IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2012-01-08

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prologicRomster, I have no problems maintaining mythtv in contrib00:49
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v33hows everyone doing?02:10
Romsterquiet as usual02:21
Romsteri'm working on wxgtk-32 for pcsx2-3202:21
v33and all ive done is play rome total war xD02:26
Romster that's what i got done so far on everything in multilib02:27
Romsterneed to merge some of the fixes back later02:27
v33do you like strategy games?02:28
Romsteri do02:28
v33play rome total war. its pretty damn hard02:28
v33im addicted to it, even though its an old ass game02:28
Romsteri still play red alert 2 :D02:35
Romsterold games ftw02:35
Romsterheck i got dune here somewhere too02:35
Romsteryou playing it in wine?02:36
crshdRomster: i got pcsxr in my repo02:40
crshdworks fine on 64 without multilib02:41
Romsternot for multilib though?02:41
Romsteri was wondering that but it's not well supported for 64bit so i'm building it for 32bit02:42
v33i have a windows computer....02:49
v33reinstalled it just for that game xD02:49
v33but i think it works under wine...02:52
Romsteryeah says gold02:52
v33damn, beat me to it02:52
v33its pretty fun if your into that whole war scene02:54
Romsteryeah i might get into that game02:56
v33its pretty fun :)02:59
v33night everyone03:47
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niklaswesomeone here? :)04:05
niklasweWhen i trying to start X I got this error..
niklasweAnd i cant figure out why it trying to look in /usr/share/X11/xkb.. because that direcotry dont even exist..04:15
niklasweand here is my Xorg.conf
frinnstit should exist04:16
frinnsteh, no wait04:17
frinnst(just woke up)04:17
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niklasweI only have /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d..04:19
niklasweI also has installed xorg-xf86-input-{evdev,keyboard,mouse}.04:19
frinnstyou are probably missing xkeyboard-config04:21
tnut1good morning04:21
juegood morning04:25
niklaswefrinnst: yeah, after I have installed xkeyboard-config it start to work =)04:26
jueniklaswe: hint, use 'prt-get fsearch foo' to find packages foo belongs to04:27
Romsterno no one is here :D04:44
Romsterniklaswe, got EVDEV in your kernel?04:44
Romsterwhy would you be missing xkeyboard-config it's pulled in by xorg04:45
Romsterno need for xorg-xf86-input-{keyboard,mouse} evdev does that for you i don't even have xorg-xf86-input-{keyboard,mouse} installed.04:46
Romsterniklaswe, prt-get deptree xorg see what else is missing.04:46
horrorStruckRomster: tried pppd yet?04:49
Romsternah been hacking at 32bit stuff, might do it after i eat04:50
Romsterand i want to test new glib with libsoup too04:50
horrorStruckok :)04:50
Romsterneed to read up on what happend to that clamp option though it's probably gonna tune itself now.04:51
horrorStrucki find it quite difficult to find some docs on the topic04:52
Romstermight be easier to jsut read though the commit logs and source code.04:54
RomsterSome features of ppp include    works sometimes04:56
Romsterlol wonderful :D04:56
Romsternot alot of commits over the years04:58
RomsterInstall pppol2tp plugins with sane permissions from there onwards04:59
Romsterincluded from roaringpenguin05:05
Romster;a=tree;f=modules;h=bc3c5a882bcf8066a80d0011018d8dc2706329ac;hb=HEAD why do i not see the sourcecode for rp-pppoe.so05:09
Romsterunless it's pulled in from rp05:09
Romsterthere it is05:13
horrorStruckseems like decent doc
horrorStruckovercomplicated in fact05:18
horrorStruckah no, it's just that he's giving settings for the whole system. not overcomplicated, just unneccesary05:19
Romstercome think of it, i think something didn't work if you compiled it into your kernel it had to be a module.05:19
Romsterppp or network driver can't remember now.05:20
Romsterthis was years ago though05:20
Romsterint optFloodDiscovery -_-05:31
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Romster that has some interesting patches as for the clampmss it's no where to be seen probably don't need it in ppp05:47
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frinnstgod damn mix of disks07:08
frinnst1x1.5TB, 2x1TB, 1X2TB07:09
