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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libdrm: updated to 2.4.29 and enabled nouveau bits.09:26
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rmullWhat should I do if I'm packaging some software that sets its own CFLAGS in the Makefile?11:07
Rotwangrmull: it depends11:09
Rotwangwhat kind of flags11:09
RotwangI usually patch makefiles11:10
Rotwangto be able to add own flags11:10
rmullRotwang: It sets -O2 and -ggdb3 (among others that I'm less concerned about)11:11
Rotwanghehe interestingf11:12
RotwangI wonder whats to point of such flags for release builds?11:13
Rotwangrmull: you probably safely may override them with $(CFLAGS)11:13
rmullJust sed -i all the offending flags out?11:14
Rotwangrmull: you probably want to add possibility for custom CFLAGS, don't you?11:15
rmullIt would be nice - this Makefile += appends these CFLAGS to $(CFLAGS) I think, so I only want to shorten the list11:16
RotwangI see11:16
Rotwangthen it should be ok11:16
rmullAlright, thanks.11:16
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rmullThe whole line is: CFLAGS+= -O2 -Wall -ggdb3 -D_GNU_SOURCE -I. $(shell pkg-config --cflags $(LIBS))11:18
rmullSo I only really want to clip -O2 and -ggdb3 out of there11:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libtorrent: 0.12.9 -> 0.13.011:26
teK_for frinnst <311:26
Rotwangrmull: this makefile looks weird11:41
Rotwangrmull: could I see it?11:41
rmullRotwang: Sure11:42
rmullThis software (xxxterm) was written for bsd as the primary platform and has ad ifferent Makefile (the one linked) for the linux port11:44
rmullI made a port though, I'll upload11:44
Rotwangeither they use some other make implementation or they don't know how make works11:45
rmullRotwang: They may not use GNU make primarily11:46
rmullThere is a different makefile in the parent directory11:46
rmullthis one appears in the ./linux directory11:47
rmulland it seems to work11:47
rmullI'm not a make afficionado myself11:47
rmullAnyway, I'm excited for this browser :)11:49
RotwangI was reffering to CC?= gcc line primarly11:49
Rotwangrmull: you could different delimiters for sed11:50
Rotwangcould use*11:50
rmullhow do you mean?11:50
rmullcombine them all into one line?11:50
RotwangI meant backslashes, at first I thought you are escaping delimiters11:51
Rotwangbut you escape - which doesn't seem to make much sense11:51
Rotwangrmull: - is not special in anyway, except when it is inside [ ] brackets11:52
rmullI suppose it's very possible that i did something wrong, but the result seemed correct - which escapes are the ones under questions? the ones leading the "-" character?11:52
Rotwangand also: sed -i "/^PREFIX/s|local||" ./Makefile11:53
Rotwangis more readable imo11:53
Rotwanganyway, everything seems correct, just selling some hints ;}11:54
rmullYeah, much appreciated, I'll update the Pkgfile11:54
rmullCan I use the pipe char when replacing multiple words, for example, in CFLAGS?11:57
Rotwangdon't understand11:59
rmullSo removing the substring "/local" in the line beginning with PREFIX works as you described just now - can I use the same method to remove two substrings from a line?12:00
Rotwangyes, you can use other delimiters as well12:02
Rotwange.g.: $ sed -r 's,a|b,,' <<< "acb"12:02
Rotwangwhithout g flag only first substitution works12:02
Rotwangof course12:02
rmullman, I suck at sed.12:05
rmullIs there any reason I shouldn't use this line? sed -i "/^CFLAGS/s/\-O2 \|\-ggdb3 //" ./Makefile12:06
Rotwangno but the second substitution probably won't work12:07
rmullBecause of the g flag12:08
rmullGot it.12:09
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rineshi everybody. There's a problem in opt / libdrm: old md5sum (v2.4.27)13:29
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seanwrmull, offlineimap port updated, enjoy!15:47
seanwtho it’s broken offlineimap for me as I think my python file needs changing :(15:59
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rmullseanw: Great, thanks20:51
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