IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2011-12-25

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jaegerwhich version is the least ridiculous for you? :P13:36
entenext they start giving it codenames13:46
entelike gutsy gibbon and and hardy heron13:46
ente"The most significant change Firefox 10 will bring to most users is its new assumption that most add-ons are compatible with an updated build unless the developer specifically says otherwise. This should lead to a more seamless update to new versions of Firefox, and full details of how the new system works can be read at this Mozilla Wiki article."13:47
entehow is that a benefit?13:47
entehow about not bumping the major version every few days13:48
ente"Stick to the most stable version you feel comfortable with"13:49
enteI guess that would be 1 or 2 :P13:49
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conbothey guys14:51
conbotgot a new computer14:51
conbotI should give crux another try now.14:51
conbotit failed on my netbook14:52
enteconbot: that's probably because the kernel on the CD supports quite few kinds of hardware15:09
enteI heard someone else ran into trouble as well15:09
enteif it doesn't work, you could try using slackware's hugesmp.s15:09
conboti mean booting after installing it.15:11
entethen it might be your fault15:11
entewhy did it fail?15:11
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entemaybe you forgot a dependency for your filesystem or something like that15:11
conboti just know the kernel on gentoo is done compiling15:12
conbotdone in less than 15 minutes!15:12
conbotthe kernel on crux in my netbook failed(it was 2.6)15:13
conbotbut 3.0 compiled just fine when I was instlling gentoo.15:13
conbotI will install crux with the 3.0 kernel.15:13
conbotinstalling crux right now15:26
entehave fun15:33
conbotcompiling the kernel...15:39
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frinnstfuck yeah! almost 11C outside17:07
frinnstwinter is owned17:07
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enteglobal warming18:39
enteamerica is once again trying to save the planet :P18:39
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conbotente lol19:04
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v33sup guys19:12
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v33how are ya romster?19:52
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Romsterlittle tired but otherwise ok, putting up with my dysfunctional family. :(20:10
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v33Romster there is no "functional" family20:18
v33we all have our problems20:18
Romsteroh but not as big as mine then again that's hard to explain.20:23
Romstermeant to be a happy time holidays i feel more miserable than happy currently.20:24
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Romstergoing afk for a drive later20:51
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