IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2012-01-07

cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: xtables-geoip: 20111201 -> 2012010700:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: xtables-addons: 1.40 -> 1.4100:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: ipset: romster -> contrib00:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: xtables-addons: add REadme00:05
Romsterah for god sake this shift key sucks i so need a new keyboard.00:06
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niklasweguys... do you think this computer can run HD movies 2 ghz, 1gb ram geforce gt6600 ?04:17
niklasweor maybe I should change it all to 2.7 ghz 2 gb ram instead..04:19
Romstercan't hurt to try since now there is gpu acceleration04:21
niklasweyeah thats true.. then i try it.. otherwise i will use my old computer :P04:26
Romsteryou asked this the other day already04:27
niklaswehmm yeah maybe.. :P04:34
Romsterlol nice one.04:54
Romsterthey forgot nor04:54
enteand xor04:56
enteor maybe they ran out of space ;)04:56
Romsteryeah knew i forgot one more04:56
enteI like ordroid's huge head04:56
Romsterniklaswe, they may not have had hardware acceleration for video running either it's hard to say.04:57
niklaswehmm true.. but I changed cpu and RAM on the computer to the better one  =)05:26
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joe9Romster: thanks.06:08
Romsterbeen a bit slack on my personal ports tree just nudge me if you need anything.06:09
Romster that's all that's left to LTO on my system.06:09
Romsterbusy on them06:09
Romstersomething is really weird on xorg-gccmakedep06:19
RomsterMISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/bin/gccmakedep06:20
RomsterNEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/bin/gccmakedep (EMPTY)06:20
joe9Romster: cool, will do.06:21
joe9btw, why did zsh fail? it works on my system.06:21
Romsteruh darn wrong channelf or that too sorry06:21
Romsteradd -flto06:21
joe9Updating collection meta Checkout: libdrm-nouveau/ Delete: libdrm-nouveau/06:22
RomsterccbqEzvI.lto.o: relocation R_X86_64_PC32 against symbol `zcurses_mouse_mask' can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC06:22
joe9this happens every time I do ports -u06:22
Romsteri need to add -fPIC to the port.06:22
Romsternothing big.06:23
Romstertry to manually rm -r that directory before ports -u ?06:25
joe9there is no directory in /usr/ports/meta/06:25
joe9i mean the libdrm-nouveau.06:26
joe9this is my /etc/mpup.lst:
Romster/usr/bin/cpp -undef -traditional -DCCCMD=gcc -DRMCMD='"rm -f"' < something fishy going on with xorg-gccmakedep looking into it.06:35
Romstersome other tool your using?06:36
joe9don't everyone have mpup.lst? isn't that one of the things what ports --update uses?06:37
Romsterbunch of files in /etc/ports/06:38
Romster*.httpup and *.rsync06:38
joe9yes, there are a bunch of files in /etc/ports06:39
joe9and there is a meta.mpup there06:40
joe9what do you have in /etc/ports?06:40
Romsteri don't have that flle you must of made it.06:41
Romsterthat mpup sounds like some sepen utility06:41
joe9can you show me the contents of your /etc/ports directory, please?06:42
Romsteri am trying to debug code here.06:43
joe9ok, later.06:43
Romsterls /etc/ports/ |wgetpaste06:43
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsteri know nothing of that mpup other thans ome sepen wrote tool to mange a meta collections of ports.06:44
joe9what is wgetpaste? your utility?06:45
joe9makes sense, some utility to manage random httpup /rsync links06:47
Romsternope some utility i found and packaged in contrib.06:51
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joe9romster, I do not know what the need for the of ghc is for? It builds without those options. I agree about the need for
joe9but, Is it a good idea to change the others?07:09
joe9just wanted to check that I do not lose anything setup, by default.07:09
Romsterit's removed now.07:11
Romsterjoe9,  ports -u07:11
Romsterbe sure to install missing ports on prt-get deptree ghc and make sure all are updated prt-get diff then rebuild ghc07:12
Romsterthat was related to a older version07:12
Romster see no anymore.07:13
