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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: streamtuner2: remove junk file00:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: normalize: 301 Moved Permanently source fix00:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: jasper: 301 Moved Permanently source fix00:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: transcode: 301 Moved Permanently source fix00:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: twisted: remove junk file00:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: upx: 3.07 -> 3.0800:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: pil: source file renamed00:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: moc: remove redundant dep00:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: lxml: 2.3.2 -> 2.3.300:58
Romsteri think that'll do for today.00:58
Romstermorning pitillo01:08
pitilloyo Romster :)01:09
Romsteronly 6pm and i'm tired01:09
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Romstermight go take the dogs for a walk soon01:09
Romstershould wake me up, fresh air.01:10
frinnstfuuuuuu im tired01:37
teK_I was, too01:37
teK_after one cup of coffee I'm awake D:01:38
frinnstjust poured myself the first of the day01:38
frinnsthere goes..01:38
teK_I'm a new coffee drinker so the effect will last for an hour or two *g*01:40
vaddiMorning hehe02:08
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frinnsthah, so true02:46
v33i wanna get my father one, just to see the expression on his face. xD03:23
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RomsterteK_, saver the moment because when your body is used to coffee you wont get that anymore.04:05
frinnstjust like any addiction04:10
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enteyou people should watch more demos04:23
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Romsterfrinnst, that one is neat.04:24
* crshd couldn't live without coffee04:26
crshdit's funny tho - i need a cup in the morning to fully wake up, but at night i can drink one, and go right to sleep afterwards :D04:27
Romster this si a mindfuck04:30
Romsteranyone want pizza04:35
Romsternot from that shop04:35
Romster ok i dind't think that waspossible to extend the PCIe cable like that.04:40
entenow you know04:41
Romsteri have a slot burried between two video cards not useable currently.04:41
Romsterbitcoin mining someone is crazy enough04:43
vaddi hahahaha05:03
rinesvaddi, nice as well
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Romsterlsblk is a awesome command.05:42
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: ristretto: updated to 0.3.105:49
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RoomsterhorrorSt1uck, i just found just the hard way a issue with using pppd for pppoe connections!07:29
Roomsterthe old rp-pppoe would cause ping -s 1476 ip  size or larger to set DF now it will work even if i set 3000 -_- and i got the symtpoms fo some stuff worked web sites mostly and other stuff not work.07:30
Roomsterhad to set -p tcp -m tcp --tcp-flags SYN,RST SYN -j TCPMSS --clamp-mss-to-pmtu07:30
Roomsterin my iptables rules.07:30
*** Roomster is now known as Romster07:35
Romsterhmm seems my setting mtu to 1472 caused it to fragment and not block with a 1500 mtu it works as expected though my mtu still is 147207:50
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: hdparm: update to 9.3807:54
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: iproute2: update to 3.2.007:54
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: vim: update to 7.3.40107:54
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gvim: update to 7.3.40107:54
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mysql: update to 5.5.2007:54
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: stunnel: update to 4.5107:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: btpd: update to 0.1607:58
rineswhen I'll be ready to post to contrib? I'm using crux since about one month now (really happy with it) - when I have to pass my final exam? ;)08:10
Romsteronce you got ports you mail the contrib ML and ask to get contrib access then two contrib members will review your ports, look for issues, if any fixes need doing we will let you know, if all is on order, we will say so and ask you generate a ssh key and email that to a dev.08:13
Romstermore chance to get in contrib if oyu got unique ports and not just duplicates of major private repos.08:14
Romsterthis is driving me nuts seems like i still have MTU issues.08:27
Romstereither that or some radio streams and site are down.08:28
rmullWhen should the "release" number in a Pkgfile be changed to something other than 1?08:44
pitillormull: when you touch the same version (to fix something, to add extra things, ...) and the port needs to be rebuilt08:46
rmullOkay, so it's a version number for the port itself?08:46
rmullAnd it gets reset when the version of the software it manages gets changed?08:47
rmullCool, thank you very much08:49
pitillonp :)09:01
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] php: update to 5.3.909:02
