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joe9there is a bug in the latest mdadm package: I get a segfault at 0... error 4 in downgrading to mdadm-3.2.2 was the solution for me.05:28
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RomsterRotwang, thank you :)06:07
NecrosporusThat's apple06:13
NecrosporusWhy not linux?06:13
Romsteryeah i noticed that but it's the thought that counts06:15
RotwangI almost had no christmas this year06:20
RotwangI mean, it was like regular day06:20
Romsteroh that's sad06:21
Romstermy b-day was like that nothing at all just another day.06:22
Romsterwasn't worried about that though, just this damn family, mum in particular06:23
Romsteroh and one of my brothers that has a short temper and likes to throw shit at me and my other brother because he has no balls to fight us like a man.06:24
Romsterone happy family, never exists.06:24
Romsteranyways hope everyone else has/had a great xmas06:26
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joe9anyone using mdadm-3.2.3?09:27
joe9the latest version of mdadm09:27
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v33sup everyone16:13
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Romstermorning all18:46
Romsterjoe9, i'm still on mdadm 3.2.218:47
Romsteryou find a regression or something?18:47
joe9that is what I did. moved back to 3.2.218:47
joe93.2.3 seems to have issues. It segfaulted on my machine.18:48
Romsterdid you pastebin a log of what triggered the bug?18:48
joe9romster: ^^18:48
Romsterother than that single line above. and any special cflags?18:48
Romsterand like what raid levels you using18:49
joe9raid-1. I do not how to find more log lines.18:49
joe9the system was booting, but would go to the root maintenance prompt.18:50
joe9I am not sure how to find more info about the error, now.18:50
joe9I am checking the /var/log/boot and other files for more info.18:50
Romsteror it wouldn't boot with newer mdadm?18:55
joe9it boots up but goes to the root maintenance prompt.18:56
joe9let me check dmesg.18:57
Romsteri'm only using raid1 too but i am on multilib here, though i dunno if i want to bump mdadm yet, after reading what you got.18:59
joe9dmesg and boot seem to show the same info. and I do not see much in the /var/log/kernel file.19:00
joe9It appears that the info is not logged. which I would not be surprised with, as it has issues with the root file system.19:01
joe9what is multilib? let me check that up.19:01
joe9i am also using lilo and no vmlinuz. maybe, it has something to do with that.19:02
Romsteryou got another machine to do remote logging over ip?19:04
Romsterjaeger, and myself are running a 64bit system with 32bit capabilities for stuff like wine.19:05
Romsterjaeger, i got another user that was on my hvl stuff testing multilib too, and i've made libsdl-32 and there is more stuff since he is into emulation so we will see some other 32bit ports sometime too.19:06
Romsteri was big in emulation at one point myself19:06
Romsterjoe9, vmlinuz is the bzImage off the kernel compilation, if your not using vmlinuz your not gonna get far. :D19:08
Romsteryour thinking of initrd/initramfs that your not running.19:08
joe9yes, initrd/initramfs, not bzImage.19:09
joe9romster, never tried the remote logging stuff, though I have a headless machine lying around.19:10
RomsterRemote Logging
Romsteri haven't tried it either though i should be doing that too.19:11
Romsterno one has doen a wiki article on the crux site about remote logging setup either.19:12
jaegerNot sure it deserves an entire article, it's such a simple thing to do19:54
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