Romsterwasn't use if oyu were on 64bit or not so i made the bootstrap stage both.07:14
Romsteri couldn't keep bouth sources in the source= as one clobbers the other and isn't needed if you got ghc already installed so i did it this way.07:15
Romsterlittle unorthodox i will probably have to keep two different ports should i decide to put it in contrib.07:16
Romstercan't do it this way in offical repos.07:16
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joe9Romster: ok, thanks. I agree that it was needed in older versions.07:19
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joe9prt-get does almost everything that "ports" does, except for "ports --update".07:23
joe9romster: fyi,
joe9jaeger: ROOT_DIR not set in '/etc/ports/jaeger.httpup'07:28
joe9jaeger: that is what ports --update says after I downloaded jaeger.httpup to /etc/ports07:46
Romsterwhat do you mean prt-get and ports do different tasks.07:55
joe9prt-get diff == ports --diff07:55
Romsteryeah ignore those errors i'm aware of it07:56
joe9the only difference is ports -u07:56
joe9everything that ports can do, prt-get can do, correct?07:56
Romsteri can't see ports building packages <_<07:56
joe9if prt-get can do the update, then there could be no need to use ports.. one interface for all port management.07:57
Romsterprt-get is a front end anyways to pkgutils/ports07:57
Romstermaybe but prt-get is optional and no one thought about that.07:57
joe9oh, ok.07:58
Romsteryou can make a patch or just ask for a feature request in flyspray if you want that feature.07:58
joe9ok, thanks.07:59
Romsterwouldn't hurt to be able to issue ports -u in prt-get somehow.07:59
Romsteri just never thought about it.07:59
Romsteri think ports --diff doens't do the same as prt-get diff08:00
Romsterprt-get diff only works on the prtdir listings in prt-get.conf ports --diff shows everything.08:00
joe9oh, ok. good to know. I was under the misimpression that they were the same from my limited usage.08:00
Romsteryou probably don't have that many repo trees as i got here.08:01
joe9yes, I don't. but, just added in a bunch of repo trees following your /etc/ports.08:01
joe9I am not sure if that is a good idea or not. there are a bunch of errors in ports --update now.08:02
Romsteri'm on multilib here.08:02
joe9I guess old or removed packages oslt.08:02
Romstercareful what you do you might break your system.08:02
joe9Is it wrong to add a lot of personal repos08:03
Romsterno but only ones you trust08:03
joe9that's a tricky situation. How would a beginner know what's a trucsted repo. Probably should just stick with the official repos and your's for ghc.08:04
Romsterprologic's stuff has been broken for awhile now... i used to maintain most of his stuff years ago. we were int eh same repo then i moved onto my own.08:04
joe9oh, ok. will remove his repo then.08:05
Romsteryou really don't know without reviewing repos before.08:05
Romsterlike looking at the pre/post scripts and Pkgfile and footrpint to see what it does.08:05
joe9ok, thanks.08:05
Romsterunless pro starts to maintain it again.08:05
Romsterbet he is busy with other things.08:06
Romsterpredatorfreak stuff wil be msotly outdated by now too he stopped using crux awhile ago08:07
Romsterother than that seems ok08:08
Romsterjue might be a good one to follow he keeps testing stuff in there.08:08
joe9Romster: what do you think about hnc?08:11
joe9and rho and jaeger's repos?08:11
joe9romster, can you do anything about this? the system stops a few minutes when it encounters any of these errors.08:13
Romstershould be fine.08:19
Romsteri'm only wary of newbie repos08:19
Romsterthat haven't got alot of experience.08:19
Romsteryou can sort of protect yourself by using fakeroot
joe9ok, thanks.08:19
joe9i use fakeroot. I just do "prt-get .."08:20
Romsterbut not agesnt the pre/post install scripts should you enable that in prt-get.conf or not review them before using the prt-get options08:20
Romsterthat looks wrong you got numbers before it and you don't need todo sudo sh08:21
Romsteror do you i never done that one08:22
joe9it is just the line numbers from a vim copy.08:22
joe9ok, will remove the sudo sh.08:22
Romsternot sure if that's needed.08:22
joe9i think jaeger recommended that to me.08:22
