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veei know i keep asking you guys questions, but, which would you go for...the i3/5 or the a800:43
frinnstthe i700:49
veelol i7's are a bit out of my price range, though, if you would want to get one for me...thats cool too00:53
jaegerUnless you have a specific task for which you know you need a specific processor, buy whichever is the right price00:58
veemeh. i think ill just go with the a8. seems to have enough kick, and isn't too expensive01:06
Romstervee what questions -_-01:13
veeRomster: about computer parts and what not01:14
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Romstera system depends on your intended use and budget01:14
Romsteri tend to pay more for my motherboard and get a decent one.01:15
veeits for a laptop though01:15
veewell, i hear a mix review on the whole amd thing. some say amd's are a tad better for laptops, others say no, intel all the way01:15
veei cant tell the fan boys apart xD01:15
Romsteri5 or i7 is good i haven't delt withmany amd notebooks to comment01:15
veethey're really good, but, they're a bit pricey too lol01:16
Romsterwhy can't you say up front your looking at a notebook and want to know what cpu to go for.01:16
Romsteri can only quote aud prices so that may not be much you to you01:17
Romstermuch use to you01:17
jaegerThe short answer is it doesn't matter which you choose01:22
jaegerIt's a notebook/netbook, not a powerhouse01:23
jaegerIt will do what it's designed to do01:23
veethanks for jumping in there jaeger. lol01:23
veesorry for bothering you guys yet again01:23
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Romsteralso it depends if you want a pwoerhuse notebook or some conservative on batteries01:24
Romsterseriously why can't vee do some research first.01:25
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libxklavier: fixed deps (FS#779)01:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: doxygen: updated to
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: garcon: fixed deps (FS#778)01:49
Romstermorning sepen vaddi01:53
Romsterpitillo, too.01:53
sepenls: cannot access /pub/pkg/gcc*: No such file or directory01:55
sepensorry, wrong window01:55
niklaswemorning guys01:56
vaddimoin niklaswe01:56
Romstermorning niklaswe01:57
niklaswehow are you?01:58
vaddisometimes not all daemons deactivate on shutdown/reboot. someone know where the daemons are hooked in?01:59
augustaoi'm on a macbook02:06
augustaonot sure if like02:06
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niklasweI really hate "Stand up"  on the work..02:14
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: libsexy: fixed requires.internal usage by pkg-config02:39
Romstervery funny04:02
sepenI want to buy one of this
vaddi pre04:36
frinnstlooks a bit more expensive :)04:37
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RomsterSFW OMFG closes site after seeing balled woman with punk style spikes.
Romsterwarning can't unsee it once seen.05:13
Romstermy poor eyes05:17
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frinnstold but awesome05:30
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: taglib: contrib -> opt05:37
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: taglib: contrib -> opt05:38
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: thunar-media-tags-plugin: initial import05:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-bcmath: updated to 5.3.805:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-ftp: updated to 5.3.805:53
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-gd: updated to 5.3.805:53
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-gettext: updated to 5.3.805:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-mbstring: updated to 5.3.805:54
Romsterlol at the cow.05:54
Romsterphp-network :)05:55
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-mcrypt: updated to 5.3.805:55
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-pdo-mysql: updated to 5.3.805:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-postgresql: updated to 5.3.805:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-sockets: updated to 5.3.805:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-xsl: updated to 5.3.805:57
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: tumbler: initial import06:09
rineshi everybody. I've got a problem with mysqld: after starting mysqld no port 3306 will be created06:12
rinestelnet localhost 3306 refuses06:12
rines/etc/my.cnf is correct06:13
pitillorines: what about mysqld.log? Any info there?06:13
Romsterlooked at /etc/hosts.{allow,deny}06:13
rinespitillo, everything seems okay; only "started with: Tcp port: 0  Unix socket: /tmp/mysql.sock"06:14
