IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2012-01-03

*** vee has joined #crux00:34
veeso some lady00:36
veemanaged to hit 3 parked cars00:36
veeright outside my building...00:36
Romsterprobably not looking where she is going.00:51
Romsterhope it wasn't your car00:51
veethey wont let me out side the building00:52
veetheres shardes everywhere...wonder if i can take it from the parking lot...00:52
veelol let me try00:53
crshd3? how in the world did she manage that?00:54
crshdi can see 2, but 3?00:54
veeapperently, she kept on the trottle.01:05
veei cant get a decent view from the lot :/01:05
Romstermorning pitillo01:12
pitillodid you get vbox network working finally Romster ?01:12
Romsternah haven't tried again yet, working on some irritating patches for some ports currently01:13
pitilloah ok :)01:13
Romsterand getting new xine issue sorted with sound so i can commit it.01:13
Romsterlately i've been digging in autotools again01:13
Romstermorning frinnst01:18
Romsterthe more i look at libtool the more ugly i think it is.01:23
*** sepen has joined #crux01:28
Romsterhi sepen01:29
sepenhappy new year guys!01:42
crshdhappy new one, sepen01:42
sepenRomster: thanks for your qt4 report, nice research work01:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libfame: fix for building on 64bit systems01:46
Romsternp but the work was done by nogagplz i just reported it.01:47
Romsterwell depends on which issue the quoted $comamnd was nogagplz the LD_LIBRARY_PATH I found.01:48
Romsterwont compile if not already installed.01:48
sepenyeah, but for now I should wait to update it, I need my cpu a bit :D01:49
Romsterjsut nice the pkgmk job that's what i do.01:52
horrorStruckromster: any link you used for QoS to share? tia01:53
Romsteryeah a few01:54
Romsterneed to round them up anything in particular?01:54
Romsterhmm what would cause xine to output white noise off a dvd.01:54
horrorStruckjust want to set up QoS between 3 different subnets, nothing really special01:54
horrorStruckmainly to minimize bittorrent impact01:55
Romsterlow latency you using VoIP ssh sessions or just mostly bulk traffic?01:55
horrorStruckssh and web browsing01:56
Romsteri can give you a tip straight off before i dig up bookmarks it's far easier to set another ip on your pc and bind torrent client to that IP then use that ip to filter in tc/iptables01:56
Romstersince bittorrent uses a ton of random ports.01:56
horrorStruckah. good start :)01:57
Romster/sbin/ip addr add dev eth0 broadcast +01:57
Romster/sbin/ip addr add dev eth001:57
Romsterlike i do that for two ips second one for torrent traffic.01:57
horrorStruckyou have two ip for the same nic?01:58
horrorStruckdidnt even know that was possible01:58
Romster    inet brd scope global eth001:58
Romster    inet scope global secondary eth001:58
Romsterin ip addr01:59
horrorStruckok cool :)01:59
Romsterbe sure to add a /sbin/ip addr del dev eth0 line to stop too adjust ip to suit yourself if your using DHCP your on your own to set another ip up.01:59
horrorStruckno drawback?01:59
Romsterbe sure commands are in mirror image else /etc/rc.d/net will spit errors.01:59
Romsterother than torrent client had to be binded to that second ip.02:00
horrorStruckok got it02:00
Romsterso it's easy circumvent only draw back02:00
Romsterthat might be a good start for you.02:01
horrorStruckok i'll read that, thanks Romster02:01
Romsteri'm using a more complex HFSC that has latency curves that's a step up from HTB but very much more complex02:01
Romstercan get to that once you got a basic setup working.02:02
horrorStrucki wish i could understand what you are saying :D02:02
Romsteri find t hard to explain02:02
horrorStruckneed to read stuff first i guess02:02
Romsterstick to HTB based scheduling to begin with, it may be enough for your needs. HFSC what i'm using limits latency as well as bandwidth.02:03
RomsterHTB only limits bandwidth wont guarantee latency.02:03
horrorStruckok now at least i understand the difference02:03
Romsterwhat are you connected though to your isp?02:04
Romstercable DSL other?02:04
Romsterusig rp-pppoe full bridge mode or letting the DSL modem do the hard work?02:04
horrorStruckusing ppp02:04
horrorStruckwith rp-pppoe module02:05
Romsterso rp-pppoe then ok good that's what i do02:05
Romsterand it's considerably smoother02:05
Romsterthere is a tweak you can do before going with QoS02:05
horrorStruckworks great so far, my 3rd crux machine, a shiny router/fw02:05
Romstersee your CLAMPMSS= value in /etc/ppp/pppoe.conf02:06
* horrorStruck is googling02:07
Romsternote this will involve you to go off line a few times. but you can bump that up until you break your connection then back it down by 1 until it works. i got to CLAMPMSS=143202:07
