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Romsterenening all morning pitillo vaddi horrorStruck vee01:41
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Romsterhi vaddi01:42
* vaddi need coffee 01:43
Romsterso hungry i cooked dinner as soon as i got home01:44
vaddi easy listening to forget you're hungry01:49
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Romsternow i got coffee and am working on you guessed it more linux stuff :D02:07
Romsteraleady ate that's better than music.02:07
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pitilloyo Romster :)04:08
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niklasweguys have you try this vps? ?04:57
frinnstno, no need :)05:26
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Romsternope i haven't got a need to try.05:46
Romsteri've had enough of thunderbird, migrating to claws-mail05:46
augustaomutt imo06:04
Romsterweh might look at that later i've been toying with claws-mail for a while now. jsut now i'm getting serious to remove thunderbird it just randomly crashes.06:05
aonmutt gets a bit complicated with multiple accounts and folders and aliases06:07
Romsteri got a few email accounts and i had a bunch of folders and filtering.06:08
Romsterneed to reorganize it again.06:08
augustaothis looks promising for people with several accounts06:11
augustaohaven't tried it though06:12
aoncould be good06:14
augustaomy ENT doctor has my email address06:15
Romsterlooks nice but i haven't been weened off GUIs just yet for everything.06:15
augustaoand he keeps sending me powerpoint slides06:15
augustaoi haven't had the heart to tell him i don't want any of that06:15
Romsterisn't there a linux ppt viewer?06:15
Romsteri know of no cross platform slide show format really.06:16
augustaoi'm sure there is one06:17
augustaoi am not interested at all in the content of those slides06:17
augustaothat's the problem06:17
* augustao goes back to coding06:18
Romsterthen jsut tell him to remove you off the joke cc list?06:18
augustao10:15 < augustao> i haven't had the heart to tell him i don't want any of that06:19
Romsterso put it in a don't care folder or even better filter it to the trash can06:20
augustaohe does send some important emails from time to time06:20
augustaoi wonder if gmail can filter by attachment type06:21
aonwhat's ENT? :p06:24
augustaoear nose throat06:28
frinnstdoesnt openoffice support ppt?06:44
frinnstalso, evolution is nice if you need a fancy gui for your email.. i use it at work06:44
frinnstbut i suspects its a nightmare to build06:45
LukcThunderbird is much worse, I believe.06:46
frinnstto build? evolution is a gnome package06:47
rauzhas anybody crux running on an intel mac macbook pro ?07:20
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: vala: 0.14.1 -> 0.15.008:00
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joe9the latest version of firefox has become very slow, even with preload. Anyone noticed that?08:09
LukcAt launch, you mean? Because once launched, it is running fine, for me.08:11
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jaegerhorrorStruck: I hadn't figured it out already, the laptop hasn't shipped yet... but now I'll know, so thanks. :) I chose the i5-2520m08:34
jaegerrauz: I used to run it on my MBP a couple years ago08:34
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rauzjaeger: how good was it running ?08:47
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jaegerIt was fine... had to install some extra software like pommed but things worked well09:14
rauza friend of mine has trouble with debian on it so i suggested he should give crux a try09:16
jaegerThe one I ran it on was not the same hardware as the current generation but I imagine they could work, too09:17
rauzhis is also 2 years old i think09:18
jaegerMight have a similar experience to mine, then09:29
rauznice thx09:33
Koodarauz: Debian IS a trouble. /o\09:56
jaegerI still run it on one server, it stays out of my way there :)09:59
jaegerI wouldn't use it as a desktop anymore, though09:59
teK_it's blatant transition from debian to crux09:59
jaegerblatant seems an odd choice of word there10:01
teK_non-native speaker :<10:01
teK_alternatives were: stark, crass :)10:01
jaegerfair enough10:01
jaegernone of those really make sense in this context but I may have misunderstood the context itself :)10:01
teK_it's a switch from binary "stable" versions to source-based "current" versions10:02
teK_+ no holding hands wrt configuration issues10:02
jaegerI would maybe have said significant or difficult10:03
jaegerI don't mean to argue with you, just didn't understand what you were saying :)10:03
teK_I'm grateful for every correction10:04
jaegerok :)10:04