tnut1hello gentlemans07:15
tnut1for info, I took over devel of pkg-get07:15
tnut1it's code in C07:15
tnut1and about 15 times faster07:16
tnut1just for info07:16
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Romsterwere could we find this url?07:33
tnut1commits are in french but its code in english07:33
tnut1and it's statically compile so that it doesnt depend on curl on runtime07:34
tnut1but it used curl for the download07:34
tnut1ok it's done for NuTyX but not a big deal to adjust07:35
tnut1Romster: tanks for your interest by the way07:36
Romsterstill higly < spelling error in README highly07:36
Romsterjue, may want to look into this one he is higher up the food chain :)07:36
tnut1sorry english is NOT my motherlanguage07:36
Romsteryeah i figured that just pointing out so you can fix it.07:36
Romsternutyx some clone off crux?07:37
tnut1ah ok just got it pfff sorry07:37
tnut1we share pkg-get and prt-get only07:38
tnut1but NuTyX ist build up on NuTyX07:38
Romsterah linux from scratch but our package manager, hmm interesting i was not aware of this one.07:39
tnut1and originally (the first version back in 2006) is build on a LFS07:39
tnut1and scripts are LFS BLFS as well07:39
tnut1so it's a SystemV07:40
Romsterall NLS support or just french and the rest is filtered out?07:40
tnut1yes just french (and english)07:40
tnut1patch in pkgmk07:40
Romsterright can't miss english :)07:41
tnut1.footprint become .footprint.i686 for the 32bits07:41
tnut1and .footprint.x86_64 for the 64 bits07:41
tnut1this year I plan to go more to the english community07:42
Romsteri see, we are currently have x86 x86_64 and i'm on multilib07:42
Romsterwe haven't gone official 64bit yet.07:42
tnut1originally the idea was that NuTyX is juste for the french community07:42
tnut1but it's over now07:42
tnut1so the first step is pkg-get07:42
tnut1more over they have been quite demands on an english version07:43
Romsterpkg-get is for binary, so your not predominately source like us?07:43
tnut1then I tolds them Crux is an excellent alternative07:43
tnut1thats also the big diff with crux07:44
tnut1today it's a bit crazy to ask somebody to compile kde07:44
Romstersounds  a bit like frugalware then.07:44
tnut1forget it nothing to do07:44
tnut1we are just 2 guys07:45
jseSoftware monstrosities ftw. :P07:45
tnut11090 packages07:45
tnut1include kde and xfce07:45
tnut1again sorry07:45
tnut1this crap is not crux-nutyx compatible i thing07:45
Romsteryeah we haven't got gnome currently though jaeger is working on it.07:45
tnut1because of all this post-thing to do07:46
Romsternah but we can look over the source code of the ports and diesct bits07:46
tnut1it works ones but afterward tanks07:46
Romsterit's all LFS jsut done a bit differently between crux and nutyx07:46
tnut1Romster: I can tell you the all story about this07:47
tnut1its quite simple07:47
tnut1back in 2006 I was building I guess my third or fourth LFS07:47
jseIt's astoundingly how complicated open source desktops are in the present...07:47
Romster2 devs that many packages that's got to be a full time job07:47
tnut1you can imagine we have bots07:48
tnut1and they dont accept any mistake07:48
Romsterbuildbots yeah how do you track your versions?07:48
tnut1so we have to be quit strict07:48
tnut1git does for us07:48
treachjse: what to expect from people who probably grew up with w95, and probably thinks Vista/7 are great desktops?07:48
tnut1so anyway back in 200607:49
tnut1I had a LFS with KDE I thing07:49
jsetreach: indeed...07:49
tnut1and all the packages where using the recommanded method of LFS call user package management system07:50
tnut1a great concept shure ...but quiet tricky to handle07:50
Romsterand time consuming07:50
tnut1not specially more then a crux07:51
tnut1if you want some reading about it07:51
Romstershame we couldn't join forces for ports at least.07:51
tnut1then I was thinking ok07:52
tnut1"now eather I go for a compatible distro"07:52
Romsteror use existing tools to manage the compilation07:52
tnut1"eather I used a compatible package management system"07:52
tnut1then aftet googleling07:53
Romsterand ours happen to fit the job.07:53
tnut1guess what I found07:53
Romsterhehe yeah07:53
tnut1pkgutils was the exact match to my need07:53