rinesRomster, is allowed06:15
Romsterworded that well.06:15
Romstergot iptables setup or not being used?06:16
sepenrines: did you read -> $ prt-get readme mysql06:16
rinesRomster, no, not used.06:18
rinessepen, thanks; I'll have a look06:18
sepensee post-install notes06:18
Romsterout of ideas then.06:18
sepenrines: like postgresql or others you should configure it after installation, so post-install notes should do the trick for you, imho06:19
* rines rolls his eyes06:23
rinesthanks for all your help! Works fine now06:24
Romsteris that one of them comment this line if you know what your doing :D06:24
rines;) Romster, the bootstrap-url of fpc in contrib is broken06:26
rinesI think they renamed the package to i386-linux-ppc386.bz206:27
Romsteroh lovely more brokenness.06:27
Romsteri checked all my urls like last month06:27
Romsterdoing another run and checking fpc.06:29
rinesdid you wrote a small bash-wget script to check all urls?06:29
rinesor do you use a full test-system06:30
Romsterig ot a code snippet currently.06:30
Romsteri got*06:30
Romsteruses curl.06:30
Romsternot very advanced but works.06:30
Romsteri'm working on a full test system06:30
rinesah, that would be nice for all packages, for examle. A small script which will check all links in the main repos06:31
rinesand will send 404s to Flyspray06:32
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Romsterrines, fixed.06:45
rinesRomster, thanks! That was fast support ;)06:45
Romsterwell not to flyspray but i interned to make a html page/email perhaps06:45
rinesyes, that would be useful.06:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: fpc: source file renamed and updated06:46
Romsterit is when i'm about and it's my port.06:46
Romsteryou using hedgewars or got fpc for another port?06:54
rinesyes; yesterday I shot down some poor hedgehogs... Hope they will be alive next weekend again!06:57
Romsterhehe, you might wanna try openarena in my romster repo06:58
Romsterstill testing it if it's worth it for contrib.06:58
rinesI've got a xonotic pkgfile ready06:58
rinesit's a nexuiz fork06:59
rinesbut openarena is great as well!06:59
Romsterneat you got a crux repo of your own is it in portsdb?06:59
rinesI'm horrible new to crux so I've got a very small repo until now (bluefish and nexuiz) ;)07:01
Romster be sure to register your repo :)07:02
Romsterbut not new to linux?07:02
rinesRomster, no, I'm using linux since around 8 years ;)07:03
rinesIt would be very hard, if I would start with crux after using windows 8..07:03
Romstercool since 2005 for serious desktop use for me before that mostly server only stuff and dabbled in linux on desktop.07:03
Romsterwin 8 i got win 7 here too but win 8 my gawd the start menu where is it ;D07:04
rinesoh yes; I was maintainer at paldo for around 3 years [xfce desktop]07:04
rinesI'm win-clean!07:04
Romsteri came from the commodore 64 and apple ][e (still got them) ms-dos then windows then moved to linux, but i work with windows at work.07:05
Romsteri was really rusty at windows before i got a full time job fixing windows boxens.07:05
rines"full time job to fix windows" ^^07:06
Romsterdidn't take me long to remember them command's and hidden stuff in windows. wish i had a linux job though i utterly hate windows.07:06
frinnstamen to that07:06
rinesI absolutely understand you :)07:07
frinnsttoo much windows here as well07:07
frinnstfucking useless error-messages07:07
Romsterso i work on windows all day come home to crux.07:07
rinesfrinnst, no keyboard found.. Press any key to continue07:07
Romsterthen do more stuff.07:07
frinnstyeah.. or "an unknown error occurred" etc07:07
rinesoh yes.. love blue screens07:07
rinesis there a hack to gererate colored blue-screens, in orange, for example?07:08
rinesthis would be great!07:08
Romsteri've seen practically every error message imaginable.07:08
frinnstyeah there is07:08
Romsteroh id id see a how to get rid of the blue screen of death.... read further... hack to make it read instead07:08
Romsteri did*07:09
frinnstmy pet hate is windows sbs07:09
frinnstsbs 2011 is fucking aweful07:09
rinesfrinnst, fantastic!! More life on screen after boot!07:10
Romstereach new sbs has less stuff installed by default but to install the stuff you depend on a ton of other downloads too07:11
frinnsteverything is hidden behind these useless guides07:11
frinnstand if you try and do something in a different way everything breaks07:11
Romsterrines, you going to become a regular here?07:11
Romsteryeah i let the other guy at work deal with windows servers i rarely touch the buggers.07:12
