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Romstermorning all01:54
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prologicanyone nkow how to hide the X mouse cursor while a specific app is launched?04:47
prologicsay from a script04:47
Romster pretty old looking though not tried it.04:57
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prologicyeah I can google too :)05:03
prologicunclutter doesn't compile05:03
prologicthe top stackoverflow questions aren't what I'm after05:03
prologicI installed huludesktop on my media box running mythtv05:04
prologicand as it's an external app, mythtv has no control over how the X mouse pointer is displayed05:04
Romsterall i know is zine makes the pointer hide after x amount of time so if your really stuck find out how it does that.05:19
Romsterother than that i have no idea05:20
prologicyeah no idea at this stage05:21
prologicI can't even find xte05:21
prologicxte "movemouse 1000 1000'05:21
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Romsterand netpbm haunts me yet again sigh06:35
niklaswedoes someone know what socket AMD Athlon 7750 Dual-Core has?06:42
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: netpbm: FS#78206:45
Romsternope google it and find out?06:45
niklasweyeah I found it..06:49
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rmullprologic: I used to use unclutter to hide the cursor after 1sec09:22
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] maradns: update to 1.4.0810:41
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Bo0othere is no mkinitrd in CRUX ?15:53
jaegernot by default, no16:02
Bo0oguess I have to do it the old fashioned way, if I can remember it.16:39
enteor you could compile the root filesystem into the kernel rather than as module16:40
enteif you don't need anything fancy like disk encryption16:41
entemaybe you can steal slackware's mkinitrd16:41
entealso, initrd is a weird concept16:41
enteand linux is a weird operating system16:41
ente*rant* :)16:41
Rotwanginitrd isn't a bad concept16:42
enteI was more or less kidding16:43
entegood night16:43
Bo0orunning LVM+encryption = /16:44
Bo0ounless I care to build initramfs, I need initrd16:44
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v33sup gaise17:09
entethat made no sense at all17:14
enteshouldn't initramfs and initrd be the same17:14
entei.e. an initial ramdisk/17:14
jaegersimilar but not identical17:14
entetheoretically, one could pull of a initdd17:14
entestart from disk, load everything, chroot to the real /17:15
entejaeger: how do they differ?17:15
jaeger :)17:16
jaegerlove that site17:17
v33jager xD17:20
entefrom a user point of view, it doesn't matter whether you create a cpio archive or an ext2 filesystem17:21
enteplus, isn't a cpio archive a filesystem? :P17:21
entejust like tar is a filesystem for a tape... in a way17:22
entebut disregard that, I suck cocks and don't know how to google17:22
jaegerthe cocks bit is pretty damn random17:22
v33the things you read on irc's17:23
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enteyeah, and I wonder why I even asked17:24
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v33so, does everyone here actually use crux?17:33
jaegernot everyone, I'm sure, but at least some17:34
v33you know, everyone keeps talking about how they learned so much about linux from installing arch, but, i learned nothing from arch. but that might be because i used crux before. i actually like crux more, except, at times, yaourt makes life so much easier17:37
jaegerI think arch is pretty decent but I enjoy crux more. I could see learning as much from arch if I spent as much time messing with it as I have crux17:43
aonguess you tend to learn from anything if you need to mess with it17:44
* aon has even learned from RHEL :)17:44
jaegercredit where credit is due :) I learned a ton from redhat, slackware, gentoo, and others long before finding crux :)17:44
jaegerIt's funny to look back now at the redhat mailing lists, for example. I posted quite a bit to them years ago and reading those posts now is sometimes rough17:47
aonheh, i haven't even thought of doing that17:49
aonheh, the trouble i've went through for such simple tasks at some point :)17:57
v33yea, thats probably true. the thing with arch is i dont have to tinker with it all too much. its both good and bad, perhaps, since the learning curve isn't as great as crux. i remember when i first played with crux...if jaeger wasn't there, i'd probably be in the greatest mind fuck of my life xD18:06
crshdactually using arch before really helped me find my way around crux18:12
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v33mine was pretty much backwards. now, when i use arch, i can generally find my way around it because its pretty similar to crux18:15
crshdreally depends on what you used first :D18:16
v33indeed. i sorta kinda miss crux though. i miss not knowing what to do xD18:17
crshdi'm loving crux. not looking back at all18:18
crshdi think the only way i'd go from here is LFS18:19
v33never used it. meh. i plan on using crux when i get my laptop. compiling on this old machine is a nightmare. oh, and, for anyone still interested, i almost purchased an i7 with 8 gigs  of ram, a 1 gig nvidia video card from lenovo for 750 ish. figured i'd wait till after new years, where prices will for sure drop18:21
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v33out of curiosity, is crux a rolling release type of distro? for example, if one installs the 2.x version, and a new version is released, will it upgrade all the fancy stuff, or do you have to upgrade it from the iso?18:26
frinnstmostly rolling18:39
frinnstbut once a new toolchain gets pushed, we release a new version18:39
frinnstupgrading from ports is doable, but can be painful18:39
v33how often are toolchains released?18:44
frinnstwell, we are at 2.7 now.. 2.6 was released over a year ago :)18:54
v33funny gif. alright, thanks :)18:56
RomsterBo0o could lok over the crux initramfs off the iso in the git tree to figure out how to build one.19:08
Romster2.7.1 actaully which is the first iso without a major toolchain update just because we been holding off for glibc and other ports to catch up.19:11
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MasterPrimeI've got mineOS (crux 2.7) installed in virtualbox, I'm plugged in and I can ping google but I can't connect to my local net. Can someone help a linux noob?20:30
v33isn't mineos for minecraft?20:48
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MasterPrimeaye. but it's based on crux.20:49
MasterPrimeI'm not actually sure if the issue I'm having is with crux itself, or virtualbox20:50
MasterPrimeproblem was vbox. thanks for asking an unrelated question.21:13
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v33lmao! there goes your organs eh?23:17
Romsteri guess normal people see the question first after taking it out of the wrapper23:19
v33too funny23:20
v33the comments are funny as well23:21
v33oh internets23:23
v33hey romster, you dj, right?23:23
Romsteri haven't Djed in a long time, i do setup sound systems for DJ events and bands.23:24
v33ah, never mind then23:25
Romsteri've been thinking f taking up DJ-ing again though23:26
v33all you need to do is come down here to la, and you'll be booked...23:27
v33they make pretty decent money here. frat boys and all...23:27
Romsteri'm not into much of this doubstep stuff i'm more into old skool techno/trance23:28
v33oh, well, im sure theres a niche for you too lol23:28
Romsterpretty much everyone plays the same crap need some variation23:29
v33amen. i went to this salsa place thing, with a club like environment, and my god, i heard the same song in 3 different variations23:29
Romsteryeah see what i mean23:31
Romster haha some trophy plate.23:40

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