Romsterit's more for like doing bash if you change your shell to like ksh08:23
joe9i use zsh08:23
joe9ok, will leave it in there, just in case I need it somehow.08:24
Romsterthen if oyur symlinkf or sh is on zsh you may expect brokenness on some stuff.08:24
Romstersome stuff assumes sh is bash08:24
joe9oh, I get it.08:24
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joe9i do not have zsh symlinked as sh oslt.08:25
joe9sh is bash for me.08:25
Romsterk probably for the best08:25
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joe9differences between ports --diff and prt-get diff:
joe9with all the new repos.08:28
Romsteryeah see not the same.08:28
joe9looks like flaveur is not up-to-date either.08:29
Romsterprt-get diff work on installed ports and prtdir order and the preferedhigher option08:29
Romstermy repo has been stagnating for awhile too i only bump a few things.08:30
joe9hnc is pretty good.08:30
Romsteryeah he has ghc and stuff too iirc08:30
joe9sorry, not.08:31
joe9his packages are a bit old.08:31
Romsteror someone else did...08:31
Romsterhard to remember everything08:37
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crshdhow to reformat my laptop09:05
Romsterwhat a silly question for a experienced Linux user group.09:06
Romsteralso not enough details.09:06
jaegerjoe9: that .httpup file is likely ancient, I'll take a look at it today09:12
joe9jaeger: thanks.09:12
Romsteroh that file was from jaeger09:18
jaegerjoe9: what does your version of the .httpup file contain? Mine has ROOT_DIR in it09:38
joe9i downloaded it from the crux ports db
jaegerI'd recommend using rsync instead but my .httpup file can also be found at
joe9oh, ok. just save the file as jaeger.rsync.09:40
joe9missed that. thanks.09:40
jaegerwell, they're different files09:41
jaegerthere's a .rsync and a .httpup09:41
jaegerthey both live in that directory, though09:41
joe9ok, thanks. just trying out jaeger.rsync.09:47
joe9I had wrongly downloaded the rsync file in crux ports db as a .httpup file.09:47
joe9jaeger: ^^09:48
joe9check out "ls++ -altrFh" for pretty looking ls output.09:48
jaegerjoe9: ah, that makes sense09:53
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: coreutils: update to 8.1510:04
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dovecot: update to 2.0.1710:04
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: msmtp: update to 1.4.2710:04
horrorStruckwhat am i looking at :D :D10:40
niklaswehehe :)10:49
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juetester wanted: I've added a glib 2.30.2 port to my private repo. It depends on libffi now, which is also there. Running it here for several days, no problems at all.10:53
horrorStruckjue: running it since 3 weeks, not a single issue10:55
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juehorrorStruck: good to hear, I'm a bit in worry because of the ABI change wrt GDBus, but TBH I've no idea which progs are affected11:00
horrorStruckjue: unfortunately, i'm not very well organized and didn't keep track of any issue i may have had and i can't remember of any right now.11:02
rmullWould problems manifest themselves at build time or at run time?11:03
Rotwang1I guess both ;f11:04
jueyeah, seems so.  Here's the ann ->
Rotwang1damn, I read 'glibc'11:05
frinnstNEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       lib/gio/modules/libgiofam.la11:06
frinnstNEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       lib/gio/modules/libgiofam.so11:06
frinnstwonder what i have that added those11:06
thrice`hehe, remove t3h fam11:07
thrice`or gamin ?11:08
rmullHmm, GDBus. Would it be possible to use grep to look for some characteristic of the "property API" in all the sourcefiles?11:09
frinnsthey, yeah11:09
rmullNot really sure what they mean by "changes to property API"11:09
Rotwang1there is an api for properties ;f11:10
Rotwang1and they made changes to it11:10
Rotwang1In gtk every object has it's properties, and everything is handled by glib I guess11:11
rmullSo there must be some calls associated with the changed API. We should be able to look through all ports sources to find those calls and see if they'd be affected by the change, no?11:12
Rotwang1who is insane enough to do that?11:13
