IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2012-01-17

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jaegersorry, lost my internet connection there for a few minutes00:03
Jessica_Lilydid you get my messages?00:03
jaegerI don't have an answer, sorry, out of ideas00:08
jaegerAlso, falling asleep at my desk, going to bed... good luck00:08
Jessica_Lilythanks for your help00:09
Jessica_Lilynight xx00:09
v33hows everyone doing?00:38
v33oh? why so?00:40
crshdwhy not?00:41
RomsterJessica_Lily, ifconfig is depreciated "ip addr" now00:41
v33crshd: i dont know, maybe something big happened...happiness comes in small doses you know lol00:42
crshdi was just making fun of dell blocking access to dropbox, but letting their employees roam around facebook00:44
v33dell use to be a pretty decent company, now it seems, they're going down HP's route00:52
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niklaswegood morning!01:21
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: ristretto: updated to 0.3.202:14
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-dev-tools: updated to 4.9.102:14
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libidn: updated to 1.2402:14
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frinnstanyone played around with alfresco ?03:46
teK_Jessica_Lily: I have no idea wrt Reiser. 20 years? dunno..04:24
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rinesuh, does anybody use gutenprint?04:26
rinesgot this
Romsterlooks like a missing include04:40
Romsternot been updated to use later gcc versions04:40
Romsterwell g++04:40
rinesyes, will add the patch to flyspray04:41
rines(have to test the build before) ;)04:41
Romstertesting it here04:42
rines(first!) :)04:42
v33how you guys always awake....xD04:43
rinesv33, there's a trick!04:44
rines"coffee" :D04:44
v33believe it or not, i cant stand coffee04:44
Romstergutenprint built for me.04:44
rinesI hate it as well ^^04:44
rinescoffee, nit gutenprint, of course!04:45
Romstercoffee but i'm not always awake jsut overly active04:45
rinesRomster, without a patch?04:45
v33i dont understand these teenagers that drink 4 grandes a day04:45
Romsterstraight from opt as is04:45
Romsteri have only ever touched 2 cans of energy drinks and none since.04:45
Romsterwhiskey beer vodka coffee and sometimes coke.04:46
v33i drink energy drinks just for the hell of it...04:46
rinesI had fanta today :)04:46
v33wanna wanna dont you wanna fanta04:46
v33actually, could totally go for their orange w/e that thing is called now04:46
Romsterrines, do a prt-get update -fr `revdep`04:46
Romsterthen see if gutenprint builds.04:47
rinesRomster, this is strange; it's a fresh installation...04:47
rineswait; will test it04:47
v33i have04:48
v33oh god04:48
v33have you guys tried middle eastern coffee?04:48
rines** meeting; back in a few minutes04:48
Romsterthen there is lemon solo04:49
v33technically, armenia isn't in the middle east, but the coffee...bitter as hell, and it'll keep you up for a good day.04:51
Romsterrines, double checking in chroot as i only tried it on my system04:51
v333 to bed. good night everyone :)04:52
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Romstercommandtoepson.c:51:3: error: 'FILE' undeclared (first use in this function)04:53
Romsteryeah needs patching it only worked on my system as something else that gutenprint included had that include.04:53
Romsteror that my -flto made it have it included.04:56
Romsternot sure.04:56
Romsteri'd prefer to cut back on coffee trying to keep it to 2-3 cups a day instead of 804:57
* rines is back05:07
rinesRomster: ah, all right05:07
rinesI'll create the bug report.05:08
rines(or perhaps jue read it here)05:08
rinesI will set up the first crux-based mailserver... But I'm not sure if I should use dovecot or postfix...05:09
rinesis dovecot a MTA?05:10
rinesor only a imap/pop3 server?05:10
rines(I always used postfix and cyrus before)05:11
Romsterit'll most likely be include <stdio>05:14
Romsterbut test it if your gonna create a a patch05:14
Romsteri forgot the # on #include too05:15
Romsteroh right your onto it05:15
rinesworks fine05:15
Romsterlater gcc versions changed some includes around it's pretty common05:28
teK_rines: imap/pop3 only05:34
