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Romstergood evening00:50
horrorStruckhi Romster01:04
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Romsterhi horrorStruck vaddi01:06
vaddimoin Romster01:06
horrorStruckany llvm 3 port somewhere on someone's hd?01:06
vaddi& horrorStruck01:06
horrorStruckhi vaddi01:06
Romsterum what's llvm 301:07
Romsteroh that compiler frontend...01:08
Romsternope no version 3 on my system in the various cms01:09
Romsterbump the one in opt test.01:10
horrorStruckno workee01:10
horrorStrucki need to fight a bit more with it01:10
Romsterlook over other distros for patches?01:20
horrorStruckyes, i'll check later today01:20
Romstertimes that by 20 and you'll spend frustrating amounts of time on finding a simple bug.01:30
Romsterdon't forget revdep too01:31
horrorStrucki'd bet on new dep01:35
Romstercalculating deps.... Checking 919 ports01:38
Romsterone day i need to clean up my system01:39
horrorStrucki'm getting obsessed with this too :P any tip on keeping track of orphans?01:42
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Romsterthough i haven't looked at it much to figure it all out.01:42
Romsteri'm still thinking of more patches to prt-get and pkgutils.01:43
Romsterlike timestamp ports when they are installed/updated.01:43
Romsterand some sort of history of data ports updated.01:43
Romsterit's always the case something breaks after a sysup but you may not notice it for some days.01:44
horrorStruckoh, the surprise bug01:45
Romsteralso to keep a copy of the Pkgfile for each version on the system so it's easy to revert, yes you can pkgadd -u an older built pacakges but.... it may not have valid links anymore.01:45
Romsterjust i'm too busy with work and stuff to have time todo this stuff yet.01:46
horrorStrucklocal ports are mainly the ones to bring trouble, if you use punk packaging guidelines like i do01:46
Romsteras for cleaning i like sepens pkg-not, i had the idea of that too but i didn't figure out how to do it.01:46
Romstermy problem is i cruxify everything then see my romster repo -_-01:47
Romsterturned into one mess01:47
Romstertrying to sort it all out.01:47
horrorStrucksharing ports requires to be very much organized, that's whi i never did it so far, even if my local ports list is getting longer01:48
Romsteryeah i'm in that process to clean up my other ports.01:49
horrorStrucki neglected the Pkgfiles headers too much01:49
Romsteri tend to do that a bit in my personal trees.01:50
Romsterbecause i got pretty much everything on this system01:50
Romsterbut contrib and opt and anything else is checked for missing deps. and i report any to other port maintainers there too.01:50
Romsterthis darn port dvdstyler01:52
RomsterDVDStyler requires the wxSVG library with FFMPEG support01:52
horrorStruckyou mean you build crux entirely from time to time?01:52
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Romsterwxsvg says it has ffmpeg support...01:52
Romsteri build all of my ports in contrib/opt from time to time in a clean chroot to check for problems.01:53
Romsterand in the process i usually find issues with other ports01:53
Romsterthat i mostly depend on01:53
horrorStruckhmm right01:53
Romsteri don't get many bug reports i have noticed.01:53
Romstercompared to number of ports i have.01:53
horrorStruckdont complain :P01:54
Romsterthough some report in here if something isn't working or needs a version bump and i get it done usually within 24 hours.01:54
horrorStruckknowing you: s/hours/minutes01:55
Romsteryeah mostly minutes.01:55
Romsterthere has been on occasion a few days later. but those where large time consuming changes that needed testing.01:56
horrorStrucki need to refrain from going back to endless fun with excel spreadsheets. it's tough :\01:59 O_O that's not what i was expecting.02:00
Romsterprobably not safe for work.02:00
horrorStruckok :D02:00
Romsterpregnant women not naked though02:00
Romsterone is semi naiked.02:00
Romsteri really hate it when web sites change like that.02:02
niklaswegood morgning02:03
horrorStruckg'morning europe02:03
niklaswehow are you horrorStruck ?02:04
