IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2011-12-16

veeanyone wanna take a shot for my birthday tonight?01:03
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* aubic runs into enemy line of fire01:54
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niklasweGood morning!02:36
Romstergood evening from down under works over this week :D bitches03:06
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rinesRomster, weekend is coming
frinnstRomster: lol06:44
Romstergo figure -_-06:47
frinnstlowe: alive?06:49
rinesfrinnst, what do you mean? My small nice openttd-version-update patch? :)06:58
Romsterfinish work and then port updates :) is what frinnst is on about.07:00
rinesAh, I see.. Was before I went in07:00
Romsterwe do have a irc log too
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Romsterhi jdolan your a rather quiet guy.07:03
rinesRomster, aaah, thanks ;)07:03
Romsterupdating that port.07:03
rinesis there a way to use packages from github as source?07:12
rinesit's horrible, cause the url is called for example07:12
rines(without any file extension)07:12
jdolanRomster, hey, yea, i don't do much w/crux anymore.07:17
jdolani'm on Lion or Ubuntu or Win7, heh.07:17
jdolani have a ridiculous gaming computer that runs win7 ya.07:17
ente... because ubuntu is a linux distro that "just works"07:18
entethere's two extrema in linux distributions, but nothing in between07:18
jdolanamd 6 core, water cooled @ 4ghz, 2 6970's in crossfire, 3 28" LCD's in portait mode eyefinity.07:18
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rinesah, for games win is fine.07:18
rinesubuntu with unity?07:18
jdolanyea, windows 7 makes a great 4ghz xbox :)07:18
Romsterjoacim, that's a shame you used to be big on crux07:18
jdolanfor nearly everything else i'm on a mac.07:19
Romster3 x 28" LCD O_O07:19
rineswhooo! This sounds fat!07:19
Romsterword that's got to be some screen real estate.07:20
jdolanRomster, it's all for this flight simulator i'm *really* into called Rise of Flight.07:20
jdolanpic of my setup:
Romstergot a 4 core could go 6 don't see much point.07:20
jdolanwith bezel comp, native res is 3954x1920 :D07:21
Romsteryou use them sideways hmm interesting07:21
jdolanwell in landscape they'd be like 6' wide and my horizontal fov would be like 150' while vertical is still like .. 55.07:21
Romsterchair don't look too comfortable as a gas lift chair though07:22
jdolanso portrait gives a much more balanced field of view.07:22
jdolani built the desk and chair specifically for my flight system. the force-feedback stick and throttle are bolted to it.07:22
jdolanrudder pedals on the floor, TrackIR head tracking hardware above the screens there.07:22
aonthat's a nice setup07:22
Romsteri never thought about portrait mode i can go with 4 screens on my pc if i wanted too.07:23
jdolanthanks aon :)07:23
* Romster rethinks the new monitors i'm looking at.07:23
jdolan2 screens is awful for gaming because the center of your view falls right in the bezel.07:23
jdolan3 is nice.07:23
jdolan4 would have the same problem as 2.07:23
aoncould have a 3x3 array :)07:24
Romstermight be a little easier to fit but could i handle that view, yeah 2 is not good with center between both.07:24
jdolanalso, if you are going multi-screen, find the thinnest bezels you can afford. i didn't, and i do regret that a little bit.07:24
Romsteri thought of a 4th above the center middle for tv/irc/stats stuff.07:24
Romsternot like 2 x 2 layout but 3 across 1 above center07:24
jdolanyea that'd be sweet :)07:25
Romsterugh but your layout hmm interesting but dunno if i could handle that it's definitely a bonus for flight sims.07:25
frinnstwhat game is that?07:25
jdolanfrinnst, Rise of Flight.07:26
jdolanit is _fucking awesome_. lol.07:26
jdolanif you're into WWI air combat, that is.07:26
jdolanit's all open-cockpit, wood-and-canvas biplanes.07:26
jdolanmultiplayer, very current looking graphics, complex and convincing unique flight models and damage models for all planes..07:27
Romsterso you spend lots of time on that flight sim07:27
frinnstcool stuff.. but not very fun with just a keyboard + mouse?07:27
jdolanwell that and in real planes, too :)07:27
jdolani'm working on my private pilot license.07:27
frinnsti take it you really need proper controls07:28
jdolanfrinnst, you could enjoy it with a $40 twist joystick (something that has rudder and throttle on it at least)07:28
Romsteryeah i towuld suck with a keyboard and mouse without the peddles and leavers.07:28
