IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2012-01-10

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v33macs are so ridiculous. you have to take apart the entire computer just to replace a keyboard00:38
frinnstRomster: LOL01:24
frinnstnot even close :D01:25
Romsterclose to what?01:28
frinnstmichael jackson at age 4001:28
Romsterah yeah hilarious eh.01:28
Romsterthat prediction epic fail01:28
frinnstgoogle books has that entire issue online and readable01:30
frinnstfrom ebony magazine01:30
Romsterwasn't aware of that01:31
teK_anyone else having problems compiling iasl?01:38
Romstergood lord at the older hair styles01:39
RomsterteK_, on what arch?01:40
teK_should not matter01:40
teK_cc1: warnings being treated as errors01:40
teK_../utilities/utresrc.c: In function 'AcpiUtWalkAmlResources':01:40
teK_../utilities/utresrc.c:542:11: error: 'ResourceIndex' may be used uninitialized in this function01:40
teK_this is on x86_6401:40
Romsteriasl#20111123-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.01:41
Romsteron i686 ok01:41
Romsteriasl#20111123-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded on x86_6401:43
Romstersure oyu don't have custom flags like -Werror01:43
Romsteror sounds to me your on gcc 4.6.x01:43
Romsterwell beats me works for me.01:44
Romsterpreviously installed pkgrm it then try?01:45
teK_i have no former iasl package handy so I won't do that ;>01:45
Romstercc1: warnings being treated as errors <--01:45
Romsteryou must have -Werror01:45
teK_yeah "wrong" cflags01:45
Romsterremove that.01:45
Romsteror add -Wno-error01:46
teK_% grep error /etc/pkgmk.conf || echo "nope"                    :(01:46
Romstermaybe in the iasl port01:46
teK_rerunning make maede it work01:46
teK_pkgmk -kw01:46
teK_cd to the directory and retype make twice01:47
Romster-Werror is in the iasl port probably in the Makefile01:47
Romsterbut why is it ok for me.01:47
teK_because the C files are generated qon the fly afaik01:48
teK_looking into it01:48
Romsterbison issue?01:49
teK_nope the file in question is not generated01:50
Romstersed out the -Werror in Pkgfile if your not too fussed.01:52
teK_going to let sepen know.01:52
Romsteri can't reproduce it :/01:52
Romsterhmm oh wait my chroot isn't fully up to date01:53
Romsterfor i68601:53
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Romsternothing i do can make it fail.02:02
teK_no problem, thanks02:03
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sepenteK_: morning, the problem is your '-03' opt flag, I sent you an email with a complete report02:20
juegood morning02:28
teK_hi sepen, thank you!02:30
teK_hello jue02:31
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jueteK_: FWIW, iasl works for me with '-O3 -march=i686'05:32
pitillojoe9: no. I use git in some ports, but in personal repos. That way isn't the official way to go. I don't know if someone is working in any kind of ports extension05:43
Romsterfor official snapshot it tarball it then on some server to add to a source= line.05:58
Romstercan't rely on everyone having git installed.05:58
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Romster next time use helium not hydrogen!07:06
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Romster i found tux well sort of.08:21
aoni was once about to go to a brewdog tasting that was arranged near here08:22
Romsterso why didn't you go?08:23
Romstergames and beer ok can it get any better08:23
aoncouldn't get anyone else to go with me08:30
Romsteri'd go << hehe08:31
Romsteri mena who wouldn't08:31
Romsterbummer though you could of been drooling at all them beers08:31
frinnstcrux logo v2?08:34
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Romsterdoubt it08:36
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jaegerwhich is the proper name? gtk-engine-<name> or gtk-engines-<name> ?09:05
Romsterunless your talking about this one
jaegerIs that merely a preference or is it documented somewhere? In the portdb we have some of both09:06
Romsterand... i just spot a cruxengine?09:07
jaegerI mean the engines like murrine, etc.09:07
aonengine, i think09:07
jaegeryeah, crux is one of the oldest09:07
Romsteri have a gtk-engine-murrine port.09:07
jaegernot related to crux linux09:07
aonat least their home pages refer to them in singular09:07
Romsters is for more than 109:07
Romsterinstead of plural09:07
jaegerworking on making xfce4 look nice today, gonna play with some engines09:08
thrice`is that possible? :p09:08
Romsterwe will find out.09:09
jaegerNot sure yet :)09:10
jaegerI'm not fond of the default look09:10
Romsterno rc cars wallpaper :D09:11
Romsteri've always thought of the gtk widgets as ugly but functionally outweighs looks.09:14
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thrice`jaeger, don't like gnome3?  I'm trying it on a spare machine, and kinda like it after a few days of use09:24
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jaegerthrice`: not as much as I expected, no09:28
jaegerMostly due to its new workspace switching and placement09:28
jaegerI like the look of it, though09:28
jaegerxfce4's lack of icons really bugs me, that's not a good default09:29
sepenwell I could add our own xfce-crux-icon-theme for our repo09:31
jaegerI've already downloaded a couple others, I just think that's a really strange choiec09:32
sepenjaeger: choice (like decission?)09:32
sepenwell, I can change to our own choice09:34
sepenjaeger: or maybe aren't you talking about crux's xfce collection?09:35
jaegerI was, though I don't know if that's YOUR choice or an upstream choice09:36
sepenhmm but there is no the thread I was looking for09:44
sepen^^ this one09:45
sepenafter that problems persist and they decided to remove icons on 4.6.109:48
sepenin words of 'Olivier Fourdan' one of the core developers09:51
jaegerhaving trouble finding a dark theme that's not bad09:53
