IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2012-01-18

Jessica_Lilyokay ive installed that, yet to detect the wireless00:00
* Jessica_Lily is compiling a newer kernel 00:15
Jessica_Lilywhat the hell happened to the google home page00:19
v33blackout thing is happening00:19
v33protesting against sopa00:19
Jessica_Lilyno i mean00:20
Jessica_Lilythey moved the menus all to the left00:20
Jessica_Lilyand stuff00:20
Jessica_Lilyare google actually doing anything for the blackout00:20
Jessica_Lilyv33: i bet i don't see much for the black out, im in the UK ... i bet most big sites at least geoip first00:21
v33i'm not too sure...i know the google home page picture is black00:22
v33it no longer has the google logo on it00:22
Jessica_Lilyright now?00:22
Jessica_Lilyyeh they must geoip00:22
Jessica_Lilymine definitely has the logo :P and isn't black00:23
v33probably....unless your going to lol00:23
Jessica_Lilyo yeh haha00:23
Jessica_Lilyv33: i swear im not this stupid :P00:23
v33Jessica_Lily :P00:24
Jessica_Lilyo okay, i clicked the "go to" at the bottom00:24
Jessica_Lilyits normal00:24
v33meh. its nothing're not missing out00:24
v33but it was funny...even porn sites are in on it xD00:24
Jessica_Lilyunder the search and im feeling lucky its got "tell congress: please don't sensor the web"00:24
Jessica_Lilybut its only size 1200:24
Jessica_Lilyit doesn't work anyway... the internet is designed so this kinda thing is more or less impossible00:25
Jessica_Lilyi mean to even get SOPA it breaks DNS so00:25
Jessica_Lilyi can hardly see it going anywhere00:25
v33corrupt government will do anything.... :/00:26
Jessica_Lilyand fail00:26
Jessica_Lilyjust like all the other attempts00:26
v33perhaps....but here in the states, they've raised a nation of cattle it seems...what they say, goes. i wouldn't be surprised if a couple decades down the line, a worse version of sopa would pass00:27
Jessica_Lilythat sucks00:27
Jessica_Lilyyou still have protests and things though00:28
v33sure we do...but honestly, the people here aren't, i dont know...aware?00:28
v33in college, i'd say only 4/30 students are actually able to conduct a sentence properly...and have a general idea of whats going on00:29
Jessica_Lilythe americans i speak to are on IRC so my sample size to deduce a general opinion isn't really big enouggh :P00:29
v33not trying to act like im smart or anything...but my god.00:29
Jessica_Lilyno no i understand :P00:29
v33well, usually if they can manage to hop on to irc, they cant be too bad.00:30
Jessica_Lilythis is not good my machin seems to be stuck after BIOS data check successful00:30
*** c0x has quit IRC00:31
Jessica_Lilydamn linux!00:31
Jessica_Lilyv33:  know what could be causing this?00:31
v33dont worry, it took me a good month trying to figure out what i did wrong with crux. and it was the stupidest thing too00:31
v33and sorry, i dont. i'm not too well versed in this whole linux thing...i just google my ass off. lol00:31
Jessica_Lily:P i need to at least have the command line working, i need to handle some files and stuff later on, some friends are coming over tonight00:32
v33when i started with crux, i forgot to save the config file a good 45 times.00:32
Jessica_Lilyright ill have a shower, be back in 30 mins x00:32
v33imagine my surprise when things weren't syncing :D00:32
*** c0x has joined #crux00:39
Jessica_Lilyim back00:53
Jessica_Lilyroom mates got my hair dryer >.<00:53
Jessica_Lilyon another note, my crux boots00:55
Jessica_Lilymy err wireless card still won't be found though :(00:55
horrorStruckwhich chipset?00:58
Jessica_Lilyits a broadcom BCM4322400:59
Jessica_Lilyi have tried the fwcutter driver and once installed modprobe b43 and but ifconfig -a doesn't list another interface01:00
Jessica_Lilyalso lspci -k doesn't show any module like loaded for it01:01
horrorStruckwhich kernel?01:01
horrorStrucklsmod|grep brcm01:01
horrorStruckthat's why :)01:02
horrorStruckis bcma loaded (it shouldnt) ?01:02
Jessica_Lilynope i don't even have a module called bcma01:03
horrorStruckanyway, you need brcmsmac, it's in device/network/wireless01:04
*** c0x has quit IRC01:04
horrorStruckand blacklist bcma if you have issues and you can see it loaded01:04
Jessica_Lilynot to sound stupid but is that driver/network/wireless for the kernel or like some ports or wha?01:05
*** lasso|qt has joined #crux01:06
Jessica_Lilyfound it01:07
*** joacim has quit IRC01:10
*** joacim has joined #crux01:10
*** c0x has joined #crux01:11
Jessica_Lilysalutations pitillo01:12
pitilloyo Jessica_Lily :)01:15
Jessica_LilyhorrorStruck: its showing as its useing it in lspci -k but i can't see it when doing ifconfig -a ... am i missing something?01:15
horrorStruckis it loaded?01:16
pitilloJessica_Lily: can you pastebin dmesg, lspci and lsmod? did you install bcm firmware?01:16
*** frinnst has quit IRC01:16
*** cruxbot has quit IRC01:16
Jessica_LilyhorrorStruck: according to lsmod yeh01:16
Jessica_Lilypitillo: i can indeed01:17
Jessica_Lilyerrr i will in a few mins (just letting the battery get some more charge in so it doesn't die on me)01:17
horrorStruckis bcma loaded01:17