Romstercant' rename a user account because it'll bitch at me and break.07:12
rinesRomster, yes! I really really like crux. the community is fantastic and the system flexible07:12
Romsteryeah i run it as a firewall and on my desktop.07:14
Romstermold it to your use.07:14
Romsterdoes break sometimes due to lib links but you get used to fixing those when they happen. price to pay for a simplistic system07:15
Romsterfew have retired from crux due to various reasons good too see some new faces.07:15
Romsterhmm dosbox really does not like gcc 4.6.207:17
rineswhy they left crux? I used nearly everything. Started with suse, switched to debian, used ubuntu, slackware, arch, gentoo, paldo, ccux, lunar, etc.07:22
frinnstreal life (tm)07:23
frinnstmaintaining ports does take some of your time07:23
rinesOh yes; I maintained around 120 packages at paldo ;)07:24
rinescause I used it at home, at work and of couse all my friends and family had to use it as well :D07:25
Romsterfamily's work education that sort of thing.07:25
rinesnow they have to switch to crux ;)07:25
Romsteronly 120 :)07:25
rinesthe full xfce-desktop, multimedia-software like blender 2.6, gimp, inkscape, pitivi and deps ;)07:26
Romsterabout half of what i have currently07:26
Romsterwell xfce is done by sepen he does a fine job of that.07:26
rinesoh yes; runs fine on my netbook!07:26
Romsterlucky i only recently added inkscape to contrib.07:27
Romsterkde and gnome is left in shambles though afaik currently.07:27
Romsterthough i stopped using kde ages ago and em on pekwm07:27
frinnstpaldo looks nice with upkg.. but.. xml?07:27
rinesfrinnst, and mono, yes ;)07:27
loweRomster: a classic!07:29
Romsterthought mono was a nice idea then i turned to hatting anything mono.07:29
Romsteri laugh everytime at that pic lowe07:29
rinesRomster, I'll register my repo right now.07:30
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rinesWill add blender 2.6 soon07:30
rines[need it for work] ;)07:30
Romsterso what made you switch?07:32
rinesWe were 2 developers at paldo and the main problem was upkg (package management)07:33
rinesIt's in mono, can handle binaries and sources but is not flexible07:33
rinesA vala-fork was planned around 3 years before but nothing happend07:34
Romstereww the upkg is in mono07:34
Romsterwell pkgutils is about as simple as it can get.07:34
rinesAnd that's what I wanted!07:34
rinesNice, simple and flexible!07:34
Romsteri liken the Pkgfile to linux from scratch in a package manager07:34
Romsteryeah vala is a better idea than mono.07:35
rinesyes, but nobody did it. Now there's a new dev who's working since around 4 months on a C-fork07:36
rinesthe latest status was "I started again, cause I deleted my full git repo"07:36
rinesAfter this I found crux ;)07:36
Romsteromg what...07:36
Romsterno backups tsk tsk.07:37
Romsterwelcome aboard.07:37
rinesyes, and this guy will be the new maintainer of a package manager..07:37
rinesas well there is no bug tracker or an active forum07:37
rinesso; thanks! :)07:38
Romstersounds less organized than us.07:38
rinesoh yes; a great structure is important. Here at crux is a wiki, bugtracker, online git repos...07:39
rinesat paldo we used git but there is no public repo07:39
Romsteri get a little monoxious sometimes with poking the devs and ihave heaps of ideas and i do pretty much hacks to my system, and i'm working on a version sort that's pretty complicated.07:39
Romsterwell you may want to join up later with contrib and work your way up like some of us have been doing.07:40
frinnstcrux is still not ported to mips!07:41
Romsterif i had that hardware i'd be onto it already07:41
Romsterknowing how i am with ports.07:41
frinnsti have a mips wifi router.. but the hardware is not open so its pointless07:42
frinnstnetgear sold is as a opensource router.. and i bought it07:42
frinnstdidnt bother reading up before07:42
rinesRomster, yes, I had a look at contrib rules and can do some games, as well as multimedia-software like blender or lives07:42
Romsterah k07:42
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rinesI'll start with my small repo and we talk about this later ;)07:43
horrorStrucksepen: as the website is down and info is only available on the ML, just in case, syslinux 4.05 is out. a simple version bump is enough, works as expected here.07:43
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Romsterok rebooting lets hope sytem hasn't cracked a fit.07:57
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frinnstguess it did :D08:17
jseCue that dramatic drum roll...08:20
jseIt is really great when ideas work.08:22
jseToo bad it often involves more than one total meltdown.08:22
sepenhorrorStruck: thanks I'll commit later08:34
