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niklaswehorrorStruck: do you speak swedish? :p01:26
horrorStruckno but i'm trying to work with ikea and the guy always starts his emails like this :P01:27
niklaswehehe okey =)01:27
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frinnsthej !02:08
vaddihey, morning02:23
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frinnstoh joy, firefox 10.0b403:13
frinnstwhat are they aiming for? 3 weeks between releases?03:13
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v33anyone else have a screwed up sleeping pattern?03:28
frinnsthow old are you?03:31
frinnstmy pattern was fucked between ~17-2403:32
frinnstwent away with age :)03:32
pitillotry to help your dreams with hot milk and some cookies before going to bed, worth a try :)03:33
horrorStruckhash cookies work better03:34
frinnstexercise also works well03:35
pitillohorrorStruck: that depends, not all people is able to cook/eat them03:35
pitillofrinnst: true03:35
v33im 21 :/03:40
v33i sleep roughly 3-4 hours and i cant sleep anymore03:40
frinnstso.. a few more years being awake at 4am then :)03:40
v33gunna for a run03:41
v33peace out03:41
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niklaswedoes someone has any good trick to get an array to your ssh/config.. (proxycommand) ?03:51
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pitillorines: about your tests in the openmoko device... it would be helpfully to have some kind of debug. A debug boards would be the best option to see the boot output and verify if kernel boots right and it freeze on init script. When this isn't possible, debug sentences in init scripts to redirect output to files can help too (I did this in wm8505 to use the right video module and load it in the best place, because I didn't want to open04:16
rinespitillo, have got an debug board; but I only spent around half an hour until I installed debian :) will test it next weekend04:57
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jaegerFINALLY we have the answer to why our 10Gbe networking doesn't work16:03
jaegerafter 2 days of troubleshooting and conference calls16:03
jaegerfaulty line processor in the router16:03
frinnstfriday 13th = success16:06
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niklaswegooed evening!16:19
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jaegerfrinnst: it's been a nightmare even today with parts replacements and shipping but now at least I know the answer16:36
frinnstheh, i know16:37
frinnstwhat router was it?16:37
jaegerBrocade/Foundry BigIron RX-1616:40
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rmullThat's a big bitch...16:45
jaegerIt is indeed16:51
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v33its always the stupid things. i spent a good hour trying to figure out why something wasn't connecting to the net, turns out, the ethernet wire was a bit loose16:58
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horrorStruckjue: how is it with kmod, any issue one should expect?22:43
Romsterif the card wasn't stolen it is now frinnst :D22:44
Romsterthough they forget the 3 digit number on the back22:45
horrorStruckhi Romster, how's the dj rig?22:45
Romsterall setup for tonight22:50
horrorStruckgood :) ever tried linux dj'ing softwares?22:57
Romsterno but i've been looking at a few that i've seen on freecode.com22:58
Romsterhaven't packaged them though.22:58
RomsterhorrorStruck, have you played with the send and receive network buffers in /proc? i squeased a little less latency by lowering them.23:00
Romsteri worked on a max bandwidth delay product of 500ms at my max line speed, though i could probably go a bit lower again on the buffers due to my real speed.23:01
horrorStrucki've played with the knobs that come with BFQ a bit. otherwise, txqlen and "dark buffers" via ethtool only23:01
Romsterhmm i haven't touched dark buffers23:02
Romsterwonder if my network interfaces has that setting.23:02
Romster/sbin/sysctl -w net.ipv4.tcp_rmem='4096 87380 100000'23:02
Romster/sbin/sysctl -w net.ipv4.tcp_wmem='4096 16384 16000'23:02
horrorStruckyou may find this interesting:
Romstersettings on my router currenttly though i can't set them for eth0/ppp0 than to apply for all interfaces so by improving latency on the slow DSL link i've wrecked my 1gigabit link speed23:03
Romsteryou may say i don't need gigabit because of the sloe DSL link speed, true but i do have squid on that box and other services and file sharing to internal network.23:04
horrorStruckit's good to have gigabit locally23:05
horrorStruckhow many machines on your network ooc ?23:06
Romstercurrently 223:06
horrorStruckany wireless?23:06
Romsteri'll have 1 or 2 more i got some sitting around i need to setup.23:06
