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Romsterif you get past a certain point you will feel far better and wont want to stop.00:50
veeim sure...i've been there before. except my problem is is i put on muscle, and sometimes, when i see "good" gains, my body starts to struggle. i fee extremely sore, more than usual00:50
Romsteryour doing it wrong if your sore i used to be super fit00:51
Romsteryou can over do it and not allow enough time for rest. overdoing it is worse than resting between exercising.00:52
veei know, but thats the thing. i'd work out every other day :)00:52
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Romsterinfact i've been thinking of the gym for a while now. about time i do get my 6 pack back than this jello stomach.00:53
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Romsteri inherited bad memory from my mothers side of the family sadly.02:16
linXeathe trick is to never lose the six-pack, getting it back is a bitch02:18
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Mikey^Hej guys02:28
linXeahej Mikey^02:29
Mikey^I am have a couple of applications that  I need getting help with02:29
Mikey^Wicd, I have installed it but when I run wicd-curses, I get ImportError: No module named urwid02:29
Mikey^even though wicd daemon is started02:31
Mikey^Alright, no response02:34
Mikey^My second problem, Is getting my usb webcam to work with skype02:35
Mikey^I have installed v4l, the webcam is detected based on dmesg output, but when I start skype with the webcam connected, skype crashes02:35
linXeaMikey^, I looked at debian mailing list.. and urwid 1.0.0 is known for breaking wicd-curses02:37
linXeasolution was upgrading urwid. Check which version you got running and consider upgrading it02:38
Mikey^urwid is not installed02:38
Mikey^I dont find urwid package in ports02:39
linXeashould be a part of wicd.. hm, can it be something with python mismatch ? python 2.6 --> 2.7 causing problem02:40
Mikey^Hmm, could be02:40
Mikey^I have python 2.7.2-2 installed02:41
Mikey^sorrt 2.7.2-102:41
Mikey^Can I downgrade a package?02:42
linXeabeen a while since I was running crux now. I am not able to check for any 'real' solution for you.02:42
Mikey^Wicd-gtk starts02:42
Mikey^but gives me some dbus errors02:42
linXeahopefully someone else with soon wake up and help you:)02:42
linXeatoo hungover, going back to bed. Good luck though02:43
Mikey^Thanks anyway02:43
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RomsterlinXea, yeah i dunno if i can get that back or not it's not gonna be easy even if i do try03:33
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: mercurial: 2.0 -> 2.0.108:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: vala: 0.14 -> 0.14.108:00
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cmus: 2.4.2 -> 2.4.308:00
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: iotop: 0.4.2 -> 0.4.408:51
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: qemu: 0.15.1 -> 1.008:57
gnuigilooks like new python port is out08:58
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: leafpad: added missing dependencies09:07
gnuigiwoot, got apache working. hadn't put my server name in /etc/hosts09:09
gnuigiI didn't know httpd spawned like 5 processes though, weird.09:09
gnuigiI guess that's how it handles multiple requests?09:10
gnuigiso, really enjoying crux. I'm sure you guys get asked this often, but why kernel 2.6.39?09:15
mike_k_gnuigi: you're right about apache, though it can be tweaked somewhat. if 2.6.x is on iso (maybe it was just more tested), you're free to build any other version09:24
gnuigimike_k_: thanks! I guess there's not a kernel port? Would that be a bad idea?09:26
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mike_kCRUX has no kernel port by design. though there are few ports with external modules in them. there were a couple of kernel ports, but actually everyone is building it by hand. too many scenarios to create a sane port.09:29
gnuigimakes sense. that's kind of what I like about crux. I'm new to it, but it's cool that it doesn't hold your hand. fastest system i've run so far too, and it _seems_ like packages have less dependencies -- though that could all be in my mind09:31
mike_kyes, most ports have only essential deps listed (.footprints have more optional lines sometimes - it's hard to isolate all optional stuff while preparing a port)09:35
mike_k"pkgmk --ignore-new" is for that09:36
gnuigimike_k: very cool. Got my new kernel compiling now, gonna take a quick nap before work. I really appreciate all the help09:37
mike_kgnuigi: np, just go through a handbook and ask here for specific things09:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libfm: added missing dependencies09:38
joe9i never had linux crash on me before, but, since getting on to crux, I had more than a few kernel crashes. I used to be on debian before.10:10
joe9and, my kernel is 3.x series.10:10
joe9I am not sure if the 3.x kernel  is a bit not that great, or, if it has to do with the crux integration.10:11
joe9just curious if anyone noticed such behaviour.10:11
Rotwangjoe9: no10:11
joe9Rotwang: ok, thanks.10:11
