegermostly because I have a few CRUX VMs around10:10
horrorStruckcan't share the binaries?10:11
jaegerI sometimes do but in this case I had a binary for x86 but not yet x86-6410:13
jaegerI have plenty of time and power for it, anyway. It can build while I'm working and 14 of my cores are still pretty unused :)10:13
horrorStruckoh. 14. :O and still you complain :D10:15
jaegerWho said anything about complaining?10:16
jaegerI was actually making a song reference10:16
jaegereither Rick Ross' Hustlin' or LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem, take your pick10:16
horrorStruck:D ok now i have this tune in my head with your lyrics.10:18
horrorStrucki'm gonna jump out of the window bbl10:18
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Mikey^Hey guys11:00
Mikey^I have recompiled my kernel with KMS enabled and now it loads intel driver11:00
Mikey^Thanks for all your help!11:00
jaegerglad to hear it =)11:01
Mikey^It just took 5 mins11:01
Mikey^I guess both the kernels share the modules?11:01
jaegerboth kernels?11:02
Mikey^Since I recompiled11:02
Mikey^with a new name added in the subversion11:02
jaegerprobably have one module set for each, then11:02
Mikey^Hmm ok11:03
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pitillokernel smelled11:41
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xuserdo you run crux in esxi?12:21
xuserjaeger: ^^12:21
jaegermostly virtualbox but I have run it in ESXi before, yes12:21
xuserdo you have your esxi kernel config around? :)12:22
jaegernot handy but I could upload it somewhere. there's nothing special about it, though12:23
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jaegerwish I could remember how to get the mouse working in X with virtualbox guest additions in a CRUX VM12:53
frinnst# CONFIG_X86_64 is not set13:00
frinnst^^ booooo13:00
jaegerwell, of course not! it's a 32-bit VM13:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: dmenu: 4.2.1 -> 4.4.113:10
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veeout of curiosity, would it be possible to have a "netbook" edition of crux? in other words, building a browserlinux like distro?14:38
veeyea. its like a 94 mb puppy linux distro14:44
veethats just made for browsing14:44
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: filezilla 3.5.0 -> 3.5.214:48
Rotwangvee: it is possible if you make it yourself ;f14:49
veewhat do you mean make it yourself?14:49
Rotwangvee: that means crux is so flexible you could fit it for this kind of job14:56
veebut 93 mb's? i'm pretty sure xorg is bigger than that. xD14:57
Rotwangwell it might be, but you can trim it down14:58
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frinnst98mb uncompressed might be on the low side15:05
frinnstcrux uses the standard glibc library. im guessing puppy isnt15:06
joacimwith a bit of messing about, crux can do everything that most other distros can do15:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: iw: 0.9.22 -> 3.215:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libev: 4.03 -> 4.0415:34
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xuseriw should be part of core or opt15:41
jaegerwhat is it?15:42
Necrosporussu in /usr/bin15:42
xuserjaeger: future replacemente for wireless-tools15:43
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libfm: 0.1.14 -> 0.1.1715:55
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: pcmanfm: 0.9.8 -> 0.9.1015:57
niklasweI stupid question... which if the php-*.ini is using... in httpd..15:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libfm: fixed release number15:58
niklaswe php.ini-development or php.ini-production ?15:58
niklaswehmm when will cacti fix postgresql support :)16:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: lxpanel: 0.5.6 -> 0.5.816:14
veelots of updates it seems O.O16:21
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: ncdu: 1.7 -> 1.816:21
xuserniklaswe: do they even support postgres?16:32
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: tinyxml: 2.6.1 -> 2.6.216:36
gnuigigetting an error that I can't open rules for evdev when I try to start X as normal user on fresh install16:36
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gnuigiprobably has something to do with topic :p But I haven't found a text-based browser yet in ports16:38
gnuiginm, found elinks. I'll try installing.16:39
Rotwanggnuigi: is evdev enabled in kernel?16:40
vee for the pcmanfm link seems to be down/dead. fails to connect16:41
gnuigiRotwang: I have "Event Interface" enabled in the drivers/input section. That's it, right?16:42
Rotwangvee: ports -u16:43
veeblatently obvious xD16:44
gnuigiRotwang: maybe it's a udev thing, I don't have udev in my rc.conf16:44
Rotwanggnuigi: you aren't supposed to16:44
gnuigiRotwang: Oh, yup. It's set to Yes16:44
gnuigior, y, whatever :p16:45
gnuigiIs there a simple way to see what package provides /usr/share/X11/xkb/rules/evdev?16:50
veethanks rotwang. dont laugh at my failure xD16:50
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wart___Hi folks.  I tiny bug in the default /etc/rc.d/net script.  It says it is #!/bin/sh but it turns out $HOSTNAME is a bashism; it should be `hostname`16:59
cephyrhi, i started the MineOS Crux iso ( in a KVM Virtual Machine, how can i list the available hdds? fdisk -l and cat /proc/partitions doesnt work16:59
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gnuigiRotwang: Would I still need the xorg-input-keyboard package if I'm using evdev?17:02
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wart___i guess the script is from here:
Rotwanggnuigi: no idea to be honest17:03
gnuigiRotwang: that's cool, thanks. I really like the distro. I'll do some research17:05
RotwangI guess input-evdev is enough, but I'm not knowlegable on those things17:05
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veei searched the crux resp. for icon themes, but i couldn't find any...17:17
veeat least i think there aren't any17:17
veeare there? xD17:17
veei think i got it17:18
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gnuigiRotwang: ended up needing xkeyboard-config package. Running great now!17:33
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Romsterwart___, you talking about /etc/rc.conf being a bashism? for the services=() array? HOSTNAME=host is normal and i don't see any bashism in /etc/rc.d/net19:43
Romstergnuigi you can remove xorg-xf86-input-{keyboard,mouse} when you got xorg-xf86-input-evdev i have and works fine, be sure you got evdev support in your kernel.19:44
Romstergnuigi, no idea how you could be missing that package... prt-get deptree xorg |grep xkeyboard-config19:45
Romster[ ]   xkeyboard-config19:45
Romsterif oyu did prt-get depinst xorg it should be there.19:45
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wart___Romster: Why doesn't it just do `hostname` rather than $HOSTNAME?  It is totally a minor point19:55
wart___i only noticed it because i yanked my crux /etc/rc.d/net file and shoved it into another testing box that had /bin/sh pointed at something other than bash19:55
Romsterwhere are you seeing this $HOSTNAME20:01
Romstergrep HOSTNAME /etc/rc.d/net20:02
Romsternothing returned off my chroot of crux 2.720:02
Romster/etc/rc:if [ "$HOSTNAME" ]; then20:03
Romster/etc/rc:echo "hostname: $HOSTNAME"20:03
Romster/etc/rc:/bin/hostname $HOSTNAME20:03
Romsteri see nothing in /etc that is a bashism there.20:04
Romsterand i'm out of time back to work later.20:04
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jaegerthat script from the wiki is not a default script, perhaps the author just made a mistake22:08
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