Rotwang1rmull: it was just a minor version change11:13
Rotwang1it should be backward compatible11:13
rmullSeems like an easy script. for each port, download the source, grep -r for the call, delete the sources when done. walk away and look at the results when they're in.11:15
rmullBut if we don't care, than I certainly don't :P11:15
Rotwang1rmull: if after every library update I were to check in code that all dependees are compatible, I wouldn't be the same person that I am now11:16
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rmullhaha. probably true.11:17
Rotwang1besides there is like gadzillion glib dependees11:20
horrorStrucki've checked arch dev ML, no rebuilds were done for 2.30.0, no bugs opened either.11:23
Rotwang1mmh... arch11:23
horrorStruckit gives an indication at least11:23
thrice`looks like debian already moved to 2.30 too11:24
horrorStruckwell there was one bug opened but bound to gtk3 so we dont really care11:25
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niklaswejaeger: there?13:55
jaegerniklaswe: I'm in and out, working around the house14:02
niklaswejaeger: oh, I wondering if has had problem with xbmc and "Add sources"14:05
niklaswewith that I mean.. I can add my sources.. but Only 26 of 51 movies showing up..14:05
jaegerNo, haven't had that particular problem. I've got 2 cifs sources, audio and video. hundreds of songs, not as many videos (but more than 51)14:11
jaegerthere are not more than 51 videos in a single folder, though14:11
niklaswejaeger: I have mount it via nfs.. and direcotry structure are like this  movies/movies_title/movie.extentions14:13
niklaswedo you have any nice "skin" to recomend?14:14
jaegerI have not tested NFS but no problem with cifs/smb14:14
jaegerI use the default skin, it's my favorite so far14:14
niklasweoki :)14:16
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v33monring everyone14:23
niklaswe'/morning/evening' ;)14:24
niklaswebut hello ^^14:24
v33morning/evening/night? ;)14:27
niklaswev33: yeah :)14:35
v33ugh. why are people so stupid...its amazing14:48
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Rotwang1any ansi C wizards?15:12
Rotwang1why if I return a string from function (not allocating it previously), I just do return "foo, bar";15:13
Rotwang1and it seems to work ;O15:13
Rotwang1no segfault15:13
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v33i have a, i'm trying to install win7 ont his computer and when it finishes up the install the first time, reboots to complete the install, it goes to a black screen...15:48
frinnstthats not a question :)15:51
v33woops, forgot to send the second part. xD what could be causing this15:57
frinnstno clue15:57
frinnstmaybe someone painted the screen with black paint?15:57
frinnstsry, no clue15:57
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jaegerhrm... I begin to think my original OCZ SSD is going bad17:28
entemy harddisk is mad17:29
ente  9  86    0     no  online  positive    Power-on hours count           42981717:29
enteyeah, it has been powered on for ~48 years17:29
jseClearly one of those indestrucible drives.17:30
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entethe left one ;)17:33
enteit was really expensive, you know? :)17:33
jaegerAlso requires its own room17:35
enteand air conditioning17:50
prologicFYI: The "stuff" I use is up-to-date :)18:03
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frinnstjaeger: ouch, what are the symptoms?18:18
jaegerfrinnst: multiple times it has simply frozen up while doing bootstraps... the machine is still responsive but disk access stops working18:31
jaegeralso, smart checksum errors and it started saying some smart capabilities are unsupported that were supported previously18:31
jaegersuch as self-testing18:31
jaegerWhen I reboot it seems to be fine again but it feels like it's in decline18:32
frinnstgood excuse to buy a shiny new one? :D18:32
frinnstbtw, how old is it and what model?18:33
jaegerI don't actually need another right now :)18:34
jaegerIt's an OCZ Vertex 60GB, first generation stuff18:34
jaegerI don't remember exactly when I bought it but these are known for being poor quality now18:34
jaegerobviously not at the time, or I wouldn't have bought it :)18:34