KoodaI used Crux on my server but the NIC behaves oddly with linux.10:05
jaegerIs it a 10Gbe NIC that transfers at 18kB/s? I have one of those :D10:05
KoodaNop, KP when too much network use.10:06
jaegerwhich driver is it?10:06
Koodart8111 IIRC10:07
jaegernote to self, avoid that chipset10:07
KoodaIt perfectly works under NetBSD. :)10:07
jaegerI'm surprised it hasn't been fixed, realtek cards are so common10:08
teK_i cannot use my nic with linux after rebooting _from_ windows 710:08
jaegerespecially if it works fine under another OS, definitely a driver issue10:08
teK_it's a .. surprise:10:08
teK_04:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller (rev 06)10:08
jaegerhey, look, an rt8111 :)10:08
teK_dmesg says rtl8150, though10:09
jaegerMy previous motherboard had an 8169, it was solid10:09
Koodare0 at pci4 dev 0 function 0: RealTek 8168/8111 PCIe Gigabit Ethernet (rev. 0x02)10:09
jaegernow I have an intel e1000e10:09
rmullintel nics are the way to go if you have the option of choice10:15
jaegerThat's one of the reasons I bought the motherboard I did, recently. (Asus p8p67 pro)10:17
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tilmanziomg aon10:48
aonbeen here for ages already :)10:48
tilmanthe prodigal son returns :D10:48
tilmani've been sooo inactive lately i didn't notice10:49
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frinnstjaeger: \o/12:01
frinnsti have the deluxe version12:01
frinnste1000e ftw12:01
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* Rotwang is looking for software to display various system info on screen12:44
Rotwangexcept conky12:44
augustaowhy not conky12:44
Rotwangaugustao: because conky I already know12:45
augustaobut why do you want something else12:46
rmullxterm :P13:01
jaegerfrinnst: it's a great NIC :)13:05
KoodaRotwang: htop13:06
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rmullfrinnst: Lol.13:52
joe9rmull, I updated my stow port. Would you mind taking it over to your repository?13:57
Rotwangport: stow13:58
Rotwang# Description: gnu stow13:58
joe9if you have a free minute, I mean. rmull13:58
rmullPkgfile has a poor description and a bad URL13:59
joe9Rotwang: something wrong? i am a noob here13:59
rmulljoe9: I suggest the description on the stow website..14:00
joe9rmull, how about this?
Rotwangjoe9: no14:03
rmullI would remove the stuff in parens, but that's just me14:04
rmulland the URL should point to stow's url14:04
frinnst"A program for managing the installation of software packages"14:04
frinnstis a better description14:04
Rotwangjoe9: I think "program for managing the installation of software packages"14:04
Rotwangis better14:04
Rotwangdamn ;]14:05
frinnstand URL: should be ""14:05
joe9 better?14:05
jaeger# Description: The thing that does the stuff14:05
Rotwangjoe9: you don't have to repeat programs name in description14:06
frinnstyeah, you can(should) lose the $name from the description14:06
rmullAlso, is there a policy on contributer names? Do they have to be real names, or can they be internet nicks?14:06
Rotwangrmull: we usualy use real names14:06
joe9rmull, how about this:
frinnstsuccess! :)14:06
rmullSure, seems okay, I'll upload it tonight14:07
rmulltest on your system to be sure this pkgfile and sum and footprint are okay first14:08
joe9rmull, , install log14:09
joe9rmull, thanks.14:09
rmulljoe9: Do you want all those /usr/share/ stuff installed?14:09
joe9rmull, good one. i do not think that is necessary. let me remove that stuff. thanks for pointing it out.14:10
rmullRomster: Do we keep /usr/share/info around? is that for gnu info?14:10
rmull(does anyone use gnu info?)14:11
frinnstrm -r $PKG/usr/share/{doc,info}14:11
rmullLooks good to me.14:11
joe9rm -r $PKG/usr/share ?14:12
frinnstdocs are also excluded14:12
frinnstsure, if theres nothing else in /usr/share.. didnt look that close14:12
joe9frinnst: ok, thanks.14:12
thrice`otherwise add -rf :>14:12
frinnstlooks good14:13
rmulljoe9: Solid, push to git and I'll pull14:13
joe9updated install log:
rmullAlso, small nitpick, can remove the trailing backslash from the URL14:15
frinnstyeah, thats a small nitpick :)14:15
rmullJust trying to make myself feel important14:15
Rotwangpkgmks output is somehow "unsorted"14:15
joe9rmull, , pushed to git.14:16
Rotwangfrinnst: usr/lib/ then usr/bin/ and somewhere in the bottom usr/lib/perl5/14:17
frinnstnot that unusual, no?14:18
Rotwangfrinnst: sure, but I've just renoticed it14:18
rmulljoe9: You pushed the .tar.gz into your git repo14:18
frinnstwe talked about tinfoil hats at work today.. just finished making my first one. looks like a wwII german helmet14:19
Rotwangahh, thats how bsdtar prints stuff14:19
joe9rmull, let me check on how to do that.14:20
joe9rmull, have you tried this url?