*** frinnst has joined #crux01:17
*** cruxbot has joined #crux01:17
horrorStruckdmesg will certainly help01:18
Jessica_Lilyokay :P01:19
Romstergood evening01:22
Romsterstill stuck Jessica_Lily ?01:22
horrorStruckafternoon Romster01:22
Romsteryo horrorStruck01:22
Jessica_LilyRomster: on what? :P i've had a number of problems so far :P01:22
Romster haven't done anything else on QoS i can't get anywhere enar the 97% level on upload rate but i did half my in and out circular buffer on the netrwork card module and recompile it and it seems to have dropped latency somewhat now.01:23
RomsterJessica_Lily, booting in general01:23
Jessica_Lilyoo yes01:23
*** vaddi has joined #crux01:26
Romsterso what are you upto and using what boot loader?01:28
Jessica_Lilyokay ... (dmesg) (lsmod)01:28
Romsterdid you set the boot flag on root partition?01:28
Romsteri forgot that when i was new.01:28
Jessica_LilyRomster: lilo problem also fixed :P01:28
Jessica_Lilywe're fixing wireless now01:28
Romstersome wireless needs firmware.01:28
Jessica_Lilymornin vaddi01:28
Romstermorning vaddi01:28
Jessica_LilyRomster: yep01:29
vaddiwireless fix?!¡¿01:29
horrorStruckRomster: so you modified the kernel source directly?01:29
RomsterJessica_Lily, looked up the linux hardware compatibility site? to see if your wifi is supported?01:30
RomsterhorrorStruck, yep01:30
Romsteri was expecting it to explode.01:30
Romsterbut it didn't01:30
horrorStruckthe default values were pretty sane IIRC01:30
horrorStruckcompared to intel01:30
Romsteri did see it sued 16 buffers but it said only 10 are used at any one time.01:30
Romster64 on receive buffer01:30
Romsteri havled that to 32 actaully i might of went to 1601:31
Romstersince i'm no where near even 1 mbps01:31
horrorStrucki saw 3.1 backports of BQL somewhere by the way01:32
pitilloJessica_Lily: is that the entire dmesg output? can you wgetpaste lspci too?01:32
Romsterit's convenant i only got 1 of them LAN sockets on the mobo and 2 other types of lan cards with both different drivers.01:32
horrorStruckif you want to give it a try01:32
Romsteri thought i read it's not trivial to backport BQL01:32
Jessica_Lilyo my god >.<01:33
Jessica_Lilyi hate wget01:33
horrorStruckthe crazy bufferbloat guy did it but it doesnt have the latest and greatest maybe01:33
Jessica_Lilyhow do i stop it splitting things01:33
Romsterwhat's wget doing you want to resume?01:34
Jessica_Lilywhen i paste to pastebins using it because it splits up the data it only gets part of it01:34
Jessica_Lilyhence why my dmesg isn't complete01:34
Romsterused wgetpaste>01:34
Jessica_Lilyjust wget01:35
Romsterthat is tempting to try but will i hit issues with that other patch for proportional-rate-reduction-for-tcp01:36
horrorStrucknormally no, bql is in 3.3 and prr patch too01:37
Romsterand does that apply on 3.1.0? or 3.1.501:37
horrorStruckdidnt try it recently, i'm testing with 3.3 (well, -net branch)01:38
RomsterJessica_Lily, don't knwo you may have better luck with curl perhaps or just get wgetpaste.01:38
horrorStrucki love looking at other people's dmesg, kind of geek voyeur porn :)01:38
Romsterman how much longer for ipset to get updated to new kernel and for new 3.3.x kernel to become stable :D01:38
Romsteri could get you a ton from work horrorStruck heaps of machines i can live boot a cd :D01:39
horrorStruckneed to encrypt my hd first :P01:39
Jessica_Lily^ dmesg, (lspci)01:39
pitillothat seems better01:39
Jessica_Lilyalso lspci -k if you want it01:40
pitillocan you ls -la /lib/firmware | wgetpaste too Jessica_Lily ?01:40
Jessica_Lilyerrr yeh i guess xD01:41
pitilloJessica_Lily: fail to load firmware brcm/bcm43xx-0.fw01:41
pitillocheck your firmware :P01:41
Jessica_Lilyhow come lspci errr01:41
Jessica_Lilylspci -k01:41
RomsterEXT3-fs (sda3): error: couldn't mount because of unsupported optional features (240)01:41
pitilloyou load the module, but it fails requesting firmware...01:41
Jessica_Lilyo i see01:41
Romsteryou probably want to enable the extended features of ext3 in your kernel Jessica_Lily01:41
pitillothen it starts making your "strange" things...01:42
Jessica_LilyRomster: thanks01:42
Jessica_Lilypitillo:  how do i resolve said issue01:42
pitilloJessica_Lily: ls -lar /lib/firmware | wgetpaste01:42
pitilloyou can see in dmesg output what you should do to load right the firmware01:43
Romsterand probably ext4 extended stuff as well.01:43
Jessica_LilyRomster: i don't have any ext3 things and /dev/sda3 is my / so how would it work if its failed01:43
Romsterieee80211 phy0: brcmsmac: fail to load firmware brcm/bcm43xx-0.fw01:43
Romsterit failed with ext2 3 and i see it then mounted on ext401:43
horrorStruckand disable intel_idle01:43
horrorStruck(harmless but anyway)01:44
Jessica_Lily ls -lar /lib/firmware01:45
Jessica_LilyRomster: :S why would it even try with ext2 or ext301:45
Romsterno idea it's in your pastebin for dmesg01:46
Jessica_Lilythats odd01:46
horrorStruckbecause you didnt mention the fstype in your bootloader i suppose01:46
pitilloJessica_Lily: you haven't installed right the firmware for your device01:46
Jessica_Lilypitillo: i haven't?01:46
Romsterfail to load firmware brcm/bcm43xx-0.fw01:47
