IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2012-01-09

vaddihi, ive crated my repo last month. i think its not all clean (some ports are just for testing in there). yesterday i hacked a small php site that will get infos from Pkgfiles like portspage but on the fly00:20
vaddichristmas time i was very busy and dont spend much time on it (only by the way from brainpower next to my familystuff ;-))00:24
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Romstervaddi, wot matter more reviewing can help. and sharing ports is good. like the php stuff perhaps when you get it completed, to show the git tree of it?01:09
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crshdgenerating a port overview on the fly does sound interesting. i'm just wondering how well it'll perform on a repo of a decent size, when it starts reading a couple 100s of Pkgfiles...01:12
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Romsteri'm assuming it's a simple read of every Pkgfile to parse the lines.01:14
Romsternot so bad if the results are cached and only re-read if the time stamp of the file changes.01:16
v33sup guys01:16
niklaswegood morning/evening guys01:20
vaddimorning, yes it only read (php stream_get_line) lines from Pkgfiles. It should be not very hard to use a cachefile. at the time i think about how i can use repofiles md5 sums to view missmatches01:21
vaddinice hardware01:25
v33seemed like a decent deal01:26
vaddibut i think ssd are only boosting wen they are connected via pcie (rw up to 2000mb/s!)01:27
v33i'd think this is more of a netbook kinda thing01:27
vaddiive boost my old thinkpad x31 by a new ide hdd up to 3x r/w rates :-D01:29
Romster that's a monitor setup, hey jdolan this is a little more than yours.01:29
Romsterwonder what video card can do 16 monitors though01:30
crshdyeah, i saw one of those OCZ 1TB 1,5GB/s PCIe drives the other day... i started drooling01:30
crshdthen i saw the price tag, and started crying01:30
Romsterfor $199 you can get 120GB SSD01:30
Romstersata III01:30
Romsterseems to be the sweet spot atm.01:31
vaddiPCIe drives are expensive but you canot get more hdd power nowadays01:33
Romsterspeeds don't really warrent it unless your going over 1000gbps01:34
Romsterespecially for writes01:35
v33romster, did you get your hands on rome total war?01:45
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vaddi# hdparm -tT /dev/md001:49
vaddi Timing cached reads:   15918 MB in  1.99 seconds = 7999.77 MB/sec01:49
vaddi Timing buffered disk reads:  324 MB in  3.01 seconds = 107.56 MB/sec01:49
vaddishould be enough for server some web pages (i do it often filebased without any database) :-D01:51
Romsterv33, no not yet01:58
Romstercooking myself dinner01:58
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] gnutls: updated to 3.0.1101:59
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: xterm: updated to 27701:59
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: bash-completion: updated to 1.9901:59
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vaddihi sepen02:03
v33i hate cheap customers...ridiculous02:29
vaddigood stuff has his coasts...02:34
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: orage: updated to 4.8.302:35
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-timer-plugin: updated to 0.6.302:35
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-xkb-plugin: updated to
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: garcon: fix to avoid conflicts with xfce4-appfinder >= 4.9.302:35
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce-utils: fix to avoid conflicts with xfce4-appfinder >= 4.9.302:35
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: garcon: rectified last commit02:47
frinnstvaddi: ask jaeger about his playground at work03:15
frinnstyou'll drool03:15
frinnstlots of stec zeus drives03:20
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Romster Timing cached reads:   7872 MB in  2.00 seconds = 3937.72 MB/sec03:43
Romster Timing buffered disk reads: 358 MB in  3.01 seconds = 118.93 MB/sec03:43
Romsternot really a good result meant to limit the amount of ram the system has to get meaningful results03:44
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rinessepen, I really love your xfce-work; I set up the third workstation in the office now and everything works so fantastic fine... great work!03:50
sepennote that also people (from here) help me to improve things04:01
rinesyes, thanks to all, of course ;)04:04
Romsterwe are the beta testers D04:07
sepenI think is not true04:07
sepenmy coworkers are04:07