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mod_php: upate to 5.3.909:02
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: php-fcgi: upate to 5.3.909:02
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: php-mysql: upate to 5.3.909:02
Romstercan you confirm that mpg123 has a md5sum mismatch?09:09
RomsterMISSING   073620b3938c4cb9c4f70e8fe3e114b8  mpg123-1.13.4.tar.bz209:09
RomsterNEW       8061e139d3b9a7688527de023b0f54af  mpg123-1.13.4.tar.bz209:09
Romsterrmull, you reset it back to 1 when you bump the version.09:10
rmullYep, that's what pitillo said09:10
rmullUp until now I had always just left it at one, so I updated my howto notes09:11
Romsterrmull> And it gets reset when the version of the software it manages gets changed?09:11
Romster<pitillo> right09:11
Romsterwasn't really clear i interpreted that something will reset it for rmull automatically.09:11
rmullAhh. Haha, nah.09:11
Romsterjue, mpg123 md5sum mind taking a look dind't realize it was your port ^09:12
Romsteri re-downloaded itto be sure.09:13
rmullGah, my crux machine is down.09:13
Romsterit to*09:13
jaegertime for more grub2-efi testing09:13
rmullRan the CPU without a fan for too long I think. :(09:13
Romsterwhy on earth do that.09:19
Romsteralso most cpus have thermal throttling and thermal shutdown09:21
Romsterphew other radio streams work again.09:21
rmullRomster: It's a little Via chip, pretty low heat09:24
Romsterconnection refused, can anyone confirm if works for them. i'm thinking stupid isp filter censorship09:24
rmullDown for me too09:24
Romsterweird the stream works now that i rebuilt mpg12309:24
Romstermust be piggybacking off that site there port 80 web page isn't related
rmullThat's fairly common for radio streams09:29
Romsteryeah, was wondering if it was broken or censorship hard to tell thesedays.09:30
jueRomster: sorry, but works for me09:30
Romsteri can't ssh tunnel and test as my shell is down -_-09:30
Romsteryou kidden i removed the file downloaded it again.09:31
jueRomster: even the SF page has the same md5sum09:31
Romsterwhy do i always get these problems :(09:32
Romsterbetter not be a squid proxy09:32
Romsterjue, did you check
Romstersquid proxy no doubt damn it i force a cache refresh09:36
Romstersorry for the noise.09:36
Romsterthey must of silently updated and i got a stale copy off a gentoo mirror.09:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: qt3: Removed missing patches10:31
rinesRomster, thx10:33
Romsteralan, i do have that file
Romsternp rines10:37
rinesbtw. does anybody use btrfs?10:42
Romsternot me10:43
rmullNot yet!10:43
rmullSome day.10:43
rinesah, all right.10:44
rinesI will test it on my workstation at home on saturday10:45
Romsterdoes it even have a fsck tool yet?10:45
rinesnot sure, but I don't think so10:46
rmullIt doesn't10:46
rmullIt has some tools that you can use for recovery10:46
rmullBut nothing "adequate"10:46
Romsterman if i don't stop having late nights i'm never gonna get up on time for work next week.10:47
rinesRomster, go to bed!10:47
Romsteryeah i'm tired enough now but a cool live stream is on too.10:48
rmullRomster: Pipe to a file and listen later10:48
Romstertheres an idea10:48
rmullDoing what I can to keep the crux community in good health :P10:49
rineswhen the cat’s away, the mice will play10:51
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-bcmath: updated to 5.3.911:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-ftp: updated to 5.3.911:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-gd: updated to 5.3.911:19
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-gettext: updated to 5.3.911:19
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-mbstring: updated to 5.3.911:20
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-mcrypt: updated to 5.3.911:21
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-pdo-mysql: updated to 5.3.911:21
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-postgresql: updated to 5.3.911:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-sockets: updated to 5.3.911:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-xsl: updated to 5.3.911:23
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Rotwangnot sure if fake or not12:00
Rotwangbut DO WANT12:00
jaegerlooks like somethin benheck would have done12:03
jaegerer, something12:03
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niklaswecool :)
tnutgood evenign14:54
*** vaddi has quit IRC14:55
niklaswegood evening.14:55
tnutsakura simple and nice Romster ;) tanks14:59
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tnutdid somebody try pawm (from the same devel as sakura)15:08
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joe9what is sakura?15:11
* thrice` was just going to ask that :p15:11
tnutminimalist terminal15:12
tnutbut with the power of Terminal15:12
joe9better than urxvt?15:12
thrice`vte based?15:12
joe9not that urxvt is minimal15:12
thrice`urxvt is too!  just disable perl :p15:12
tnutbasically it's terminal with the menus hiden in the right click mouse15:13
joe9anyone switched from urxvt to sakura?15:13
