IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2012-01-04

vee10 GB network card O.O00:25
veeany good books one can recommend for website design?01:19
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veejust noticed theres a few more crux videos up on youtube. good signs :D01:53
pitillogrub to X 9 seconds... on arm around 20 seconds (not bad) I think I should upload the videos to youtube too xD01:59
niklaswegod morning02:02
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veefree publicity eh? especially if you go ape shit with the tags. xD02:04
veei love crux's boot...except now, if i go to any distro, i feel like i have a fat cow on my computer :/02:04
pitillovee: nah, they are in the website... I never uploaded a video to youtube. You know, not only boot is nice in CRUX :)02:05
veepitillo: agreed, but, its what i notice most often. especially since i constantly leave and come back02:06
pitilloyeah, that's true. Ubuntu for example is making good progress in boot time too, but if you make a comparission on arm... that's another world02:07
pitillo the records are there (the efikamx ones)02:09
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veee17 looks awesome. hm...02:12
veei've gotten to use to xfce though02:13
pitilloall are good, the best: the one which makes you feel confortable :)02:14
veei would say xfce does just that, except, i cant figure out why the folders in my file manager have no folder picture...they're blank, with just the writing xD02:15
pitilloummmm I think there is something with xfce and icons. If the only thing you don't see are those icons in thunar, then may be you need to setup ~/.gtkrc-2.002:18
veewell, originally, there were NO icons, except for the programs i just installed. so i went to the or what ever, downloaded a few, and for the most part all went well, except for the folder pictures within thunar02:20
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pitillovee: then check your ~/.gtkrc-2.002:21
veethats odd...there is no gtkrc in my computer O.o02:23
pitilloI'm using gnome icons, but I think you can change it and use another icon theme for thunar02:24
veethanks. let me swap it out to the one im using02:24
veeinclude "/home/pitillo/.gtkrc.mine" <-- is that where you set your icon locations?02:28
sepenvee: you only need to select an icon theme02:30
veewell, i changed the name, and it still doesn't have the folders picture...02:30
pitillovee: nop, gtk-icon-theme-name is the var used to specify the icon theme used by thunar02:30
veei was actually reading that xD02:33
sepenare you using gtk-chtheme?02:34
veegive me one sec, i think i figured out what i did wrong02:35
veeto be honest, all i've done to change the icons was to create a .icons folder, drag the icons i've downloaded online into it, and go to menu, settings, apperance, icons and the icons im using comes up there02:36
veeat this point i feel like the theme i downloaded just doesn't have icons for folders :/02:40
veethough when i create a folder on the desktop, a picture of a folder comes up....strange...02:42
pitillovee: ummm I think thunar uses its own icon-theme (specified in .gtkrc-2.0 file) Do you have problems only with folders icons in thunar? if so, may be you are right and your custom icon set doesn't provide an icom for them02:44
veeFML. i changed the icon theme, and walla, folder pictures.02:45
veeso much rage right now. xD02:45
veesorry for bugging you guys...thanks for the help though!02:45
pitillonice, you are welcome vee :)02:46
veehonestly cant believe i spent that much time on something so simple02:46
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teK_AOL IM sniffs URLs from private messages and pre-fetches these links from its servers:
teK_(via @hdmoore)03:17
veeno one is really ever on aim though...03:20
veeheck, i dont remember the last time i logged on aim...everyone is on facebook now :/03:20
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: qt4: fixed visibility test bug (FS#781)03:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cmake: updated to 2.8.703:38
Romstergood thing i haven't used aim in like forever.03:53
Romster+1 for IRC03:53