Romsteroh sepen any chance you could update your logs on crux site?04:08
Romsteroh them too sepen i forgot about those.04:08
sepensure, just I need to power-on the box again04:08
Romsteralways good to have monkeys do the testing for you.04:08
Romsterperhaps cron it every day or week or something.04:09
Romsteri should grab the tool and run it here though but that page is pretty good on it's own.04:09
sepenbut yes, since CRUX focuses to have the last software updates is not easy to manage with last releases, etc.04:09
Romsterprobably best if it was on a git hook04:10
sepenyes but there are things that requires monkeys :D04:10
sepenRomster: ok, let me sometime and I'll upload new .log files04:12
Romsterah you generate them on your box then upload i see.04:12
Romsteris that tool in your sepen repo?04:13
sepennow I'm a bit busy at office04:13
sepenyes Romster04:13
Romstercrux-repo-utils i take it. i should have a look though that.04:13
Romsterat some point i'm hoping to get my version sort to the point where it'll be able to notify of new versions and files that have been silently changed upstream.04:14
Romsteron a neat page layout.04:14
Romsterwould be nice to include that with them logs.04:14
Romsterbut it's a long way off yet to that stage.04:15
sepenRomster: feel free to hack my work04:15
Romstersure but i'll leave the hacking until later, actaully it be cool to see multilib warnings. may do that.04:16
Romsterno idea why i'm not tracking your repo, fixes that.04:17
sepenRomster: ahh sorry, I switched from to .it.cx04:17
Romsteryour ports are listed should be updated to the new one or they wouldn't be on portsdb04:18
sepenit's ok in portdb04:18
sepen$ portdbc search crux-repo-utils04:18
sepencrux-repo-utils              sepen          rsync -aqz crux-repo-utils04:18
Romsterhmm handy tool too, i really want to remove duplicates out of my repo04:19
Romsteri'll have to look in prtverify04:19
sepenRomster: from 03Jan2012 on crux-devel: 10:50:05 <sepen> Romster: sepen/crux-repo-utils but until portdb shows my new domain name (I moved to
Romsteri remember reading that.04:19
Romsterhmm you have duplicates in your repo too.04:22
sepenheheh sure04:22
sepenas human, I need to improve things (always)04:23
sepenRomster: did you have problems with dyndns?04:24
sepenI moved to 'freedns' due to things now need to be paid04:25
Romsternope other than having to renew it every 25 or so days, been thinking of making a page on my host to redirect to me though.04:29
Romsterbecause i can't be stuffed uploading all them scripts to the shell04:29
Romsterdyndns still offer a free ip thing afaik04:30
Romsterl7-filter-userspace dos that even work anymore it's been ages since i've seen any activity04:31
sepenhmm, yes I need a full review of my private repo04:32
Romsteri know i do need to go over mine too.04:32
sepenI started a little clean some months ago, but need more time :D04:32
Romsterwish l7 filter did work04:33
Romsterindeed same here04:33
Romsterah i see what you mean you need to sed your url in the ports.04:36
Romstercrux-repo-utils no man pages <<04:38
sepenRomster: only you could use -h to repock4up and repodiff04:41
sepenthose scripts need more work too04:41
sepenalways -more work- but the same time per day, only 24hours04:41
Romsteri'm lookign at the code i see one small spelling error in the help section but not worried about that currently just looking how to use it.04:42
sepenI wish I have the time I had when 20yo04:42
Romsteryeah i know the -more work- thing that happens to me all the time.04:42
Romsterat least sed your source= and commit so users can use your ports that depend on your site.04:43
sepenhmm I did that on Tue Jan 3 16:49:1604:43
sepenjust I need to rebase at my public place04:44
Romsteryou sure i did a pull of your tree and i got the old url on crux-repo-utils04:44
Romsterah you need some git hook setup to do that everytime you push04:45
sepenRomster: yes
Romsternot much use if it's not at the other end we pull from04:46
Romsterrepoverify -h04:46
RomsterError, '-h' isn't a repository04:46
Romsterecho "  -h          Show this help information"04:46
Romsterindeed needs a little more work.04:47
sepenRomster: private me for those things please04:47
Romsternot too worried i'll figure it out it is cleanly typed out.04:47
sepenRomster: my repo index should be now ok04:48
Romsteryep that's fixed that04:49
juegood morning04:49
Romstermorning jue04:49
Romsterniklaswe, pitillo who else have i forgotten.04:50
sepenhi jue04:50
sepenpitillo: hey04:53
pitillouep sepen04:55