Romsteryour missing that firmware file01:47
Jessica_Lilyhmm okay :P i shall... get it? :P01:47
v33and to think, i thought it'd be easy getting crux on my laptop xD01:47
pitilloJessica_Lily: yesterday you get some comments about it. I think someone told you to install fwcutter or something similar (which seems to be the firmware for your card)01:48
Jessica_Lilyi did get that :P01:48
Romsterjaeger, suggested that earlier01:48
Jessica_Lilyall the stuff from that is in b4301:48
pitilloyou got it but you didn't it :P01:48
v33i've noticed its usually the brodcom or what ever its called and the atheros wifi's that seem to have these issues01:49
pitilloJessica_Lily: yes,  I know,  but you have the answer in dmesg... (Failed to find firmware usually in /lib/firmware/brcm)01:49
Romsterdoesn't have the firmware file though01:49
Jessica_Lilyyeh i got that from ports too01:49
Jessica_Lilyas jaeger suggested01:50
pitilloRomster: right, but jaeger put a link where Jessica_Lily can download these files and put them in the right place01:50
*** sepen has joined #crux01:50
Jessica_Lilyahh im so confused, i don't know what to do, i have no idea where to find this file01:50
horrorStrucklatest from git:;a=tree;f=brcm;h=e62f89cefb4660a16b192c57b446cac975836d05;hb=HEAD01:51
Jessica_Lilyokay cool ill grab that :P and just cp it into the dir01:51
horrorStruckput all that crap in /lib/firmware/brcm01:52
Jessica_Lilyall of it01:52
Jessica_Lilyokay :P01:52
pitilloyo sepen01:52
horrorStrucknot sure if you need all, i dont use broadcom chipset actuallt01:52
horrorStruckit's not the same module Romster, she's using the new ones01:53
pitilloJessica_Lily: you were reading the link jaeger shared... I just took a fast look yesterday and it seemed to be very well explained (not sure if they posted firmware files there, but I saw some references for your device and legacy bcm devices too)01:53
Jessica_Lilyi saw them01:54
Jessica_Lilygot them01:54
Jessica_Lilyinstalled them01:54
Jessica_Lilythey're under b4301:54
pitilloJessica_Lily: then move that dir to the right one01:54
Jessica_Lilythe firmware it failed to load isn't in the stuff that site told me ot download01:55
RomsterhorrorStruck, ah01:55
Romsterit would be ideal to make a firmware package of that to install it to /lib/firmware01:55
Romsterbut you can jsut copy them to there for now if you don't mind untracked files from package manager.01:56
Jessica_LilyRomster: mv /lib/firmware/b43 /lib/firmware/brcm01:57
horrorStruckJessica_Lily: all you need to know:
pitilloJessica_Lily: check your dmesg or the backlog to answer that question xD01:59
pitilloRomster: that sounds good too, but do all bcm devices need the firmware in the same location or could be possible to have different locations depending in the chipset? this should be reviewed before making a port for it, btw, it could be good to have one port for them too (as ipw or acx chipsets)02:01
Romsterknocked up a port downloading.02:02
Romsterwill pastebin it soon for Jessica_Lily02:02
Romsteror you can see if i did mine right02:03
Romster$ wgetpaste Pkgfile02:03
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsternot tested yet02:03
*** Jessica_Lily has quit IRC02:05
pitilloRomster: $ diff -uN Pkgfile.orig |wgetpaste ->
Romsteryep works ok02:06
sepenthat would work too: $ wgetpaste -l Diff -s dpaste02:07
sepen as the second part of the pipe02:07
Romsteryeah you could do that too but i just kept that as is because it's also used in libsnes02:08
Romsteri copied that port and knocked it up in a mater of a minute.02:08
pitilloRomster: last mv can be a copy directly to the final location avoiding the copy from PKGMK_SRC_DIR to SRC and then moving... In both ports02:09
Romsteri want to build on $SRC in the case of libsnes02:15
Romsterpointless doing that on firmware-brcm though as pitillo pointed out.02:16
pitilloit's fine Romster, that was only a comment. For snes has sense to use another dir for building it and keep sources clean02:17
Romsteri don't want to dirty $PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR/$name.git02:17
*** Jessica_Lily has joined #crux02:17
Romsterbut yeah i see your point for firmware-brcm02:18
Romsteri'll edit that then show Jessica_Lily02:18
Romster$ wgetpaste Pkgfile02:19
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsterstart your own ports collection somewhere in /usr/ports/Jessica_Lily/firmware-brcm perhaps02:19
Romsteradd in that Pkgfile02:19
Romsteradd prtdir /usr/ports/Jessica_Lily to /etc/prt-get.conf02:20
Romsterprt-get depinst firmware-brcm02:20
* Jessica_Lily throws a shoe at broadcom 02:20
Jessica_Lilywhy is this so annoyinggg02:20
Romsterwifi always is02:21
niklaswegood morgon ppl!02:21
pitilloyo niklaswe, same for you :)02:21
horrorStruckhej niklaswe02:22
niklaswehow is it today then ? :)02:24
RomsterJessica_Lily, or just wget && pkgadd firmware-brcm#git-15888a2-1.pkg.tar.gz02:24
Romsteras i already built it for convenience.02:25
*** Jessica_Lily has quit IRC02:27
*** rines has joined #crux02:28
*** Jessica_Lily has joined #crux02:37
Jessica_Lilyi seem to be going backwards >.<02:38
Jessica_Lilyand my nets being really terrible atm02:38