horrorStruckate too much, too spicy. half asleep, working on excel files. <--- feel like crap :P02:05
horrorStruckwhat about you, is it a good morning?02:05
niklaswehehe :P yeah i really hate excel..02:05
niklaswehorrorStruck: not it´s a terrible morning.. tired as hell.. :P02:06
vaddisame here :-P02:06
niklaswedidn't sleep so well.. got alots of nagios alerts..02:06
niklasweexecpt that im tired.. it´s okey :P02:07
Romsternagios nag nag nag :D02:07
Romsterthat's what i see in the name.02:07
horrorStrucknagios alerts, not exactly vodka, but vodka would make them more fun02:07
niklasweRomster: :D02:08
niklaswebrb fix some coffee02:09
Romsteri just had coffee with hazelnut creamer, awesome stuff.02:10
Romsterfinish work and then i go straight into linux stuff.02:11
niklaswelol =) hmm hazelnut creamer in coffee? sound crazy :P02:14
vaddihazelnut creamer :-P you're wallower02:14
Romstercannot find -lwx_gtk2u_media-2.8 hmm02:14
Romsterdon't knock it until you've tried it :)02:14
Romsterfrench vanilla is also nice.02:14
Romsterperhaps my wxgtk is too new...02:15
Romsterah i see whats going on.02:20
Romstercompile faster..02:31
RomsterhorrorStruck, i do a bit in excel myself though i'd like to migrate my work for this darts score sheet into it's own program.02:35
Romsteras any editing is a royal pain, it be far easier with a GUI and a SQL database.02:36
Romsterplus the equations in some cells are 3 lines long...02:36
horrorStrucknow i'm doing some quotations so that's ok for excel but i'm dreaming about gui+sql to manage stocks03:01
horrorStruckthere's stuff like openerp but not suitable for my field03:01
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Romsterwasn't aware of openerp but probably not what i'm after either.05:31
Romsteri could jsut do either php or python sql backend on a web page. but i was thinking more of a pygtk app.05:31
frinnstfucking snow05:44
Romstercall in sick stay at home?05:45
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aonbut it looks like the abs dog is closer to the water :)07:15
frinnstawesome sysadmins07:15
Romsteryeah ABS is meant to pull the puppy up sooner.07:40
niklasweRomster: Auto Back system ? :P07:41
Romsterlol no07:41
RomsterAnti-lock Breaking System07:42
niklasweyeah I know :) was a joke07:42
Romsterthought as much07:43
Romsterto get wx_gtk2u_media-2.8 wxgtk needs gconf and gst-plugins-base O_O07:44
Romsteri can't get around the gconf dep :/07:44
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Romsterfinally got this dvdstyler to work08:32
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frinnstfuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu windows09:30
frinnstand fuuuuuuuuuuu migrating off non-documented environments09:31
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niklaswebeer time at work =)10:45
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tilmanyou don't need to tell udev where to look for firmware files, do you?13:59
jaegerNot as far as I know... I've just put them into /lib/firmware in the past and they've worked14:00
jaegerfor wireless adapters14:00
tilmani remember having annoying problems getting the kernel to load my iwlXXX firmware14:01
tilmanbut maybe i just screwed up the path back then14:01
jaegerI haven't had to mess with it recently but I remember it being pretty much "put files here and forget"14:04
tilmani was helping lennart debug some firmware loading shit. turned out he had the kernel driver built into the kernel instead of as a module14:05
tilmanpretty sure that explains it :>14:05
tilman(/ not being mounted at the time the driver is loaded)14:05
lennartyeah, my bad :(14:15
jaegerhrmm, I wonder if my new X220 will need firmware files14:20
jaegerI configured it with the intel centrino advanced 6205N or whatever14:20
jaegerIt hasn't shipped yet, though14:20
jaegerestimated 12/1414:20
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veesup gaise18:49
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horrorStruckjaeger: you'll need firmware for the wifi chipset but I guess you've figured this out already. also, I'm jealous :P which cpu did you chose?22:47

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