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horrorStrucksepen: ok thanks to you09:13
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Rotwanggreat firefoks crashes all the time11:44
thrice`have you tried using mozilla's tarball, as pre-compiled?11:44
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Rotwangthrice`: not really11:46
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Rotwangit seems that java might be a culprit11:48
Rotwangmaybe I'll switch to opera11:49
Rotwangyeah, it seems java was the problem11:54
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frinnstit made the entire browser crash?13:42
frinnstusually survives a plugin-crash these days13:42
Rotwangfrinnst: no idea what is going on but firefox sometimes just happily crashes13:45
RotwangI've closed all tabs in firefox, ram usage fell down by a 1 GB13:48
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veemorning everyone13:54
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roksvampHi! Anybody who can help a keen beginner?14:44
teK_just ask your question, then we'll see14:44
teK_+ hi14:44
thrice`only if the keen beginner asks questions :-)14:44
roksvamphahah, all righty =)14:45
roksvampThing is, I'm trying to install MineOS Crux, which is based on Crux 2,7. What bothers me is when i try to boot the cd, the kernel doesn't seem to recognize my keyboard. It just says: unable to enumerate USB device on port 414:46
roksvampand the system fails to boot14:46
roksvampI've tried to google it, and have found some solutions when the system has booted, but nothing on if you can't even boot because of the problem14:48
horrorStrucktry nosmp, it does some magic sometimes14:50
roksvampdo you know how to pass it to the kernel? I can't get a bootloader screen, I can just choose to boot the kernel in different resolutions14:53
roksvampthat's weird, now it seems to work fine nonetheless. when I've managed to install the system, is there maybe something I can edit to prevent this from happening further on?14:55
roksvampnah, computer just kidding. I can't type a thing, although i didn't get any error messages14:57
horrorStruckcheck usb keyboard support in bios14:59
roksvampthe thing is, it allows me to choose what to boot, so the keyboard is active before the crux kernel is loaded14:59
horrorStruckyou tried nosmp?15:01
roksvampno, because I didn't understand how to pass it15:01
horrorStrucki cant remember the install process, that should be very straightforward15:02
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roksvampi'm sure it is, but I can't get passed the booting screen. I choose to boot the kernel, then, before i can log in and install the system, the kernel just outputs error messages and refuses to recognize my keyboard15:04
horrorStruckyou can chose different kernels right?15:04
horrorStruckif i remeber correctly15:04
roksvampnot quite, i can choose to boot crux 2,7 in different resolutions, but from what I see I can't modify the way the kernel boot15:05
horrorStruckisn't typing crux giving you the default kernel15:06
horrorStruckwhat about crux nosmp15:06
roksvampdo you i can pass anything on the boot command line?15:07
roksvampdo you mean*15:07
horrorStrucknot sure, cant remember and i dont have any install medium with me right now15:07
roksvampi'll give it a shot!15:08
roksvampno, i can reach the login screen but i cannot type anything15:09
roksvampi'm beginning to think the only solution is to try another keyboard at some point15:10
jaegertried different ports already? or replugging it after boot?15:11
roksvampyes, both!15:11
roksvampalso tried desperately to plug in the keyboard with some kind of USB-PS/2 converter I found, but that didn't do it either15:11
roksvampi can mention that the keyboard in question is an old apple keyboard with two external USB ports. Maybe it's the hub-thing that it doesn't like15:12
roksvampwould it be possible to turn off that specific feature or something like that?15:13
horrorStruckcheck the bios thing just to be sure15:13
roksvampi've already changed the bios just to accept mouses and keyboards, if that's what you meant?15:14
horrorStruckdon't know about you but one of my machines has a "enable usb keyboard" option15:15
horrorStruckand i needed that (not sure at which stage)15:15
roksvampno, my just seem to have a list of thing it allows to be plugged in. Now it's set to Keyboard/Mouse instead of "all" or "auto" and no difference15:16
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veehey guys, the artic silver 5 thermal compound is on sale for 3 bucks!! well 3.29 with tax19:57
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