horrorStruckiface shows up finally or not?02:39
pitilloJessica_Lily: may be you have both devices in the same network and you are making them go crazy? xD02:40
Jessica_LilyhorrorStruck: huh?02:45
pitilloJessica_Lily: I thought you had both devices up and running in the same network. Do you have finally recognized? I think this is what horrorStruck asked02:46
horrorStruckyes, thanks pitillo :P02:47
*** Jessica_Lily has quit IRC02:49
*** Jessica_Lily has joined #crux02:49
Jessica_Lilyerrr no02:55
RomsterJessica_Lily, you added that firmware i showed you? dmesg does not complain about missing firmware file?02:56
Romster/sbin/ip addr shows your wifi device?02:56
Jessica_Lilygahh i hate snoring and my room mates snoring and its ever so annoying02:57
Romsteryou in a dorm?02:57
*** Jessica_Lily has quit IRC03:02
rinesRomster, so it seems.03:11
rinesAnd now Jessica_Lily is on the run03:11
*** Jessica_Lily has joined #crux03:15
Jessica_LilyhorrorStruck: still nothing, i put the firmware under /lib/firmware/brcm03:17
RomsterJessica_Lily, dmesg say anything about missing firmware?03:18
Jessica_Lilyit does03:18
Romsterso does the name of the file it's after isn't one of the named files you've installed then?03:19
Jessica_Lilyieee80211 phy0: brcmsmac: Failed to find firmware usually in /lib/firmware/brcm03:19
Romsterdid you install
Jessica_Lilynope :S03:19
Jessica_Lilywhere did that come from03:19
Romsteri made it it's my site from
Romster$ wgetpaste .footprint03:21
RomsterYour paste can be seen here: contains all the files of;a=tree;f=brcm;h=e62f89cefb4660a16b192c57b446cac975836d05;hb=HEAD03:21
*** v33 has quit IRC03:23
Jessica_LilyRomster: i love you03:23
Jessica_Lilya lot03:23
Jessica_LilyxD now i got the lovely job of figuring out x but i should be able to do that myself :P03:35
Romsterprt-get depinst xorg03:36
frinnstRomster: why isnt iptstate in contrib or something? best thing since sliced bread!03:36
Romsterwhat video card?03:36
Jessica_Lilyerr some nvidia one... i'll tell you when its done compiling subversion xD03:36
Romsterfrinnst, i could move it to contrib i haven't used it much, is why it's still in my personal repo03:37
Romsterok so prt-get depinst nvidia aswell.03:37
Jessica_Lilygeforce 9400M03:37
Romsteryep nvidia port. and in that there is a program to crate a xorg.conf file.03:38
Romsterthen you can move onto depinstalling your favourite DE/WM03:38
Jessica_Lilyi think im going to go with pekwm someone suggested it03:39
Jessica_Lilyusually i use awesome or xmonad03:39
Jessica_Lilybut i might change :P03:39
Romsterthat would be me :D03:40
Romsteri got some themes in my repo too.03:41
Romster hmm contrib too.03:41
Jessica_Lilycool :)03:43
Jessica_Lilyi think i got it from contrib03:44
Jessica_Lilyim making cheese on toast ^_^03:46
Romstersounds yummy, i like vintage Cheddar cheese03:47
Romsterthen i add in soem truss tomartos and dash it off with a little black pepper.03:48
Romsterthough f you ever use tomatoes with cheese on toast watch out tomatoes are like hot larva.03:48
Romsteri like to cook :D03:50
Romsterbut that's jsut a quick snack/meal/lunch though.03:50
nogagplzopenbox is way cooler than pekwm03:50
pitillothe coolest is the one you understand and makes you feel confortable :P03:54
rinespitillo, fluxbox, of course!03:56
rinesor.. wait! Windows?03:57
pitillodoes it make you feel confortable? flux/ob/win? then it is :P03:58
Romsteroh now nogagplz talkes >_>03:58
Jessica_Lilyom nom nom03:58
* nogagplz causes a fist fight and sneaks out03:59
RomsterJessica_Lily, i should introduce you to another female geek software programmer you'd two would get along well.03:59
horrorStruckkernel panic your colleagues for endless lulz:
rineshorrorStruck, hah; not crux-tested04:01
Romster should we be putting the crux site on the same day block to oppose this stupid censorship?04:01
horrorStruckrines: i'll try when back home but i guess it relies on some features i've not built04:02
Jessica_LilyRomster: why, because we're both female :P ?04:02
Romsterand you both go om nom nom :D04:03
rinesRomster, you can get the JS here
Jessica_Lilyokay, feel free04:04
Jessica_Lilywhy is it telling me about SOPA im not in america04:04
horrorStruckyou're in the UK, enjoy extradition for breaking US laws. even worse :P04:06
Romsterexactly this will affect everyone not use USA04:07
Romsterevery other country will do the same crap.04:08
*** Tsyesika has joined #crux04:08
*** Jessica_Lily has quit IRC04:10
*** rines has quit IRC04:12
*** zetsu has joined #crux04:12
*** Tsyesika is now known as Jessica_Lily04:13
*** Jessica_Lily has joined #crux04:13
Romsternot having much reliableness Jessica_Lily04:14
Jessica_Lilydo i go out and post some stuff and such then configure xorg or do i configure xorg and go out04:14
Jessica_LilyRomster: huh?04:14
Jessica_LilyI can't fold pieces of paper into 3 >.< there is some kind of skill to this04:17
pitilloJessica_Lily: CRUX is targeted to experienced users. What are you doing? are you using nvidia propietary driver?04:17
Jessica_Lilyare you suggesting i shouldn't be on crux?04:18
Jessica_Lilyand yes, i am04:18
