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jaegerI mostly use chrome, firefox when I need it00:00
Romsterchromium probably not as code can be reviewed00:03
v33tried to run srware iron, and its missing something. got too lazy to dig into it lol00:18
joacimmost browsers seems to miss something =)00:29
joacimi'll try different browsers once in a while, but i'll always revert back to my old browser00:31
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c0rnelhello all00:43
c0rneli'm trying to install crux 271 and i get the: "Error opening terminal linux" any ideas?00:44
c0rnelmd5sum is fine00:45
Romsterdid you verify the burn?00:46
c0rnelyes, i get the sum from the cd00:46
Romsterso you type CRUX at the terminal? or you can't get to that?00:47
Romsterat boot prompt i mean.00:47
c0rneli just press enter00:48
c0rneli get into the mkfs things, i mount the partitions and swap, then i start the setup (or attempt to)00:48
c0rnelthat's when i get the message00:48
c0rnelhowever, there's one thing i'd like to try00:49
c0rnelthe bios is a little broken and lost it's date at every boot00:49
c0rneli'd like to try to set the date before anything else00:49
c0rneli know that wrong date can prevent the kernel from being compiled00:50
c0rnelmaybe there's something else that cares about it :)00:50
c0rnelRomster, no. same error: Error opening terminal: linux00:52
Romsterthat would be a flat battery on the motherboard?00:52
c0rnelbut other distros work fine00:53
Romsteryou can look in the bios health menu bios battery voltage00:53
Romstershould say 3v if it's less than 2.7volts time to replace it.00:53
c0rneli'll take a look at athis00:53
c0rnelwhat would be the errors cause?00:54
Romsterperhaps you may need noapic boot option00:55
Romsterjust a stab in the dark00:55
Romsterahci is another one.00:55
Romsterusually only on faulty bios's00:55
c0rneli see ,thank you00:56
c0rneli'll try those and report back00:56
Romsteralso check dmesg if possible.00:57
Romstermay have more details00:57
Romsteryour not getting a kernel panic?00:57
c0rnelit's just the script entering a error loop00:58
Romsterdoesn't give the error why though.00:58
c0rneli'll check dmesg, may have more info :)00:59
c0rnelno, onlyy looping with above error00:59
c0rnelctrl-c can't stop it00:59
Romsterctrl-z ctrl-c no use?00:59
c0rneli'll check this too01:00
c0rnelRomster, there seems to be a problem with dialog01:03
c0rneli tried dialog --backtitle gimi and it gives same error01:03
c0rnel(only once)01:04
c0rnelnothing in dmesg01:04
Romsterecho $TERM01:06
c0rneljust a second, i'm rebooting now01:07
c0rnelbecause i'd like to not use extra boot options if they are not needed01:07
c0rnelRomster, echo $TERM gives: linux01:08
c0rnelRomster, that may be interesting: cat setup | less says: WARNING: Terminal is not fully functional01:13
c0rnelthat was from 'less'01:15
c0rneli'll try with 2.7.001:15
Romsteri haven't seen this issue before.01:19
Romsterjaeger, you awake?01:19
c0rneli must confess also that i have only 128 mb of ram but i don't think this can be the cause. what do you think?01:22
c0rnelog=f course swao is activated ....01:22
c0rnelof course sawp :)01:22
Romsterfree -m01:22
Romsterwell 128MB should be plenty for console.01:23
c0rneli checked with free and swap was active01:23
c0rnelright now i'm switching cd to 27001:23
c0rnel270 works fine it seems01:28
c0rnelinstalling ...01:28
Romsterbe alot of updates though.01:29
Romsteri hit accept, odd that it hangs i have ports 5012 - 50-16 open for xdcc01:34
Romster5012 - 501601:34
Romsteroh damn it wrong channel sorry01:38
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v33so libreoffice wont run with java 7 ey?02:45
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v33anyone ever tried those binural beat things? they're suppose to help you go to sleep apperently03:45
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c0rnelhow much ram+swap do i need to build a kernel?04:51
c0rnellzma errors with cannot allocate memory, at the end of make all05:05
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frinnstdunno, how much do you have?05:12
c0rnel128,ram, and 512, swap05:12
frinnstbuilt a kernel in a vm with 128mb ram but a bit more swap - no issues05:28
frinnsti guess you could try gzip/bz2 instad of lzma and see if that works05:28
joe9anyone modified an inkjet printer to print directly on pcb's?05:34
joe9is it hard to do?05:34
joe9oops, wrong channel.05:43
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spaceninjaTrying to get the nvidia driver to work, I get this when I do, "modprobe nvidia" FATAL: Error inserting nvidia (/lib/modules/ No such device11:09
frinnstold nvidia card? try one of their legacy drivers11:10
spaceninjaok thank you11:15
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acrux|xpjue, are you sure cups must install13:19
acrux|xp+drwxr-xr-x     root/root       Resources/13:19
acrux|xp+drwxr-xr-x     root/root       Resources/English.lproj/13:19
acrux|xp+-rw-r--r--     root/root       Resources/English.lproj/cups.strings13:19
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v33morning everyone14:45
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rmullAww, work tomorrow.15:49
niklasweI can recomend the movie Killer elite.16:00
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frinnstreally? i thought it sucked :)16:02
niklasweyeah it was really good16:04
niklaswealso based on a true story so :)16:04
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v33i didn't really like it. i suggested the man from earth...that was a pretty awesome movie16:15
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frinnstniklaswe: not really. its based on a book that's classed as fiction17:25
v33what do you guys it worth an extra 100 bucks for a 2 gb laptop video card when i dont game regularly?17:53
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: rdesktop: 1.7.0 -> 1.7.118:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: grml-crypt: 0.23 -> 0.2418:30
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