frinnstthe only im client i've ever used it icq :)04:01
frinnsti remember aol advertised their dialup isp in a swedish computermag back in -97 or something.. if you signed up you had to call a UK modem-pool to connect04:02
sepenI used psi-im ages ag04:05
frinnsterr s/client/service/04:06
frinnstmiranda im was a nice windows client iirc04:07
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rinesdoes anybody use gimp stable? Seems like gimp doesn't like current poppler version04:23
rinesbusy right now but I'll upload the buildlog later04:23
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frinnsthe knew it was coming and yet shit his pants :D04:25
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Romster that is insane 1 million fire crackers04:45
v33jesus christ...04:50
Romsteryou said it alright05:00
v33so, hows everyone doing?05:01
v33just noticed its 3. fml05:01
v33well, off to bed. good night guys :)05:04
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sepenuea! we created an account on ebay with our first items
frinnstwho's "we"?05:48
frinnstyour company?05:51
frinnstcool, what do you guys do exactly? fucking spanish! :)06:00
frinnstadd a english page! :p06:00
sepenfrinnst: well, I'm working on the R&D area which has his own fucking spanish page www.ozonosecurity.com06:02
frinnstbut what? hardware?06:02
sepenSUN hardware06:02
frinnstsilicon design?06:03
sepenbut in my case developing network appliances06:03
frinnstcool stuff06:04
sepenfrinnst: what? silicondesigns is another enterprise06:04
sepenanyways they should work more on our webpages, :D06:04
frinnstatleast add a english page :)06:05
frinnstoooh damn, lunch was over an hour ago.. best get some food06:05
teK_those fc-controller pictures are quite artistic06:26
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libetpan: update to 1.108:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: claws-mail: update to 3.8.008:52
* rines tries to update claws-mail...08:56
rinesSeems the url is incorrect?08:56
rinesgot a 301 Moved Permanently08:56
mike_krines: let me check it09:04
mike_kI get 302 Found, and it works. but only with some aliases in /etc/hosts09:06
mike_kyep. I have to fix it apparently09:07
frinnsttry the thingy09:07
frinnstor whatever09:08
mike_kfrinnst: thanks, that works09:09
jaegerif you use you can take the sourceforge second bit out09:09
jaeger$name/$name-$version.tar.bz2 for example09:09
frinnstah, guess i pasted from an old port then :)09:10
frinnstthough sorceforge is a pain09:10
jaegerI think all 3 work, I just opted for the shortest09:10
mike_k works too09:10
Romsterthey changed the /sourceforge to /project09:10
Romstermike_k, on some not all.09:10
frinnstyeah, i have /project in all my other ports i think09:11
Romsteri manually download stop it on the browser copy the direct link edit that for the source=09:11
Romsteronly reliable way.09:11
mike_kthey used to be a pain, but have still to support old URI scheme. I 've watched a nice pycon video by their current web-dev team09:11
Romstersome of my ports broke when they did there change.09:12
frinnsttime to reboot into a nfs4 kernel. wonder if it will boot with the new mdadm09:12
Romsterwasn't impressed09:12
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Romsterwe'll find out soon enough :D09:12
Romsterusually it's me breaking my system09:12
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: claws-mail: fix source url09:15
frinnstguess so09:15
Romster'so mddadm exploded or ok?09:18
frinnstok i guess09:18
frinnstotherwise i'd connect from another host :)09:18
juenever had problems with latest mdadm09:19
Romsterone person did i read in here. guess it's safe to update then09:19
frinnstdon't remember who had problems09:19
Romsterjoe9 i think it was.09:19
juethat was joe909:19
frinnstyeah, rings a bell09:19
frinnstthough i use raid5 with fancy new superblock and 3.1.7.. dunno what he runs09:20
juehe wrote me a mail about that, but never came back with an useful error report09:21
Romster1.1 superblock on raid1 here09:21
Romstersounds like a red herring from joe909:21
jueI did a test with 0.9, works for me as well09:21
Romsterperhaps he was relying on auto assemble or something that's not the preferred way anymore.09:22