jaegerIt's an indilinx controller18:34
jaegerI had 2 SSDs in this machine, that 60GB and an OCZ Vertex 2 120GB18:35
jaegerthe 60GB had my test multilib install on it, the 120GB my older pure64 install18:35
jaegerso I just removed the 60GB and converted my pure64 to multilib, back up and running18:35
jaegerupgraded kernel and the outdated ports, etc.18:35
jaegerThe 60GB still works but I don't really trust it for permanent use now18:36
jaegerso now I'm running 2 120GB SSDs - Intel G2 in my windows machine, OCZ Vertex 2 in my CRUX machine18:36
v33are those issues mostly on the first gen of the ssd's, or do the new ones experience the same?18:40
frinnstguess we'll find out :)18:46
Romsterprologic, mind maintaining mythtv in contrib it's rather stale?19:27
Romsterjue, i can do a test run of glib stuff on my system including libsoup19:28
Romsteralso funny that i bumped libffi yesterday in my repo.19:28
Romsterand i was nearly thinking of moving it to contrib too.19:29
Romsterwith libedit and ghc19:29
jaegerv33: the first gen OCZ ones are particularly crappy19:46
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RomsterCorsair Micro  CSSD-F120GB3-BK be any good? specs look nice and the price not to bad.20:22
Romsteri could spend less but get a inferior slower i/o speed20:23
Romsterhaven't decided on what FS to put on one either.20:23
Romsterto replace my root disk.20:23
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horrorStruckcrux+ssd+bootporn for your pleasure. 5 seconds.
rmullhorrorStruck: :D21:34
v33 ?21:34
horrorStruckwhat i have ^21:37
rmullMan, that's tempting, haha21:38
horrorStruck128G is ~affordable21:39
Romsteris that yours horrorStruck ?21:43
Romsterbootporn mmm21:43
crshdcrux on a regular HDD boots in ~10s for me21:44
crshdfast enough IMO :D21:44
horrorStruckRomster: yes21:46
horrorStruckbut dont tell my wife :P21:46
horrorStruckcrshd: imagine what you could do with those 5 sec :O21:47
RomsterhorrorStruck, hehe21:47
Romsteri'm more thinking of loading times of programs over the course of a day/night.21:48
Romsterbootporn is also nice too.21:48
Romstersplash screen is nearly pointless for 5 seconds.21:48
horrorStruckto be honest, i'm using mainly console based stuff so loading time is more or less the same. firefox and gimp are the ones i've noticed the most21:49
horrorStrucki can rm -rf / faster too21:50
Romsteryeah them two are heavy21:51
Romsteryou may like preload in contrib to sped them up.21:51
Romsterbe interesting if your 5 seconds go faster with that too.21:52
Romsterfirst thing of services= but it does need like 3-4 boots and running programs to learn.21:52
horrorStruckthere's no way to start services in the background with crux?21:53
horrorStrucklike: do not wait for service A to have started to start service B21:54
Romsteri had parallel loading with runit but then i have merged back to crux stuff more and not using that.21:54
Romstermaybe you'd like to fix the few issues it had? and submit it to crux feature request? though this rc-ng i'm on now may have better luck getting in.21:55
Romster runit and socklog21:56
Romsterrepalces rc sysvinit and klogd21:56
Romsterminor issues were if fstab had a bad entry system would shutdown!21:56
Romsterrecovery console was not gonna work well.21:56
v33doesn't changing to fgetty or what ever help?21:57
Romsterother than that it was working fine and reliably oh and you need new scripts in /etc/sv/ symlinked to /var/service to run services.21:57
Romsterdunno if i tried that back then.21:58
crshdi was thinking about using e4rat and booting straight into X without manual login, that should shave a little more time off my boot21:58
crshdbut it's always a question of how much time am i willing to invest for a couple of seconds i might gain21:58
horrorStruckRomster: will check thanks. bbl family day22:00
Romster probably will help you crshd22:01
Romsterthere we go22:03
Romsterhaven't tried it.22:03
Romsteri spend most of my time in xorg22:03
crshdback on arch i just modified inittab to execute xinit. worked fine.22:08
Romsternot running crux crshd ?22:08
crshdnow i am22:09
crshdi was running arch before22:09
crshdi'm still relatively new to crux22:09
crshdi think i switched in october or november22:09