tnut1so I could really ports all my userpackagemanagement ports to pkgutils and I was in heaven07:54
Romsterpkg-get isnt' a big thing with us but it may be used by some large group of computers by some person out there. will definitely get that C re-write looked over.07:54
tnut1welll but not it's not finish07:54
Romstercan follow the git tree anyways :)07:55
tnut1pkg-get has some nice new feature Romster07:55
tnut1for ex07:55
tnut1pkg-get base07:55
tnut1doest makre your system going back to a base system07:55
tnut1as long it find the list of packages wich define what a base system is07:56
tnut1and pkg-get base /folder07:56
tnut1install a base system in the /folder07:56
tnut1really nice for the packagers07:56
Romsterupdates base aka core (re renamed) instead of fetching the iso and having to update that way between versions? as doing it though prt-get sysup isn't so fun when you have to nurse the tool chain in the correct order then worry about missing libgmp library that you just updated.07:57
tnut1didn't get this one07:58
tnut1I'm a bit slow hein07:58
Romsterpkg-get base would fetch the new built packages ok07:58
Romsterwe do ports -u ^^ prt-get sysup07:58
tnut1its in the /etc/pkg-get.conf07:58
tnut1euh no you didn't get it07:59
Romsterfor building but at the relase of a new major version that breaks very easily.07:59
tnut1imagines you have kde07:59
tnut1but you want to retun to a base system07:59
Romsterdue to gcc gml mpfr mpc binutils glibc having to be built in the correct order.07:59
treachsounds like zfs/solaris, something you could probably do with lvm/btrfs?07:59
tnut1means remove the 400 packages07:59
jseMass delete required. :p07:59
Romsteroh so your going back to some snapshot state.08:00
Romsteri get you now.08:00
Romsterwasn't what i was thinking.08:00
tnut1its pretty nice08:00
tnut1ok they are other quite big differences with crux08:00
Romsteri have a safe-build clean option that i use in a chroot to clean back to a core/base only system.08:00
tnut1we have 2 true pure arch a 32 and 64 bits08:01
Romsterlookign over the site but even with a translator it's not exactly fluent english08:01
tnut1the ports are common08:01
Romsteryep we have that too and then we have a 3rd multilib one that was born about a week or so.08:01
Romsterdue to the need of some wanting to use wine 32bit on a 64bit system.08:02
tnut1Romster: I tell you doing all this work with only two people I let you guess the energy it takes08:02
Romsteroh i know i do half of contrib here08:02
tnut1another reallyyyyy nice thing08:02
tnut1is the maintenance system08:02
Romsterand there isn't that many devs active as there used to be here doing core opt xorg xfce. but seem to be managing.08:03
tnut1it's actually an initrd which can do almost everything around installation08:03
Romsteroh man that's a awesome idea if we ran a initramfs could be setup to update root filesystem.08:04
Romsterour install cd does that.08:04
Romsterfor the system its' not part of crux but of course users can set one up if they need it.08:04
tnut1wait a minute08:04
tnut1it able to produce a liveCD08:04
tnut1it's able to remove EVERY packages08:05
tnut1its able then to install again on the same partition08:05
tnut1no need to format08:05
tnut1no need to backup your home08:05
Romsterwe can do that now, last time i formatted this pc was in 2005 :D08:05
jseIdeally you already have /home backed up. :p08:05
tnut1you can upgrade with a nice CLEAN system08:06
tnut1and not by doing pkgadd -u - ...08:06
Romsterand ideally /home is on it's own partition/disk/logical volume08:06
treachwhoever came up with the single partitions installation should be flogged, it's a symptom of  WUS.08:06
tnut1yes shure Romster but that time is over08:06
tnut1give me a really good argument to have multiple partition08:07
Romsterbasic setup root home swap08:07
jseOver as in ancient history.08:07
tnut1I say a good argument08:07
Romsterjse, i get that meaning.08:07
jseok. :)08:07
Romsterwell you can format root with a new FS and not lose your home or install another distro in root even not touching home.08:08
tnut1but this is a neverending story08:08
Romsterbut anyways not a big point linux can be setup to how you prefer.08:08
tnut1yes exacty08:08