frinnstanyone taken a rhce exam?09:22
jaegerNot I09:22
jueRomster: btw, any issue with rc-ng?09:22
frinnstseems pretty straight forward.. been reading Hands-on Guide to the Red Hat® Exams: RHSCA(TM) and RHCE® Cert Guide and Lab Manual09:23
jaegeryay, got my vpn setup back up09:24
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Romsterjue, none so far but i haven't dug into it much.09:25
Romsterand i've only rebooted like 4 times since.09:26
juesound good, thanks for testing/using it ;)09:27
joe9i am running mdadm with kernel support for raid-109:27
joe9I had problems with the latest mdadm release.09:28
*** ardo1 has quit IRC09:28
joe9The mdadm executable was complaining about a missing C library oslt09:28
Romsterat run time?09:28
frinnstthat would probably be solved by a rebuild09:28
joe9yes, on boot09:28
joe9as my root is on raid-109:29
frinnstwait, did the static build break or something?09:29
joe9sudo pkgadd -u -f /var/pkgmk/packages/mdadm\#3.2.2-1.pkg.tar.gz09:30
Romsterjue, i'll do more testing later on rc looking over it and stuff.09:30
joe9I did that after the package build process.09:30
Romsteri'm still using it though as is.09:30
frinnstcan you publish that package somewhere so i can download it?09:31
joe9Romster: the latest version?09:31
Romsterjue/rc which is nicknamed rc-ng09:31
joe9it was 3.2.3 that had issues09:31
joe93.2.2 works fine. no problems.09:31
frinnstah, still have 3.2.3 laying around?09:32
Romsteri'm on 3.2.2 still on mdadm09:32
joe9opt         mdadm     3.2.3-1     3.2.2-109:32
joe9frinnst: yes09:32
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joe9frinnst: do you want the .tar.gz file?09:33
* frinnst is bored anyways09:34
joe9ok, i am not sure how to send it across. Can I email it to you?09:34
Romsterperhaps you are using some CFLAGS that are brekaing it?09:34
Romsterlike my text is lol09:34
frinnstsure, fredrik@rinnestam.se09:34
joe9Romster: that is very much possible.09:34
Romsterany exotic flags?09:35
joe9 is what I had instead of the usual /usr/include09:35
joe9as I have some libraries in /opt/include that I want to be used09:35
joe9the other packages, seem to be working fine, though.09:36
joe9maybe, because it is used during boot oslt.09:36
Romstershouldn't be a space in -I and /opt...09:36
Romsteri don't see that being exotic though.09:37
juejoe9: you get the segfault for every call of mdadm, even after boot?09:38
joe9frinnst: sent to your email.09:40
joe9jue: with the latest version of mdadm 3.2.3, yes09:40
joe9Romster: let me clean up the cflags stuff and try.09:40
joe9cannot remember why I even put that variable.09:40
joe9some llvm stuff, I presume.09:40
juejoe9: even for a 'mdadm --version'?09:41
Romsteri don't know why you didnd't Pkgfile what ever it was into the system, i don't see any use for /opt09:41
joe9jue, I was able to get to a recovery prompt, with mdadm --version, i was getting some error with segfault and missing library, oslt.09:42
joe9Romster: what do you mean? I am sorry that I do not understand what you said.09:43
joe9being a newbie.09:43
Romsterthe fact your using -I/opt/include09:44
joe9Romster: I am working now on removing that cflags variable from my env09:45
Romsterwhen it's easy to Pkgfile any program and install it in the normal locations09:45
joe9Romster: oh, now I understand.09:45
juejoe9: that's not what I meant09:45
Romsterit's only binary distros and such where /opt makes any sense.09:45
joe9romster, I was using  debian before and when playing around with llvm and some pic libraries, had them installed in /opt09:45
Romsterfor untracked packages not in the ports system/09:46
joe9Romster: as, some of the pic libraries were binary and a pita to get working.09:46
Romsterah for debian yes but crux09:46
joe9Romster: since the migration, I have been slowly getting to the crux ports system, anything which I can.09:46
Romstereww binary stuff not so much fun but for single directory stuff use /usr/lib/$name and some shell script in /usr/bin/$name to point to the current binary.09:47
joe9Romster: but, for the pic libraries stuff, I could not do that as they were a pita to get working initially.09:47