teK_hi vattern05:35
vaddii think imap/pop3 only05:35
rinesall right, thanks05:35
vaddihey tek05:35
rinesso I think I should use postfix or exim as MTA05:35
vaddii use postfix for smtp, but its a monster like apache ;-)05:35
rinesoh yes....05:36
vaddihi roomster :-)05:36
rineshi everybody :)05:36
teK_you sir never have experienced the joys of sendmail configuration05:36
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vaddisendmail i've running often on local mashines to push sometime logs etc ;-)05:38
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rinesphp use sendmail for mail()05:40
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teK_so what?05:40
teK_% pkginfo -o /usr/sbin/sendmail05:40
Romstermay ports have the sendmail binary05:43
Romsterlol what05:52
rineswhich package provides PDFDoc.h?06:03
rinesI've got a problem with inkscape06:03
rinesfatal error: PDFDoc.h: No such file or directory06:04
rinescould it be cairo-related?06:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libetpan:source URL fix06:10
rinesmike_k, thanks!06:19
mike_krines: np06:19
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Romsteroh i'm getting sick of stuff just breaking that used to work because of some dep version change.07:17
Romster--enable-xpdf-headers on poppler or install xpdf07:22
Romsterbut now that cups depends on poppler and that xpdf and poppler clash with files, and the fact that --enable-xpdf-headers are not supported i don't know where i stand, perhaps i can --disable-pdf on inkscape07:24
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juerines: thanks for the report07:55
rinesRomster, oh no, --disable-pdf sounds not good. I often export graphics as pdf07:58
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gutenprint: fixed build08:01
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* frinnst is waiting for java..08:04
frinnsterr, on08:04
Romsterhmm odd rines it built in my i686 chroot...08:04
Romsteryou sure your not missing anything.08:04
rinesRomster, unfair! I wanna get your chroot!!08:05
frinnstException in thread "http-8080-3" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space08:06
rinesRomster, can you check, which package has PDFDoc.h?08:06
Romsterhas no mention of pdf though...08:06
Romstersomething with configure looking for something that's on your system.08:08
Romsterand can't find it.08:08
Romstertrying to figure out what.08:08
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rineswill have a look at it later; my poor exim is ill08:12
rines(I think, he has some ugly configs)08:12
Romsteryeah if you remove popler it'll build it needs --enable-xpdf-headers08:17
frinnstINFO: Server startup in 361773 ms08:18
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan08:18
Romsterover 6 minutes08:20
frinnstfucking java08:20
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enteI wouldn't do that08:28
enteit probably has STDs08:28
Romsteryeah you'll end up in a heap and get garbage collected08:29
Romsterjue, could you consider adding --enable-xpdf-headers on poppler to unbreak inkscape should it detect poppler installed.08:33
jueRomster: sure, but I'm busy right now, will look at it later08:36
Romsterno rush and thanks.08:36
horrorStruckjue: anything to do or any animal to sacrifice before trying kmod? TIA08:41
pitilloOT: just a request for opinions about cpu's: Dualcore e6700 vs ATHLON II X4 631. Any suggestions/opinions/experiences?09:10
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rinesfrinnst, your name is too long; it breaks the nice "hi"-design09:34
sepenfive-words-design? lol09:44
crshdlate as always...09:47
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rinesbut layout is fine ;))10:00
horrorStruckjue: just FTR, i used your Pkgfile, updated kmod to latest version (4), created all symlinks and everything works as expected.10:07
thrice`I like the kmod idea10:12
thrice`esp. since m-i-t is unmaintained.  should make udev fork alot less, no?10:14
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frinnstthrice`: kmod3 will depend on gnome310:20
frinnst(im betting)10:20
frinnstand systemd, pulseaudio10:20
thrice`mm, I'm actually a pretty big systemd fan :(10:20
frinnst7ignore thrice`10:21