pitilloRomster: here on holidays yet :)04:55
Romsteri'm on hollidays already on my second week now.04:56
Romsterand i spend most of my time at the computer go figure04:56
pitilloit usually happens Romster :)04:57
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mpup: fixed urls05:01
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: portdbc: fixed urls05:01
Romstercool sepen, btw i might fix a couple of things and send you a diff on it if i get around to it.05:09
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Romster they killed haddaway!05:39
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tnuthello everrybody05:54
Romsterhi tnut05:54
Romsterwish i could change tabs in firefox with the scroll wheel like it does change tabs in sakura05:55
tnutsakura ?05:57
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tnutthe game ?05:57
Romstersakura it's like kconsole but no kde deps.05:57
Romsterits' in crux/contrib05:58
tnutit used qt ?05:58
tnuthey sepen05:58
Romstervte based.05:58
tnutI see05:59
tnutanother one ...05:59
Romsterthere is quite a few but that's the one i found and have used ever since.05:59
tnutjust for info06:00
tnutdoesnt work while does06:00
tnutsmall detail ;)06:00
sepenor report :D06:01
tnutI will definitly try it06:01
tnutstill looking for the right one06:01
sepentnut: seems that you changed some things on nutyx since our last conversation ;)06:02
sepenhere I'm on mrxvt for years, despite the fact that mrxvt doesn't have full utf8 implementation yet06:02
Romsterthey changed the server config to mod_rewrite06:02
tnutO sepen could be sorry I didn't remember we spoke together (i'm having a very bad memory06:02
Romsteri'll fix that no need to report you have already06:03
sepenanyways I think that uxterm + screen is the best combination06:03
juesepen: ever tried tmux?06:03
sepensimilar than screen, its ok?06:04
sepenjue: installed but I think I used it 1 or 2 times06:04
sepenjue: the problem is our servers in production at work, usually are shipped with screen installed06:05
tnutsepen: no idea what you are refering to06:05
tnutIf I'm coming her now is for another reason06:07
sepentnut: in the past I said you that nutyx wasn't a complete distro, just a piece of CRUX configuration or customization06:08
tnutI'm gladd you have been changing your mind even if it just a bit06:08
sepennutyx also changed06:10
tnutwell not really06:10
tnutnow we are 2 maintainers doing  the job as good as possible06:11
sepenI meant code06:11
tnutbefore we were up to 6 or  8 maintainers and I was chassing the correction06:11
tnut... or mistakes what ever06:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: sakura: soruce has moved and url fixed06:12
Romsterand i spell source wrong -_-06:13
sepentnut: what are the big differences nowadays between nutyx and crux?06:14
tnutnot shure I will repeat the all story again06:15
tnutmoreover I'm at work06:16
tnutmeans not suppose to chat ...06:16
sepennutyx == CRUX + port overlays06:16
tnutas you like sepen06:16
tnutit's just fine for me06:16
tnutI don't need to prove anything06:17
Romstercan always go though the log06:17
sepenI'm just asking to know things06:17
tnutas long I know what's are the diffs06:17
tnutcheck the logs06:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: vte: added missing dep06:19
sepentnut: all you said in logs could be performed with CRUX06:20
tnutwell ....06:22
sepenwell, so imho nutyx is not a *distro*06:22
tnutit's just fine for me06:22
tnutno its just an Operating system like CRUX06:23
sepenlol, bsd, linux, etc. are operative systems, crux is a distro06:23
tnutor redhat or any other OS using a kernel, udev and couple of scripts06:24
tnutI mean sepen honnestly06:24
sepenredhat is also a distro06:24
tnutI Don't Care06:24
sepenor it was :D06:24
tnutI do it for fun06:24
tnutand today it's work so smooth06:25
sepenCRUX too06:26
tnutno idea06:27
tnutbut It has to06:28
sepenmaybe you should test CRUX before create a fork06:28
tnutagain check the logs sepen06:28
sepen*the logs*06:28
sepenthe unique logs in the world¿?06:29
sepenheheh "Page inconnue (404)"06:31
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Romstersepen, apparantly tnut started out with LFS then found pkgutils and started using that with the LFS stuff to make it nutyx06:38
Romster that log sepen from the other day but extracting it all wont be fun06:38
sepenLFS + pkgutils + pkg-get + prt-get ... this looks familiar to me06:39
Romsteryes indeed it looks very close to crux.06:41
tnutI will stay connected and answer this evening06:58
rinesanybody using texlive?07:12
