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Romsterso warm and bored and waiting for files to download.00:08
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: maradns: update to 1.4.0901:58
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Rotwanghmm, need wine05:37
rinesRotwang, real life or emulator?05:57
Rotwangwine is not emulator05:58
Rotwangand yeah, I need wine for crux 6405:58
rines"compatibility layer"06:01
rinesdoes wine work on x86_64 now?06:02
rinessome (years) ago I always had to create a 32bit chroot06:02
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Rotwangyou gotta love reactos06:59
Rotwangit never really works!06:59
frinnstheh, downloaded the vbox prepackage.. bluescreen on boot :D07:17
frinnststill.. a cool hack07:20
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Rotwangwine nor reactos never really worked for me07:29
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Rotwanghapi new year10:12
Rotwangcrux ppl10:12
teK_thanks, have a happy new year, too10:14
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v33sup guys15:40
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Romsterwine works on 886_64 multilib19:13
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RotwangRomster: 886_64 never heard of this arch22:03
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jaeger886_64 is the real deal, x86_64 was just a typo that never went away!22:05
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root____2woah, irssi is awesome.22:41
root____2oh, happy new years guy22:44
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veequick question. is the udev for xfce suppose to be version 173 or 175, because the pkgfile shows 175, but prt-get downloads 17323:19
jaegergudev is still at 173, probably, not udev23:20
veehm. oh, it might be the 81-crux.rules thing O.o23:20
jaegeryou lost me23:21
veewell, in the /usr/ports/core/udev, the pkgfile says udev, version 17523:21
jaegeryes... udev and gudev are not the same port23:21
veebut inside that folder, there is a 81-crux.rules file, figured maybe thats what it was downloading23:21
jaegerxfce needs gudev in addition23:22
veeface palm.23:22
veewhat i'd do without you, jaeger... xD23:23
veesorry about that lol23:24
jaegerno worries, just threw me off when you mantioned the rules file23:24
veei kinda figured i was in the wrong place when i was speaking nonsense to you xD23:24
jaegerthe rules file is a custom one made by the port author/maintainer, most likely23:25
jaegersince udev has no crux rules by default :)23:26
veeoh, i see. hey jaeger, how make a pkgfile for something? i feel like i'd learn a lot more getting my hands dirty with a small app23:26
jaegerThey're just text files, pick a simple one that's already made and alter it to your liking23:27
veewell, what i mean is i'd like to learn how to build my own stuff, so, god forbid i get decent enough and can contribute to crux and stop annoying you as well23:28
jaegerRight, my point was just to look at one that's already made and see how it works23:29
jaegeror check the handbook, there's a section about that I think23:29
veeoh. will do, thanks :)23:29
veeill check it out once xfce is done compiling. thanks jaeger!23:30
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