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thrice`well, i'm not sold it's lighter :p15:16
tnutI found it nice.15:17
v33i actually like sakura15:21
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horrorSt1uckRomster: thanks for the hint on pppd. I didn't notice anything strange so far.18:21
*** horrorSt1uck is now known as horrorStruck18:21
Romsterit may have been because i had a mtu 1472 set in my firewall script too.18:23
Romstereverything horribly broke on large packets.18:24
Romsterand morning from australia (barely) 11:23am18:24
jaegerI saw your comment earlier about 1472 vs 1500, that 28 is the IP_ICMP header18:24
jaegerer, IP+ICMP18:24
jaeger(if you were wondering)18:25
Romsteri thought icmp was 8 bytes as ping said -s packetsize The default is 56, which translates into 64 ICMP data bytes when combined with the 8 bytes of ICMP header data18:25
Romsterin that ping man page i think that is wrong.18:26
Romsterand now works must of been an outage earlier or they broke something18:27
horrorStruckmorning from the land of smile18:27
horrorStruckshower time18:27
horrorStruckRomster: <--- what I've been bothering you with a few times now gets a Phoronix article18:30
Romstersweet horrorStruck i'll look forward to that18:32
horrorStruckat least it has lovely graphs
Romsterwith that we may never have to touch txquelen again?18:38
Romsterfunny that after i master all these damn values they go ahead and make it automatic on me -_-18:39
horrorStruck:D :D :D18:39
Romsterdrives me crazy in one way, and makes me happy in another.18:40
horrorStruckyou can still play with limit_max18:40
Romsteri'm still concerned about fragmentation with tis pppd direct with rp-pppoe i may grab wireshark and check it over.18:40
Romsterheaving it automatic would also lower latency during slow/saturated links.18:42
Romsteractually that ping man page is right i forgot the 20 bytes for IP and was only accounting for the 8 bytes of ICMP.18:44
horrorStruckI'll restest it tonight. I have tested it earlier but since then i've dropped this crappy ath9k patch and updated iproute2 to latest version18:44
Romsterno such file on my router18:45
Romstereven with that patch18:45
Romsterlater feature i guess.18:45
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horrorStruckyou need latest git from linus tree at least or net-next or even -net18:46
Romstercat /sys/class/net/eth0/queues/tx-0/xps_cpus18:47
Romsteronly file i got in there.18:47
Romsteryeah i'll hold off later than 3.1.x will break ipset.18:47
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Romsterugh what is up with crux i'm trying to do a git fetch on contrib.18:53
Romsterjust hanging.18:53
Romsterpage loads fine.18:53
jaegersure it isn't your connection after messing with settings?18:55
Romsteri'm often wondering that too.18:57
jaegerfor what it's worth I just checked out a new contrib without any trouble18:57
Romsteri'm pretty sure i have fixed everything i got path mtu discovery on so it will tune itself to maximum MTU18:57
Romsternetworks drive one insane.19:00
Romsternow what is it strace jsut sits on read, ...19:00
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v33so how is everyone?19:33
rmullDoes jre always show up in everyone's revdep?19:37
jaegerfrustrated by grub2's efi config but otherwise fine19:37
v33lol i tried to set up grub, and realized how much easier lilo is19:39
jaegerI use grub almost exclusively, its efi implementation seems young19:39
jaegergrub2, specifically19:39
jaegerthe EFI executables boot fine, but 64- and 32-bit, but it cannot find the config file without me telling it exactly where it is19:40
jaegerIf I do that I can boot both me lenovo x220 and a macbook pro in UEFI mode but it drives me nuts that it can't find the config on its own19:43
v33^no idea what any of that means, but YEA! ME TOO! lol19:46
jaegerThe short version is that I think there's a bug in grub2's efi code when it tries to load grub.cfg19:47
v33i've been working on a commercial all day, and its annoying how i made the entire commerical, and now have to rearrange it because the lady who speaks over it said it all wrong19:55
jaegerhrm... fedora 16 boots but they use grub 1 instead of 219:55
thrice`oh?  I thought F16 made the switch finally?19:56
jaegertheir grub is heavily patched but it's definitely 0.9x19:58
rmullSo does anyone know how to get jre to stop coming up after running 'revdep?' right now I can rebuild and reinstall it and it still shows up19:58
rmullsame with libreoffice19:58
jaegerrmull: there's likely nothing wrong with either of them19:58
jaegerrmull: it's just that they both have libs that aren't in the standard ldconfig search paths19:59
jaegerrmull: as a test, pick one of the files that revdep lists has errors, run ldd on it19:59
jaegerthen look for anything that says "not found"19:59
jaegerchances are it's around, just not in /lib or /usr/lib, etc.19:59
jaegerI patched support for ignoring some of those packages with odd paths a long time ago but it wasn't popular for whatever reason20:00
rmullokay, thank you for the info20:01