horrorStruckisn't that default?02:07
Romsteri raied mine by 50/10/1 until it broke then lowered it until packets would work again.02:08
Romsterdefault is a safe 141202:08
horrorStrucki'm still trying to check what that stuff is02:08
Romsterbulk traffic and lower latency will happen if oyu fine tune that.02:08
Romsterjust keep bumping that reconnect test network works if not tweak retest.02:09
horrorStruckdid you play with txqlen value on your NICs as well?02:09
Romsteryes i did02:09
Romsterthat's another tweak02:09
Romsterwhat line speed are you on?02:09
Romsteri'm on txquelen of 1002:10
horrorStrucki had issues with wireless (i set up a wireless AP) with low values like this02:10
horrorStrucki use 5002:10
Romster/sbin/ip link set eth0 up txqueuelen 1002:10
horrorStruckspeed is 5Mbps/1Mbps IIRC02:11
Romstereth0 is on my router connected to my DSL modem.02:11
Romster10 will be fie for you but no lower.02:11
Romster10 can handle 10MB/s02:11
horrorStruckwireless is starving when i'm far from AP02:12
Romsterdon't change it on eth1 or your wifi AP connection only the one connected to the DSL modem.02:12
horrorStruckah good you're talking about this02:13
Romsteryou probably need a better antenna/change channels/ or your congestion settings need tweaking but that's another issue all together than to this.02:13
Romsteron the wifi get to that later.02:13
horrorStruckone question: wan is my nic connected to the modem, it becomes ppp0 once i'm connected to my ISP02:13
Romsteri've been studying packets DSL ATM cells and QoS for years02:14
Romsteryeah but it's eth0 in your ppp settings?02:14
horrorStrucktxqlen on ppp0 is 3 which is quite low but for wan, it's default 1000, which one is really used?02:14
Romsterwhat ETH= are you using in rp-pppoe.conf02:15
horrorStrucki renamed it via udev, it's called wan02:15
Romsterok so wan interface whould have txquelen of 1002:15
horrorStruckwhat about ppp0, this confuses me, they're the same NIC02:16
Romsterppp0 should follow that setting when you set it in wan02:16
Romstersame nick two different names.02:16
horrorStruckppp0 txqlen is 3 by default02:16
Romstertoo low don't know where that's being set from. should be on 10 too.02:16
Romsterdid you alter it somewhere?02:16
Romsterthat needs fixing wonder where it could be getting set.02:17
horrorStruckno idea02:17
horrorStrucki'll check ppp options02:18
Romsteror it might be in /etc/rc.d/net02:18
horrorStruckthere's not much in there, i just bring the inf up02:19
Romsterah i know.02:19
Romsteri set this line in my firewall file you could probably add it into /etc/rc.d/net if you prefered.02:19
Romsterip link set txqueuelen 10 mtu 1472 ppp002:20
horrorStrucki have it in rc.local which i think is not the right place02:20
Romsterthough i prefer in the firewall script as each time the link drops you need to rerun the firewall script to reset it.02:20
Romsteri made a /etc/rc.d/firewall02:21
horrorStruckme too :)02:21
horrorStruckfresh from yesterday02:21
Romsteri must confess i just manually run the firewall script when link comes backup and i notice it's not being shaped. but i should fix it sometime to make it do it for me.02:22
horrorStruckany tweaks on the ring buffer size? saw this here:
Romsteroh i did apply a patch for the better TCP handling to my kernel02:26
Romsteron the router.02:27
horrorStruckme too, we discussed that patch eralier in fact :)02:27
Romsterbut i'm not aware of any tuneable setting that also reminds me what TCP algorithm are you using?02:27
horrorStruckthe next big thing seems to be bql02:27
Romsterindeed i remember you pointing that out to me and i've patched my kernel to use it.02:27
Romsteri'm using westwood+02:28
horrorStrucktesting them at the moment. cubic is fine02:28
Romsterseems to ramp up much faster after congestion/dropout02:28
Romsterso ip addr now says ppp0 txquelen of 10?02:28
horrorStrucki turning to many knobs at the same time to see what is really improving perf02:29
Romsteralso the MTU to 1472?02:29
frinnstoh you ppl with your sad connecitons :p02:29
Romsterjust do the changes i said and then tune TCPMSS as high as it'll go without stopping network from working.02:29
Romsteryou can tweak other stuff later.02:29
horrorStruckMTU is 1492 for now, default value. i didnt change settings yet as I'm in office02:29
horrorStruckand i dont want to screw up from distant location :P02:30
Romsterwell take note of the ip line above i typed.02:30
Romsterand do it when you get home.02:30
horrorStrucki'll play with that, for sure02:30
horrorStruckand clampmms too02:31
RomsterMTU 1472 on ppp0 only txquelen 1002:31