pitilloJessica_Lily: I just telling you a fact, I'm not suggesting anything. You can see that sentence in CRUX mainpage.04:19
Jessica_LilyI'm well aware of it04:19
pitilloJessica_Lily: have you readed nvidia port README file?04:19
Jessica_LilyI'm not asking for help, just pondering outloud in the channel04:20
Jessica_Lilysame as im not asking for help eating cheese on toast or folding the paper04:20
Jessica_LilyI still think you're implying that I'm not capable of running crux or at least, I shouldn't be04:23
pitilloJessica_Lily: I'm not telling that. I told you a sentence from CRUX main page, making a reference to your sentence at 11:1304:24
pitilloI'm sorry if I confused your words, but at least, I got that impression when you tell there is a need of some kind of skills04:25
pitilloand about running CRUX... you are running it atm, then I can't imply at least that :)04:26
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: poppler: update to 0.18.3, enable xpdf headers04:26
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: poppler-glib: update to 0.18.304:26
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: poppler-qt4: update to 0.18.304:26
Romsteryou will learn more if oyu persist in crux and if your the geeky type you'll love crux.04:26
Romsterthank you jue04:26
Jessica_LilyRomster: im going to continue with crux04:26
*** rines has joined #crux04:27
Jessica_LilyI've ran gentoo for years though so ... there are always times where you need help ...04:27
Romsterrines, good news poppler is fixed now. sysup depinst inkscape04:27
Romsteroh i hit brick walls too.04:27
pitilloand there are lot of walls to hit ahead... probably, for all04:28
Romsteri still hit walls on stuff even now.04:28
pitillome too... and there are more to hit xD04:29
Romsterargh i got a couple currently i need to get working04:30
Jessica_Lilyright im going to go out for a while, I'll be back in a few hours...04:30
Jessica_Lilythanks for the help over the last few days guys :)04:31
rinesRomster, sounds fantastic, thanks jue!04:32
rinesWill test it in a few minutes04:32
pitilloJessica_Lily: you are welcome04:32
sepenI like $ dmesg -Tx04:42
pitillonice too04:44
rines....libreoffice url 40404:45
sepensorry, I was reading the backlog some lines above04:45
rines3.4.5 was released and they deleted the old files immediately :/04:46
*** nogagplz has quit IRC04:46
sepenps ax04:47
sepenooops, sorry again, wrong place :D04:47
Romsterone say you'll type /exit or something :P04:51
*** nogagplz has joined #crux04:52
*** nogagplz has quit IRC05:48
*** nogagplz has joined #crux05:53
*** rines has quit IRC06:05
*** rines has joined #crux06:05
*** rines has quit IRC06:07
*** rines has joined #crux06:07
*** mike_k has joined #crux06:16
*** jse has joined #crux06:25
Jessica_Lilyi will be gone again in like 20 mins :P06:36
Jessica_Lilyjust having a brew and lunch and then im off to the post office06:36
Jessica_Lilyso how is everyone06:37
Romsteri don't know about everyone but i know i'm tired.06:37
aoni have quite a substantial backache06:38
Romsterand it's not even midnight, could be from my reduced caffeine intake.06:38
Jessica_Lilyim pretty tired too which is amazing really because i slept a good number of hours06:38
Romsteraon, really hot shower.06:38
Jessica_Lilyget some coffee in ya06:38
Romsteri get backackes too.06:38
Romsternah i used to drink over 10 cups a day06:38
aonmaybe, went to see a doctor already tho so i guess i'm recovering :)06:39
Jessica_Lilyi use to drink about 15 - 2006:39
Jessica_Lilyi remember i tried cutting down06:39
Jessica_Lilyi use to get awful headaches06:39
aoni usually drink two06:39
Jessica_Lilyinfact 10 a day is probs about what i have06:39
aonthe first one is just so that i can sleep for a bit more when it's brewing06:39
pitilloaon: do you practice any sport?06:40
pitilloaon: it's good to get better. Sedentary life of computers men is hard. Here I got them too and swimming/running twice a week made me feel better06:41
pitillos/to get/to feel06:41
aoni'm not that much of a computer man anymore :)06:41
aonwe've been meaning to go to the gym with a similarly unfit friend of mine06:42
aonbut guess i'll check with a physiotherapist first to avoid making it worse06:42
pitilloummmm usually backaches are related to sedentary life (computer, administration, financial... people who stay sit down lot of time)06:42
aonyeah, i do that06:42
RomsterJessica_Lily, yeah i used to have mor ei'm trying to ween myself down more damn craving it's just too much coffee gives me a negative effect.06:42
pitilloaon: sure, that's the first thing to do. I'm telling what my physio told me... to practice again some sports :)06:43
pitillotoo much caffeinne isn't good. If you like coffee, try to mix free-nonfree coffee06:43
Romsteri'm drinking more milo between my coffee drinks tea just doens't have the same enough texture.06:45
Jessica_Lilymeh, im 19 :P  my body should be able to handle it06:45
Romsterbut now i'm feeling caffeine fix is needed but i'll not have one till tomorrow morning.06:45
Romsteri'm 34 i hate feeling zoned out after too much coffee06:46
Romsterdid you know it restricts 30% of oxygen out of your blood supply.06:46
