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Romstergood evening :D01:50
Romstermorning pitillo01:50
pitilloyo Romster :)01:51
RomsterSIGHUP is a signal sent to a process when its controlling terminal is closed. (It was originally designed to notify the process of a serial line drop).01:52
Romsterthese days it's used to reload configuration data.01:52
pitillojaeger: I got it working finally. It wrote the log (letting ob around 5min and rebooting the vm...). Really strange this scenario. First time I see something similar. Now I need to see what is happening with vboxmouse, which seems to have problems now...01:52
Romsterand gnuigi isnt' even here -_-01:52
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pitillosolved adding the forgotten EVDEV kernel support and reinstalling the guest additions02:14
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veelibreoffice keeps asking for a java installation, but jre is already i missing something?02:29
veei even installed jdk just in go02:32
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niklasweGod morning03:04
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Romstervee works for me...03:18
Romsterugh why do i even bother vee never stays on long enough.03:18
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pitillohas someone (or is it here somewhere?) a list of broken ports with glibc 2.13?05:01
frinnstgentoo has a bugzilla entry for it05:36
frinnstdont have the url here05:36
frinnstand i guess you were refering to 2.14?05:36
pitillothank you frinnst, I was reading them (I checked TODO28 list and from there I moved to gentoo forums)05:38
frinnstbtw pitillo.. it was a good morning today! (i overslept, boss called and said "relax, just take your time")05:40
teK_IT'S A TRAP05:41
niklaswefrinnst: sweet :)05:41
frinnsthaha nah, its an awesome company :D05:41
pitilloI'm with teK_... that doesn't sound well xD05:41
Romsterhate when i oversleep05:42
frinnstwe start every day with drinkin coffee and talking trash for about an hour05:42
frinnstso i didnt miss anything important05:42
frinnstill just stay on a bit longet tonight :)05:43
Romsterwish my work was like that, for me it's straight to work coffee phone rings while making coffee...05:46
Romsteror i jsut take my first sip and i got a urgent call out job.05:46
Romsterthough that don't happen every morning.05:46
teK_you need to read about the bofh05:47
Romsteroh seen BOFH awhile ago, i don't have to see it i live it.06:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: xtables-addons: 1.38 -> 1.4006:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: xtables-geoip: 20111101 -> 2011120106:46
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augustaoteK_: have you thought about dropping mplayer in favour of mplayer2?08:36
teK_I gave it a shot and it was.. not better?08:37
augustaodo you have a multi-core cpu?08:38
teK_most notably it does not resume playing if paused and you switch from / to fullscreen mode08:38
augustaoit uses ffmpeg with multithreading support08:38
teK_I do. A fullhd movie takes about 20% cpu usage for me08:38
augustaoi have a low-end dual core cpu08:38
teK_I only had a quick glance at it some time ago08:38
augustaoffmpeg-mt gives me an amazing performance boost08:38
thrice`which is libav now?08:39
augustaoi can't play 1080p videos without it08:39
augustaoi can using mplayer with vaapi though (i have an ati card)08:39
teK_2011-03-26, Saturday :: MPlayer is now Multi Threaded08:39
augustaobut it's kind of buggy08:39
teK_To enable threading run mplayer -lavdopts threads=N file.mkv where N is the number of threads you want to use.08:40
augustaodid you know about that?08:41
teK_know about what08:42
teK_that it uses multithreading?08:42
thrice`mplayer2 is mostly about its more sane default settings, no?08:42
teK_thought so, too08:43
thrice`on top of its external ffmpeg support, etc08:43
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teK_augustao: I never had performance issues but tried ffmpegs multithreading to speed up mkv-processing :)08:43
teK_without success, btw.08:43
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augustaoi did some fiddling now08:46
augustaoand with -lavdopts threads=2 @ mplayer i get the same performance as mplayer208:47
teK_just put it into /etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf :-)08:49
teK_or ~/.mplayer/..08:49
augustaoalready did that08:49
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joe9is this expected: sudo pkgmk --download --force --upgrade gives out this message: pkgadd: listed file(s) already installed (use -f to ignore and overwrite) =======> ERROR: Installing '/var/pkgmk/packages/vim_and_gvim#7.3.353-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed10:23
joe9the man pkgmk says that -f == --force10:23
thrice`yeah, file conflicts from something already on the system.  do you have vim or gvim already?10:24
joe9thrice`: yes, I do.10:27
joe9Isn't that what --force is supposed to do?10:27
thrice`kinda, but for pkgadd10:28
thrice`not pkgmk10:28
joe9sudo pkgadd -f -u /var/pkgmk/packages/vim_and_gvim\#7.3.353-1.pkg.tar.gz doing this seems to help.10:29
thrice`of course :-)10:29
thrice`hum, not sure how pkgmk interprets both --force and --upgrade together, I guess10:29
horrorSt1uck-f just forces the rebuild10:31
horrorSt1uckif you just upgrade without force and you have already a build of this package then nothing will be done10:32
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thrice`ah, right.  i am too used to prt-get -fr for such things :>10:34
horrorStrucki'm always mixing both :D10:35
juejoe9: you know that we have a gvim port in opt?10:35
joe9jue: i used the original vim port, but it is missing a bunch of configure options. Hence, just rolled out my own port for both. I probably copied the stuff from the gvim port, though I am not sure about that.10:36
joe9this is my Pkgfile:
joe9that is a bastard'ised version.10:38
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: medit: 1.0.3 -> 1.0.512:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: recorder: dropped (no longer maintained by upstream)12:13
niklaswehi Rotwang12:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: ack: 1.94 -> 1.9612:18
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veemornin everyone14:33
veehow are ya?14:37
teK_could be worse ;)14:37
teK_how about you?14:37
veecould be worse14:37
veeim looking for a replacement screen for a laptop, and these fuckers are expensive14:37
veecheapest i've seen ins 216 lol14:39
veeanways how are      ya14:44
veejust realized i already asked that lol14:50
veewhats new? <-- slightly better14:50
teK_Google Munich does site reliability engineering, too (according to a friend of mine who made a visit yesterday) .. I think it's an interesting topic14:55
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Romstervee.... oh forget it i know a good supplier..15:49
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RotwangRomster: in the end I took a linode xen vps hosting16:19
jaegerI've got a linode VPS, happy with it16:32
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veestill cant figure out why root user can open swriter, but regular user cant. it says it needs java O.o21:28
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