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veesup gaise10:13
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aubichi there12:48
RotwangI'll setup rsync repo later this day12:52
aubicI'll go put the champaigne on ice12:53
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Rotwangwhe knows stuff about linkig?14:12
RotwangI mean gnu ld and the like14:12
Rotwangthere is one thing that makes me go crazy, I've already asked on #toolset (or something similar)14:12
Rotwangthe problem is: when I create archive then only needed symbols are linked14:13
Rotwangwhen I create static libs and link them that is14:14
Rotwangbyt when I link everything as object files then everything is included in resulting binary14:15
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tilmana) giving it libfoo.a is telling him to pick whatever he needs14:16
tilmanb) giving him the object files is forcing him to use them14:16
tilmans/he/it/ etc14:16
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veeaced my astronomy final. my brain...its currently full of fatigue18:39
veehey jaeger, i have to ask. why did you go with the x220 as opposed to anything else?18:40
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jaegerNo single specific reason but a few things - reviews were pretty good in general, thinkpads are generally well-regarded and have good history with linux, it was on sale (saved about $270 due to cyber monday deals), right combination of size and power18:42
veeah. makes sense...i checked the specs out online, and, for that price, it seemed like you could find something a bit less...but since you got it at a deal, seems legit lol18:43
jaegerNo question I could have found something for less but I'm trusting a bit in the thinkpad history here18:44
veei see. well, let me ask you this, since you're farmiliar with lenovo. what do you think of their ideapad line?18:44
jaegerI have no experience with the ideapads myself but they look decent enough. I expect that they are mostly similar but probably use somewhat cheaper/more available parts. Sort of like Dell's Latitude vs. Inspiron18:47
jaegerThat's a total guess, though18:47
veehm. well, i guess we shall see. im still browsing for a laptop :/18:50
jaegerI specifically looked at thinkpads this time around because of their reputation for solid construction18:50
jaegerI used to own an MSI GX630 laptop that ran quite well but had some really weird issues18:51
jaegercompletely broken DSDT and ACPI setup for 64-bit, for example, and MSI flat out said they were never going to fix it18:51
jaegerSo things like suspend didn't work on it, in any OS18:51
jaeger(any 64-bit OS, I mean)18:52
veei see. hm..still not sure if i want a netbook or a 15 inch laptop. everything seems so heavy :/18:56
jaegerThat's another reason I went for the x220. 12.5"18:57
jaegerbigger than a netbook but not too big18:57
Romstervee got for a 13" laptop18:58
veethats awesome. cept, a grand is just a tad too much for what i need it to do lol18:58
Romsterthere is them air books that acer are making.18:58
Romsterhmm air books are a bit expensive too.18:59
Romsternetbooks are more expensive than a 15.4" notebook18:59
veefor a second, i thought you meant air. as in macbook air. i was like oh god.18:59
Romsternah they do make them too but acer also makes a think airbook too.18:59
Romsterhate macfags and there icrap.19:00
Romsterlocked into there apple products.19:00
veethey're fun "toys"19:01
veebut such a waste of money19:01
vee macfag? xD19:04
rmullI'm holding out for a raspberry pi19:05
jaegereven if you don't like apple's stuff macfag is pretty harsh19:07
teK_it's 4chan lingo I guess19:07
teK_so i'm a eurofag, you're an amerifag etc. ;)19:07
vee4chan lingo is the ONLY lingoo xD19:07
veebasically, apply fag to everything19:07
teK_then you're a fagfag19:08
teK_I'm not really into this 4chan stuff but a friend of mine "teaches" me everything about it19:08
veeim not into it either, i just occasionally go on when im bored. meh19:09
veethe alienware m11x look awesome!19:18
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