horrorStruckshorter txqlen is fine on other NICs too I guess02:32
horrorStruckshould reduce the so called bufferbloat02:32
RomsterCLAMPMSS will by far improve things, the txquelen 10 will stop excessive latency and MTU 1472 on ppp0 will help reduce fragmenting packets across ATM cells.02:32
Romsterno not really you can keep longer on other links like 100 for a 100mbit link 1000 for a 1gbit link02:33
horrorStruckever heard of bql it's in net-next already02:33
Romsterperhaps on your wifi connection if it's 54mbps use txquelen of ~6002:33
horrorStruckthanks a lot for all those tips02:33
Romsteri might of read about BQL but i'm happy with that i've got until hat's more tested.02:34
Romsterdo all that before you start using HTB02:34
Romsteralso expect speeds of 70-80% of your real connection speed.02:34
horrorStrucki'm most curious about the clampmms thing02:34
Romsterit's best to go a bit low on your upload rate then get everything working then slowly tweak the speed up as your watching mtr02:35
Romsterbe sure to set ICMP traffic to the first queue or you'll get the latency of the bit torrent class.02:36
Romstermight take you a few months or more to get ti all fine tuned.02:36
Romsterdepending on how fast you learn it all.02:37
horrorStrucki just read some stuff about marking packets in mangle table that would be easier for QoS, any opinion?02:37
Romsterfrinnst, i do it more of a fun exercise because i can i can get a faster connection but then i get a download quota limit. i can keep to my existing unlimited plan and let it go 24/7 and not stutter my net radio streams or ssh web pages etc.02:38
Romsteryou always mark packets in the mangle table.02:38
Romsterthen the tc rules match them marks.02:38
horrorStruckusing that instead of routing02:38
Romsteryeah do't use routing unless you got a more complex setup.02:38
horrorStruckah ok02:39
Romstermostly useful for multihoming and VPN stuff02:39
Romsterthere is two ways to do the marking with either MARK or CLASSIFY I prefer mark so i can take advantage of conntrack02:41
horrorStrucknever used mangle until now...02:41
Romsteri'll have to show you a example later on how conntrack works with MARK so you can just mark the ACK packets and the rest are tracked for you.02:41
Romsterdon't expect to get it to work in one evening.02:42
Romsternow to figure out what the heck is wrong with me xine sound on dvd's02:42
horrorStruckthanks. luckily, iptables understable documentation is far more easy to find than tc02:43
veeis a firewall really necessary on linux?02:43
Romsterfiguring out tc was a bitch02:43
Romsterif your running a ton of services each can have a vulnerability.02:44
Romster #netfilter FAQ too.02:44
Romsterthough i don't think it touched on tc stuff.02:44
Romsterhmm no broken libs so what gives.02:46
veeguess i should install ip tables O.O02:47
Romsterthat should be in core already02:47
Romsteryou may need to enable netfilter and tc support in your kernel though02:47
Romsternot libdvdread issues hmm02:50
horrorStruckRomster: what's your issue?02:50
Romstermight be liba52 testing that next.02:51
Romsterxine dvd white noise instead of expected audio02:51
Romstersince i bumped xine-lib to 1.2.002:51
Romsterand i asked in #xine but it's still quiet.02:51
Romsterso i'm fault finding on my own if i can find it.02:52
Romstersome libs can be used internally with xine-lib i had some issues in the past with system libs for some things.02:53
horrorStruckoh the  --enable-double in liba5202:53
horrorStruckany pattern on sound encoding that triggers the bug02:54
Romsterthere we go liba52 is the culprit.02:54
Romsterenable double should be working it's only vlc that didn't like that.02:54
horrorStruckmaybe not only vlc anymore :P02:55
*** vee has quit IRC02:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: liba52: double integer breaks xine and vlc03:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: xine-lib: 1.1.20 -> 1.2.003:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: xine-ui: force a rebuild to new xine-lib03:11
Romsterxine now uses libvdpau03:14
Romsterno idea how many even use xine but it's my preferred player03:14
crshdi'm more of a mplayer2 guy myself03:18
Romsteri use mplayer form time to time still.03:20
Romsteri haven't used mplayer2 though.03:20
frinnstlong time since i used xine03:27
horrorStruckhey where's the frinnst's link of the day03:31
frinnstrelax, im busy! :)03:32
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crshdwhat a moron...03:36
*** prologic has joined #crux03:37
*** prologic is now known as Guest1479403:37
crshdi do that all the time :D03:37
Romsterwhat the heck
