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Romstermorning all evening others.00:44
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frinnstsup bitches?02:03
Romster1 day to go then hollidays \o/02:09
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sepenwow, "... the best advice they give is to make an encrypted backup of your data on the internet, blank your computer before the border crossing, and restore it when you get to your destination..."
frinnstheh, yeah.. sad state02:36
frinnst193 redhat packages queued02:43
frinnst!"&#/ evolution03:02
frinnstalways marks my inbox with one unread message03:02
Romsterthere is ways to hide data in music/picture files to be less conspicuous03:04
Romsteri get that anti-sec crap regularly03:05
frinnstnever seen it before03:06
Romsterbe lucky if that's the last time you ever see it. they were hammering me every other day for a while.03:07
Romsterwith php vunablites in phpbb and awstats and other such php frameworks. looking for setup.php etc.03:08
frinnstyeah.. each "attack" generated 20 lines of spam in zenoss03:08
Romsterand some vars to gain access to the file system03:08
frinnstanyone tried a 3.2-rc with a logitech unified reciever input thingy?03:10
frinnstthe new driver fails for me.. am i missing something in userspace perhaps?03:10
Romstersorry no03:11
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sepenoops, sorry08:41
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: vte: fixed issue with metamask08:41
sepenthanks again pedja! :D08:42
frinnstnobody with a logitech unified reciever that can test 3.2-rcX ?08:46
thrice`no idea what that even is08:47
frinnsti'd like to know if im missing something simple before i embarrass myself on the input-ml08:47
frinnstthe wireless dongle shipped with most of logitechs products these days?08:47
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sepensomeone with bike/atb knowledgements about pedaliers?09:18
rmullbike knowledge?09:30
rmullAs in bicycle?09:31
rmullWhat do you need to know? I bike09:31
sepenno, I need to check if a crankset is compatible with a bike09:32
sepenI'm reading this page ATM
rmullcranks are compatible with the bottom bracket, not the bike09:37
rmullwhich cranks and bb?09:37
sepenyep, I'm going to buy a raceface ride xc, and I've shimano TY09:40
rmullDoes the Ride XC include the external bottom bracket?09:46
rmullI see some for sale that have it and some that don't specify09:46
rmullAlso what is shimano TY?09:48
sepenthats my question, I don't have any idea if my shimano TY bb (pedalier's box == bottom bracket) could be compatible with those crankset09:49
rmullI don't have experience with either of those components specifically, but just from glancing at the internet, it would seem that you'd be pulling your existing bottom bracket and replacing it with an external bb09:50
rmullthe external bb that ships with this Ride XC says it will fit 68 and 73mm english-thread bb shells
sepenmy actual system on that bike is 'Shimano TY 33A'09:51
rmullI don't get any google hits for that :\09:51
rmullCan you confirm that it's either 68 or 73mm and is english threaded?09:51
sepenhehe, I'm a bit lost, need more googlying09:52
sepenrmull: anyways thanks for your tips09:52
rmullsepen: Sure... sorry i was unclear09:52
rmullI'll rephrase one last time if it helps:09:52
rmullYour existing bottom bracket is installed in the bottom bracket shell of your bike frame. The bottom bracket you need for the crankset you want will fit a 68 or 73mm bottom bracket shell (this is the width of the shell)09:54
sepenor 70mm too09:54
rmullah, really? okay09:55
rmullthe spindle of the bottom bracket must be compatible with your crankset. This crankset has spindle threads for RaceFace X-Type09:55
rmullTherefore, in order to mount the cranks on the bottom bracket, your bottom bracket must have raceface x-type spindle threads09:56
sepenjurrps, language increases the dificult here to learn about bike components09:56
rmullYeah :\09:56
sepenwe used very different words in spanish09:56
rmullcrankset spindle threads must match bottom bracket spindle threads (raceface x-type). If your bottom bracket doesn't have the right threads, you'll need a new one, and the new one must fit in the old bottom bracket shell.09:57
sepenrmull: are you a biker?09:59
rmullSort of. I commute by bike.09:59
rmullA couple of days a week.10:00
rmullI built up an old steel schwinn from individual parts and ride that10:00
sepenI like atb http://btotieso.blogspot.com10:02
sepenI'm the guy who takes photos :D10:02
sepenrmull: I'm going to buy this cheap price from 2nd hand10:04
sepenjust I need the crankset, but it includes the other stuff10:04
sepenI'm trying to improve my old scott10:06
sepenrmull: thanks for your help10:06
rmullsepen: Sorry I coludn't help more :(10:06
rmullDe donde eres?10:06
