IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2011-12-13

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Romster comments are epic01:45
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Romsterquiet as ever in here.06:05
teK_higgs-press-conference @CERN06:07
teK_quite soonish06:07
Romsterno idea where or what that is about06:13
teK_its about "was die Welt im innersten zusammenhaelt"06:15
Romsterok some german thing.06:15
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aonwhat keeps the world together? :p06:18
Romsterme being quiet?06:23
Romsterwould help if i kept breaking my system.06:24
Romstererr if i didn't keep breaking06:24
Romstersome politics stuff with the UN or something *shrugs* I keep out of all that stuff, i have a hard enough time comprehending what i do now than to overload my brain with all that politics stuff.06:27
teK_no not a german thing06:34
teK_it's a quote from Goethe's Faust06:34
Romsteroh ok.06:35
Romsterit is the play with the largest audience numbers on German-language stages.06:36
teK_i'm not a physicist so I won't try and explain (with minor knowledge) what the higgs bosom is about06:36
Romsterbarely understand all this stuff makes less sense than computer code. even that doens't make much sense sometimes. -_-06:37
Romsteryour lucky you don't have my mind, really sucks being me.06:38
teK_I'm sorry to hear that and I'm convinced that this is not true06:38
Romsterwell sometimes i can't comprehend easily, but doesn't mean i give up trying.06:39
aoni wish my mind would convince me to get things done until the absolute deadline06:40
aonwould be less stressful :[06:40
teK_I often do misunderstand other people's questions (often in exams :P) even if I could answer it wrt the issue/topic06:40
teK_so now we can stop whining and be awesome again :p06:41
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Romsterlol i always procrastinate then last moment possible do as much as possibly to complete task06:41
teK_it's just human06:42
teK_Friday: final project deadline06:42
teK_i'm sitting at my old company's office doing everything else but finish the project :P06:42
teK_at? in. Dunno..06:43
Romsterwhen i was studdying i tend to look at questions in a different perspective then wonder how that's meant to make any sense and it does not give enough details to be specific enough then i go on all sorts of tangents figuring it out then i end up giving up on it.06:43
teK_one must not think to much about stuff :]06:43
Romsterthat's my problem...06:43
Romstermy brain is wired to think of every possible outcome, of course i often forget some of those.06:44
Romsteror it's so obvious i don't see it.06:44
Romsterafter revdeping my system and watching a few movies i haven't done anything else productive this evening/night.06:45
teK_I have had poured quite some shit over me  today and it's only 1 40 pm06:47
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Romsterby evening you'll be not wanting to read anymore.06:55
teK_read about what :)06:56
Romsteroh right your not reading anything because you'll leave it to the last minute.06:56
Romsterjust past midnight now guess i may as well have a early night than hitting the hay at 3-4am07:03
teK_there's a foul bachelor frog meme about getting early to bed to be productive (but not) the next day :>07:08
teK_applies to me sometimes07:08
aoni gotta convert this document template to tex some day07:09
aonword's equation editor causes rsi07:09
teK_about each disorder can be linked to office products07:10
teK_each? any.07:11
frinnst"Windows Update encountered an unknown error."07:14
frinnstHOW IS THAT HELPFUL?07:14
teK_you cannot repair a gpt-based windows 7 if you booted the DVD via BIOS (instead of EFI)07:16
teK_it will say: this version cannot repaired with that disk07:16
frinnstnice, smart07:16
teK_but on top of that..07:17
teK_you cannot install to a gpt layouted disk if you booted via BIOS07:17
teK_again telling me something about "not GPT_style"07:17
teK_took me over three hours to figure that out07:17
frinnstno recovery console booting from the win7 install?07:18
teK_of course07:18
teK_and then?07:18
teK_fun fact #3:07:18
teK_it won't efi-boot if there's another mbr-booting disk in the system07:19
teK_it's just ... m(07:19
Romsterwindows is fucked up07:20
Romsterworse when it's a dell and has yet another recovery partition07:20
Romsterand then the windwos 7 repiar can't restore all the missing dlls that i need after a 2 week long ddrescue and chkdsk /r operation....07:21
teK_i installed Windows 7 due to this booting / install / repair problems 5 five times07:22