joe9or, do I need to do something more?14:21
joe9it downloaded the stuff for me.14:21
rmulljoe9: You need to edit your .gitignore file to not track .tar.gz files with git14:21
rmullThat webpage doesn't have anything to do with it14:22
joe9rmull: i do not have any14:22
rmullYou're right14:22
rmullHow did I get this one14:22
rmullMust have been from way back14:22
rmullMy mistake!14:22
rmullYeah, it's stamped Oct 2814:23
joe9oh, ok.14:23
rmullOkay, you should be good to go14:26
rmullThanks joe914:26
rmullseems to install fine on my system14:28
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joe9rmull, thanks. will you put it as your crux port? I do not have access to crux ports db and I do not have a website or parking space to put the port.16:57
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rmulljoe9: It's already up17:09
rmullIn my 'rmull' repo17:09
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joe9rmull, thanks. it is here:
joe9rmull, thanks for putting it up.17:40
joe9do you know how to get it here:
joe9or, is it just a matter of waiting for some scheduled sync script to kick off.17:41
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ZerkeshHum... I'm trying to figure out how to mount a USB stick on my Crux computer, something which is normally a overly easy task... Could someone give me a hand?18:51
teK_mount /dev/sdX /mnt18:52
ZerkeshThat's the thing18:52
ZerkeshThe lovely little thing18:52
ZerkeshThe only sdX in /dev is sda1 and 218:52
Zerkeshdmesg shows the USB stick being connected18:52
Zerkeshlsusb shows the USB stick aswell18:53
ZerkeshYet it completely eludes me in /dev18:53
teK_no sdb either?18:54
teK_udev is running?18:54
teK_had a glance at /var/log?18:54
teK_support for usb mass media in your kernel is included?18:54
teK_I bet it's the latter18:55
ZerkeshYeah I'm starting to fear that aswell18:55
teK_then go go make menuconfig18:55
teK_or inspect /proc/config.gz18:55
Zerkeshhah... make menoconfig gave me a lovely error on the rule to make18:56
ZerkeshAnd /proc holds no config.gz18:56
ZerkeshMind the typos, they're only present on this chat ^^;18:57
ZerkeshI'm guessing this kernel is so stripped of things that it's more or less useless for anything but it's designed task... MineOS ring a bell?18:57
teK_if you cannot run make menuconfig (in the right directory!) then your system seems to be seriously broken18:57
teK_unstrip it a bit18:58
Zerkeshmeh not worth it, the system doesn't have net access and I'm guessing setting up wifi is going to be even more of a hassle18:59
ZerkeshI'll just burn the files I need onto a DVD-RW ._.18:59
teK_without make menuconfig? sure.19:00
ZerkeshBurn the files on a different system19:00
ZerkeshFrom what I saw the DVD rom is working atleast19:01
ZerkeshThank you for the help though teK_19:03
ZerkeshMuch appreciated19:03
teK_you're welcome19:03
rmulljoe9: Hmm, might be a sync script19:16
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