jseUnless you use something approved by LART.08:08
tnut1neverend story so lets drop it08:09
Romstercan't make one system for everyone.08:09
jseAs in lennart poettering.08:09
tnut1another nice feature (i found quite usefull)08:09
Romstertnut1, you haven't got a freenode account?08:09
tnut1install on a usb08:09
treachwhy should anyone have to come up with "good arguments" to "defend" multiple partition installations? It's the numbnuts arguing for dumping everything into one huge parition who should come up with any sound arguments to why that would be any good.08:09
tnut1Heu no idea08:09
jseRomster: you talking about registering with freenode's nickserv?08:10
Romsterusb is handy08:10
tnut1for me it's very simple08:10
Romsterjse, correct08:10
tnut1when you deal with DV rush08:10
Romsteri just looked before with /ns info tnut108:10
frinnsti wouldn't be comfortable with a 6TB / fs :D08:10
tnut1you appreciate to have as less as possible disk partition08:11
Romsteri'm using lvm08:11
frinnsteverything should be as isolated as possible imo08:11
Romstertuned filesystem for the type of files.08:11
frinnstand separated08:11
tnut1ok clear today with thoses big HD its another stor08:11
tnut1Romster: ok08:11
Romsterfsck on 6TB :D08:11
treachuseless fragmentation08:12
tnut1lets talk about smaller HD hien08:12
treachcontention for bus capacity08:12
frinnstheh, i did that a few days ago with my headless server on reboot.. i was wondering what took it so long to come back up :)08:12
tnut1I'm finishing my story about LFS->CRUX->NuTyX if you like08:13
Romstertnut1, anyways with what your distro does you can avoid separate partitions for smaller hard disks.08:13
Romsterbut when you get into a few terabytes or more then you start to rethink.08:13
Romstertnut1, continue please08:14
Romsteri'll brb with a coffee.08:14
tnut1Romster: forget it no need to discuss more about it08:14
tnut1so about LFS->CRUX->NuTyX:08:14
tnut1quiet happy with pkgutils and my LFS/BLFS stufs08:15
tnut1I really thouth (not quiet shure the syntax sorry guys)08:15
tnut1now I'ts may be time to decide were to go08:15
tnut1(that time CRUX was 2.308:16
tnut1even 2.2 probably08:16
tnut1anyway so I choose to go for CRUX08:17
tnut1migrate my server ( on CRUX08:17
tnut1damned I was trap08:17
tnut1I did'nt find all the logs08:17
tnut1some startup scripts where not really working08:18
tnut1so not really what I expected08:18
tnut1ok I thing at that time (or may be before)08:19
tnut1I went to have a look at archlinux08:19
tnut1that was a choc08:19
tnut1even worth08:19
tnut1Jesus Christ I was fed up08:20
tnut1took a long breath of thinking and thinking08:20
tnut1ok as I want to be able to install "my distro" from a script08:21
tnut1I start to write it08:21
tnut1and NuTyX was more or less born08:21
tnut1and today it's still possible to install NuTyX from a script08:22
tnut1I have to admit I took some peace of the functions of LFS08:22
tnut1:) what does that means08:23
frinnst(i paste lots of random shit) :)08:24
tnut1so guys at least you now know why I did it08:25
Romsterso arch is like huge and you couldn't get crux to work fully you went with nutyx and lfs pkgutils prt-get pkg-get08:25
tnut1Romster: exactly08:25
Romster2 people over 1000 ports though that's just huge08:25
tnut1whatever you can thing08:26
tnut1I still convince with my decision08:26
tnut1the only prob08:26
tnut1it's 95 % in french08:26
Romsterif you can maintain that many more power to you08:26
Romsteryou just need more french people to help out08:27
tnut1well I really have to say a big tank you to prt-get08:27
tnut1and to my scripts around08:27
tnut1by the way08:27
tnut1to have a bot working properly08:28
tnut1it's quiet a challenge too08:28
tnut1no no Romster tanks08:28
tnut1it's really hard to find some body08:28
Romsteryes jaeger would agree on that one, jaeger has a basic build bot08:28
tnut1let you show something08:29
tnut1here is the log of the last build08:29
tnut1and for the 64 bits08:30
tnut1we are playing with level08:30
tnut1"l'arme fatale" I don't know how you say in english08:30
tnut1Lethal Weapon I guess if I refer to the movie08:31
Romsterhaev to admit what i've looked over so far it looks neat08:32
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tnut1tanks Romster08:32