frinnstlooks pretty awesome07:28
jdolanit's certainly more immersive with a HOTAS (separate throttle, rudder pedals too) and of course the head tracking thing.07:28
Romsterjust like car racing games are more fun with a steering wheel07:29
jdolanhang on.07:29
Romsterso surround sound with that jdolan ?07:29
frinnstsweet.. a demo is available07:29
Romsterhead tracking o_o07:29
jdolanthere's a video of me flying. and btw the 'tard yapping away on teamspeak is not me.07:29
jdolanyea head tracking, so fly the aircraft in one direction, but look around in any direction.07:30
Romsteri have this irritating issue of typing and looking at the screen i want to type in when that is not in focus can that fix that problem too :D07:30
jdolanjust by turning your head a little bit (it amplifies your head movement and translates it)07:30
Romsteri meant GUI window there.07:30
jdolanlol Romster07:30
jdolanso you can see the top of my head there (i'm wearing a ball cap with the TrackIR sensors on it)07:31
Romsterah could be a pain if you had to turn your head that far that your looking off the end of the monitor.07:31
jdolanand you can see how just a little head movement translates the view in the game.07:31
jdolanright, it's all adjustable, you can set curves for every axis.07:32
jdolanTrackIR also picks up x,y,z..07:32
jdolanso you can scoot forward, back, up down, whatever.07:32
jdolanand it moves your view in game accordingly.07:32
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jdolanso i can lean over to the side and look down over my wing, hehe.07:32
jdolanit's pretty freaking badass.07:32
frinnsti tried IL-2 a few years back07:33
frinnstpretty fun07:33
Romsterthat head tracking is awesome07:33
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jdolanfrinnst, RoF is essentially the modern, WWI equivalent of IL-2.07:35
jdolanbut IL-2 came out in 2000.07:35
jdolanROF came out in 2009 and has been continually updated each month since.07:35
jdolanoh, you asked about a demo..07:35
jdolanso yes, there is a demo, and it's actually the full game.07:35
jdolanyou install the "demo" and try 2 planes that are in it.07:36
jdolanif you like it, you just buy a key and unlock the game.07:36
jdolanyou can even try the multiplayer, you're just restricted to two planes.07:36
frinnst <- was awesome on the amiga07:37
jdolanthat fighter vid you posted is badass.07:38
rineshah, seems to work fine with wine :D07:38
jdolanshit i gotta run.07:40
jdolanfrinnst, Romster try Rise of Flight! :D07:41
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rines...flown away...08:06
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rinesnouveau became so powerful... I built blender 2.61 with realtime gpu rendering and it works horrible fine with jue's mesa3d-nouveau...08:19
* rines is sooo happy!08:19
jaegerNice! It's about time nouveau was good08:27
rmullnouveau still doesn't do vdpau, correct?08:28
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jaegerNo idea there, I still use the binary blob everywhere08:34
rinesrmull, I think it's in current mesa master08:43
rmullrines: No shit, really?08:48
rmulloh baby, that is exciting09:02
joacimRomster: i'm also on a mac09:28
rmullPorting question - if a package specifies its own CFLAGS and -ggdb3 is in there, should I strip that out?09:28
joacimbut my desktop that is now mostly a fileserver runs crux09:28
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* niklaswe yawning13:35
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niklaswewlecome Evil_Bob =)13:40
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enteKooda: !17:00
enteyou're here as well17:00
enteare you sure you're not stalking me? :P17:00
KoodaI am pretty sure. :Þ17:04
teK_00:15 < mikko> General: "So, how do we get Stuxnet 2 in Iran? USB sticks won't do it any more"17:17
teK_00:15 < mikko> Sergeant: "What if we crash land an infected drone there?"17:17
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: tftp-hpa: 5.1 -> 5.218:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: pekwm: 0.1.13 -> 0.1.1418:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: remind: 03.01.10 -> 03.01.1118:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: rtorrent: 0.8.8 -> 0.9.018:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: getmail: 4.23.0 -> 4.24.018:11
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libva: 1.0.14 -> 1.0.1518:42
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