joe9Romster: and, I have not had the time to muck around with it, as it was working.09:47
frinnstjoe9: seems to run on my rhel system :D09:47
Romsterjoe9, my yacy port in romster repo is a good example of this. though it's not a binary port.09:48
joe9Romster: will check it out, thanks.09:48
joe9frinnst: good to know. so, I guess something else is the reason?09:48
Romsterjust a pointer for future refference.09:48
Romsteri understand time is precious and not wanting to alter stuff as it's working.09:48
juejoe9: have you ever tried to run the mdadm 3.2.3 binary after you've booted?09:56
joe9jue: on the recovery prompt after the failed boot, I tried mdadm --version and it segfaulted, if that is what you mean.09:57
joe9after booting with mdadm 3.2.2, have I tried the mdadm 3.2.3 binary, then, no09:57
juethat's what I mean, trx that09:57
jueextract the package to somewhere and run mdadm from there09:58
joe9jue: trying that now.10:05
joe9changed my cflags and ldflags, let me try the full install again, just to be sure.10:05
joe9mdadm build log:
joe9jue: should I reboot and see what happens?10:07
joe9or, is it a better idea to check on something else before I do that. such as libraries that it is using oslt?10:07
*** ardo has quit IRC10:13
juejoe9: be brave and try it ;)10:13
joe9ok, will do.10:14
joe9Romster: there are some packages that I install from git. How do you use ports on such packages?10:15
joe9i install such packages to /opt using gnu stow, just to keep them separate10:15
joe9iptables build is failing: . I could do update-footprint, but am not sure if the package needs to be fixed10:16
joe9see you on the other side.10:19
*** joe9 has quit IRC10:19
pitillojoe9: about packages using git, I think there are some in the portdb (I have some tagged in my personal repo with the sufix -git). About iptables, notice those NEW files are built because you have something more than the maintainer (may be he build iptables in a clean enviroment and yours is linking with xtables)10:25
mike_kbtw, was there any temptation ever to make guidelines for git/hg/svn-versioned ports?10:38
*** joe9 has joined #crux10:50
joe9still the same problem. mdadm 3.2.3, mdadm --version works. but, "mdadm --detail --export /dev/md0" and "mdadm --assemble /dev/md2" segfaults10:50
joe9but, mdadm --detail /dev/md0 worked10:50
joe9frinnst: Romster: jue: ^^10:51
joe9it says "terminated by signal 11"10:51
joe9segfault at 0 ip b760f7a1 error 4 in [b759c000 + 155000] segmentation fault10:52
thrice`custom glibc or so?10:55
joe9thrice`: not that I know of.10:56
*** frinnst has quit IRC10:58
*** frinnst has joined #crux11:10
pitillomike_k: that could be a good discussion, but I think the guideline in official repositories is easiest: snapshot to git/svn/hg sources11:10
pitillojoe9: if you can, check channel log, I posted you a little answer to your questions11:11
*** sepen has quit IRC11:11
joe9pitillo: ok, will do. thanks a lot. is this regarding the ports from git sources or the mdadm stuff?11:12
pitillojoe9: about git sources and the iptables "error" (here I haven't experience with mdam, sorry)11:13
joe9ok, thanks. will do.11:13
*** mike_k has quit IRC11:14
*** joe9 has quit IRC11:14
*** joe9 has joined #crux11:34
joe9could not get mdadm 3.2.3 to work. It still segfaults. giving up at this point.11:35
joe9pitillo: just checked your message regarding the iptables errors. I could delete the .footprint and then run the pkgmk again. What is the recommended approach in such scenarios?11:37
pitillojoe9: do you have problems with other software?11:37
joe9nope, only with this iptables error.11:38
joe9the mdadm issue is probably something else.11:38
pitillojoe9: you can update the footprint or ignore it. When you find NEW files isn't a bad scenario, if you see some MISSING files, that should be reported to the maintainer IMHO11:38
joe9ok, good to know. Thanks.11:39
*** [2m]Dudde has quit IRC11:39
joe9is there any reason why prt-get does not have an update-footprint option?11:39
pitillosorry, I meant problems with other software related to mdadm, it's a bit strange that error and more when others are using it without problems. If you haven't touched anything related to the toolchain (customized) then it could be related to some customized CFLAGS or a mess with your old Include pointing to your /opt11:40