horrorStruckhmmm looks like my soundcard options in /etc/modprobe.d/sound.conf are not honored, not sure if that's still the right place to put that10:21
frinnsthorrorStruck: udev might fuck it up10:21
frinnstcheck in /lib/udev/ or whatever10:21
horrorStruckthat's with kmod, works fine with modules-init-tools10:22
thrice`frinnst, dislike out of principal, or technical reasons?10:23
frinnstwell tbh i havent looked too closely on it10:23
frinnstbut anything that has lennart poettering involed should be avoided10:24
thrice`never understood that mentality TBH, but sure :>10:24
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frinnstwell, i wouldnt care as long as im not forced to use the software10:53
frinnstbut there wont be long before udev starts depending on all sorts of crap10:54
jseudev totally needs more chrome (i.e. shiny GUI). Otherwise the so-called free desktop has no place in this world.10:55
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Jessica_Lilyhey guys11:00
Jessica_Lilyhow are you?11:01
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jseDoing ok. Trying to find the inspired state of mind to write. Easier said than done.11:03
Jessica_Lilyjse: indeed11:04
jseEspecially when it's of the academic variety...11:04
Jessica_Lilywhat you studying? (i assume you're a student)11:04
jseJessica_Lily: economics and business.11:06
Jessica_Lilyah okay11:06
jseIt is interesting to explore.11:07
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Jessica_LilyI didn't take business very far :P11:07
jseOn the other hand it stinks having to deal with completely abstract and hypothetical environments someone coughed up.11:08
*** Kateon has joined #crux11:09
jseThere's also this grand disconnect between the private sector and the academic environment.11:11
jseThe academic sector makes the assumption you're headed neck deep into academia as in researching or lecturing.11:11
Jessica_Lilylol sounds delightful11:12
jseI'm sure that's not even one of those isolated incidents.11:13
Jessica_Lilywhat year in uni are you?11:13
jseFinishing up my master's thesis requirement so nearing the end of the fifth year.11:17
Jessica_Lilyah cool11:18
jseGotta love the prejudice and false assumptions going on with this: oh, econ/biz student, you must be a number monkey!11:19
jseThose exist but that's called finance.11:20
jseYou can really tell how appreciated that particular strain is. :D11:21
Jessica_Lilyugh i still don't feel so fantastic11:30
Jessica_Lilyi've spent like 3 hours near conc. ammonia11:31
Jessica_Lilymakes you feel a bit ill11:31
Jessica_Lilyjes: i study chemistry :P11:41
* Jessica_Lily yawns...11:42
Jessica_Lilyi spent all last night trying to get crux working, uber tired11:42
Jessica_Lilyooo yes! yess!!!11:42
Jessica_Lilyjaeger: IT WORKS!11:42
* Jessica_Lily is uber happy :P11:43
jsehah. No idea crux ever caused anyone that much excitement. :p11:44
Jessica_Lily:P it does indeed11:44
Jessica_Lilyjse: me and jaeger and a few others spent hours working through pastebins of kernel stuff and such to get my crux booting11:45
Jessica_Lilyi came home today and just got it working ^_^11:45
Jessica_Lilyugh i ought to do some uni work11:54
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Jessica_Lilyit resolves dns but refuses to ping servers12:00
Jessica_Lilyima try statically setting my ip... not that that should help :P12:00
jaegerRomster: <-- output from a quick script I wrote to show all the versions of overlapped ports12:04
jaegerJessica_Lily: What was the trick to get it working?12:04
Jessica_Lilyjaeger: it was some PATA stuff :s12:05
rines[...]and people start thinking we pulled a ‘gnome-3′ on them[...]12:13
rinesI hope I'll never think that ;)12:13
Jessica_Lilyi think i might make my own repo for crux :P12:18
Jessica_Lilyi doubt it will be anything of interest to people12:18
enteI used to have one12:18
enteyou can take over my stuff, I don't have any crux machines right now12:18
enteI had a haskell collection12:19
thrice`bad ente12:19
Jessica_Lily^ +112:19
Jessica_LilyI think my repo will mainly have my code in it12:19
entethrice`: why?12:19
entethrice`: you're on slackware after all12:20
Jessica_Lilymaybe some other stuff that i might find useful if its not already there12:20
