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Romsterwell that seems to have fixed it http_port transparent disable-pmtu-discovery=transparent00:16
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vaddimorning @ll02:06
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frinnstsup bitches?03:49
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Romsterrefreshing myself on Bandwidth delay product03:55
Romsterand sysctl tunables03:56
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Romsterhi jue06:11
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rmullWoot, for the first time I have routed ipv6 connectivity from my home LAN (via tunnelbroker...)08:30
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crshdand i can torrent again from home since i found out my ISP only throttles it on ports <50000 :D08:42
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frinnstchange isp if you can08:48
crshdi'm in malaysia, they're all crap...09:00
joe9crshd: you are in malaysia?09:03
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: scotwm: update to 0.10.009:34
jueoops :)09:36
Romsterno worse than my typos.09:37
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: udev: new source URL09:51
thrice`mm, haven't tried scrotwm yet.  trying to get the hang of dwm at the moment, which is kind of hard10:03
crshdi prefer manual tilers10:21
juethrice`: switching to a tiling wm is always a bit hard, but it's worth it. But, TBH, dwm isn't the one for me ;)10:22
crshdi couldn't live without tiling WMs anymore10:23
thrice`I am having trouble resizing floating windows without a mouse10:23
crshdusing the mouse for managing windows is so cumbersome10:23
thrice`which requires mod key, clicking the mouse button on a laptop, and also moving the mouse10:23
crshdclick+drag *without* modifier keys on a laptop is bad enough10:24
thrice`guess I need to bind it to keys instead10:24
thrice`yeah, exactly!10:24
thrice`crshd, which do you prefer then?  and also, you have moving and resizing windows completely on the keyboard, or?10:25
crshdi've been using herbstluft for 2 weeks now. it's really giving stump a run for it's money10:28
teK_intersting name for a wm10:28
crshdand yes, i use the keyboard. i don't think resizing with keys works in floating mode, but i never use that, anyways10:29
crshdtiler naturally suck at doing floating windows10:30
thrice`yeah, but I really like using floating windows is my problem :(10:30
crshdthen you shouldn't use a tiler ;)10:31
rmullthrice`: I see you just fired up dwm?10:31
thrice`hehe.  but I like other characteristics of tilers though, just not the tiling :p10:31
thrice`rmull, last night, yeah10:31
rmullWhich programs are you trying to not tile?10:31
thrice`well, nothing in particular I guess10:32
rmullProblem solved!10:32
thrice`but usually if I have a couple of terminals open, I'll do that in floating mode10:32
rmullhmm, that's usually the best application for tiling, no? Are you sure you want a tiling wm?10:33
thrice`no, not at all :-)10:33
crshdhave you tried sawfish?10:33
crshdit's very good for managing floating windows via keyboard10:33
rmullYeah, i wouldn't using a tiling wm if I didn't think it was a good idea. Maybe try an alternative10:34
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rinesv33, cannot wait!!13:52
rineswanna get one13:52
rmull#crux-arm :P13:56
rmullI just ordered a cubox13:57
rinesrmull, will crux-arm work on RasPi?14:00
rinestried to use it on my openmoko but it didn't work fine :/14:00
rineshave to know some more details about arm....14:01
rmullrines: I'd imagine there's a bit of work to de bone.14:01
rmullde bone = be done, lol14:01
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rinesoh no! xfce4-weather-plugin data api is broken again... Now I don't know if sun is shining or if it's raining right now :/14:08
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v33rmull: some company in china made a tiny processor thats about 7 dollars, and is a 1.5ghz...i wish they put that crap on there as well as 2 gigs of ram. wouldn't need these gigantic desktops for stupid things14:13
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rinesv33, oh yes. the upcoming openmoko gta4 will be around 800$; thats horrible!14:17
rinesmore expensive than an iPh***14:17
rmullI want to make my own "dumb" phone14:17
rmullAnybody know any good GSM chipsets?14:17
rinesthat's a great idea! I'll buy one14:17
rmullHow much would you pay?14:18
rinesif it's opensource... hmm.. around 200-400$ I think14:18
