IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2011-12-19

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teK_going to fix that as soon as Im back home ;)01:35
Romsterwrong channel teK_ Xd01:38
Romsteri must of missed soemthing then off ot irc logs01:40
teK_ls 01:26 < thrice`> teK_, interesting use of 'ls' in the gnu-efi/Pkgfile ?  :-)01:41
Romsterno i didn't miss anything oh that far back01:41
Romsteri'm on 64bit now.01:41
Romsterstill, i'm recompiling everything else all 900 or so ports -_-01:44
Romstercould not read symbols: File in wrong format <- lots of those to nuke.01:46
Romsterall i need now is to start porting more of my stuff to 64bit ugh fun,01:50
teK_usually not that much porting should be needed..01:51
Romsteryeah jsut the binary stuff needs the 64bit sources.01:52
Romsterrest should be ok.01:52
Romsterbut i'll expect some stuff to break.01:53
Romsterconfigure: error: No 16 bit type found on this platform!01:57
Romster=======> ERROR: Building '/var/ports/packages/cdparanoia#10.2-2.pkg.tar.gz' failed.01:57
Romsterneed to look into that one.01:57
niklaswegod morning02:39
Romstermorning niklaswe02:46
niklaswehow are you Romster ? :)02:47
Romsteri'm good un-breaking my 64bit system02:48
Romsterinstalling 64bit over a 32bit system is kind of messy02:49
niklaswe=) why dont you taking backup and reinstall it in 64bit instead? :p02:49
* Romster shrugs02:50
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Romsteris it quiet or what07:22
teK_it is07:23
Romsterand i'm still compiling.07:24
teK_stop complaining *g*07:29
Romsteri'm not complaining it was a statement.07:29
teK_i'm not being rude it was a pun ;)07:31
tilmanholy fuccccccck07:32
Romsteryou call that a pun, puns have two or more meanings depending on what context the person reading it takes it as. how is that a pun? :)07:32
tilmanyoutube: North Koreans weeping hysterically over the death of Kim Jong-il07:32
Romsteryeah saw it on the news.07:32
tilmanRomster: compiling/complaining ..........07:32
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Romsterhmm so subtle i missed it.07:33
frinnsti wonder what i do more often: complain or compile firefox07:34
Romsteroh talking about firefox how will you stick the new version numbers on it when it wont have one anymore hehe07:35
Romsterand yes i know invalid syntax i forgot the opening tag.07:36
teK_even chromium, their new role model has version numbers :}07:37
thrice`i think ff9 is otu this week, no? :>07:37
Romsterhmm last i say it was beta607:37
joe9the more I use crux, the more I find it enlightening. It is simple, easy to learn and maintain.08:15
joe9i have syslogd, udevd, urxvtd, preload, acpid, crond, faked, klogd, mdadm and startx running on my system. Are there any other processes that are good to have/use?08:16
tilmanjoe9: if you stop updating anything for 4+ months things might get messy though08:24
joe9tilman: oh, ok. good to know. thanks.08:24
tilmanjoe9: i think that's a symptom shared by many source based distros ;D08:24
Romsteror if your like me and keep hacking the crap out of my system.08:35
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: hpijs: update to 3.11.1210:29
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: poppler: update to 0.18.210:29
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: poppler-glib: update to 0.18.210:29
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: poppler-qt4: update to 0.18.210:29
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: poppler-data: update to 0.4.510:29
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] unbound: update to 1.4.1410:29
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niklaswejaeger: are you good on iptables?12:28
jaegerI use it for simple firewalls, nothing too extensive12:28
niklasweokey, myabe you know it anyway.. I have create an iptables chains call www, and has port 80 and 443 accepted there.. how should i forwarding the trafik to that chain..12:33
niklaswedo you understand what i mean :P12:33
jaegerYou created it as a custom table rather than using the INPUT one, I take it12:43
niklaswejaeger: yeah12:44
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: elilo: update .footprint12:44
niklasweand now I want so all traffic on eth0  on port 80 and 443 going to that chain instead..12:44
jaegerthen I think you'll probably need to do something like this:12:45
jaegeriptables -A INPUT --dport 80,443 -j www (this is from memory, may be incorrect)12:45
jaegerthat will cause incoming connections to 80 and 443 to jump (-j) to the www chain12:46
niklasweyeah then i was on the right way ^^ :P12:53
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Rotwangit seems more people has this issue13:32
Rotwangbut I've found no solution yet13:32
Rotwangfor fucks sake13:52
RotwangI just downloaded official binary release13:52
Rotwangand it crashed even faster13:52
RotwangI think I'll file a bug report13:55
niklaswenice load top - 21:12:52 up 19 days,  2:52,  3 users,  load average: 44.99, 12.76, 4.4414:13
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thrice`Rotwang, fresh profile?  using java or something?14:19
Rotwangniklaswe: I've seen avg. load == 100014:24
Rotwangthrice`: no fresh profile14:24
Rotwangdisabled java, but using flash14:24
Rotwangand I'm not going to clear my profile ;f14:24
RotwangI'm building ff with debugging symbols, will see if I can make any sense out of it14:25
niklasweRotwang: yeah the most u have seen was 55014:27
Rotwangit was 100014:27
Rotwangand why is that14:27
jaegers/u/I/ I'm guessing14:27
jaegerone of the most common and most easily confusing typos :)14:28
Rotwangdeveloper didn't pass any argument to make -j14:28
Rotwangand when I asked him not to do it anymore, he didn't understand what he done wrong14:29
niklaswelol :P14:29
jaegerdevelopers know less and less about systems administration as time passes =/14:30
niklaswedidn't see the typo :P14:30
Rotwanghe was like: I do this all the time, whats the problem?14:30
thrice`Rotwang, wouldn't hurt to test a fresh profile though, no?14:30
thrice`I don't think i've had FF crash in ages14:30
Rotwangand I'd have to import my bookmarks14:31
jaegerworth a try at least temporarily14:31
thrice`yeah, i'm not saying remove it completely, just move it aside and run FF for a bit.  perhaps some setting is busted and causing crashes14:32
jaegeryou probably don't even need to move it, I think you could create a new profile and test there14:32
RotwangI've created new profile14:32
Rotwangno way, it seems to work ;D14:33
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Rotwangno it doesn't15:45
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jaegerWhat is it that clears the screen now at boot, getty?16:10
jaegerah, looks like it is (agetty)16:11
teK_shitty if there was an error message ;)16:12
jaegerI'm gonna disable that on my ISOs, I think16:12
jaegeralso testing a new kernel config to see if it helps with booting issues16:13
jaegerIt's installing on my workstation here now, so definitely a step up in that regard16:14
teK_what did you ochange16:15
jaegerI started over from scratch16:15
teK_good and bad16:16
thrice`is the iso .config tough to generate?  I am so bad with kernel configs, it'd be a struggle for me :(16:47
jaegerNot if it doesn't need to change16:53
jaegerif it needs to change it can be time-consuming16:53
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