entetake it if you want12:20
entethat's better than dropping it under the table12:20
thrice`ente, I don't use slackwaare, I think it's mostly dead these days :)12:20
entewhat are you on, then?12:21
thrice`desktop is crux64, and my lappy uses debian, for gnome312:21
entethought you were on unity?12:21
enteor was that just a test?12:22
enteseriously though, if you want to take over the haskell collection, do it12:22
thrice`hm?  never tried unity.  actually, haven't tried ubuntu since their first release12:22
Jessica_Lilyente: how many packages?12:22
enteah, maybe I'm confusing you with someone else12:22
enteJessica_Lily: ~10ish12:22
Jessica_Lilyyeh i might be able to then12:22
Jessica_Lilylet me get my laptop sorted and have a play with the package manager and i'll get back to you :)12:23
Jessica_Lilyi wonder how come i can resolve dns but not ping12:25
Jessica_Lilyit seems to be one problem after another >.<12:25
entegosh this is old12:26
Jessica_Lilyokay does anyone know what would cause dns to resolve domains fine but yeild 100% packet drop when attempting to ping something12:28
enteah, I made a branch that I didn't push to bb12:29
entehold on12:29
*** v33 has joined #crux12:33
rinesv33, welcome back ;)12:34
enteJessica_Lily: updated the master branch, fixed now12:36
enteignore the wtfgit branch12:36
enteI suck at using git12:36
Jessica_Lilyfixed now? i never knew anything was broken12:37
enteif you checked out my ports repo above, you got the wrong version of the haskell-collection12:37
entethe one that should have been in haskell-old12:38
enteah, screw this12:38
v33rines: why thank you...thank you very much. i feel loved now ^___^12:38
enteI'll post to the ML and ask for adoption12:38
rmullJessica_Lily: Possibly wrong gateway IP but correct DNS addr IP?12:38
rmullHow are you setting your addresses? DHCP?12:39
Jessica_Lily:P i should have checked that, brb12:39
Jessica_Lilyrmull: yes12:39
rmullHmm, unless the DHCP admin made a mistake, that's probably not the issue12:39
rmullCan you ping local addresses?12:39
rmullCan you ping the gateway?12:42
rmullIs it possible that you're behind some university network that requires you to register your MAC address before it routes your packets?12:43
Jessica_Lilyno because im at home12:43
Jessica_Lilyalso it should refuse DNS stuff12:43
Jessica_LilyDNS & ping are both just ICMP packets12:43
Jessica_Lilywhy should it check ICMP type12:43
rmullDepends on whether you have a local resolver and the addresses are cached12:43
Jessica_Lilyrmull: addresses aren't cashed, this is a brand new install12:44
rmullAnd you tried pinging a bunch of different remote hosts?12:45
rmullDo you have other machines on the network? Do they work fine and as expected?12:46
Jessica_Lilythis one12:47
*** v33 has quit IRC12:47
rmullAnything special about your router? funky firewalling?12:48
Jessica_Lilyshouldn't be12:48
rmullIs it just ICMP that's failing, or everything?12:49
Jessica_Lilyi believe everything12:49
Jessica_Lilybut not all of ICMP is failing, like i said DNS is ICMP so i don't think its all ICMP12:49
Jessica_Lilyrmull: i noticed an issue when ports -u failed so ... i think http (TCP) is also down, i suspect its a protocol wide thing12:50
rmullIs DNS really ICMP?12:50
Jessica_Lilyyeh i think so12:51
Jessica_Lilyi could be wrong but i think so12:51
Jessica_Lily:P im a chemist not a computer scientist12:51
rmullAll I know is that it's UDP and port 5312:51
rmullSo when you run "route" do you have a default gateway?12:51
rmullmarket as a "*" under the Gateway column12:52
rmullHey, does anyone know what the deal with IPv6 and MAC addresses are? A v6 IP address has more addressability than MAC addresses, so why didn't we also expand MAC addresses if they're all supposed to be unique?12:53
Jessica_Lilyit seems like they have gateways yeh12:53
Jessica_Lilyi might be wrong about DNS and its underlying protocol then :S ... as UDP is very different from ICMP you don't get ICMP in UDP12:54
*** acrux|xp has quit IRC12:54
rmullAre you able to log into your router and test a ping from there?12:54
Jessica_Lilyanyway what protocol it is is hardly relivent :P ... err no but i don't see how i would benifit from that12:55