teK_no I switched linux to efi-booting (with ELILO), too07:23
teK_but root=/dev/disk-by-uuid/.... won't work with i07:23
teK_it's a mess07:23
Romsteri nwever could get UUID to work in lilo i think that needs a initramfs so it's got mdev there before lilo takes over.07:24
teK_in plain lilo i've got it working with the mentioned syntax07:26
teK_UUID=... is for fstab and maybe grub07:26
Romsteri read that since thge lilo is taken over by some debian dev it should work with UUID now.07:27
Romsterhaven't tested it recently again.07:28
Romsterhad enough fixing my brokenness for the time being.07:28
teK_grep uuid in the elilo source gives 1 hit (in a header file)07:28
Romsterthat's elilo though not lilo that i'm thinking about.07:32
Romsteralso i'm tired so i am heading to bed now g'night.07:33
frinnstdoes the kernel even understand UUID passed as the rootfs?07:33
Koodafrinnst: no.07:34
frinnstso, its a no-go with (e)lilo then07:35
frinnstas you said tek, grub could probably handle it.. but thats because grub is the emacs of bootloaders07:35
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teK_frinnst: it is08:06
pitillodoes someone know who manages CRUX distrowatch webpage? (if is there someone managing it)08:12
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frinnstno idea.. the 64bit link is pretty broken last i checked08:20
pitillofrinnst: yes, I saw it too but it's pretty up to date for i686. I want to know to talk about arm and add the link there too08:28
entemotivation module?08:38
enteI must be human 0.908:38
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rmullseanw: Any chance you can bump your offlineimap port to the latest version?09:45
frinnstwhy does everyone top-post in emails? "&ยค!/U09:48
entebecause fuck you, that's why09:50
* ente sends frinnst a top-posted one-line 30kb HTML mail in all caps09:51
entewith outlook express09:52
enteon windows 9809:52
teK_via aol09:53
teK_you are way too good at this09:54
frinnstevery fucking company does it09:54
enteyes, the internet has damaged my brain09:54
frinnsti wonder if thinkgeek has a t-shirt about top-posting09:54
* ente fails installing openvms on qemu09:54
enteA: Because it screws up the order in which people read text.09:55
enteQ: Why is top-posting evil?09:55
entego print your own :P09:55
entewould you rather have people attach word documents (containing unformatted text) to the mails they send you?09:56
teK_tilman has a nice signature09:56
entebecause some people do that09:56
enteteK_: yep :)09:56
enteit isn't too bad on the crux lists though09:57
entequote-folding also helps09:58
ente(i.e. try sup)09:58
vaddisomeone have a pkgfile for sup?10:10
jseTop posted, HTML email with every last email you have written or received attached are FTW.10:28
jseBonus points for obnoxious background color making the text everything but legible.10:29
teK_your mail client displays HTML / background images10:32
teK_srsly: wtf10:32
jseLuckily mutt does not treat html kindly.10:33
enteI love the people who delete the mail text when they want to send you a new mail, which fucks up threading10:34
enteespecially when they do it on mailing lists10:34
jseEveryone knows email is nothing more than instant messaging where order or replies matter not. :)10:34
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frinnstmade me crack a smile10:50
rmullfrinnst: woah woah, calm down10:51
rmullalso: imgur gave that one a pretty crazy URL10:53
frinnstwe were attacked by this guy when leaving work today:
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Rotwangfrinnst: what is this file?13:23
Rotwangahh it is about a bat13:24
Rotwangand it crashed my vlc13:25
Rotwangfrinnst: I persume you met this bat in your work place?13:26
Rotwang  <-- image to the top right13:27
Rotwangwhere the hell do you keep your servers? ;P13:27
frinnstbehind the door :)13:33
Rotwangmuch cheaper to keep cool temperatures in a cave? ['13:38
frinnstwe dont use any cooling at the moment13:38
Rotwangthought so13:39
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veeshmello everyone17:01
veehow are you doing today, sir?17:06
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jaegernot too badly, been pretty busy17:12
veegoing crazy over damn finals. add + finals is never a good mix.17:21
veethe one time i got prescribed adderall, the ultra low dosage one...dear god. i read my anthro book, 5 hours straight, and aced the final with 97%. makes me realize what my brain can actually do when im not lazy xD17:23
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rmulluploaded a port for radare2 to my repo20:53
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