tnut1well It's has to08:33
tnut1otherwise no chance to make it working with 2 peoples08:33
Romsterhow big is your userbase or oyu don't know?08:33
tnut1userbase ?08:33
Romsternumber of users that use this distro08:33
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Romstergrep apache access_log on number of downloadsfrom unique ips08:34
tnut1the prob08:35
tnut1I do not have ssh access to nutyx.meticul.eu08:35
Romsterah nevermind then08:35
tnut1that's the main mirror server08:35
tnut1and on, not mush is for the public08:36
tnut1yeah sorry it's a PIII in my leaving room08:37
tnut1so what :D08:37
Romsterah another service like dyndns08:37
Romsteryeah nothing wrong with that i got one too08:37
Romsterdo you have any freetime left over from this distro?08:39
Romstertakes lots of time to maintain08:39
Romsteri can't help out with users but perhaps with that pkg-get.git08:40
Romsteror others here may help out, i don't know any french people08:40
tnut1If somebody could help on pkg-get It would be great shure08:40
tnut1still some existing feature are missing08:41
tnut1(compare to the perl version I means)08:41
Romsterdocumented in some file like TODO?08:41
tnut1I have a friend wich did it (guy toussaint) in gawk08:42
tnut1this was the previous version08:42
tnut1Guy was so impress by my version, says ok lets move on08:42
tnut1but I tell you08:43
tnut1still some options are still faster in gawk08:43
tnut1it's really impressive this language gawk08:43
tnut1but the idea I have is to make it like gslapt08:44
tnut1a gtk (and a qt) frontend08:44
tnut1which means having a real api to talk to08:44
tnut1pfff and nobody is asking what about your Lethal Weapon08:46
tnut1I'm dissapoint :D08:46
Romstera nice API would be nice08:46
tnut1eather you know exatly what it is08:46
tnut1eather dont care08:46
Romsterwe probably don't get that far as being experienced and mostly CLI users here.08:47
Romsteri know lethal weapon08:47
tnut1it's quite simple08:47
crshdgui frontends are bloat. BLOAT, i tell you!08:47
tnut1a bit tricky to achieve the script08:47
tnut1basically a level is simply the number of hierarchy you see when you do prt-get deptree package08:48
tnut1the bot start with the most right one08:49
tnut1which doenst have any deps08:49
tnut1then go on08:49
Romsterwe don't list every dep for every port some are optional08:49
tnut1with single dep and so on08:49
tnut1oh yes and we have one more line in the Pkgfile08:50
tnut1# Run on:08:50
Romsterwhats that do?08:50
tnut1because no need to install all the devel packages to have an xorg running for exemple08:50
tnut1all the proto are devel package for us08:51
Romsteroh you got -dev and non dev ports?08:51
Romsteroh like that08:51
tnut1so basically I do08:51
tnut1prt-get depends kde|wc -l08:52
tnut1pkg-get depends kde|wc -l08:52
tnut1damned it's broken :D08:52
tnut1ok sorrry08:53
tnut1wrong server08:53
Romsterhehe it happens08:53 still used the perl version08:53
tnut1and on a PIII08:53
tnut1it takes seconds08:53
Romsteri had a p3 gateway became unreliable so now i got a pentium D for that08:54
tnut1pkg-get depends kde|wc -l08:54
tnut1time pkg-get depends kde08:55
tnut1prt-get depends kde|wc -l08:55
tnut1imagines also that the bot does actually for EVERY ports08:56
tnut1something like08:56
Romsterok not really a comparison of speed but a rewrite in C is fine.08:57
tnut1for port1 port2... port109008:57
tnut1go to base system08:57
Romsterif you add the delay up for every time it's ran it can be significant08:57
tnut1prt-get  depinst portx08:57
tnut1and so on08:58
tnut1so every port is RE compile from a Base system08:58
tnut1on the bot08:58
Romsterin a clean environment.08:58
tnut1and not in a chroot very important08:59
tnut1because they are some surprise08:59
Romsterwhat surprise is that?08:59
tnut1for some ports08:59
tnut1it works in a chroot08:59
tnut1but some missing deps popup in a non chroot09:00
tnut1since we start always from a base system09:00
tnut1in both case shure09:00
Romstersure if oyu got extra stuff installed and the end user does not then you'll have missing deps for the end user.09:00
Romsterdoes not really say why chroot is not being used.09:01
tnut1no no I thing you don't get what I means09:01
tnut1you can even see How we actually build a new release of NuTyX09:03