aonit never had any effect on me until recently06:46
aonthat's why i cut down to almost none06:46
pitillomilo? milk? and abusing tea isn't good neither. "Teine" is similar to caffeine (I'm not sure how teine is told in english xD)06:46
Romsteri get the sudden sugar rush then i feel like i need a super sweet something to pick me up after a coffee.06:47
pitilloJessica_Lily: you are now 19, but you have only one body, the same you'll have in 20 years :)06:47
aonah no, theine is different from theanine06:47
Jessica_Lilypitillo: xD but i hate thinking ahead :(06:48
pitilloummmmm I don't know how is told, sorry, but it's the active principle from tea... which isn't good to abuse (as all things btw xD)06:48
pitilloJessica_Lily: well, that's another history. Then, if you feel right it's fine for you :)06:49
Jessica_Lilyx has been configured :)06:49
Jessica_Lilypitillo: xD i doubt its fine for me :P however ignorance really is bliss06:49
pitilloummm that' can be discussed... but like always, different points of views... as many as people :)06:50
Jessica_Lilyi still need to tidy this place too >.<06:51
Jessica_Lilydamn it!06:51
Jessica_Lilyso much to do, so little time06:51
pitillotime to take a bite here :)06:51
Jessica_Lilyi've just eaten :P06:52
Jessica_Lilygotta go to the the post office and another shop in a sec :P06:52
Jessica_Lilyim just installing some drivers and then i'll be off06:52
Romsteri'll be sleeping soon myself.06:54
Jessica_Lilyi won't be xD06:55
Jessica_Lilyme and two friends are having a film night06:55
*** joe9 has joined #crux06:58
teK_first of all: getting some coffee07:01
*** c0x has quit IRC07:01
teK_brb :p07:01
Jessica_Lilyheyy teK_ !07:02
jaegerJessica_Lily: I don't use it myself but if you haven't already solved the b43 issue, my take on it is that the fwcutter just extracts the firmware required from the windows drivers for use on your linux system07:02
Jessica_Lilyjaeger: i have solved it now :P)07:02
Jessica_Lily* :)07:02
Romsterdamn coffee <<07:02
jaegerso installing fwcutter itself wouldn't be enough, that's half the solution. need the windows driver as well, at least temporarily to get the firmware07:02
jaegerok, cool :) nm, then07:02
*** c0x has joined #crux07:03
Romsterwhy do that when getting it off that git tree is enough?07:03
Jessica_Lilyjaeger: my crux machine is running quite nicely now :P07:04
jaegerglad to read it07:04
Jessica_Lilyi had to stop myself installing hal xD all ways n all ;)07:07
*** horrorStruck has quit IRC07:08
*** jse has quit IRC07:09
*** horrorStruck has joined #crux07:10
Romsterhal is so last year now.07:14
Romsteroften wonder if dbus will be cleaned up more or a better implementation will come out.07:14
*** horrorSt1uck has joined #crux07:16
*** horrorStruck has quit IRC07:20
thrice`I think dbus is supposed to be pretty foolproof and stable lately07:23
*** frinnst has quit IRC07:26
*** rines has quit IRC07:34
teK_hey Jessica_Lily!07:41
*** fredrik_ has joined #crux07:47
Jessica_LilyI'm back07:49
teK_me, too :p07:50
teK_caffeine included07:51
teK_or better: incorporated07:51
Romstermallted barley :D07:52
Jessica_Lilyi will be making a coffee in a minute :)07:52
*** frinnst has joined #crux07:53
*** frinnst has quit IRC07:53
*** frinnst has joined #crux07:53
teK_I stareted drinking just some weeks ago ;o07:54
fredrik_stupid isp07:55
*** fredrik_ has quit IRC07:55
Jessica_LilyteK_: coffee?07:55
*** jse has joined #crux07:59
*** horrorSt1uck has quit IRC08:03
*** horrorStruck has joined #crux08:04
* Jessica_Lily yawns08:13
Jessica_Lilyjessicas tired :(08:13
teK_Jessica_Lily: yes08:14
Jessica_LilyteK_: crazy :P08:14
*** rines has joined #crux08:15
jaegerAnyone in here have experience with the cable management stuff at ?08:19
frinnstjaeger: looks boring :)08:22
rmullteK_: I started drinking coffee recently too08:22
frinnsttwice the cables - twice the fun!08:22
rmullNow I have a nice mug and pourover cone. I like brewing it more than drinking it, probably. But it's pleasant.08:23
jaegerI have vertical cable management between racks right now and it's a pain in the ass, I hate it08:23
jaegerI love the idea of using only 2' cables so the NP stuff is looking appealing08:23
sepen/wi/win 208:24
sepenpff sorry08:24
rmulljaeger: You should just go wireless, man08:25
jaegerfuck that08:25
jaegerwireless is NOT enterprise-ready08:25
rmullwireless sucks. I'd rather be wired any day.08:25
jaegerOur windows admin tried to deploy all the windows desktops wireless, it did not go well08:26
frinnstwireless datacenter would be awesome08:26
jaegerI can't even imagine the level of pain that would cause in my server room08:26
rmullYou'd instantly get cancer when you walk in the door08:26
teK_Jessica_Lily: YOU are crazy08:26
rmullRomster: Do you have a script for checking upstream sources for updates that doesn't rely on ruby?08:38
teK_jaeger: MS claims thatWireless in the 60GHz band will be datacenter-ready08:39
sepenrmull: maybe he's sleeping now08:39
jaegerteK_: I won't touch it :)08:40
sepenrmull: I think its 01:40am on australia08:40
teK_I hate: printers AND wlan08:40
teK_did I mention that my dad gave me a wlan color laser printer? :(08:40