mike_kjoe9: there is no such thing as "crux integration" ) that is the point10:12
Rotwangwhen I resize urxvt and type long line in then it gets folded too early and doesn't go to a new line10:13
Rotwangis there anything I could do with it?10:13
joe9the crashes seem to do with kernel cache and supposedly a known bug.10:14
joe9Rotwang: mike_k: if you do not mind my question, how do I debug something like that? It was kernel core dump / crash, X and everything crashed, and the format of the message to me looked like how the kernel core dump message.10:30
joe9I cannot see anything in the /var/log/kernel10:31
joe9is there a special place for stuff like that?10:31
joe9since that happened, I have /var/log/btmp and /var/log/wtmp files and a lastlog file10:31
joe9Rotwang: isn't dmesg == /var/log/boot?10:33
joe9the only thing that appears odd is the presence of Xorg.0.log.old and Xorg.0.log files.10:35
joe9 is the ls -altr on my /var/log directory10:35
joe9and the crash was around Dec 3 02:02, the time stamp of the Xorg.0.log.old10:36
joe9just curious if logrotate on Xorg.0.log could cause something like that.10:36
joe9or the logrotate on the startx.log:
joe9this is my inittab entry for startx.log:
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: xmms2: update 0.7 -> 0.810:41
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: lxmusic: added missing dependency10:43
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joe9i have different terminal colors when I start my X from the inittab vs starting after logging in as user and then startx. Any thoughts on what I could be doing wrong?11:14
joe9this is my /etc/inittab:
joe9this is the Arch default inittab:
joe9this is my .xinitrc:
joe9anyone using an inittab similar to what arch uses?11:15
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veewhere do these people get ridiculous deals on their macs? some dude bought the new i5 macbook pro's for 800 bucks :/13:37
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jsevee: folks downplay or they exaggerate all the time.13:50
veejse: maybe...but im sure there are some deal sites, but, for that price? seems a bit too much13:50
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joe9check this out, this is pretty good, it is ls on steroids:
teK_first impression: it's ls ond lsd14:39
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treach"Fisher Price ls" :p14:40
treachor maybe "ls xp" :>14:41
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teK_i use: TIMESTYLE=$'--time-style=+\e[1;0m[\e[1;31m%Y/%m/%d\e[1;0m]'14:42
teK_and $LS_COLORS=:no=0:fi=0:...14:43
joe9tek_, and that gives the output as ls++? let me checkout timestyle14:43
teK_note quite14:43
joe9can you please a print of your output?14:44
teK_SUID binaries are white on red background etc14:45
joe9 ok, thanks.14:46
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augustaogod dammit16:43
augustaocrux is so awesome16:43
teK_keep that for you (at least outside #crux) ;)16:56
treachno, go to #debian and shout it16:57
augustaoit seems there's no option to grab sources without using wget in a Pkgfile16:57
teK_without wget?16:58
augustaoyeah like16:58
augustaoif i wanted to clone a git repo16:58
augustaoit would seem hackish16:58
teK_you could always call git clone in build()16:58
augustaoi looked at the pkgmk source and it seems fairly easy to implement16:59
augustaobut maybe it's not wanted?16:59
teK_there are drivers for different port-repo types not for downloading scm-stuff, that's true..16:59
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augustaoteK_: i wrote a pkgfile for mplayer220:05
Romstergood find20:33
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Romsterafternoon all21:26
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gnuigiis there a port for openarena? don't currently have the community ports enabled22:33
Romster gnuigi don't look like it22:34
gnuigiRomster: thanks!22:34
Romsterif it's not much effort i can cruxify it in my romster repo.22:35
Romsterbut if your gonna use it you should probably start your own ports collection22:35
gnuigiRomster: I'll read up on the packaging guidelines. Appreciate the help22:36
Romstergentoo has a port there good for seeing what configure options dependencies and if any patches are needed.22:37
Romsterthat might not be a good first port to package by the looks of that gentoo ebuild.22:39
Romsterdoes this need any old cd data files or it provides it's own?22:39
Romstersome games require you to own the origional game to copy the graphics stuff for the open source engine to use.22:40
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Romsterand it's a good idea to enable contrib22:43
Romsterit will contain a lot of the dependencies that openarena needs.22:44
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Romstergnuigi, be something like this
Romsternot ei haven't figured how the patch applies to make it 0.8.5 as i'm still downloading it.23:11
Romsternote i*23:12
Romstermore than likely you copy the contents of that patch zip file over the original zip files extracted files.23:14
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