tnut1everything is git09:03
tnut13 Pass09:04
tnut1when everything is setup09:05
tnut1just have to run a few script09:05
tnut1or do a something like09:05
tnut1for i in *09:06
tnut1do blabla09:06
tnut1then everything is log09:06
tnut1no cheat :D09:07
Romsterall interesting stuff09:10
Romsteri keep thinking it's crux by the style of the logs.09:10
tnut1yes I means we share pkgutils and prt-get so I has to be09:10
tnut1it* has to be09:11
tnut1I means the combination of git + pkgutils + prt-get09:12
tnut1is so great09:12
tnut1such a great help I means09:12
Romsteri notice lots of logs only have -g -O2 set09:14
Romsterno -march09:14
tnut1in the pass ?09:14
Romsterin pass3 i'm browsing though09:15
tnut1it's a wish09:15
tnut1the base should be (for my point of view) have no optimisation09:15
Romster missing new error update footprint09:15
tnut1it's also a recomandation of LFS team09:15
tnut1pass3 is ofen finish by hand09:16
Romsterwell you can do -march=i486 -mtune=i686 to cover all the x86 stuff but really i586 to i686 is good enough09:16
Romsteri486 got removed in later glibc09:16
tnut1after 15 times trying we beleave09:16
tnut1it's going to be ok09:17
tnut1those logs normally reflect only the last try09:17
Romsterok what if the rest of prt-get dependent --all libjpeg hasn't been build because of that 1 bad footprint?09:18
tnut1but pakxe has been I guess rebuild between january and september last year I don't know how many times09:18
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tnut1that the one wich import09:19
tnut1which is important* sorry09:19
Romsterk so fix after 3 passes manually then moved to release then rest are done 3 pass that depend on failed port09:20
tnut1libjpeg is not relevant in the pass1 and 209:21
tnut1because not concern09:21
tnut1and another diff with CRUX which guys you wont like it09:23
tnut1we do not touch some critical packages09:23
tnut1critical means for us which can lead to major desaster09:23
tnut1ex libpng09:23
tnut1libjpeg etc09:24
tnut1one of the main target for me is to have a working system first09:24
tnut1as long as possible09:24
Romsteri can say i don't think we are fussed over that, best thing todo is test it on it's own VM to see what is broken after a rebuild of all affected ports.09:25
tnut1really I don't care if libpng is not really uptodate09:25
Romsterwhen i bump a version for something i try to test what prt-get dependent --all says09:25
tnut1but it is quiet up to date if you compare with other distros09:25
Romsterif it's a security issue and needs a bump urgently then yes i would care about that.09:25
tnut1yes clear09:25
Romstercan't really test everything what we do here. if it breaks too much we can revert. or patch affected ports.09:26
tnut1but I had to say stop to friend because he was non stopping updating stuff09:26
tnut1we had quiet a desaster for a while09:26
tnut1the bots didn't want to build anything09:27
Romsteror install older version along side for the few ports that need it should the majority work on the new version and the few that don't are not actively maintained.09:27
tnut1so he prefer as you can imagine to leave09:27
Romsterlike in gtk1 and gtk09:27
tnut1well I don't have prob actually with that09:27
tnut1we deal now with gtk1, gtk and gtk309:28
tnut1quite ok09:28
tnut1simple otherwise the bots would complains :D09:28
Romsteri am holding back on some versions because the dependencies are holding it back or development is holding it back on ports that depend on another port, from time to time i read the changelogs and bump versions in a chroot rebuild see what works what does not.09:29
Romsterwhen everything is ok as far as i can see then i commit.09:29
Romsteri prefer working over newest versions and everything broken.09:29
tnut1let me check your background :D09:29
* tnut1 check the git09:30
Romsterbut i also get annoyed when ports sit idle and could be bumped with no breakage and bug fixes in newer versions.09:30
Romstersee the bug tracker too :) if you like09:30
tnut1I don't see you09:31
tnut1where do you commit09:31
Romsterin contrib and opt?09:31
tnut1Danny Rawlins09:32
Romsteri only got in opt recently my name is Danny. yes09:32
tnut1nice to meet you Danny09:32