sepenteK_: hehe lol, that reminds me to one episode of modern family08:41
jaegerMy printer at home is wireless, that's fine... but datacenter wireless? yeah, right08:41
teK_I hate it.08:41
sepenteK_: the one where phil tries to configure a wifi printer08:42
teK_never seen it :)08:42
rmullsepen: Lol. Damn timezones.08:43
sepenGMT+11 maybe? really I have no idea sorry08:45
rmullI'll just try to remember if I see him again08:45
rmulli'm sure he'll be around at some point :P08:45
Jessica_Lilyhello folks08:47
Jessica_Lilysorry i often just talk crap and make noises xD08:47
teK_drink less coffee08:47
Jessica_Lilyi love coffee08:48
Jessica_Lilyi've just had a cup08:48
teK_shitty drugs :>08:49
teK_I don't know what you guys are into08:55
teK_but my dictionary won't tell me what queef is and it tells me strange things for poof ;)08:55
teK_but I'm glad that Brandon would take off his socks before receiving the smoking ace  (????)08:55
teK_ a vaginal fart08:56
teK_I see. -.-08:56
rmullOh wtf08:56
rmullteK_: It's too early for this stuff08:56
rmullACtually I blame sepen08:57
teK_I'm innocent!08:57
rmullMan, wikipedia's blackout is weak. It relies on javascript being active.08:57
teK_and it's just for the start page, isn't it?08:58
teK_I'd have voted for turning off the httpds.08:58
teK_so people are going to google/bing/.. for the reason of wikipedia being unavailable.08:58
rmullteK_: It's not just for the start page on my end08:59
teK_yeah sepen I quoted from that article *g*08:59
sepenrmull: lol08:59
teK_you are right08:59
teK_maybe the script was blocked @university09:00
teK_ wtf09:00
Jessica_Lilywhy is my computer so problematicc09:05
jseWireless connectivity in data centers? That's one major disaster waiting to happen.09:05
rmulljse: What could possibly go wrong?!09:05
jseFamous last words.09:06
Jessica_LilyI don't even want to ask for help on this because i've asked so much the last few days09:07
*** zetsu has quit IRC09:08
jseOn that note you can walk into future data centers with uncooked bacon and eggs. By the time you're done, they'll be done, too.09:08
teK_you're done done or just done finished your work? ;)09:08
teK_Jessica_Lily: oh well just ask and see what happens..09:08
Jessica_Lily right... i start x and my keyboard and trackpad isn't working... i have tried udev and dbus and that kinda stuff and wrote a xorg config file type thingy for it, i also generated my main xorg config by the nvidia tools09:09
Jessica_LilyI gave up so grabbed hal but yeh... that also doesn't work (i assume xorg have deprecated hal support)09:09
Jessica_Lilyi then fell back on maybe its a kernel issue or something, but i looked through the kernel and as far as I can see everything is fine09:10
teK_do you use evdev as driver for your keyboard?09:11
teK_seen the topic?  xorg mouse/keyboard problems?
teK_do you have set in your kernel config: CONFIG_INPUT_EVDEV=y09:11
Jessica_Lilyhaha :P no i made a mental note a while ago xD and then forgot09:11
rmullYeah, it's most definitely evdev09:12
rmullGet support in your kernel as teK_ said, and install xorg-xf86-input-evdev09:13
teK_I hate xorg when it does that09:13
teK_;)09:13 not doing anything for sopa/pipa day?09:18
teK_it's located in sweden.09:19
rmullThe world is USA!09:19
teK_USA! USA! USA!09:20
enteUH ESS AH09:30
entepirate nation09:30
rinesI really hate my wacom tablet!!!09:31
rinesthere must be a loose connection09:32
rinesI always have to turn it around 30° :/09:32
rines(until I can paint)09:32
sepenrines: I prefer plastidecor to paint, always better than a wacom09:37
rinesnonono! I don't have to sharpen my wacom!09:40
*** ardo has joined #crux09:48
Jessica_Lilygahhh i hate this damn sopa crap09:51
Jessica_Lilyim not in the fecking US so go away09:51
Jessica_Lilysorry...09:51 is doing it09:53
frinnstoooooooh.. knockin' off time soon09:53
frinnstso fvcking tired.. couch + beer ftw09:53
Jessica_Lilyhmm, i need to enable tap to click xD09:53
frinnstscrew you guys, im going home!09:55
*** horrorSt1uck has joined #crux09:58
*** horrorStruck has quit IRC10:01
juermull: I've a ck4up clone written in gawk, it's almost compatible but has some rough edges, interested?10:04
Jessica_Lilyooo i know!10:04
Jessica_Lilytime to make conky10:05
*** gb_away has joined #crux10:11
rmulljue: Yep, sure!10:15
rmullI don't care about compatibility, I just want something I can cron and email me if I should look at the upstream sourcese10:16
jueit's here ->
rmullthank you sir10:17
jueif you are not familiar with ck4up you should read the ck4up man-page wrt configuration10:19
jueone remark: ck4up.awk calls itself as ./ck4up.awk, so you have to run it in the current dir10:23
jue(or remove the ./ and put it somewhere in you PATH)10:23
rmullYeah, I'll figure it out. Will let you know if I ahve issues.10:32
rmullAlso - suggestion - why do we not do this from for all ports that are being tracked, and email the maintainers if a change is detected?10:34
rmullWouldn't that be worthwhile?10:34
Jessica_Lilyim making bangers and mash ^)610:35
Jessica_Lily* ^_^10:35
juermull: it's already done for core ports10:36
rmulljue: oh10:38