Romsternot me sorry07:44
jaegerjue: I use tmux all the time08:31
jaegerjue: the only feature screen has that tmux doesn't that I've actually wanted to use is serial port support08:31
frinnstdoes irssi have some search-function ?08:33
Romstersplit screen?08:35
Romsterno idea frinnst08:35
frinnstsweet, /lastlog seems to do it08:39
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rmullHas anyone done a crux install with a non-crux livecd?08:54
jaegernot recently but I have in the past08:55
thrice`i have in the past, using an ubuntu CD08:55
jaegergentoo here but the idea is the same08:55
jaegerif pkgutils isn't available you can still install by uncompressing all the packages08:55
thrice`just had to extract pkdadd to /  :-)08:55
jaegeryou have to fix the pkg db later or just live without pkg db info08:55
rmullSo just set up the disk, chroot in, and start extracting the packages?08:55
jaegerpretty much, yeah08:56
rmullI like only having one livecd to worry about, and in most cases, my favorite livecd is the systemrescuecd08:56
thrice`jaeger, actually, I don't think that's right, if you use setup still after chroot'ing08:56
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jaegerI wonder, didn't we talk about a static pkgadd on the ISO in the past?08:56
jaegersetup won't exist in your chroot08:57
jaegerunless you're talking about setting up the ISO environment from another boot CD :P08:57
thrice`well, I loop mounted the iso when I did08:57
tnutpkgadd is static08:57
thrice`sepen had a nice post on teh ML about it, lemme try to dig it up even08:58
jaegerwith static pkgadd it's even easier08:58
jaegermkdir -p /wherever/you/want/crux/var/lib/pkg08:58
jaegertouch /wherever/you/want/crux/var/lib/pkg/db08:58
jaegerfor p in *.pkg.tar.xz; do pkgadd -R /wherever/you/want/crux $p; done08:59
rmullSounds pretty easy08:59
rmullMaybe one of these days I'll give it a go and document it on the wiki08:59
jaegerHave you run into a situation where that's required?09:00
rmullNope, just prefer to have the flexibility if it exists09:00
jaegeractually, I just thought of one, a VPS rescue boot09:01
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jdolanRomster, lol, nice display!09:04
sepenthrice`: maybe this one?
Romsterjoacim, indeed09:07
thrice`sepen, yeah, perfect :D   I didn't go back far enough - I thought it was before the 2.7 release, but yes, was 2.609:07
frinnstautofail :)09:07
jaegerok, time to remove all this gnome stuff and try XFCE again09:08
thrice`I used that method to initially install CRUX64, when the ISO wouldn't boot from usb on my thinkpad09:08
Romsterjdolan, .. i meant09:08
Romsterwhat about mate :D09:08
jaegerspeaking of thinkpads and usb booting, how many people in here have UEFI machines now? besides me and teK_09:09
Romsteri still got a working crux 2.2 cd i burned here ages ago.09:09
thrice`probably soon, I think i'm going to replace my old thinkpad in a coupla months :(09:09
jaegerJust curious who I can ask to test ISO changes on UEFI soon :)09:10
jaegeronce I get my DE crap sorted09:10
jaegerthrice`: I'm quite happy with my x220 so far, for what that's worth09:10
rmullWoah, is that lightscribe?09:12
Romsterawesome but  didn't have lightscribe09:12
Romsteri do however have a inkprinter that can print on cd's now.09:13
rmullJust in time for CDs to become obsolete :P09:13
Romstersurprised you didn't put tux on it instead of the skull09:13
Romsterof course it can do dvd blu-ray too09:14
thrice`jaeger, yeah, x220 looks pretty nice :>09:14
jaegerIt's smaller than I was expecting but I like that :)09:14
Romsternot anytime soon for audio use09:14
Romstershame we don't have the newer high deff audio format used more.09:14
rmullYeah, that's true.09:15
thrice`eek, a little pricey though09:15
rmullA couple years ago I bought a "super audio CD" (SACD) with four audio channels09:15
jaegerthrice`: I waited for a holiday sale :)09:15
Romstercan you even play a SACD still now?09:15
thrice`ah, nice discount?  seems to be about $1,000-$1200 on their site09:16
jaegerI paid $1234 in the end with upgraded cpu, ram, etc.09:17
rmullNice round number :P09:17
jaegerips panel, webcam, fingerprint reader09:17
Romsteroh wow SACD
jaegerIt's a little expensive but I don't intend to replace it any time soon09:17
rmullRomster: I have no idea. SACD would play in a regular CD player, but I don't know how to get all four channels out of it09:17
Romsterbet that hurt the wallet jaeger09:17
jaegernot terribly, I budget myself well09:17
jaegerI also bought a new RC car this weekend :D09:18
jaegerfun stuff09:18