sepenjaeger: my girlfriend's desktop
entelooks awful :)09:55
sepenI don't have enough money to buy a mac :D09:55
entewhy does everything try to look like a mac? :(09:55
entestupid hipsters :PO09:55
jaegersepen: I'm not a fan of the mac look, myself09:56
sepenmy girlfriend is09:56
sepenand I'm able to finish an installation that have a mac look, +1 to me :D09:56
ente(this wasn't against your girlfriend, it was a complaint about every desktop environment ever trying to simulate mac os)09:57
enteyeah, +1 to you :)09:57
sepenjaeger: the worst problem I had with xfce icons is to find an icon theme that doesn't require a bunch of deps to install09:57
sepenusually those deps are required to convert svg files09:58
jaeger <-- currently working with this10:08
thrice`sepen, no lying, we can see /home/sepen/  in the thunar window :D10:09
jaegerI didn't find a good dark theme. Atolm was close but had some really bad contrast issues in pidgin and thunderbird10:12
sepenthrice`: of course, I've an account too :D10:16
rmulljoe9: Do you have any ports that need hosting other than the -git ports?10:17
joe9rmull, no.10:17
joe9thanks for asking.10:17
sepenthrice`: you know my first afterboot/install command is # useradd .... & visudo10:17
rmulljoe9: Sure. Was just making a list of ports that I want to set up, thought I'd ask10:18
rmullI'm not sure I want to host the -git ports10:18
joe9fair enough.10:18
rmullSimply because I'd like to experiment with them before putting them up10:18
joe9I think they do not work with ports.10:18
thrice`sepen, :)10:19
rmullIt seemed like Romster had some ideas for how to make them work "correctly" so maybe I'll get around to chatting with him about it on a slow day10:19
joe9and, would be good to have ports working with -git.10:19
sepenjaeger: nice theme10:20
sepenjaeger: are you using our xfce ports?10:21
sepennote that I push'ed xfce4-appfinder 4.9.3 which requires some fixes too10:22
sepenpay attention on xfce4-run vs xfrun4, for now all seems pretty stable but I could rollback that10:23
jaegerI haven't looked at either yet, is xfce4-run replacing xfrun4?10:23
sepenthey will move it upstream, from xfce-utils to xfce4-appfinder10:23
sepenbut xfce4-appfinder is really stable to me, so I decided to have a mixed decision until xfce4.10 will appear10:24
jaegerdid you see my comments in the log about build order for xfce4-session?10:24
jaegerI got a footprint mismatch doing a fresh 'prt-get depinst xfce4' because xfce4-session tried to build before xfce4-panel10:25
jaegeralso, xfce4-cpufreq-plugin depends on libxfcegui410:26
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sepenjaeger: hmmm I missed some plugins10:28
sepenjaeger: I noticed some footprint issues with perl bindings too10:28
sepenthanks, just noted those reports, now it's time to return back to home10:29
sepensee ya'10:29
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jaegerhaha, the cpufreq plugin info panel won't even fit on the screen10:31
jaegerthat's on a 3840 pixel wide desktop10:34
* crshd want10:41
j^22560x1600 and 1600x900 monitors i'm on now :P stupid work10:54
j^2they couldnt get me matching ones, a massive one and a tiny on10:54
crshdi hate mismatched monitors10:54
crshdalways triggers my OCD10:55
joe9i have mismatched monitors and xmonad does a good job.11:37
frinnstwhy? a small monitor is excellent for a terminal11:48
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j^2frinnst: yeah my small one is fro email, but still it's just a little annoying :'(12:16
frinnstlibvirt.. good luck installing it with virtinst12:22
frinnst236748321 dependencies12:22
frinnstrm -rf12:23
frinnstconfigure: error: libgnome-2.0 is required.12:23
frinnstafter installing 6-7 deps12:23
frinnsteverything redhat touches gets infected with gnome/python12:28
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v33sup guys13:10
rmullsup v3313:21
v33how is everyone?14:32
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frinnstprocess `sysctl' is using deprecated sysctl (syscall)15:28
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jaegerwell, that's a thing...15:52
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Romsterrmull, git and subversion easiest way to do it.18:31
Romster<jaeger> haha, the cpufreq plugin info panel won't even fit on the screen <- showoff :D18:33
joe9 /ws 2218:35
Romsterjoe9, wrong window :D18:36
joe9space before.18:36
Romsterman last week 35+ C temps this week 15+ C temps. freezing my ass off18:36
v33its pretty nippy here too lol19:55
Romstermy site is down for awhile20:06
RomsterMoving to a new server, please be patient, for ?'s sake!20:06
Romsterso no bug reports for it should be back up soon.20:06
jaegerZOMG is broken I can't get giblib20:06
Romsterif you really need a file i should have it on my slower link at
jaegerI grabbed it hours ago from a gentoo mirror, just being a pest20:08
Romsteri do have a backup plan -_-20:08
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Romsterlet me know if you want any other git trees tracked.20:32
Romsteri have commits for opt-x86_64 but tek hasn't fixed the git tree properly yet so i can push20:47
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libmnl: 1.0.1 -> 1.0.222:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libnetfilter_conntrack: 0.9.1 -> 1.0.023:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: conntrack-tools: 1.0.0 -> 1.0.123:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libnetfilter_log: 1.0.0 -> 1.0.123:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libnetfilter_queue: 1.0.0 -> 1.0.123:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: nut: 2.6.2 -> 2.6.323:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: p5-io-socket-ssl: 1.51 -> 1.5323:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: tor: ->

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