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Romsterno idea00:07
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v33im hungry01:29
v33anyone here gots any recommendations as to what to make?01:29
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niklaswegaah I really hate iptables.06:26
niklaswecan someone help me with this.. I want to port forward an range (ftp-passive) to an internal server06:37
niklasweI have fix so port 21 goin to the internal machine..06:38
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frinnstthere are tons of examples07:49
frinnstif you want to allow passive clients to connect you have to specify a port-range for the server to use, and forward those07:49
frinnstiptables -A FORWARD -p tcp -i $INET_IFACE --dport 50000:50010 --destination -j allowed07:51
frinnstiptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp -i $INET_IFACE --dport 50000:50010 -j DNAT --to-destination
frinnstsomething like that07:51
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frinnsthey, can someone give me a youtube-link to that aweful german musicvideo/garbage with the dude on the moped?09:01
frinnstcomeon, if you've seen it you should remember!09:55
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joacimhold on10:41
joacimthere you go10:41
frinnstahahha thanks10:44
Rotwanggoa goa mpu ja!10:56
Rotwangi've found version with english subtitles10:56
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v33why does chromium go all blue on some youtube videos?14:06
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v33sup everyone20:14
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Romsterniklaswe, be sure to add something like this too modprobe nf_conntrack_ftp ports=21,34256,22222 && modprobe nf_nat_ftp20:20
Romsterout to lunch and pack up dj rig later20:21
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v33what browsers do you guys use?23:12
Romsterfirefox midoria opera chromium23:15
Romsterand lynx23:16
v33hm. everyones talking about how chromium is not really secure and what not...23:33
joacimI'm not =)23:34
v33not particularly here...23:35
v33maybe thats in regards to google chrome, and not chromium23:35
joacimi heard something about ads in google chrome, but i have yet to see any23:35
Romsteri haven't but i suspect google tracks all the urls you put though it.23:37
Romsterthat's the new thing now data mining23:37
v33but would that effect chromium as well? i thought chromium was the open source version...or am i thinking of srware iron23:43
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