v33i think switching to a static ip lowers boot time, compared to dhcp'ing22:18
crshdit does22:20
crshdbut i'm not starting networking at boot, anyways22:20
crshdi'm constantly moving around with my laptop22:21
v33what specs are you running at? i get around 15 seconds on a old dell O.o22:24
crshd3-year old HP22:28
crshdC2D P7350 @ 2x2GHz, 3 GB ram, very lean kernel, with most needed stuff compiled in, so i don't need to load too many modules22:29
Romsternot alot of difference it's still Linux jsut different package manager22:31
Romsteri go on the principal of don't use a module unless you will rarely use that feature.22:32
v33oh, on a pentium 4 with apperently a gig of ram xD22:34
v33oh Romster, did you play around with UVK?22:34
Romsternot yet22:35
Romsteri got back to work next monday not the monday coming.22:36
Romsteri'll try it out then22:36
v33lucky you :)22:36
Romsterno viruses on linux :P22:36
Romsteri got 10 weeks of holliday saved up, boss told me to take 2 weeks off right after xmas/new years 11 days off.22:37
Romsterin fact it'l be 13 days since he wants me back on monday and monday was a public holiday last week.22:37
Romstershame i can't get some of my holiday units to money. i could use more money22:37
Romsterhope they are busy as i do a ton of stuff there, receptionist took 4 weeks off before xmas too. was hell keeping up on everything.22:38
Romsterget stuck in the shop had to wait later to get out for lunch22:39
Romsteryou at work or what v33 ?22:39
v33no, im home. :)22:41
v33i wish i took a picture of what i saw today. i cringed :?22:41
Romsteractaully thinking about it wonder if they have any damaged disks and trying to recover the data with windoze tools which mostly hang the system. i much prefer to use linux tools for such a task.22:42
v33someone yanked the plastic cover thingie off a sata disk22:42
Romsteruh around the socket?22:42
v33only the teeth were left22:43
Romsteroh gawd how is that even possible.22:43
Romsterlet me guess only copy of data too.22:44
Romsterwho did that customer or some guy at the shop22:44
v33customer xD22:45
Romsteri did smoke a stick of ram once because i didn't have it quite all the way in a mobo, luckily the ram was crappy old small stuff and mobo wasn't damaged only my ego22:45
v33the thing that you plug into a socket has some kind of clip22:45
v33that locks it in place22:45
v33he didn't see it22:45
v33happened to me before too xD22:46
Romsterah the sata metal clip to prevent it from disloging22:46
v33yep, yanked it out... xD22:47
Romsteri can still smell that pine magic smoke out or silicon chip smell in my mind right now thinking about it.22:47
v33the worst thing i've ever done22:47
v33was trust my dad22:47
Romsterlol that reminds me of the time soem guy brought in there comptuer they could not unplug the VGA cable as it was screwed in. so customer cut the cable O_O22:47
v33to put a "little" thermal paste22:47
v33emtpied the enter needle of my arctic silver thermal paste22:47
RomsterOMFG geez22:48
v33my dads OG22:48
v33i asked him why he did it, he goes "its okay. if it messes up their computer, they'll bring it back, and you can charge more"22:48
v33dad logic=win22:48
Romsteri had to solder tracks that are as thick as a hair to recover files off a usb flash disk on many occasions.22:54
Romsteri'm the only one there with leet soldering iron skills.22:54
Romsterso i'll be wondering what's install for me when i get back.22:55
Romsterat least the other guy can pull a laptop apart and change LCD's and stuff.22:55
Romsteroh and he is a expoert on MS servers, i CBF learning MS exchange22:55
Romstergot my work cut out with photocopiers22:56
v33i always wanted to learn how to setup servers22:58
v33could never do it... :/22:58
Romsterevery tiem i change a profile it breaks on me, oh you can't dothat you have to make a new profile and copy everything across, then why does windows let me edit that which will break it then?22:58
Romsterwindows servers epic fail22:59
v33i asked my friend to show me once, and he backed out :/22:59
v33i'd rather learn on linux anyway23:04
Romsterbut there is only 1 linux server there.23:06
v33sure its better than windows by a mile23:14

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