Romsterok that cheese on toast idea is making me hungry03:38
horrorStruckimgur battle03:39
Romsterlol that cat didn't care to move03:39
horrorStruckthe toaster trick is a good idea, gotta try that03:40
horrorStruckooooch :D03:42
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entethis wins :P04:55
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Romsterbut also anoying they interfear with the game05:19
*** rines has joined #crux05:26
rinesI'm using /etc/rc.local to start slim via /usr/bin/slim. But there's no more tty available; how can I fix this?05:27
pitillorines: why don't you use rc.conf and slim's rc script to start it?05:28
rinesoh.. didn't saw the slim rc05:30
Romsterit may work if oyu daemonise the process with & on the end of the command though it's better to use /etc/rc.d/slim as said above.06:34
rinesRomster, ah I see. Coud be possible with -d, too (daemon). Many many possibilities; should flip a coin ;)06:43
rinesBut I think rc.conf is faster, isn't it?06:43
rinesCause I could start it before crond, alsa, etc!?06:44
Romsteryeah well services is the best way to do it.06:44
Romsteryep starts in listed order06:44
Romsterif your keen try out yue/rc inplace of the core/rc port be sure to rejmerge06:45
Romsteri'm using it and it's fine some changes.06:45
crshdhm... can you start slim before other daemons? at least in the arch wiki it says that could lead to X crashing06:47
crshdguess i could just try it...06:47
rinesShould be possible; slim/X doesn't need crond to start up, for example06:48
teK_slimd is one of the first services I start + I append th slim line in rc.d/slim with a '&'06:48
frinnstits one of the first commands i run06:48
Romsteri can't see why not quicker to get x started06:49
Romsterthough i'd probably do it after net06:49
Romsteri still do startx thogh it's easily to kill that if someone wanted to.06:50
teK_alias startx='xinit -- /usr/bin/X -nolisten tcp 2>/dev/null &! clear &! exit'06:50
teK_if you use ZSH06:50
* rines have to reboot the system. Back soon06:51
*** rines has quit IRC06:51
Romsterthat prevents remote X11 desktops right?06:53
Romsterthough you have to allow it in hosts.allow to begin with and X11.conf06:53
Romsterthat wont start a wm though as teK_ is doing it.06:54
*** rines has joined #crux06:58
rineshmm.. if I use slim in rc.conf my mouse doesn't work after login :/06:58
rinesif I use slim -d in rc.local it works fine06:58
Romsteruse slim -d in /etc/rc.d/slimd ?06:59
rinesstrange... tried to use slim as first & last service; same effect...06:59
rinesRomster, yes06:59
teK_Romster: it does. I use ~/.xinitrc07:00
rinesteK_, I use .xinitrc as well07:00
teK_and X11 remotedesktop... you don't want that anyway (at least not without ssh-tunneling or via vnc or other crap ;))07:01
Romsterah ok your just avoiding the startx wrapper script.07:01
Romsteryeah the protocol itself is insecure.07:01
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libmpd: moved from xfce collection09:36
*** zetsu has joined #crux09:36
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: libmpd: removed (moved to opt)09:37
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: ed: update to 1.609:38
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: file: update to 5.1009:38
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: iptables: update to
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: iasl: updated to 2011112309:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libmpd: removed (moved to opt)09:39
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libpcap: update to 1.2.109:39
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: tcpdump: update to 4.2.109:39
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: gudev: updated to 175 and fixed source url10:10
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rmulljoe9: gEDA version bumped to 1.7.210:32
joe9rmull, thanks.10:32
joe9teK_ what does &! do?10:33
Romsteri think it's a ZSH shell argument.10:35
Romsteri havent' looked it up as of yet.10:35
joe9anyone upgraded to  mdadm        3.2.3-1? Does it work well? It did not  work for me. I had issues bringing the raid-1 up, with it.10:38
frinnsti have it installed, but not yet rebooted10:44
Romsteri have been putting off the mdadm update after the report.10:46
Romsterfrinnst, omg my eyes10:47
frinnstyoure welcome :D10:48
*** sepen has quit IRC10:53
jaegerfrinnst is a pretty princess (tm)10:57
* frinnst sprinkles jaeger with faerydust10:57
jaegerI believe!10:58
* jaeger claps his hands10:58
tilmanfrinnst: nice shoes you have there11:08
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deus_exI still can't push to contrib64 git.