rmullI'm envisioning something like the Johns Phone but with SMS and a better internal phonebook14:18
rmullA screen with more than one line14:19
rinesyes, looks funny14:19
rinesyours have to be crux-powered!14:19
Rotwang175Euro? :O14:19
rines(and you can update your kernel via *123#)14:20
rmullIf it was crux-powered it wouldn't be a dumb phone14:20
rinespsst! nobody will see it...14:20
rmullYeah, but I really want to cut down on the complexity14:21
rmullYou can't buy a decent phone these days14:21
rmullThey're all just small computers with full OSes14:21
v33insert nokia meme here14:21
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niklaswegood evening15:30
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v33ssd's with pretty decent prices:18:40
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v33i think my hard drive is going too...19:44
Romstercheck with smatctl19:46
jaegertry smartctl, too, smatctl is a lying bastard19:53
Romsterdamn my typo's19:56
Romstersmartctl -a /dev/sdx19:57
Romsterif nothing looks bad try -t short then -t long19:57
Romster has no on ever made ppp0 persistent get's irritating having to reload them rules every time19:58
v33guess my hard drive is error rates20:00
Romsterpending relocations or relocated sectors20:01
Romstera -t long will confirm it's ok20:01
v33i think the relocated sectors was at 1, running a short test20:01
v33reallocated is at 1...20:02
Romsteris this in raid?20:02
v33wait, the reallocated sector ct (count?) is at 1120:02
v33the reallocated event count is at 120:02
Romsterah so oyu got 1 that cant' be regenerated.20:03
v33cant be too bad, eh?20:03
Romsteryou'll need badblocks or seagate tools off the hirens cd to scan over disk and write to that bad sector to force it to relocate then fsck the filesystem.20:04
Romsterif that keeps happening regularly i'd replace the disk20:04
v33you know, i've had this hard drive for...hell, i've had it since i got the computer...that was quite some time ago. im surprised its still functioning, considering how many times i've formatted this thing xD20:05
Romsteractually think there is a fsck option to use badblocks to fix/repair?20:05
v33oh, which reminds me...20:05
v33Romster: check out sardu. you can shove a whole lot of bootable antiviruses, a lot of other live cd stuff such as ubcd, hirens, and a few of all, you can have em' boot off a usb20:06
Romsterwas looking at this the other day i could boot hirens windows anything else with that usb.20:07
Romstersame sort of deal only windows based.20:10
Romsteraleady found it.20:10
v33yep, its a bit easier for me, since i'm not too farmiliar with the whole mounting thing...hell, it took me a while to figure out that in order to mount, i should have a /media xD20:11
Romsteroh your relatively new to linux?20:12
Romsteri was on apple ][e commodore64 some old 486 with dos and windows 3.11, windows 89se xp then i jumped over to linux because i read everywhere that vista is crap which it is.20:14
Romsterthen i get a job fixing windows and i forgot most of windows stuff20:14
Romsterso i had to re-laern before it came flooding back to me, about registry other stupid quirks20:15
v33yep. been using linux, half a year. and by using, i mean getting deep into it, not installing ubuntu and leaving it at that lol20:17
Romsteri have to say windows 7 isn't too bad.20:17
Romsterbut my gawd i am not looking forward to windows 8 support.20:17
Romsteri went into the deep end after pussy fotting around in manderiva debian woody few others.20:18
Romsterto crux.20:18
Romsteri was trying to build core linux didn't get too far.20:18
Romsteryeah fsck -c will check for bad blocks but you have to umount the disk first.20:19
v33hm., might do it from a boot cd then20:19
v33and yea, when i went from mint to crux, i walked into a world of WTF20:20
Romsteri have to say with crux you ewather lean and become a better linux guru or you sink and go back to some easy distro.20:22
thrice`it was easy for me, coming from slackware :-)20:23
Romsteryou still need to know what your doing in slackware or is it mostly done for you?20:24
jaegerI actually learned more with red hat than slackware, believe it or not20:25
thrice`slackware is all manual20:26
v33i recall trying to use slackware...i booted it up, me and the computer had a blank stare...and i walked away20:27
Romsterpoor v33, is that when you saw crux?20:27
v33nope. i just continued using mint, then went to puppy, and then decided to actually learn crux.20:28
v33i was browsing the web for some fast distro, and saw arch and crux somewhere...decided to try the harder one.20:28