rmullwhat kind?09:18
jaegerHPI on-road electric09:18
rmullI used to have an HPI on road nitro when I was younger09:18
rmullFun little thing09:18
RomsterSuper Audio CD Capacity up to 7.95 GiB/GB09:18
jaegerI have a nitro RS4 and this new electric one09:19
jaegerI bought the nitro RS4 used and had to clean it up and work on it quite a bit to get it working again09:19
rmullI ended up wishing that I had gotten an offroad buggy09:19
RomsterSACD is capable of encoding recorded audio in either stereophonic sound or surround sound. Although SACD audio streams are encoded in a pulse-density modulation (PDM) scheme called Direct Stream Digital (DSD), a manufacturer may also write a Pulse-code modulation (PCM) "layer" compatible with conventional Compact Disc players.09:19
jaeger <-- this is the new one09:19
jaegerRomster: there are tons of CD players that support SACD, it's almost difficult to find one that doesn't09:20
jaegerThere are a lot of them, though, that don't do surround like rmull mentions09:20
Romster1999 you'd think they be more popular now. i don't even see any player advertised, like they keep pushing blu-ray09:20
jaegerMy car stereo even supports them, and DVDA09:20
frinnstcool stuff.. i'd like to get one of those. but since i live in a neighbourhood with lots of kids i fear i would be arrested if i did :D09:21
jaegerfrinnst: hehe09:21
Romsteroh relaly man i must be behind the times.09:21
jaegerI actually brought it to work today so I can drive it around one of the unfinished floors above my office09:21
jaegershould be fun09:21
rmullHow much runtime do you get from a single charge on the electric?09:22
Romsterif they don't mind black marks everywhere.09:22
Romstermy old one gave me 15 minutes if i went easy on it 12 if i went flat stick09:22
jaegerrmull: from full to discharged about 15 minutes with my current battery - from what I've read online I can get up to around 25 with a better battery09:23
jaegerRomster: the floors above don't even have carpet or tile, or walls09:23
jaegerthey're empty concrete09:23
Romsterif oyu want to go continiously get 3 batteries 1 on charge 1 cooling down 1 in the vehicle.09:23
Romsterah k09:23
Romsterdon't ever recharge it when battery is hot or you may know about it boom09:24
Romsterindeed that's about the only big fat warning on them batteries let them cool down if hot /before/ recharging.09:27
Romsterwell may nit go boom it may just vent.09:27
Romsterbut the batteries i were using at the time were nicad09:27
rmullMaybe they should add a thermistor or something into the battery housing so that the charge circuit knows when it can actually begin a charge cycle.09:27
Romsterwonderful cadium09:27
jaegerThey don't take long to cool, fortunately. I let the car cool down for about 15 minutes between runs anyway09:27
jaegernicad is rare for them now09:28
jaegermostly nimh or lipo, some life09:28
Romsterthey do on some stuff mine never had a thermistor.09:28
Romsteri always read NiMh can't handle as many amps as nicad could.09:29
Romsterdunno how they got around that.09:29
Romsterthem packs could draw in excess of 30 amps out of a 1.6AH nicad 7.2 volt pack09:29
Romsterguess technology improved to the point where they work just as well. and no memory effect i hated that.09:30
Romsterjaeger, isn't it wonderful when you've been around so much technology that it changes so damn much old claims are not even true anymore.09:34
jaegersometimes it's wonderful, sometimes it's a pain in the butt :P09:37
jaegerall the stuff you spend time learning becomes obsolete09:37
Romstertrue some of it is handy to know the rest feels like why bother.09:38
Romsteranyways rc cars are fun toys09:38
jaegerI will probably sell my older nitro car now that I have the electric one09:39
jaegerI don't really need 2 on-road cars09:39
Romsteri always wanted a nitro one i had a nitro glider with a motor to get it up in the air09:40
Romsterbuggers to start sometimes with priming and the glow plug09:40
jaegerMy glow plug igniter is dying, too09:41
jaegerI did a lot of cleaning on it and replaced the connecting rod recently09:42
jaegerto get it running again09:43
Romsterhmm i could never get sued to a hand trigger controller i always used one like the airplanes do.09:46
Romsteronly main issue is the range is so great you end up not being able to see the car before it's out of range.09:47
Romsternitro cars are fun when the servo battery goes flat when it's got a heap of fuel left in it too.09:47
Romsterhaven't owned one but i know some that had them.09:48
jaegerI haven't had that problem yet but it would be funny09:48
