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veeman, i wanna go back to crux. i'm itching to try out xfce on it :/00:29
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vaddihehe cheers04:46
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RotwangteK_: there is an issue with postgresql port09:30
Rotwangdidn't have time to look at it :C, just reporting09:31
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NecrosporusWebster, what's your question/11:00
WebsterI'm trying to instal k8temp on mu crux11:01
Websterthe k8temp drivever I mean11:01
Websterbut since I'm complete newbie I'm stuck11:01
Webstercan you help me11:02
Websterplease :(11:03
RotwangWebster: you have to tell us what is the problem11:18
Rotwangexact problem*11:18
Websterok, long story then11:18
Websterim trying to install a port, called lm_sensors11:19
WebsterI followed the Crux handbook and everything goes just fine11:19
Websterbut when start lm_sensors11:19
Websterit give me back info11:20
Websterthat I must install k8temp and w83627ehf11:20
Websterto be more clear11:20
Webster"Warning: the required module w83627ehf is not currently installed on your system"11:20
Webstersame for k8temp11:21
WebsterI found some guide how to compile k8temp module11:22
Websterbut since the guide is for diffrent distribution11:22
Websterdon't work for crux11:22
Websterand I'm stuck11:23
WebsterI'm following this guide
Websteron how to install k8temp.ko11:27
jueif you are using a recent kernel it's easy, just enable the modules run make and make modules_install and you are done11:53
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: man-pages: new source URL11:56
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cifs-utils: update to 5.211:58
Websteris 3.1.0-rc9 recent kernel?12:00
frinnstpretty recent.. 3.1.5 is the newest stable12:00
frinnstjust enable k8temp or whatever its called in the kernel12:01
Websterhow to do that?12:05
Webstersorry to be a pest, but I'm stil learning :(12:06
frinnstcd /usr/src/linux* && make menuconfig && make modules_install12:13
frinnstim sure there are good guides out there12:13
WebsterI'm searching at the moment :( but find nothing12:14
Websterand my /usr/src directory is empty12:15
frinnstoh? crux installer should have placed something in there12:16
frinnstanyways, download a kernel from kernel.org12:16
Websterahh thank you :)12:19
frinnstbut please realize.. you must build a kernel to fit your hardware.. unless you're using a initrd (not supported by crux) you need to *atleast* include drivers for your ide/sata/scsi device, filesystem and scsi-disk12:20
frinnstthese drivers should *not* be built as modules... they should be compiled into the kernel -> [*]12:21
Websterbut I already have crux running12:21
Webstereven running well12:22
WebsterI only need to install those two drivers k8temp and w83627ehf12:23
frinnstyeah but if you have lost your old kernel dir and .config you need to do it all over again12:23
frinnstyou cant just build drivers from a different kernel and expect those to work12:23
Websteraha I see now12:23
frinnstand keep the dir around this time :)12:24
Websterthank you12:24
WebsterI now will read the newbie guide12:24
frinnstalso keep the .config :)12:24
* Rotwang is trying to setup his own mail server12:55
Rotwangit is tough12:56
RotwangI mean, whole M*A concept looks a bit overcomplicated for me12:56
* niklaswe will setup cacti and network-weathermaps13:02
tilmanRotwang: it's not really that complicated13:05
Rotwangtilman: it looks at first sight13:05
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tilmanRotwang: true =)13:06
RotwangI still can't understand when MDA responsibilites ends and what exactly MRA does13:07
Rotwangconfusing ;D13:07
aondon't recall caring much of that ever13:09
Rotwangif I want to make subdomain foo.example.com13:23
Rotwangis it okay that it is a CNAME? if I want to receive emails?13:24
Rotwangso I've got: MX 10
Rotwangor another case:13:29
Rotwanghere is real example,
Rotwangis it correct?13:29
aonyes, that should work13:30
Rotwangthe former or the latter?13:30
Rotwangof my questions13:30
aonand your mta needs to be configured to accept mail for that subdomains13:31
aonboth of them should work13:31
Rotwangah, nice13:31
Rotwangaon: thanks13:31
aontea and movie ->13:31
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enteyou lucker :-)13:35
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Rotwangok I did a basic setup, but it is still not 100% clear to me how all of these things hold together14:32
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Romsterindeed postgresql tries to install outside of $PKG very bad17:59
Romster/bin/mkdir: cannot create directory `/usr/share/doc//postgresql': Permission denied17:59
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RomsterteK_, ^18:28
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veewhen trying to install xfce4, the garcon package fails19:46
veecant even find the file online O.O19:54
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veethe garcon 0.1.9-1.tar.gz file20:20
veei found one, put it in the /usr/ports/xfce/garcon folder20:23
veebut still says it couldn't find it :/20:23
nthwyattvee: Have you changed PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR in /etc/pkgmk.conf?20:33
thrice`vee, file matches name + md5sum ?20:33
nthwyattvee: If you20:34
nthwyatthave it means the source tarball needs to be put somewhere else.20:35
veelet me check, one sec guys20:36
veewell, i haven't changed anything in the pkgm.conf, however, i notice that the file its trying to download does download, i assume the build is just failing.20:39
vee*face palm* its a build error20:41
veethe package requires the libxfce4util-1.020:41
veesorry about that guys :/20:52
veealso, udev is missing. i know its not much help, but, if someone wants the link, i can send it.20:58
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veewoot woot! got xfce up for the first time. i know its no big accomplishment for you guys, but its signs that im learning. free internets for everyone!21:49
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