joe9when doing prt-get update <port>11:40
joe9pitillo: I removed the CFLAGS and LDFLAGS from my profile and env11:40
pitillojoe9: it has. -uf update footprint, -if ignore footprint, and a bit more... there is a option in prt-get.conf to ignore NEW files11:40
joe9pitillo: I compiled the package after removing the flags11:40
joe9pitillo: isn't -uf  for pkgmk?11:41
joe9pitillo: sorry11:42
pitillothen I'm not sure if you updated any toolchain component with your custom include and broken anything (it's a strange scenario really)11:42
joe9pitillo: just checked the man and I see it now.11:42
pitillojoe9: man prt-get11:42
pitilloyeah :)11:42
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joe9pitillo: oh, ok. let me do the kernel rebuild again. may that is bothering mdadm.11:43
pitilloummmm I'm not sure it could be related to kernel11:43
pitillojoe9: may be I'm confusing you more with my comments about mdadm11:44
joe9pitillo: btw, I just checked your -svn packages, and I think it is pretty cool.11:44
*** zetsu has quit IRC11:44
joe9there are a few packages where I could use it.11:44
pitillojoe9: that's a custom solution, but think that you are able to do whatever you want. You can keep sources in PKGMK_SRC_DIR and check them, or just use PKGMK_WORK_DIR and remove sources11:45
rinesjoe9, metadata=0.90?11:46
joe9rines: yes11:46
joe9I have 2 raid-1 arrays and one with metadata 0.90 that I use for / with kernel automount11:47
joe9the other is not metadata 0.9011:47
joe9 array details.11:49
rineshmm.. I remember there was a problem in mdadm 3.2.2 with metadata 0.90 but it should be fixed now (I hope)11:49
joe93.2.2 works fine. I have issues with 3.2.3 only.11:49
joe9mdadm --detail /dev/md0 works11:49
rinesthats funny; I had a similar problem with 3.2.2 ;)11:50
joe9mdadm --detail --export /dev/md0 segfaultts11:50
rineswait; will test it on one of my crux-server11:50
joe9cool, thanks a lot.11:50
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*** [2m]Dudde has joined #crux11:54
rinesjoe9, here on my latest crux-system it works fine.11:54
joe9kernel version?11:55
rinescan you do a mdadm --detail --scan?11:55
joe9I do not know. I can check.11:55
rinesyou compiles raid1 into the kernel (not as a module)?11:58
joe9yes, compiled it into the kernel.11:58
rineshmm.. but I think it cannot be the kernel, cause your raid is running..11:59
rines--scan works?11:59
joe9and, I can log into the prompt and remount it with mount -n -o remount,rw /11:59
joe9and, do everything from there.12:00
joe9and that is how I know that mdadm --detail /dev/md0 works fine.12:00
pitillojoe9: have you tested jue's rc-ng port?12:01
joe9pitillo: no, why do you ask?12:01
pitillonot sure if it can be related, but it should be a good option in raid scenarios (for what I understood from ML)12:03
*** frinnst has quit IRC12:09
pitillonothing related, if it's segfaulting...12:14
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*** frinnst has joined #crux12:19
frinnstanyone running nfsv4?12:20
mavrick61Hi all, OMG.. Now I got MIRC to work again via psyBNC. But I don't know how...12:20
Rotwang1any autotools wizards around?12:21
frinnstyeah, you12:24
Rotwang1me not12:26
juefrinnst: what's the problem?12:27
joe9rmull, can you take the pcb-git and geda-git to your repository?    ./configure --prefix=/usr \12:28
joe9          --mandir=/usr/man \12:28
joe9          --disable-nls \12:28
joe9          --disable-update-xdg-database12:28
joe9wrong paste, please ignore12:28
joe9rmull, wrong paste, please ignore12:28
joe9rmull, can you please take the pcb-git and geda-git to your repository? source for the ports:
joe9rmull, it would be great if you could take the latest ghc port into your repo too?12:30
Rotwang1joe9: cant you set up your own repo?12:30
joe9I do not have web space.12:31
Rotwang1which reminds me that I should set up my own12:35
rines[...]I told them I knew C because I am good with email and word[...]12:37
frinnstjue: just moved up from nfsv3.. had some problems with idmapd at first but i *think* thats sorted - ls returns correct uid etc.. but i cant read/write anything12:41