*** horrorSt1uck is now known as horrorStruck10:41
*** jse has quit IRC10:42
Jessica_Lilyinstalling alpine10:42
juermull: doing it for all repos is IMO out of question because someone has to maintain the configuration and that's a bit tedious sometimes ;)10:44
jueat all it's more a personal thing and ck4up is not limited for ports usage, I'm checking several other pages as well e.g. for new kernels etc.10:46
jaegerI need to set it up for my ports again10:46
rmullPerhaps. But maybe a Pkgfile could have a line added that would be suitable for ingestion by a ck4up-like program, and then you just need to look at each port for its own configuration.10:46
rmullMaintenancy falls to the maintainers.10:47
jueRomster has done something like that10:49
jueTBH I prefer the ck4up way ;)10:51
*** sepen has quit IRC10:55
rmullFair enough11:04
*** lasso has joined #crux11:19
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rmulljue: ck4up.awk seems to be working13:32
*** Jessica_Lily has quit IRC13:36
*** lasso has quit IRC13:37
*** acrux|xp has joined #crux13:42
*** v33 has joined #crux14:10
*** mike_k has quit IRC14:45
frinnstnoooooo its snowing! :(14:54
frinnstwehere i live? :)14:58
frinnstno, sucks14:59
frinnsti want summer!14:59
* treach hands frinnst a shovel. Get to work. 15:00
treachshould have settled in a saner part of the country in the first place. ;)15:01
frinnstgive me a break, im pretty close to skåne :)15:01
treachmmh, like 540 km or so, right?15:01
frinnstwell, yeah15:01
frinnsterr, no.. maybe to malmö15:02
frinnst~200km to blekinge15:02
treachblekinge is still the far east. :>15:03
frinnstbah :)15:03
* treach starts singing "the sun always shines in California" :p15:03
treachthe west coast ftw. :p15:03
frinnstyou're pretty much a samejävel compared to me15:03
treachok, I always thought you were one of those 08's.15:04
treachI think you misspelled that, isn't it snålland? :D15:04
treachok. enough with the cheap-shots :)15:05
frinnstyeah, or i'll start talking about saab15:05
treachdoesn't really matter to me anyway, since I'm not from here, don't work for them, never did and, by the look of it, never will.15:06
frinnstoh? i thought you were a native15:07
treachnope, I'm from the south.15:07
v33california is pretty cold as snow, but yea lol15:12
frinnstoh stfu :)15:13
frinnstever below freezing=15:13
treachfrinnst: yeah. that's why almonds get so expensive sometimes. or at least that's what we're told.15:14
v33yes, yes i have. i've been to northern russia... worst experience ever15:14
treach<- not moving another inch further north.15:15
v33the coldest place i've been is russia...anything passed that is just asking for a death sentence15:17
treachthere's a lot of miserable places. Myself, I prefer getting an early spring and a late atum, rather than the reverse, and I don't want to live in fricking mordor half the year and bask in sunlight 24/7 the rest of it.15:19
*** Evil_Bob has quit IRC15:21
teK_fricking mordor *g*15:21
v33still, i'd like to go to new zeland15:35
*** zetsu has quit IRC15:54
*** vaddi has quit IRC16:08
*** Romster has quit IRC16:19
*** Romster has joined #crux16:19
frinnstwow, btrfs spawns a lot of processes16:49
v33isn't btrfs still "beta" ish?17:15
treachit's not been unleashed on "normal" users yet by any distribution afaik. But you can chose it in the installer for both fedora and opensuse afaik.17:16
jaegerI played with it a bit in crux a couple releases ago... it didn't give me any trouble but I also didn't trust it with anything really important at the time17:17
treachsupposedly it got a huge (and badly needed imo) performance boost lately.17:18
v33i used it on my arch install...and it seemed pretty "snappy", but that might have been simply because it was a fresh install17:19
treachwhen I tried it, which was actually quite a while ago, it seemed to work ok, but erasing large amounts of files or making large writes were *extremely* slow17:20
*** nthwyatt has joined #crux17:22
jaegerI just took my RC car outside and messed with the neighborhood cats, hehe17:25
jaegerfun stuff17:25
treachbeware of the cat-ninjas coming for revenge. :>17:26
jaegerOne's already here17:26
jaeger(My cat's name is Ninja)17:26
treachah, right, you had one called that, right? I had forgotten. :)17:26
jaegeryeah :)17:26
jaegerhe's being really friendly right now for some reason17:27
jaegerand he's not even out of food17:27
treachstrange. :>17:27
*** Rotwang has quit IRC17:30
v33he's planning something....17:35
treachthey always are.17:38
treachusually how make you wake up in the early morning.17:38
treach...sounds a lot like kids, i just realized.17:39
*** ardo has quit IRC17:39
*** treach has quit IRC18:16
v33if one uses tor, wouldn't the isp still be able to figure out what you're doing?19:22
v33never mind...19:22
v33the tor build fails by the way...19:38
v33+ chown tor:tor /usr/ports/contrib/tor/work/pkg/usr/var/lib/tor19:38
v33chown: invalid user: `tor:tor'19:38
jaegerThere's probably a pre-install script19:39
*** gb_away has quit IRC19:53
*** v33 has quit IRC20:25
*** horrorStruck has quit IRC20:54
*** SiFuh has quit IRC21:09
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