deus_exPEBKAC or...? :)12:39
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teK_looks like a permission problem13:29
*** deus_ex is now known as pedja13:35
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entebtw, crux's rc.d/net ♥14:31
enteI use it on a friend's arch machine :P14:31
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veesup fellas16:04
aonnot much16:21
aondrinking tea and watching parks and recreation16:21
veetea eh? what kind?16:26
*** cinolt has joined #crux16:30
cinoltHi all. I'm trying to install CRUX 2.7.1 as a Guest OS on a VM (VirtualBox) on a MacBook Pro (OS X Lion). I followed the instructions as per the Handbook, replacing x86 with x86_64 as appropriate, however I can't seem to get rid of the VFS: can't mount root error when I try to boot into the installed system. Here are some screenshots I took, any help is appreciated: http:16:32
veedid you build support for16:33
veethe file systems?16:33
cinoltYes, I added built-in support for ext3 and ext2 just in case.16:34
veeand if you did, did you save it?16:34
cinoltI triple-checked, even with make clean's between them.. :(16:34
cinoltAs you can see I used the same .config (Except adding support for the filesystems) as the kernel on the CD which boots fine.16:35
cinoltBut I still get the same error, which confuses me.16:35
veewell, i had the same problem a couple hundred issue was i didn't save it, particularly saving it as .config16:35
aonhow's your lilo.conf16:35
veeother than that, im not too sure. i got those errors when i didn't build support for the file systems, since technically my config never saved.16:35
aonor config for whichever bootloader you're using16:35
cinolt@aon check the third screenshot.16:36
aonyour message got truncated, i just have http: here as the last word16:36
cinoltHow's that?16:36
aonbetter :)16:36
niklaswecinolt: did you add scsi-support to the kernel when you complie?16:36
cinoltniklaswe: No, but I'm using the same .config as the kernel on the CD16:37
cinoltAh maybe it's because it uses initramfs or whatever16:37
niklasweit looks like you have miss that.. then you _almost_ got that problem :p16:38
entethe default kernel config shipped on the CD isn't too good, imho16:38
cinoltTo me even the menuconfig is basically incomprehensible.. I guess I'll just add built-in support for random entries containing SCSI :)16:39
enteyou can search16:40
enteyou'll need general SCSI as well as support for your controller16:40
entethat should be enough16:40
jaegercinolt: paste your 'lspci' output and we can tell you which drivers are needed16:41
cinoltjaeger: I would appreciate that very much :)
*** jdolan has quit IRC16:44
niklaswecya later guys... time to bed now.16:45
cinoltGood night.16:45
niklaswegood night.16:46
*** zetsu has quit IRC16:47
cinoltjaegae: Did you get the link? Or was it truncated again? :P16:56
jaegersorry, I'm semi-AFK troubleshooting 10Gbe networking with our vendor16:56
cinoltAh okay, it's fine. I don't mean to rush you.16:57
jaegerso it looks like you're using Intel PIIX4 as your IDE interface16:57
cinoltLooks like it16:58
jaegerDevice Drivers -> Serial ATA and Parallel ATA drivers -> ATA SFF Support and ATA BMDMA Support -> Intel ESB, ICH, PIIX3, PIIX4 PATA/SATA support16:58
jaegerthat should be builtin <*> instead of module <m>16:59
cinoltIt is already builtin17:00
cinoltI also added I2C_PIIX4 because it looked relevant.17:01
cinoltOh well, I'm going to rebuild and try to boot again just to see if it works.17:01
*** jdolan has joined #crux17:02
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan17:02
cinoltOkay well I got it to boot at least. There's some errors but I think I can fix it myself. Thanks for the help, it looks using the default .config rather than the one on the CD is better17:12
cinoltdefault as in the one automatically generated by the Makefile when there is no .config :p17:12
*** cinolt has quit IRC17:14
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: tcl: fix compile on 64bit20:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: tk: fix compile on 64bit20:05
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jaegerAnyone know of a PCIe 10Gbe single or dual port SFP+ MMF SR with interchangeable SFP+ carrier(s)?21:35
jaeger <-- like this except with the SFP+ socket empty so I can change the transceiver in it21:36
jaegeroooh, think I found it, finally21:42
*** SiFuh has quit IRC22:34

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