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sepenhas someone configured smtp-auth with cyrus-sasl and shadow mechanism? well or a mechanism distinct of default one sasldb03:11
sepenI'm running cyrus-sasl 2.1.23-2 on a crux-2.6 server and seems that sasl can't get passed mechanism option:
sepen^^ mech_option: NULL in both cases03:13
frinnsti did a few years back.. dont think i ran crux even :)03:18
frinnstuseless reply i guess, sorry :)03:22
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sepenfrinnst: anyways thanks, just I should update it first and try to reproduce the issue03:49
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sepenteK_: you could safely remove cyrus-sasl-2.1.23-gcc44.patch ;D03:52
teK_will do thanks ;P03:56
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sepenooops, my bad I'm doing things right but seems that my eyes were tired, mech_option != auth_mech :P sorry for the noise04:00
* Romster hands sepen a fresh brewed cup of coffee05:07
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: [notify] openssl: update to 1.0.0f05:21
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libtirpc: fix build with automake 1.11.205:24
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horrorStruckhey #crux09:24
horrorStruckjaeger: hi, how's the x220 btw?09:25
jaegerIt's great :)09:26
* horrorStruck is jealous09:26
jaegerTook me a few hours to figure out how to get the UEFI boot sorted but it's working well now09:26
thrice`need grub2?09:26
horrorStruckmaye my FR will be considered then :P09:26
jaegerthrice`: elilo would have worked, too, but I went with grub209:27
jaegerteK_ uses elilo for his UEFI boot09:27
horrorStruckjaeger: you put some ssd in that thing?09:28
jaegernot yet. I might get one for it later09:28
jaegerbuying it from lenovo was far less cost-effective than buying my own09:29
horrorStruckdefinitely. and no idea what they use09:29
jaegerThey offered an intel 320 series when I configured this x22009:29
jaegerFrom what I've read the intel 320 is currently the only intel SSD that fits in the x220 without case modifications09:30
jaegerIt's thinner than the standard 2.5" drive size09:30
* horrorStruck enjoys 5 seconds boot with crucial M409:30
jaegerThere are other SSD manufacturers making smaller ones, too, I would guess, but I have not researched that09:30
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horrorStruck2.5" should be pretty standard for SSDs normally09:37
jaegerit is.. the x220's drive bay is what isn't standard09:38
jaegerslightly smaller09:38
horrorStruckah ok. too much beer sorry09:39
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frinnsti hate this 2.5" "standard" for ssd's10:37
frinnsthad to buy a special adapter to fit in my 3.5" bays10:37
frinnstwith these cheap-ass brackets the manufacturers send with missaligns the power and sata ports10:38
horrorStruckhad to buy an adapter to put an unused laptop hdd in a back-to-life desktop machine, of course, screws position does not fit.10:41
jaegerfrinnst: I've been considering using velcro to attach my SSDs to the sides of my cases, or the bottoms, instead of using those trays10:42
frinnstnot an option in my hp microserver unfortunately10:43
jaegerinteresting little box, never seen one of those before10:47
horrorStruckjust too sad wifee considers pc component as non-esthetic, i'd otherwise never use a pc case.10:48
jaegerI have 1 machine at home that doesn't live in a case currently but most of the time I prefer to have a case :)10:49
horrorStruckconvinient for transport, otherwise...10:50
horrorStrucki mean, a MB is beautiful.10:51
frinnstjaeger: its awesome.. sooo tiny10:52
frinnstthink mac-mini (well, a little bit bigger) but actually useful10:52
frinnstecc ram, proper nic10:52
jaegeryeah, I poked around on the site a bit, pretty neat10:53
jaegerdecently priced, too10:53
frinnsti have the old model with a weaker cpu - 1.3ghz10:53
frinnsti have a ssd and 4x2tb drives loaded in it10:54
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frinnstso awesome11:58
jaegergrandma looks pissed13:00
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Zeraphinganyone here with much experience trying to upload a file to a remote server from a linux machine?18:51
ZeraphingIs that a no? lol18:53
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horrorStruckis that even possible? i usually use a usb thumbdrive20:15
aon i usually convert the files into FSK audio, play them and record them onto a tape and then play that back to the target computer20:17
horrorStruckawesome tip! does it work with a gramophone?20:19
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wajeembahello, I'm thinking of using crux to host a minecraft server- but I also need to install hamachi 2- does Crux come with LSB?21:34
wajeembahmm, does anyone have a crux box that they can run "lsb_release" quick?21:49
jaegerIt does not21:53
jaegerwith that said, there's already a roll of crux for running minecraft specifically called MineOS, I think21:53
wajeembayes, that's what I'm thinking of using21:53
wajeembaI just need LSB as a prereq for hamachi 221:53
jaegerNever used hamachi in linux but we don't have lsb_release, no21:54
wajeembaok, thanks21:54
jaegerI imagine you could install it without too much trouble21:54
wajeembaany idea what the steps would be? the main LSB page is strangely unhelpful21:55
jaegerSorry, never messed with it, myself21:55
wajeembaperhaps a better question: what package manager does crux use?21:55
rmullIt uses a ports-style system22:01
rmullwajeemba: In what way does it require lsb_release?22:03
rmullYou can probably fake it22:03
wajeembalol, that's a good point- from Please make sure you have the LSB 3.0 (or above) package installed prior to attempt installing the product.22:04
jaegerThere are quite a few things out there that run lsb_release and react to its output22:04
jaegerso maybe if you make a script that just prints out something it wants to see22:04
jaeger(this is a guess, haven't messed with it myself)22:05
wajeembaI'm going to try a manual install on a MineOS+ box (based on tinycore) if that doesn't work, then I'll probably look into Crux, because the current package manager on this thing is junk..22:06
wajeembaok, so forcing install failed. on to crux22:54
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v33sup gaise23:16
jaegerIs that supposed to be "guys"? I've been wondering23:20
jaegerI try to avoid it, heh23:30
Romsterlolspeak for guys23:32
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v33yup xD23:57
v33its me, trying to be annoying. lol23:57

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