Romsterjsut make sure the serv battery if recharged ro replaced if non-rechargeable at first sign of being slugish swap in the fresh set.09:49
Romsterpretty are but good to be aware of it.09:49
Romsterpretty rare*09:49
Romstercertainty not a cheap hobby either.09:51
jaegerindeed not09:51
Romsterever raced it in some club?09:52
Romsteri haven't but i have drove the car on one.09:52
jaegerI haven't yet09:52
Romsterspecial track for rc cars that is09:52
Romsterdid take mine on the scramble bike track before too when it wasn't wet like mud.09:53
* aon used to be in a club like that09:53
aonyears ago09:53
Romsterdunno if i'd get back into rc cars not cheap and i got heaps of other hobbies that demand cash too.09:55
aoni'd like an rc amphibious tank09:55
aonbut the ones available are quite flimsy09:55
Romsteryeah i haven't seen a decent one of them09:55
aonand with this amount of slacking i'm not going to build one either09:55
Romsterwould be cool though09:56
Romstergo onto a pond scare the ducks off it.09:56
Romsterdecent pictures jaeger09:56
Romsterprocrastinating too much aon ?09:58
Romstercrux needs you then :D09:58
aonthere's a shortage of procrastinators?09:58
Romsteri wish, nah not many active devs and tilma_n  has no time.09:59
Romsternot as many as we used to have really.09:59
Romsterjust see the commits n git on whos doing most of the work jue jaeger sepen frinnst on 64bit some others of less amount10:00
Romsterunless you prefer to chill out and watch movies or whatever it is you do.10:02
jaeger1m0.482s for "make -j16 all" in linux-3.1.8 :)10:02
Romsteri'm envous i want that many cores10:02
jaegerhonestly I rarely use more than 4-6 of them and that's with some VMs running10:03
jaeger(unless I compile a lot of stuff)10:03
jaegergranted I have been doing a LOT of compiling lately working on multilib10:03
Romsteri'm still hacking at ports too.10:03
Romsterand i can't stop yawning and it's 3am so i'm gonna call ti a night g'night10:05
sepenI can't imagine how things will happen if Romster lives in a country with the same GTM hour :D10:41
sepenhe works hard, even on holidays10:43
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Rotwang1I just listened to rebecca black "friday" and heard the words12:43
Rotwang1oh the horrors12:43
Rotwang1hopefuly the world will end12:43
Rotwang1I probably never heard anything dumber12:45
aonthere are several similar abominations by the production company on youtube12:45
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tnutgood evening14:01
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niklaswegood evening..15:20
niklaswehow should my packages be there..15:20
Rotwang1maybe makefile doesnt accept destdir?15:21
niklasweI have try both..15:22
niklaswethe problem is.. install: cannot remove `/usr/bin/rexima': Permission denied15:22
niklaswemake: *** [install] Error 115:22
niklaswe=======> ERROR: Building '/home/niklas/ports/rexima/rexima#1.4-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.15:22
niklaswei think..15:23
thrice`niklaswe, you are trying to install to /usr/bin15:23
thrice`install -s -m 755 rexima /usr/bin15:24
thrice`oh wait, sorry, that is the makefile15:24
niklaswethrice`: yupp the prefix in the Makefile are /usr15:24
niklasweI can skip to build packages.. _but_ I want packages instead15:25
thrice`instead of calling make install, I would just cp it to :P15:25
Rotwang1I'd rewiev makefile15:25
Rotwang1never remember where v or w is15:26
niklasweRotwang1: then we are two  :P15:26
niklasweany idé in which way i should do it right..15:32
niklasweso it will be the "right" way15:32
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joe9pitillo: do you have any plans on extending ports for git repos?16:29
joe9so, ports --update and ports --diff can read the latest commit.16:29
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Romsterniklaswe, may work make PREFIX=/usr ; make PREFIX=$PKG/usr install18:50
Romsterbut i would jsut use install -D rexima $PKG/usr/bin/rexima18:51
Romsterany better than alsamixer?18:52
Romsterniklaswe, i fixed it for you
Romstermay want to submit that patch upstream to the project too.19:16
Romstermade a mistake in the uninstall: section you may want to fix that before submitting it/using.19:21
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Romsterhi charlie21:30
*** [2m]Dudde has joined #crux21:30
RomsterhorrorStruck, those setting you gave me go in /etc/ppp/options right?21:33
Romsterok i'm on pppd now. found another useful guide
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