sepenjoder! de valencia10:08
rmullSoy de estados unidos pero mi novia habla espanol con sus padres y yo aprendido un pocito10:11
sepenun poquito, pero hablas muy bien10:11
rmullhaha. Gracias!10:11
rmulles mas facil leyendo. mas dificil hablando y escribiendo10:13
sepena mi me pasa lo mismo con el ingles10:15
sepenI have the same problem with english10:15
sepenread/write is easy compared to listen/speak10:16
rmullYes, I agree10:16
sepensorry, the boss is near me10:16
rmullAnd people have different accents and dialects and they mumble10:16
rmullsepen: mi bici
sepenniiice! like a fixie10:31
thrice`agreed, looks great :-)10:32
sepenI have an old 'orbea' (road frame from 80s)10:32
sepenand I'm in mind to improve this bike when having some time and money :D10:32
sepenmy wikiloc account:
rmullsounds like a fun project10:33
sepenI ride with friend (BToTieso) and alone too10:33
sepenmy bike is here (as it was this august)
sepenand here
rmullLooks like a nice place to ride10:35
sepenyeah, now I'm living in Valencia, but I was born I lived in Enguera (mi pueblo)10:36
sepenwell, time to prepare things for going back to home10:37
sepensee ya', and thanks again for your help with bb and cranksets :D10:37
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pedjaoh, goody.New FF.
rmullwhenever I try to compile it my computer must heat up or something and gcc segfaults.13:35
pedjatilman: new git is out.
frinnstdear god14:53
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: firefox: updated to 9.0.115:07
niklaswegood evening15:16
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Rotwangoh man16:15
RotwangI've just built firefox 9 minute ago!16:15
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frinnstits so fucked up its not even funny16:21
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RotwangI have a xorg problem16:44
RotwangI have a laptop with intel card, and a docking station (or whatever you call it)16:44
RotwangI connect two monitors, one through VGA second through DVI16:45
Rotwangnow I want to open firefox on both of these monitors16:45
Rotwangtwo different sessions of firefox16:45
RotwangI thought the setup is going to be easier, but it wasn't16:46
Rotwangany idea how to setup two xorg separate displays?16:47
Rotwangand bind them to specific outputs16:47
frinnstxrandr --output <whatever your driver calls the port, DVI-0 perhaps?> --right-of VGA-017:02
Rotwangfrinnst: I want to have this in some config file, doing xrandr inside .xinitrc is probably not a very good idea17:07
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thrice`you can do it in your xorg config17:07
Rotwangand I need everything to hapen programatically, which means that I'm not going manually place firefox17:07
Rotwangso if I go with extended display approach I need to tell window manager where to put them17:08
RotwangI've thought that easier would be to make separate displays, so one runs firefox in full screen and second does as well17:09
Rotwangthrice`: do you have some good xorg.conf example with working extended display?17:12
thrice`    is pretty good.  I don't use extended any more, though :(17:13
Rotwangthrice`: thx, will read17:13
frinnst my conf17:14
Rotwangbut still firefox placing issue remains17:14
frinnstpretty simple17:14
Rotwanghere at my home computer I rely on xorg's auto configuration17:14
frinnsthmm, you probably need to run 2 x screens if you want to be able to auto-launch 2 firefoxes on two different displays17:23
frinnstand a firefox --display=DISPLAY17:23
Rotwangfrinnst: yeah17:24
RotwangI've tried to configure xorg today to setup two separate screen, but failed17:24
Rotwanganyway, I'm going to sleep, thanks for help guys17:28
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Romsteri haven't even built firefox 9 yet :D19:30
Romsterwhy run two xorg servers? when one can do multiple displays.19:32
Romstervideo contains copyright that fox has blocked so i can't play it.19:33
Romsteroh right it's a screenshot durr19:33
rmullRomster: Lol :D19:35
thrice`Romster, long day? :P19:36
Romsternot really quiet as hell so far it's 12:37pm now.19:37
Romsteronyl time i ran two xorg instances was when i was playing starcraft on my old thunderbird 1.4GHz pc because xorg was translating the colour depth and that was a considerable slowdown.19:41
rmullHow can I see which ports I have installed from a specific ports tree?20:01
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jaegerfor p in $(prt-get listinst); do prt-get path $p; done20:47
jaegerfor a quick way20:47
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rmulljaeger: makes sense. Was expecting there would be some builtin way to query via prt-get listinst or something21:50
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: jasper: romster -> contrib23:37
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