rmullYeah, I'm grasping at straws by now12:55
Jessica_Lilyits weird isn't it12:55
rmullBut the assumption would be that you also can't ping from the router, so if you can, then something's up12:55
Jessica_Lilywell... im on the network from this machine12:56
rmullYeah, but the LAN isn't the problem12:56
Jessica_Lilyif the router has issues with outward connection it would effect this one12:56
rmullOh, you're logged into IRC from this network?12:57
Jessica_Lilyindeed :P12:57
rmullThen... I have no idea. Lol12:57
Jessica_Lilyno, me ether :P12:57
Jessica_Lilyi seem to be having the most bezare problems12:57
rmullYou can't "wget" ?12:57
Jessica_Lilynope but it looks up the ips correctly xD12:58
rmullI'll let someone else take a crack at it. Good luck.12:59
Jessica_Lily xD thanks12:59
Jessica_Lilyjaeger: any ideas? :P13:00
Jessica_Lilyrmull: im going to try another interface i think13:03
frinnstmaybe you're also having this problem?:
rmullTHE BEEEES13:13
Jessica_Lilyhmm it won't even see my wireless card even though i enabled the boardcom drivers in the kernel13:14
Jessica_Lilyim too tired to stay up all night with it :P i'll go to bed at a sensible hour tonight13:18
*** Rotwang has joined #crux13:19
rmullMaybe it'll "just work" in the morning13:19
Jessica_Lilyyeh, i can always hope for that xD13:20
Jessica_Lilymy room mate might be able to shed some light on it13:20
Jessica_Lilythough his answer to kernel panic was to compile every module you can think of into the kernel13:20
Jessica_Lilywhich i thought was a lame solution13:21
rmullDid you fix your VFS issue?13:22
Jessica_Lilyi did indeed yes :P13:23
Jessica_Lilyrmull: was there until 5am this morning trying then gave up, slept for like 2 hours then when i got back from uni... i just enabled things at random and it worked13:23
Jessica_Lilyi was like o okay... that was stupid13:23
Jessica_Lilyyou would think we would get it by picking over lspci and lsmod and such but no... random pot luck worked13:24
rmullMight be worth diffing the two configs and seeing if you can identify what it was13:26
rmullor... if it works, don't touch it?13:26
*** zetsu has joined #crux13:27
Jessica_Lilyi will, i'll take all the crap i don't need out but i won't until i get my system to the way i like it13:28
Jessica_Lilyand i'll work out exactly what to do and stuff, most likely write an article on the wiki if i can13:28
jseGetting the system "just right" alwasy takes >1 tries. :p13:33
Jessica_Lilyi donno... maybe with a new os so it might for me :P13:33
Jessica_Lilyactually, i haven't tried doing a system like this on my mac... i did it on all my other machines but not my mac13:34
Jessica_Lilyso its new for me13:34
Jessica_Lilyhaha :P i love it when you're on linux and then on sites with viruses or whatever show a window which looks like windows has just brought focus to something like the xp restart your computer thing13:38
Jessica_Lilyand its just like "yeh... im on linux"13:38
Jessica_Lilyis cruxcon still held, im looking at the page on the website and it says about the 2004 and 2005 ones but nothing later13:43
rmullOnly time I remember things like that were on warez sites, and I haven't been on a warez site since I switched to Linux13:43
rmullNo, nothing later13:43
Jessica_Lilyrmull: i misstyped google and one came up13:44
Jessica_Lilymaybe they should change the text on the page then...13:44
Jessica_Lilythey say its held every year, if there has been nothing for like 7 years then maybe its time it changed xD13:45
Jessica_Lilyjust a thought13:45
rmullheh, yeah. Things move pretty slowly on crux.nu13:46
Jessica_Lily7 years :P13:47
Jessica_Lilyrmull: i was in my first year of high school then :P13:48
Jessica_Lilyim now in university13:48
Jessica_Lilywow thats a long time13:48
rmullI only joined up with crux a handful of months ago.13:49
Jessica_Lilyi joined... yesterday :P13:49
Jessica_Lilysunday maybe13:49
Jessica_Lilyim not sure13:49
Jessica_Lilyno more than 2 days ago13:49
jaegerJessica_Lily: can you paste your resolv.conf, ifconfig, and netstat -nr outputs?13:50
Jessica_Lilyerrr no :P13:50
Jessica_Lilyif i could i don't think i would have a problem13:50
jaegerI'm not dumb, I know that machine has network issues... but you are on one that doesn't13:50