Romster1 in the loungeroom for media center.23:07
horrorStruckok. i'm stuck with wireless because drivers wont support bql before 3.3 at best23:07
Romsteri got a wireless AP but it's not in use currently attached to eth2 so i can firewall the wireless away from my local lan.23:07
horrorStrucki use wireless mainly.23:08
Romsterpretty paranoid when it comes to networking23:08
horrorStruckonly one machine uses ethernet23:08
horrorStruckit's not really a choice, more a convenience23:09
Romsteri want to get distcc working again on the 2 quadcores i got and the other dual core, and gigabit links will be good between them.23:09
Romsterthat's the main reason i don't like wifi links, though having cables everywhere is a pain too.23:10
horrorStruckwell i wouldnt care that much but /someone else/ does :P23:11
Romsterhmm red and sfq enhancements wonder what those enhancements are.23:11
horrorStruckthis list is pretty interesting to read even i do not get everything 100%23:11
Romsteris it jsut me that reads it as deb-loat instead of de-bloat23:13
horrorStrucki think so :D23:13
horrorStruckon another topic, i'm about to buy a xonar xd for my crux htpc this afternoon. from experience, any reason i shouldnt?23:14
horrorStruckxonar dx*23:14
Romsterno experience with that so i can no comment23:16
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horrorStruckok thanks anyway23:17
Romsteri should hook that guy up with another kernel/netfilter QoS nut i know that's got students working on a better implementation of some stuff.23:18
Romsterwhat i don't get is ATM has 10% overhead TCP 3% why is it i can only get to 74% of line rated speed before latency shoot though the roof.23:20
horrorStrucknot sure as i'm going into this subject and i 99% noob at all that but wouldnt drk buffers play a role in that?23:21
Romstermaybe, what command did you use to reduce it and what did you reduce it too?23:21
horrorStruckethtool -G ethX tx 20 <--- some cards wont go below 64, just try23:22
Romsterwant to see what it is before i tune it.23:23
RomsterO_O man page is massive23:24
horrorStruck              Changes the rx/tx ring parameters of the specified ethernet device.23:24
Romster-G --set-ring Changes the rx/tx ring parameters of the specified ethernet device.23:26
Romsterah lower -g to query it.23:26
Romstersudo /usr/sbin/ethtool -g eth023:27
RomsterRing parameters for eth0:23:27
RomsterCannot get device ring settings: Operation not supported23:27
horrorStruckwhat is your nic?23:28
horrorStruckworks for me with e1000 and forcedeth23:29
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Romstereth0 is on the mobo 100mbit i got 2 other card types 100mbit and 1gbit23:29
RomsterVIA Technologies, Inc. VT6102 [Rhine-II] (rev 78)23:31
RomsterSubsystem: Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. Device 722223:31
RomsterKernel driver in use: via-rhine23:31
Romsteris the one on the DSL modem.23:31
Romsteralso have Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL-8169 Gigabit Ethernet (rev 10)23:31
Romsterand Davicom Semiconductor, Inc. 21x4x DEC-Tulip compatible 10/100 Ethernet (rev 40)23:31
Romsteryeah on board eth0 is via-rhine23:32
horrorStruckit should work w/ realtek23:32
horrorStruckat least23:32
horrorStruckah no23:33
Romstersudo /usr/sbin/ethtool -G eth0 tx 2023:34
RomsterCannot get device ring settings: Operation not supported23:34
Romsterguess not on eth0 at least.23:34
Romsterdon't know if that means it has no dark buffer or not.23:34
horrorStruckfwiw, Intel Corporation 82546EB Gigabit Ethernet Controller (Copper) (rev 03) <-- works23:35
Romsternope wont set to 64 either.23:35
horrorStrucknVidia Corporation MCP61 Ethernet (rev a2) <--- works too but min is 64 only23:37
horrorStruckmaybe you can change that in the source directly23:38
horrorStrucklet me check23:38
horrorStrucklooks like:;a=blob;f=drivers/net/ethernet/via/via-rhine.c;h=10b18eb63d254834fc7a9b58f59eadd8078a75d9;hb=HEAD23:40
Romsterline 77 and 78?23:42
horrorStruckbbl lunch+shiny sound card23:42
Romsterso it's hard coded in this one?23:42
horrorStrucki *guess* it's the case for all nics except that yours won't let you modify it23:43
Romsterwonder what size they are like 4096bytes or more?23:43
Romstertempted to edit code and recompile -_-23:43
Romster#define PKT_BUF_SZ      1536    /* Size of each temporary Rx buffer.*/23:44
horrorStruckjust try :)23:44
Romsterok so so sendsize buffers must be in there somewhere yeah i'll just do trial and error.23:45
Romsterenjoy your lunch23:45
horrorStruckthanks, leaving now23:45
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Romsterok the buffers are 32k23:53
v33is ruby-cairo the cairo dock?23:55

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