v33i remember i compiled the kernel 4759845 times and it would always fail to sync because i didn't save the .config file as .config xD20:29
Romsterturns out to be easy once you get the basics down.20:29
Romsterjaeger, well redhat do have excellent documentation20:29
v33its not too bad....though google does help a lot when looking for stuff to add in the kernel. i dont know where all the drivers and stuff are located20:29
jaegerback then they didn't really20:29
jaegerred hat 3, 4, etc.20:29
jaegerlong before RHEL and fedora20:29
v33red hat was for servers and stuff, no?20:30
Romsterv33, simple tip use lspci -k or -v -vv -vvv depending on verbose mode you want and in make menuconfig you can search with /20:30
jaegerIt was and is for whatever you need20:31
jaegerNever really specialized20:31
v33i see....20:31
Romstercan be for desktops too. but i think manddrake was more for desktops?20:31
v33romster: i know the whole lspci deal, but finding where the particular driver is in the kernel is a bit hard. i google that stuff lol20:31
Romsteri still got manddrake there somewhere too before it got renamed to mandriva20:31
Romsterback wehn iw as learning still and i couldn't get a kernel to boot i sed the .config file to change all modules to compiled in off the install iso config. -_-20:33
Romsterworked too.20:33
Romsterthen i started pruning.20:33
Romsteri think that was when there was both pata and scsi subsystems both in the kernel giving me a headache.20:34
v33i cheat, and use jaegers pre configured kernel20:35
v33rather kernel settings....20:36
rmullI haven't been able to run a stable kernel past 3.0.320:37
rmullNot really sure what's up with htat20:37
rmullAnd I don't have the time to try to debug20:37
rmullAt leaste 3.0.3 works fine.20:37
jaeger3.1.5 and 3.1.8 have both been solid for me20:37
rmullI'm guessing the problem is with my machine, which has been historically kinda unstable20:40
v33still on 2.6.39 :/20:40
rmullBut I'd get some weird segfaults and lockups, not really consistent, but I think maybe related to disk IO20:40
Romster3.1.2 on my firewall but i'm still on 2.6.39-pf420:40
Romsterfor my desktop20:41
Romsterpf-patcset if your wondering is at .4 on kernel.20:41
v33i feel left behind on my ghetto20:42
v33oh, and happy new years lol20:43
v33question...if one were to upgrade the kernel, all one would have to do is download the newest version, or, are there other steps required?20:49
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rmullv33: download, unpack, configure, compile, install, reboot.20:50 i have to change the settings for the kernel again? adding support and stuff?20:51
horrorStruckuse your old config20:51
rmullYou can run "make oldconfig" with your old .config and it'll use most of your old settings20:51
rmullBut it'll prompt you for stuff that was added since the last one20:51
v33most probably going to crash the system trying, but meh, seems like a fun project20:52
horrorStruckcheck out crux handbook to see what has to be copied where20:53
jaegerJust keep your old one as a backup20:53
v33backing up as we speak....:D20:55
Romstermake oldconfig says not to use it on a new kernel version but i do it anyways20:56
rmullI usually oldconfig and then makeconfig just to get a bigger picture and remember what I had20:56
v33so let me get this straight...if one were to compile a working system, but forget to add something, they can rebuild it?20:56
Romsterif yo use lilo and have a few kennel enteries in lilo.conf use lilo && lilo -R CRUX-...20:57
Romsterfor a once off boot if it fails just reboot again.20:57
Romsterif it works change the default in lilo.conf and run lilo job done.20:57
Romsterv33, sure just go back in the kernel turn on new option make make && modules_install && cp ...20:58
v33i thought you had to install from scratch again. FML x758054654920:59
v33not going to lie, i did that one. ya'll can have a good laugh, on the house ;)20:59
horrorStruckbtw, you just need to backup /boot/{vmlinuz,} and /lib/modules/`uname -r` and maybe zcat /proc/config.gz > config-kernel-date if you built support for that21:01
Romsterlol nope....21:02
rmullI never back anything up. You're unlikely to lose data, just reboot to an older kernel.21:02
horrorStruckthat what i meant21:02
Romsteri need to clean my /boot one of these days
Romsteryou been in widows too much v3321:04
v33too too much. xD21:04
Romstermy root drive hasn't been formatted since 200521:05
v33O.O my computer probably goes though a good 30 reformats in a year21:06
v33it was twice that when i was distro hopping21:06
