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Romstergood evening01:07
Romstermorning pitillo01:22
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: ccache: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: hicolor-icon-theme: updated to 0.12.01:56
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: scons: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: strace: updated to 4.6.01:56
Romsterdeluge wont start now it's looking for a older libpng i even built everything in a chroot and installed on my system, wonder what i'm missing.01:57
Romsterunless the darn thing is hard coded to
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Romsterfor crying out loud it was the stale gdk-pixbuf cache, why are we misisng a post-install to regenerate it.02:35
Romsterwasted a ton of time because of it.02:35
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niklaswehow can i "hide" userPassword attribute on ldapsearch03:02
niklasweshouldn't this work..03:02
niklasweand my binduser has this.. attrs=uid,uidNumber,gidNumber,cn,givenName,sn,title,loginShell,homeDirectory03:02
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tilmanfrinnst: why are you surfing reddit instead of working? ;)03:32
frinnstmy boss claimed my lab-server03:32
frinnstso not much i can do now, unless something breaks03:33
frinnstalso, why do you know the content of the reddit frontpage?03:33
tilmantook the day off03:34
Romstersilly tattoo03:34
Romsterhence the opt updates i notice :) ^03:34
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jueRomster: because we are using packages on our ISOs and gdk-pixbuf is part of it03:44
juemorning btw03:44
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mc: update to 4.8.104:11
Romsteri rebuilt my system in a chroot based on crux 2.7.1 expecting things to work. i was wrong -_- i thought i had a linking issue which makes no sense as it all built and no errors, only run time errors.04:25
Romsteranyways got it sorted i should of known better04:25
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joe9i posted this on #linux, but, am not sure if this channel is a better place to post this question.05:25
joe9i am occassionally (once a few weeks) get a kernel panic. It says that the it is switching to text console. I cannot do anything other than pressing the power button.05:25
joe9it says "rcu kthread tainted", BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at 30332024, IP: free_block05:25
joe9among other things.05:25
joe9After I log in, I cannot see any traces of that kernel panic in /var/log05:26
joe9Any suggestions on how to go about fixing something like this?05:26
teK_I don't know if/when will work again05:27
teK_why is your kernel tainted btw?05:27
joe9teK_: I have no idea why.05:28
joe9uname -a = Linux main 3.1.1 #5 PREEMPT Wed Nov 23 19:09:23 EST 2011 i686 Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 3.06GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux05:28
joe9teK_: any suggestions on how to find out when the kernel is tainted.05:29
teK_maybe it does not mean the nvidia-tainted way of being tainted ;)05:29
teK_I'd suggest posting to the lkml or bug tracker05:29
teK_after extensive googling for that error ;)05:30
juejoe9: 3.1.5 is latest, probably a good idea to try that version first05:30
joe9ok, will do. thanks.05:30
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joe9upgraded to the latest kernel 3.1.5. let's see if I get any more kernel panic's.06:56
mike_kjoe9: might help. I also found it handy to setup acpid with some custom command (in the case keyboard does not work - you have at least on event source on the desktop - th power button)07:00
mike_kunsure if that will work in your panic scenario though07:01
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joe9mike_k, thanks a lot for the info.07:02
joe9i just read about the sysRq and noticed that I have it built in the kernel.07:02
joe9I can echo b > /proc/sysrq-trigger and it does what it is supposed to do.07:03
joe9'handy to setup acpid with some custom command (in the case keyboard does  not work - you have at least on event source on the desktop - th power button" -- I do not understand what you meant here.07:03
frinnstacpid will probably not work in a kernel panic07:03
joe9but, I have this situation where the keyboard does not work sometimes and I just have to press the powerbutton for a minute or two to reboot.07:04
frinnstjoe, you can map the powerbutton to execute any command with acpid07:04
joe9that risks damaging the filesystems and all that. But, what can I do.07:04
joe9nothing gets typed on the system.07:04
joe9now, that I know of the sysrq I will try that when it happens again.07:04
teK_mike_k, joe9: I really like the kernel's panic=N (N seconds to reboot after panic) parameter07:05
mike_kjoe9: install acpid and look in /etc/acpi07:05
joe9tek_, good idea. thanks will do.07:06
mike_kI hardly remember having any kernel panics recently07:06
joe9mike_k, will check on that. sounds like a very good idea.07:06
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frinnsti just had one07:06
frinnstbut that was because i forgot to build scsi-disk into the kernel "ยค/(!"#07:07
RomsterCeleron, sadly those are gutless  processors07:09
Romsterkernel taint is from binary drivers, not sure if firmware also classifies as taint07:11
frinnstsome may07:12
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: nginx: update to 1.0.1007:49
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joe9i did "ports -u" to update the ports on my system. The install fails on a few packages with an "footprint mismatch" error.09:10
joe9I could rm the .footprint and then do --update-footprint09:10
joe9Wondering if there is some way to do this automatically?09:10
jaegeryou can set pkgmk's ignore option if you know the mismatches are not important09:10
joe9jaeger: ok, thanks.09:11
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jaegeryay, my x220 shipped09:13
jaegeronly a day late09:13
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joe9mike_k, thanks for your suggestion about using acpid. I got it working and it is awesome.09:22
joe9do you have any other acpi events, other than the power.09:22
joe9tek_, good idea with the kernel's panic=N parameter. How do you know later when there has been a kernel panic?09:23
mike_kjoe9: I used to utilize laptop's  LID and ACAD at least09:24
joe9oh, ok. mine is a desktop. so, do not have to bother with that.09:24
mike_kthis newer acpid also supports more event types. try running kacpimon (killing acpid before that) to see possible sources09:31
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joe9mike_k: ok, thanks. will check out kacpimon10:30
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joe9has anyone tried the hibernate functionality of ubuntu on crux?10:46
joe9prt-get search hibernate does not show anything10:47
joe9 found this. but, am not sure how well it works or if it still works.10:47
thrice`pm-utils doesn't work?10:49
linXeaon my gentoo-box the package is called tuxonice-sources for advanced hibernation functionality. Usually pm-utils should be just fine liek thrice` just said.10:50
joe9haven't tried them. read somewhere that pm-utils is outdated, and hence was not sure.10:50
joe9let me check.10:50
thrice`no, pm-utils is what everything uses these days10:52
mike_ksudo /bin/echo -n $1 > /sys/power/state10:52
mike_kpreceeded by a 'sync'10:53
joe9thrice`: thanks.10:54
joe9cat /sys/power/state = standby disk, mike_k11:05
joe9after installing pm-utils.11:05
mike_kecho mem > /sys/power/state11:05
joe9I added the resume=/dev/md2 to my lilo.conf kernel append parameter. I boot into a raid-1 partition (/dev/md0). let me try the pm-hibernate script to see if it work.11:06
mike_kI have "mem disk" in. either should work11:06
joe9mike_k: ok, thanks.11:07
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joe9i use startx to start X on my box. I notice that it has the 6000 port open on the external interface. Is there any way to tell it not to open that port?14:14
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joe9-- -nolisten tcp , got it.14:16
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joe9i cannot get resume to work after pm-hibernate. using raid-1 (built into the kernel), lilo and raid-1 lilo.conf: relevant entry: append="rootfstype=ext4 uhci_hcd.debug=3 resume=/dev/md2"14:39
joe9does anyone know if it needs vmlinuz?14:40
joe9or, if it can work without that?14:40
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veesup guys18:47
veehow are ya?19:14
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