jaegerhave a usb drive or something?13:50
Jessica_Lilyyeh, i guess i could dump them in a file13:51
* Rotwang said hi!13:51
Jessica_Lilybrb a sec13:52
jaegeraww, I am not authorized to view the iproute2 homepage... sad13:53
rineshi Rotwang!13:54
Rotwangrines: hi!13:54
* jaeger waves13:54
* Rotwang waves back13:54
RotwangI'm so proud13:55
Rotwangtoday we decided to wrap cmake in makefiles13:55
jaegeralso, yeah, we only held 2 cruxcons13:55
Rotwangso makefile does first part of the job and then runs cmake and then run make once again13:55
Rotwangjaeger: when is next one?13:56
jaegerNo plans for another as far as I know13:56
jaegerCan you not do the entire thing in cmake?13:56
jaegerI don't know anything about your builds, just curious13:56
Rotwangjaeger: and thats the problem, I can't13:56
Rotwangmain problem is that we use this wonderful tool that generates cpp sources13:57
Rotwangand because of that everything gets messed up13:57
pitillojaeger: do you mind to share the overlapped ports script?13:58
jaegerIt was a quick hack but sure13:59
Jessica_Lilyokay, im going to try and get my wireless card seen13:59
pitilloyep, but seems really interesting and handy13:59
Jessica_Lilyim not sure how, i have enabled all the errr broadcom drivers in the kernel13:59
Rotwangwhat does this script do?13:59
jaegerno doubt it could be written much more efficiently13:59
pitilloJessica_Lily: may be do you need firmware for it?14:00
RotwangI see14:00
Jessica_Lilywell its a broadcom BCM4322414:00
Jessica_Lilyim googling now14:01
pitilloJessica_Lily: great, thank you14:01
pitillosorry, wrong tab jaeger xD14:01
Jessica_Lilythanks, yeh im reading it14:03
rinesoh yes... fwcutter :)14:06
Jessica_Lilythats odd.. compiled and installed... modprobe b4314:07
Jessica_Lilyifconfig -a doesn't show it14:07
RotwangJessica_Lily: what does dmesg show?14:07
Jessica_Lilyit just said its loaded it14:08
Jessica_Lilydoesn't mention seeing any new hardware14:08
RotwangJessica_Lily: lspci -k14:08
Jessica_Lilyyep ...14:09
Jessica_Lilyit lists it in hardware but no kernel module for it14:09
Jessica_Lilyjaeger: my mac seems to be nothing but problems for this xD14:09
jaegerthey're a bit picky14:09
jaegerwoot, got my replacement 10Gbe line processor in14:13
jaegerAFK, gotta go do the hardware swap14:13
rinesJessica_Lily, which kernel?14:13
RotwangJessica_Lily: you should probably have some firmware14:14
rinesdid you extract the old firmware file for kernel -lt 3.2?14:15
Jessica_Lilyerrr im going to go with no?14:16
joe9would anyone with a working printer on crux share their cups .conf files?14:43
joe9D [17/Jan/2012:15:40:23 -0500] cupsdAuthorize: No authentication data provided.14:45
joe9is what the /var/log/cups/error_log says14:45
*** mike_k has quit IRC14:48
joe9rines: thanks.14:55
*** ardo has joined #crux14:58
entewhy does cupsd.conf have to look so much like apache...14:59
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jaegerIt's weird to think I just replaced a part that costs the same amount as my car15:06
jseUsually the rule is to not drop it and you'll be fine.15:11
jseTwo things happen when you tell someone that they're handling some expensive part or equipment: fumble or take extra precautions.15:14
jaegerI'm very careful with all those parts, none of them are cheap15:15
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v33hello all15:45
rmullhey v3315:45
v33how are you doing today good sir?15:46
v33so i got called out to some business, and they were bitching at me because the computer i had fixed lost internet as well as all the other computers...i tried to explain to them that it was not possible, nothing. i ended up changing a defective ethernet cord and charging them 15015:48
v33life is good.15:48
RotwangIt is my dream to go to japan one day and eat some sushi15:59
v33minus the radiation...16:03
*** acrux|G4 has quit IRC16:04
v33i was suppose to go there for schooling abroad, but after the whole sad fiasco...they canceled it :/16:04
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Romsteri was all they got procedures for everything it can't melt down...19:33
Romsterbut it did partially19:34
Romsteryears to come more cancer and bearth defects/deformities.19:34
v33its kind of sad...19:36