horrorStruckRomster: evert tried a -rt kernel for your router/fw? not sure if it's placebo but it seems to be flying with that + txqlen magic sauce21:07
Romsteri haven't but it might go quicker but real  time on a gateway pc just doesn't seem right.21:12
v33lmao. at least his eyes will forever be protected21:13
Romsteri was thinking that what safety glasses i got in built protection21:20
v33air port security must hate him21:22
Romsterlol yeah21:22
Romster lol piglets and tigger21:25
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v33sad how animals can get along, but people cant21:34
Romster corny as hell21:36
v33lol the stuff 9gag posts is sometimes ol21:39
v33walk time, brb21:40
Romsteryeh i know but some good gems still21:42
RomsterhorrorStruck, might try rt patches again later, thoh i'm getting ready to go out and wont be back until saturday then i got a dj rig to do, then relax and then back to work...21:46
horrorStruckrelax and then back to work21:51
horrorStruckthen back to work21:51
horrorStruckback to work21:51
horrorStruckyou just got horror struck21:51
horrorStruckbrb 3.2.121:52
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Romsterno asploding yet <_<21:56
horrorStruckwhat do you play ususally?21:58
horrorStruck(at dj rings)21:58
Romsteri just setup the sound system i havent' dj-ed in years i'm old skool techno dunno if anyone would liek that when it's mostly dubstep now.21:59
Romsterif you ask me dubstep is all noise22:00
rmullas is all music22:00
rmullAnyway, off to sleep, good night22:00
horrorStruckthis is old so i guess  you must have seen this but hey
horrorStruckgood night rmull22:01
Romsterg'night rmull22:01
Romsterheh not bad for not using any tools other than himself.22:04
horrorStruckyep, i'm impressed22:04
Romster LOL22:06
Romsterfacebook fail22:06
v33once the kernel is built, all you have to do is copy it to the /usr/src/ folder, right?22:07
thrice`no, /boot usually22:08
horrorStruckv33: <--- what you need to know22:09
thrice`you mean the actual source, or the finished image?22:09
v33the source lol22:09
thrice`you usually don't need to keep the source around, unless you need it for something else22:09
v33oh, even better22:10
horrorStruckdo you use any out-of-tree module?22:10
v33not sure what this is to be honest lol22:10
horrorStrucklike nvidia for example22:10
thrice`say, nvidia drivers?22:10
horrorStruckor funky wireless22:11
v33its an intel onboard22:11
v33nah, desktop22:11
v33no sir22:11
horrorStruckyou should be fine then22:11
Romstercp arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz22:11
Romstercp /boot/22:12
v33yea, was gunna say basically copying the as well as the bzimage22:12
Romsteror x86_64 if your on 64bit.22:12
Romsterand if oyu use lilo run that, if it's grub should work as is.22:12
Romsterneed the source for things like nvidia driver.22:13
v33well, copied everything, gunna do a reboot, and if i dont come back, you've all screwed me over xD22:13
Romsteri sometimes forget make modules_install22:14
Romsteryou screwed yurself :D22:14
v33i just might have....especially since lilo isn't running o.o22:14
v33never mind, needed to run it as root22:15
v33HOPEFULLY, ill brb22:15
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Romsterwe will see22:15
Romstersurprise fsck awaits22:15
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v33uname -r reads 3.2.1, so i guess i made it out alive22:17
crshdyeah, i was thinking about updating my kernel as well, but i'm too lazy22:27
crshdalthough, i think i need to recompile it anyways, since changing the brightness of my laptop's display doesn't work :s22:28
horrorStruckanyone knows what's going on with
horrorStruckgoogle knows, sorry for the noise22:30
v33 says its down, down on my end too lol22:31
Romsterwonder why they said whites only when it was clearly a hair product that should be banned to use if going into the pool22:31
v33oh, america...22:33
RomsterhorrorStruck, x264 source my host is being relocated get the files off
horrorStruckRomster: this one is slightly different, it's a x264 encoded BT tracker22:35
Romsterhow does that work?22:36
crshdso all content is x264?22:36
horrorStruckit's just a tracker that accepts mainly x264 encoded movies22:36
crshdi thought that was the current standard, anyways22:37
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horrorStruckcrshd: nowadays yes. even if there are a lot of xvid releases for SD definition22:38
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v33you should watch the man from earth23:58
v33trippy movie23:58

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