frinnststrace of "cat nfs.txt"12:42
frinnstjust freezes at open12:42
joe9is there any documentation on how to use pkgmk/prt-get? I read somewhere that it is a good idea to use the pkgmk user for package management. but, I have forgotten where.12:43
joe9I currently do: sudo prt-get.. or sudo pkgmk12:43
joe9to install a package.12:43
frinnstjoe9: the wiki probably12:43
frinnstand you'll need to use fakeroot iirc12:44
juefrinnst: running rcpbind?12:46
juefrinnst: important is to add fsid=root in /etc/exports to the share options12:47
frinnstyeah, it was the fsid part12:50
frinnstalso not having dnotify in my kernels took some time :)12:53
joe9frinnst: do you do "fakeroot pkgmk --download && sudo pkgadd <package>"?12:54
frinnstbtw, isn't it a good idea to have nobody own /var/lib/nfs by default ?12:54
frinnstjoe9: nah, too lazy.. sudo ftw :)12:54
frinnstbut yeah.. fakeroot prt-get <asdf>12:55
joe9frinnst: ok, cool. good to know. thanks.12:55
juefrinnst: do you need that? here it's owned by root12:56
joe9ERROR: object '' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored.12:56
enteI don't think I like XSLT12:57
frinnstjue: nah, but you do get this in the logs:12:57
frinnstJan  3 07:39:38 nibbler rpc.statd[507]: Running as root.  chown /var/lib/nfs to choose different user12:57
frinnstrpc.statd runs as nobody with chown nobody /var/lib/nfs12:58
jueyeah, right13:00
juewill look at it a bit deeper tomorrow13:01
juefrinnst: but at all it's running now?13:01
joe9when I do fakeroot "prt-get update <pkg>", I get "pkgadd: only root can install/upgrade packages". with fakeroot, I would have to do "fakeroot prt-get .. && pkgadd ..".13:10
joe9Is that how everyone does this?13:10
joe9I have the makecommand set up in the /etc/prt-get.conf and do "sudo prt-get update <..>"13:13
joe9but, am not sure if that is the correct way of doing it.13:13
joe9tilman, why not bump the zsh version from 4.3.12 to 4.3.15? It installs and works fine13:31
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jaegerjoe9: use fakeroot for the makecommand and sudo for the others15:19
jaegermakecommand      fakeroot pkgmk15:19
jaegeraddcommand       sudo pkgadd15:19
joe9jaeger: oh, cool. exactly what I need.15:19
joe9my prt-get.conf:
joe9please let me know if there is anything that I can add to it.15:21
jaegeryou should enable runscriptcommand since you set runscripts to yes15:25
jaegerotherwise looks fine15:25
joe9runscriptcommand sudo sh?15:26
joe9jaeger: thanks for looking at it.15:26
joe9cool, now i can just do "prt-get depinst <pkg>" without the need for "sudo prt-get depinst <pkg>"15:28
jaegerindeed :)15:31
*** v33 has joined #crux16:33
v33sup gaise16:34
v33anyone know what website was, when you type the songs you like already, and it suggests other songs? i cant find it anymore16:53
*** jdolan has quit IRC17:11
*** Rotwang1 has quit IRC17:18
aonthough you don't exactly type them in there17:40
v33no, its not last fm :/17:43
v33damn useless17:43
jaegerpandora and both did some of that18:05
jaegernot sure who else18:05
*** Kateon has quit IRC18:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: openvpn: 2.2.1 -> 2.2.218:17
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v33holy jeez, e17's compositor is heavy heavy19:08
*** v33 has quit IRC19:51
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*** v33 has joined #crux22:40
v33is there any way to delay (or send to background) daemons like you can in arch?22:44
Romsterif they have no background or daemonize option append & to the end of them.22:59
v33oh, alright thanks!23:03
*** v33 has quit IRC23:05
*** v33 has joined #crux23:10
v33im assuming you cant add an & to the net daemon... xD23:12
Romsterah there commands they don't daemonize. like ip.23:13
v33ahh poo...i'd rather have it dhcp once i log in, maybe i can add a script or something to .xinit23:13
v33one sec, ill brb23:14
Romsterwell you can use dhcp too. it's in the crux docs if oyu look on network setup23:14
*** v33 has quit IRC23:14
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v33anyway, did you figure out the vbox net issues?23:18
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