v33not kind of, it is.19:36
Romsteri wouldn't of mind visiting japan myself i quite like there cuisine. but heck if i'd go now.19:37
Romsterand if i did i'd take a geiger counter and go to the other side of japan.19:38
v33you know....19:39
v33when they built the reactor, they knew it had some kind of defect, but, it wasn't "cost effective" to start over, so they continued anyway19:39
Romsterdamn them dumb buggers risking lives to save a buck.... yet they will spend more now to fix the huge mess19:43
v33yep yep. and good ol' america cut some kind of deal to keep everything under wraps...19:43
Romsterwith dangerous stuff like that you can not afford to take any risk what so ever.19:43
v33even though the radiation will hit home, eventually...granted, it wont be as strong19:43
Romsterit'll end up on the shores of the beaches and all the marine life, catch fish wont be able to eat them.19:44
Romsterunless it decays to a safe level from being washed out to sea.19:44
Romsterjapan's gonnan be fucked for ages though billions of years before they can even go back there. unless they can remove the contaminated soil.19:45
v33did you know, because of this, they're building a "back up" tokyo?19:47
Romsterthey wanted to build a nucular power plant in this town since we have 500KV lines to the smelter here... we all went against it.19:47
Romsternope didn't know this19:47
Romsterlet me guess move to new city of same name and demolish old one to a barren waste land.19:48
*** Kooda has quit IRC19:49
v33i have no clue, all i know is that they're building a back up tokyo, just in case something really bad were to happen to the actual thing19:49
*** Kooda has joined #crux19:52
v33pretty shitty world we live in19:54
Romsterjaeger, that's pretty neat on that python script, feature request for a maintainer mode to show unified diffs of each as well as the version? or actually like how you can update some file then if some line gets altered other than the version= line to then show the diff until you update the database to not show it again.19:55
jaegermaybe in the future, it was just a quick hack19:55
Romsterreminds me of the backup world on hitch hikers galaxy...19:56
Romsterjaeger, yeah jsut thought of that feature request so only show diffs between ports if they change from last reviewed change.19:56
Romstertracking versions alone isn't foolproof.19:57
Romsteroh and the revision.19:57
Romsterbut i like that script.19:57
Romsterjaeger, meet nogagplz, didn't know he was spying on me :P nogagplz is the other multilib tester.19:58
Romsterjaeger, did most of the work of multilib if not all.19:59
Romsteri helped with testing.19:59
Romster1pm i better get back to work later.19:59
jaegerYeah, the next version will likely be a rewrite since this one was just meant to do that specific single job, show me all the versions at once in case there's a 3-way version mismatch20:00
jaegerwell met, I remember the name20:01
Romsternogagplz, say something instead of just chatting in my channel :D must go later.20:02
jaegerno worries, talking in here isn't required of course :)20:06
nogagplzoh no sorry, I walked away to find lunch20:23
jaegeruploading a new updated ISO, been a little while21:19
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*** v33 has joined #crux23:20
Jessica_Lilyhey guys23:34
Jessica_Lilyive just woken up23:34
Jessica_Lilyi don't suppose anyone can help me get this firmware working >.<23:34
Jessica_Lilyfor all those who weren't here before i fell asleep its the broadcom BCM43224 and im trying firmware23:35
Jessica_Lilyi mean i grabbed it and compliled it, i can do modprobe b43 and thats all dandy but ifconfig -a doesn't seem to want to work23:36
jaeger might be of some use23:37
jaegeron that note, going to sleep, good night and good luck :)23:37
Jessica_Lilyoo thanks jaeger23:38
Jessica_Lilyooo thats awesome :D23:38
Jessica_Lilywhat do i do with this httpup thingy, it said add the corrisponding .httpup inport /etc/ports but with a simple locate i can't find a .httpup file on my system23:49
Jessica_Lilyand the wiki just links to a manual which goes off the assumption its setup correctly23:50
Jessica_Lilydone it23:56

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