Romsterignore the REadme my shift key is bad on this keyboard.09:32
Romsterwhat's your name might i ask?09:32
tnut1I tough you knew allready it's a bit every where on nutyx.org09:33
tnut1Thierry N09:33
Romsterah right i didn't look to hard did i now lol.09:33
Romsterwas more into the logs.09:34
tnut1dont ask google you will get pages and pages09:34
*** SiFuh has quit IRC09:34
Romsteri'm all over the net too but not all of it is me.09:34
tnut1I see I could update pidgin09:35
Romsteri'm working on a version sort program it's in the early stages.09:35
tnut1a what sorry ?09:35
tnut1yes quiet tricky09:36
Romstergrep versions off web sites sorts them and later on when i get all the logic done able to sed the new version on version= lines then use a script to rebuild and test.09:36
tnut1I miss this function still in my pkg-get09:36
Romsterbig task yeah i'll get there.09:36
Romsterpkg-get diff ?09:36
tnut1ah ok sorry no09:37
tnut1in prt-get09:37
tnut1you have the possibility to update to the  higher version only09:37
tnut1but not yet in pkg-get09:38
Romsteri see09:38
tnut1they is also a group in NuTyX not much used but in the installer09:38
tnut1is available09:38
tnut1it's possible to customise really to what you want at the installation phase09:40
Romsteryeah same as crux there.09:40
tnut1the name of the groups are even dynamiquely changing09:41
tnut1ex you choose kde09:41
Romsterthough you package more on the iso, while we only ship some stuff on the isp the rest is compiled.09:41
tnut1the group kde become kde-extra and only the packages not yet include in a pkg-get depinst kde are listed09:41
tnut1yes but it's iso or url actually09:42
Romsterso some stuff is net installed?09:42
tnut1one thing more the maintenance system detect automatiquelly depending of whats on the media09:42
tnut1depends which media you use09:43
tnut1if its the initrd of you NuTyX09:43
tnut1clear its everything net09:43
tnut1if its a liveCD then it going to be an installation of the liveCD09:44
tnut1...which can be reinstall .. and regenerate ... and reinstall indefinitly09:44
Romsterright we got a normal iso with some optional xorg and core and a netinstall that can get the basics off the net then prt-get depinst foo09:44
tnut1:D but not really many people realise that09:44
Romsterdepends how smart the users are.09:45
tnut1the last thing I had (coming closer to CRUX)09:45
Romstersee we have a good filter the ones that can't install and configure a kernel either learn or give up and move onto another distro.09:45
tnut1it's now possible to not install a kernel09:45
Romsterwhich means you should get more users <<09:46
tnut1then at the end of the installation (regardless if it is from the script, from the iso or from the maintenance system )09:46
tnut1you are chroot in NuTyX ready to compile your kernel or do what ever you want to do09:47
tnut1another specific thing09:48
tnut1I handle the bootloader completly separatly09:48
tnut1you can either install NuTyX with GRUB or install only GRUB or install only NuTyX09:49
Romsteryeah always good to have versatility09:50
Romsterwe probably offer too many choices but it's how we like to do things.09:50
Romsterwe are power users.09:51
Romsterdon't like being restricted while end users don't usually know any better09:51
Romsterthis has to be the longest i haven't clicked on a frinnst link for.09:52
* Romster scrolls up09:52
Romsterfrinnst, with his random urls09:53
Romsterhumor stuff pictures09:53
Romsterfrinnst, that looks nasty09:54
tnut1I'm so happy I finally got xmms back to work09:56
Romsternice chatting with you, i do need to get to bed now g'night.10:05
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vaddiHi there, i build a single php script that works like portspage ->
jaegerLooks pretty nice14:05
vaddithx, its just a brainstorming idee, because i want to keep the simple apache view for the main portsdir14:14
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*** v33 has joined #crux15:18
frinnstheh, /lib/modules is like a timemachine15:34
entetakes you back to the good old gedays of 2.6.8?15:35
frinnstheh, nah nothing that bad15:35
entexxx ~: uname -a15:36
enteLinux xxx.cs.uni-xxx 2.6.8-3-686 #1 Tue Dec 5 21:26:38 UTC 2006 i686 GNU/Linux15:36
enteour mailserver :P15:36
