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Romsterevening :D01:19
Romstermorning pitillo01:19
Romsterfixed my sound 1 day without sound sends oneself crazy.01:21
pitillowhat happened?01:25
Romster32bit upgrade to multilib broke it.01:31
pitillodo you need to rebuild alsa stuff?01:33
Romsterdid that something must of been messed up with my jack audio connection kit.01:40
Romsterremoved my configs, need to retest again, but alsa is working directly at least.01:41
pitilloummm hard to know what failed or meesed it up, really01:42
Romsteryeah i did so many things it could of been anything i blame it on human error.01:45
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cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: jdk:updated to 1.7.0_0203:17
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: jre:updated to 1.7.0_0203:17
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frinnstx86_64 java is lagging behind a bit.. anyone able to update it?03:33
deus_exI get "warning: remote HEAD refers to nonexistent ref, unable to checkout." when I try to clone contrib-x86_64.git03:33
deus_exfrinnst: I just did :)03:33
frinnstoh right03:34
frinnsti wonder what i fucked up with contrib then03:34
deus_exI'll maintain opera, if you like, I use it often.03:34
frinnstyeah, i never use it03:35
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deus_exqt4 takes a while to build...03:36
deus_exsepen: would you like a patch for xfce4-weather-plugin?03:38
deus_ex0.7.4 is latest, afaik03:38
sependeus_ex: you could download qt4 package from here
sependeus_ex: thanks03:39
deus_exI'll keep taht link in mind for a future, thanks :)03:41
sepenwell, but note that I need a day to upload both packages after I updated qt4 :D03:42
deus_exqt4 finished, time for FF :)03:42
deus_exwhy the hell is Alt key not working with MC?Grrr03:45
deus_exwhen I ssh to this machine from netbook, it works, only locally it doesn't.wth03:47
sependeus_ex: maybe you need ...
sepenit worked here03:47
frinnstnew qt4 isnt patched for newer glibc's03:48
deus_exbtw, what can I use to clean anti-glare lcd on my netbook?03:48
sepenfrinnst: which version?03:49
frinnstrpc header crap03:50
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: monit: updated to 5.3.203:52
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deus_exsepen: patch sent, have fun.03:55
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sepenpedja: do you use tumbler on xfce?04:01
sepentumbler add thumbnails support for thunar04:03
sepenthe old plugin is not used anymore04:03
sepenfrinnst: link or paste?04:03
pedjaI rarely use thunar, mostly MC, hence the frustratio with alt key not f*ing working :)04:04
sepenwell, I used mostly thunar to drag from one window to another window, like IE :D04:05
pedjaI like nautilus with Gloobus preview, it rocks.04:06
pedja(running Mint 11 on netbook).04:06
sepenpedja: thanks for the patch, but I think I could keep release=1, since version was changed04:09
pedjayup, I bumped it when I added fix.04:11
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-weather-plugin: updated to 0.7.404:15
sepenpedja: thanks again ;D04:15
pedjanp :)04:15
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: firefox-java-plugin:updated to 1.7.0_0204:38
pedjajust to be consistent :)04:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: jre: update to 1.7.0_0204:39
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mod_svn: update to 1.7.204:39
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frinnstsepen: re. qt4?05:37
frinnstcan hook you up with a paste tonight05:37
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rinesmy firefox cannot find my printer...!? in libreoffice it works fine. what could be wrong?08:43
frinnstfuck your printer!!!!!!!!!!!08:44
rinesmy poor printer :'(08:44
rinesdoes ff need any additional libs for printing=08:45
rines= = ?08:45
frinnsti dont own a printer at home08:45
teK_no it's a FF "error"08:45
frinnstbut on my rhel install at work it just relies on cups08:45
teK_i have had that, too08:45
teK_google for it, I cannot remember the solution08:46
rinesteK_, all right08:46
frinnstabout:config ?08:47
teK_i dont think so.. ask google08:47
thrice`i've never tried either.  cups is running, and FF was built with cups around?08:48
rinesI think it's gtk related cause it is a gtk print dialog, isn't it?08:52
thrice`ah, probably08:53
rinesyes, gtk was built without cups. that's it08:56
rinesloadavg of 6.14 sounds like a busy machine ;)09:02
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frinnstpedja: i added you as maintainer of opera10:51
frinnstdo you have rw in contrib-x86_64 ?10:51
pedjafrinnst: not that I know.11:24
pedjaI couldn't clone the repo earlier today11:25
frinnsttry now11:25
pedjasame error11:29
pedjawith both ssh: and git:11:30
frinnstyeah, figured12:10
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frinnstshould be cloneable now12:37
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joe9rmull, would you be interested in hosting this? ghc 7.2.2 package12:51
joe9i can put it in git and you can take it from there, if you are interested..12:51
joe9 Pkgfile updated12:58
pedjafrinnst: it works, thanks :)13:00
joe9rmull, if you are interested in putting the ghc repository, I could not nail down all the dependencies packages. I just got what were listed in the ghc-7.0.1 build Pkgfile.13:10
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v33sup guys13:49
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rmulljoe9: Hey, I'm interested in hosting this, sure14:28
rmullI'll look into the deps as well14:29
rmullBut I won't be available to do it tonight and things are really busy since it's around the holidy14:29
rmullBut keep bugging me. I'd like to put the port up when I can.14:29
pedjafrinnst: I can't push to contrib64 repo14:35
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pedjasepen: i fixed my alt key not working, it was a bug in vte.Interested?15:54
teK_which terminal do you use?15:57
pedjasakura and Terminal from xfce15:59
teK_i fixed that error by downgrading gtk15:59
teK_which version of gtk are you running?15:59
thrice`I stole a patch from debian for it, to vte16:00
pedjathrice`: I stole one from arch, also for vte :)16:01
teK_which version of gtk are you running?16:01
Rotwangand who is stealing from who?16:01
teK_it's open source guys :p16:02
teK_include a 40 lines header for a 5 line patch16:02
teK_header == license header16:02
pedjateK_: gtk-2.24.816:07
teK_do you have a link for me? :)16:14
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pedjapass -R to patch when you apply it.16:35
pedjaWorksfor Me[tm] :)16:36
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teK_thanks, will test in a second16:46
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teK_seems to fix it, yes <317:11
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sepenpedja: sorry it's too late here (02:25) and I'm going to bed, anyways thanks for the report, tomorrow I'll take a look19:26
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