jaegerjdk, jre, openoffice, libreoffice, and binary ports of things like firefox, thunderbird, chrome will all show errors like that in revdep's output20:02
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Romsterjaeger, i'm wondering if Extlinux is any better than grub21:14
Romsterrevdep could possibly be patched to have a blacklist for jre anything else binary perhaps.21:16
jaegernever tried extlinux, I'll look it up21:18
Romsteror have revdep check the lib.... in pkginfo -l for those that fail on ldd to double check it's not some binary port21:18
jaegerah, part of syslinux21:18
jaegerwhich doesn't support EFI yet21:18
RomsterEFI is just too new.21:19
jaegergrub2 does boot, which is great... just has the weird config finding problem21:20
Romstercan't strace stuff like that?21:20
jaegerIt's progress, at least. If I want to reinstall my x220 now I don't have to use the legacy BIOS mode21:20
jaegerIf strace were compiled as an EFI binary, maybe21:21
jaegerthis is before the OS loads21:21
Romsteri know there is a profile debug option for the kernel21:21
Romsteri'm still sure i got MTU too large issues even with21:23
Romsteriptables -A OUTPUT -p tcp -m tcp --tcp-flags SYN,RST SYN -j TCPMSS --clamp-mss-to-pmtu21:23
Romsteriptables -A FORWARD -p tcp -m tcp --tcp-flags SYN,RST SYN -j TCPMSS --clamp-mss-to-pmtu21:23
Romstersome sites jsut wont load.21:23
Romsterperhaps i jsut force it to 147221:24
Romsterhmm i may have that in the wrong table i thinkit's got to go in the mangle table.21:30
Romsterah there we go.21:35
Romsterfixed them sites but not git :/21:35
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RomsterMany Linux distributions are in the process of switching to Grub 2, but Grub 2's UEFI support is still apparently unreliable which leaves you using various other options which are likely to be less well-supported, and in general EFI booting in Linux is still relatively young.21:38
RomsterLast modified: Sun Dec 4 01:16:37 201121:38
Romsterso that is not old21:38
jaegerThe hard part isn't even UEFI booting, it's doing it from a CD21:39
jaegerI can boot UEFI from the hard disk or USB all day long without problems21:39
jaegerAnd like I mentioned, even booting from the CD does technically work, just without a config file21:39
jaegerI can get to the grub2 menu, then type "configfile (cd0)/efi/boot/grub.cfg" and it works21:40
jaegerit just can't get there on its own for some reason21:40
jaegeryeah, been there as well21:40
jaegerI used gdisk to convert the drive to GPT21:40
Romsteral these tools just haven't had enough testing yet is there a bug report on grub2 for that config file?21:41
Romsterperhaps someone has a patch for it21:41
jaegermaybe so... I've started looking through the tracker21:42
jaeger was the first one that looked interesting21:44
Romsteron another topic is there a decent tool to monitor all the paths i go though and show me latency, packet loss, jitter and max MTU21:45
jaegerProbably only the parts over which you have control21:45
Romsteri am using mtr it's nice but being able to see mtu and like alternative paths a outer may decide to take.21:45
jaegeronce you go outside your own network obviously you can't get as much info21:45
Romsteri know you can't decide on routing paths, but being able to show it on a dot graph? with max mtu detected on each link21:46
Romsterwell smallest mtu that works over that entire link.21:46
Romsterit can always bump the mtu between routers should a later path have a higher mtu.21:47
Romsterjust for monitoring purposes.21:47
Romsterguessing id have to write something21:47
Romsterseen SuperGRUB2Disk? i know of it perhaps that has the solution21:48
Romsterworks on a cd/dvd21:49
Romster hmm boot from iso files might be interesting later on bookmarked.21:51
Romsterhmm that would be funny if i got it to also boot system rescue cd and hirens off a usb drive.21:53
jaegerthe super disk is nice but not efi21:55
Romsterpmtu graphs exist but i can't locate any of the tools that made them -_-22:02
jaegerif you can get the numbers you could use rrdtool or something similar22:06
Romsteraha i got a transparant proxy and guess what it does...22:16
jaegerbreaks all your shit22:17
RomsterIt causes path-MTU (PMTUD) to fail, possibly making some remote sites inaccessible. This is not usually a problem if your client machines are connected via Ethernet or DSL PPPoATM where the MTU of all links between the cache and client is 1500 or more. If your clients are connecting via DSL PPPoE then this is likely to be a problem as PPPoE links often have a reduced MTU (1472 is very common).22:17
Romsterunrecognized: 'disable-pmtu-discovery=transparent'22:43
Romsterwhat the heck is the option that's what it says in squid.conf.documtated22:43
Romsterit says that the file is up to date yet it doens't know of that option wtf.22:46
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RomsterSquid configuration directive http_port22:54
Romsterfugde it i've set it on the wrong part of the conf even all the blogs i came across failed to mention this.22:54
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