frinnstshould probably be updated :)15:36
entemyaybe :P15:36
entewe're about to replace it, actually15:37
*** Rotwang1 has quit IRC17:07
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*** j^2 has joined #crux17:47
v33anyone getting this raspberry pi thing?18:39
Romsterno idea what your talking about v3318:58
Romsterjust woke up and made a coffee.18:58
Romsterhome automation ftw but it's nothing new.19:03
Romstersecond video i can do that without that huge magnifying glass contraption, though his eyes must be not so good now.19:05
*** joe9 has quit IRC19:08
Romstervaddi should get his repo listed in portsdb19:10
entethat code19:11
entesprintf(string, "echo 1 >/proc/sys/...");19:11
entev33: yeah, I was interested in buying one19:14
entewould be my first computer that's capable of playing HD videos :P19:14
enteand dirt cheap19:14
enteand hacker friendly hw19:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: zsnes: fix sourceforge url19:16
entezsnes :)19:17
entewhy not bsnes?19:17
*** joe9 has joined #crux19:19
Romster got ssnes but it's all experimental git currently.19:20
entebut bsnes is the one true one? ;)19:20
crshdi tried compiling bsnes, but it wouldn't :(19:21
crshdand since i wanted to play games at that time, i didn't bother trying to fix it19:21
crshdjust created a port for snes9x19:21
Romstersnes9x wasn't bad either.19:23
Romsterdidn't know there was a linux one of that.19:24
Romsterlibsnes is the emulator core of bSNES, the most accurate SNES emulator to date.
Romsteralready there :D19:27
Romsterhow much does that differ from tilma_n's?19:27
crshdhehe, yeah, lagging a bit. was having a smoke19:28
Romstersicne rsync is a pain you can't vew it online.19:28
Romsteri have yet to get pcsx2 to work.19:28
crshdmhm... not sure, i haven't checked it out yet19:29
ente[02:28] < Romster> sicne rsync is a pain you can't vew it online.19:29
entehow/why is rsync a pain?19:29
crshdbecause you can't view it online :D19:30
crshdRomster: checked it. my port is more up-to-date. and i don't think tilman's compiles the gtk frontend19:33
Romsterhmm you might find snses9x might use yasm if it's installed since tilma_n has listed nasm on it.19:33
crshdwhich is bloat, anyways :D19:33
Romsteryeah i checked it out in my /tmp directory to take a look19:34
Romsternoticed his stuff has been lagging behind a bit.19:34
Romsteri'm nearly thinking of dumping everything i got in my repo into a tempery attic directory then move back what i really use i got too much stuff rotting away in there.19:35
crshdtalking about lagging - i noticed your p7zip is behind big time19:35
Romsteryou using that?19:36
Romster4 and thats 9 something O_O is it ever i'll bump t19:37
crshdi made an updated one19:37
*** v33 has quit IRC19:39
Romster7 users with p7zip19:40
Romsterkp4 has an updated one already too.19:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: p7zip: romster -> contrib19:53
Romstercruxbot, that should fix that.19:54
Romstererr crshd19:54
Romstergod damn tab fail19:54
Romsterwhat happened to the last spoke preference in tab completion in this xchat19:54
crshdcruxbot was the last one speaking19:55
Romsterit is on last spoke...19:55
Romsteroh right dug...19:55
Romsteri'm obviously not fully awake yet19:55
crshdaargh... pcsxr doesn't detect any memcards19:56
crshdanyways, i should be working, not playing games19:56
Romsterfork of PCSX?19:57
joacimpcsx-df is another one19:58
Romsters/# Depends:/# Depends on:/19:58
Romsterand no need to use {} on name and version unless you got a ${name}_$version situation.19:59
Romsteri haven't seen any cases of weird chars being interpreted yet.19:59
Romsterwhat sort of work crshd if i may ask.20:00
crshdi just prefer using {}, makes it look cleaner IMO20:00
crshdjust doing odd jobs around the office. delivering medical oxygen, driving people around, doing some paper work...20:03
crshdnothing exciting20:04
Romsterah varied work shouldn't be so boring as some days of me removing viruses coping data off sick disks...20:23
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Romstervaddi, i fixed zsnes source= seen it in your ports list, also why don't you get your repo added to portdb?23:57

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